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So truthfully, why does he pull away?

Article updated 2020

Sometimes when a man pulls away, it’s because there was no actual emotional attraction in the first place.

When there isn’t enough attraction and connection in a dating situation, things will fizzle out – no matter how much we want to hold on. Because that’s what a strong relationship is built upon – emotional attraction and emotional connection.

In these situations where there’s not enough connection and attraction right from the start, it usually means that we should let it go. Usually, when the relationship was based on sex and even convenience in the beginning – it’s a good sign that he’s pulling away forever. Why? Because men fall in love and commit to the woman that they see as their ‘one and only’, and not the ‘one of many’.

Men can pull away whether they are committed or not

But aside from that, very often, men pulling away isn’t a bad thing.

See my comprehensive article on why men pull away and how to deal with it as a high value woman…. Click here.

Men can pull away whether they are committed or not. We just have to distinguish between whether he is ghosting us or still committed to us, but just pulling away because as a man, that’s what he has to do to re-build his testosterone and his equilibrium.

We as women just tend to think a man pulling away is a bad thing – it’s our perception. We perceive him pulling away as scary, as threatening and horrible.  And of course, we see it as a bad thing because we think we shouldn’t have this problem in a relationship.

Further still, we think having this problem is wrong.

It’s not.

It’s not wrong. It’s usually a warning or a test. It’s either a warning that this man was never committed to you, and just sees you as the one of many type of woman from the start, or a test for your relationship to overcome, and that is completely normal.

So it is not wrong for you to have the ‘problem’ of a man pulling away, even if you’re in a committed relationship. This is because men and women have different motivations, different perceptions of the world, and they value different things.

This doesn’t mean that our values and wants cannot mesh together and create beauty in the world – they certainly can. But not without also having clashes along the way, which are 100% normal in man/woman relationships.

Both men and women, when they spend a lot of time together, just hanging out, can start to want to move away from each other, because at some point, the other stops resonating with them and stops filling them up.

Truth is, sometimes what we want is the security of having a man around, but what we need is the influence of good girlfriends or feminine energy in some form, to fill us up.

See, often, your man will need to pull away in order to gather his masculine energy and to feel like himself again. Sometimes, you as a woman might even want to pull away, in order to feel like yourself again. However – this fact may not change how scared you do feel when a man pulls away.

Remember, men pull away for good reasons.

Men pull away for very good reasons. Because it’s what they need to do to be true to their natural rhythm and equilibrium in their masculine body.

When men become involved with a relationship and go deeper, it’s natural to have them pull away – even after marriage and many years together.

Time together or marriage doesn’t guarantee a man will do what is convenient for us and convenient for our feelings.

A man pulling away – It’s a continuous thing that will happen over a woman’s lifetime if she chooses to be with a man. However, with trust and understanding built up over the years, yes, he may pull away less and less. Especially when he hasn’t got important things asking for his attention, or buffalos to kill.

So try to remember when men withdraw – it is a part of our man and woman journey together. It’s a warning or a test. A test for your relationship to overcome.

I have found that it is when I had children with my husband that he started to become extremely responsive and didn’t pull away as much – not directly as a result of loving me more, but because his masculine brain perceives that we need to communicate (as a team) very often, for the purpose of responding to our kids, working out logistics, proper organisation between us, and doing the right thing by me and our kids.

Don’t get me wrong. The times we spend in love and together are always inevitably cut off because he has “sh*t to do.” it never means he was less committed to me, it just meant he had to get work done.

He is a man, a provider and a conquerer at heart. He has a masculine core, and a primarily masculine essence. Therefore, is only natural that he would go where his biology demands him to go.

As much as being in a healthy relationship with a high value woman can make a man more as a man, truthfully, a relationship and emotional attachment would never be enough to make him a high value, masculine man in the long-run.

And most high value men know that. They know that it’s not being attached to a woman emotionally all the time that will make them more as a man, regardless of how deeply moving and inspiring their relationship with you is. At some point, he has to re-charge his masculine energy and rise to challenges outside of his relationship!

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Understanding why men withdraw after getting close to you.

But will you ever be able to trust ANY man to be more responsive to your calls, feelings and requests?

Yes, of course! And yet – he might still pull away, he will just be more responsive if he trusts you.

The way to get a man to be more responsive is:

1) Build trust between the two of you; and

2) You must communicate your need for him to reassure you of his devotion in an authentically vulnerable way. Often, if a man doesn’t perceive a clear need for something from you, he won’t address it, because most men are ‘thicker’ than women and they need obvious signals before they act on something.

Not only that, but in order for him to truly want to make sure you feel secure when he pulls away or works on his mission, in the beginning you will need to be generous in showering him with responsive appreciation for his efforts to be present with you.

If you feel a little appreciation and relief by his presence – don’t hide it.

Show the incredible joy and gratitude and love you have for when he shows up in your life. Don’t hold it back out of fear or because you don’t want to be emotionally generous. No! You need to give him this feedback and be emotionally generous! Try not to communicate from resentment – it’s something you will come to regret.

See, when you are able to feel that he is willing to reassure you of his commitment to you – and that he’s just busy working on providing or doing important things – what happens is that you can also start to relax and trust him.

The tricky thing is that sometimes trust has to exist between you before you can get a favourable response from him to your needs.

Generally, a man will stay MUCH closer to a woman if there is a lot of attraction and connection. Emotional attraction and emotional connection. If you remember nothing else today, remember these two things.

A part of an unbreakable connection is building trust.

It’s hard for women to trust men.

It’s also hard for men to trust women.

We all have many conflicting wants and interests. The lack of trust is normal – until it’s built up over time.

We as women want to take a man’s resources – time, attention, money, commitment. That naturally requires that he trust us in order to give those precious resources.

Do you understand that, as a woman, it feels very intuitive to you to want to take time, resources, love, affection and attention from a man – but that it also feels intuitive to a man to feel that these very things that you want, is a huge, huge job for him?

It takes enormous energy to give to a woman as a man – and that doesn’t mean that yours and my needs as a woman are wrong, not at all.

It means that it helps us to simply understand that what we are asking for is not a walk in the park. In fact, it even helps to just meet a man on his level and say: “Hey, I know that I can seem like a lot of effort and maintenance at times. I’m sorry…I just miss you. I just really enjoy my time with you.”

Does that feel like a lot of self sacrifice to say something like that? Good! Because that’s what it’s supposed to feel like when you’re giving value, having the courage to meet him where he’s at and at least having the courage to enter the conversation he’s already having in his own head.

You will gain his trust.

Remember though – even when there IS trust – pulling away is a normal and natural part of being a man.

But when you trust him and he trusts you – you will feel less scared when he pulls away and it will feel like he pulls away less – because you have trust in him.

Also here are 4 Steps to Stay High Value When he Doesn’t Text or Call.

The important reasons why guys pull away, especially in the early stages?

There are several reasons why men pull away.

One major reason is biological – because men who are born more identified with masculine energy don’t base their identity on ‘relationship’ with a woman. And because intimate relationship doesn’t pay the bills or earn him money. Because in order to focus on the job, he can’t be thinking about your feelings right now.

Instead of basing their identity and worth in their intimate relationship, often men base their identity (not always deliberately – but moreso intuitively), on risk taking, proving themselves, and on their individual capabilities and achievements.

Risk taking is a necessary endeavour for a masculine species. It’s what they must do in order to stand out to females and be worthy of reproduction.

Research has shown that much more so in boys, risk taking behaviour lights up pleasure centres in their brain. This starts very young.

I may try to get my 7 year old son to not jump off an extremely high ledge (and I do mean extremely) – but he still jumps off, while my heart is screaming in fear and other parents are looking at me as if I’m neglectful. (And his sense of his own direction and seeking out challenges is so strong that, even if I tried to stop him, he would grow to resent me, his mother, very quickly for doing so.)

Not only does he have absolutely no sense of danger like I would, he seems to welcome it – at the potential risk of his own safety.

Closeness with a woman is good for some time for a man – until he needs to get back to his body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium, to being a worthy man who is able to provide, conquer and kill the buffalo. We all have a bodily need to return to our natural state, where we feel more like ourselves.

This is why pulling away for most men is normal at some point.

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Why does your boyfriend pulling away hurt so much?

Men pulling away hurts so much because (even though we are all made up of both masculine and feminine energy), most women live in a feminine sphere where sharing emotions, resonating with the ever changing flow of emotions is celebrated, and we live in a feminine world where emotional closeness is celebrated and sought after, for our own sense of safety and our own social value.

It hurts a lot when he pulls away, because we love them and closeness is our form of love. But if we were really honest – it hurts because emotionally, men and women need each other. We don’t always rely on him to survive – but we rely on the connection to feel full (which we don’t always have to, but that’s a conversation for another time).

But how often do we let ourselves truly surrender to the fact that it hurts, (and it hurts because we love them?) And how often do we let ourselves feel the emptiness of his absence? Perhaps it’s too hard to admit that we have this deep pain and this deep longing for him, even to ourselves?

But what if this emptiness, this pain of missing him (and allowing ourselves to fully sensitively feel that we miss him), is the secret to bringing him closer?

You see, something I learned is that acting out of fear robs me of the full experience of life – it takes away the opportunity to re-build my desire, and my gratitude for having my man in my life!

Sure, I might feel ‘safer’ if he sticks around a lot – but I don’t feel infinite! I don’t feel infinite by trying to blame him and making him feel wrong for pulling away.

Often, we just get angry because he’s not present. We reject the part of ourselves that truly admires him and allows him to be a man. And in doing that,  we rob ourselves of the opportunity to build up a passion and to desire him more.

Instead, our anger and resentment serves only to keep things safe (like they are in prison) and comfortable. Comfort isn’t good for a passionate relationship.

It’s good for boring relationships. (Which many people suffer from every single day.)

The danger comes when instead of acknowledging that we love him because that feels scary and weak (My GOSH isn’t it truly scary to surrender to the uncertainty of truly being vulnerable to a man?) – and so we use our anger to make him wrong, close off our love (pretend it didn’t affect us) and blame them for pulling away.

The damage of just reacting in anger or closing off

It’s dangerous because none of those things comes from love. And often, none of it comes from the core of who we are. The core of us is authentic and feels the pain of him pulling away – it feels the loss and the anger and the hurt and the shock.

But not without the love.

We may feel anger and hurt and loss and shock – but a lot of women base their reactions only on these emotions and close off to the pleasure of their love and devotion for this man.

You already have experienced I am sure, that when you feel pain – there comes pleasure at some point. Even the people experiencing the deepest pain in the whole world – losing a child – could probably not deny that at some point in the endless grieving process, they felt pleasure at reliving old memories with the child they lost.

Am I saying that you should brace yourself for losing him? NO! LOL. I am saying that it’s ok to grieve, in fact you should grieve, if you’re a good woman. Even if you are trying to kick your legs and scream to avoid it.

If you refuse to grieve, you will find it much harder to ever be the one and only woman to a man. Here’s an article on how your refusal to grieve makes you and ‘one of many’ type of woman.

You see, even though the prospect of grieving is overwhelming, your body is smart. It’s not here to let you fall into the depths of hell forever. It will help you balance out the pain with pleasure if you let it; if you grieve naturally. Remember, there is a lot to grieve in this life – even if you and I would prefer to conserve energy by blocking out the grieving process for seemingly ‘not grieve worthy’ stuff, like a man pulling away.

Let’s draw a comparison.

You know those annoying people who are chronic attention seekers?

Well, all feminine women deeply desire attention, and to be acknowledged and to have their deep feminine radiance felt by men and women.

But chronic attention seekers are annoying to you – why? Because often, their pattern of chronic attention seeking comes from not actually feeling all the attention they do already get. When you don’t allow yourself the feeling – when you reject it – your need for it persists because your body never had the sensation it needed to make you feel full.

And chronic attention seekers are annoying because they won’t allow the full spectrum of experience in their bodies. They reject the true infinite radiance and beauty of themselves. They just can’t let themselves do that.

So they repetitively show up as people who want to ‘take’ value rather than give value. Because they don’t surrender to their own sensitivity, and they don’t surrender to all of life. They don’t surrender to that goddess that they already are.

So they become addicted to surface attention.

They want the attention of other people. it could be other women, it could be anyone. Even other women’s boyfriends or husbands. In fact, better if it’s from an already ‘taken’ man – because the stakes are higher and that must mean she’s really irresistible if he’ll risk his woman’s happiness to give another woman attention.

They’re annoying because they don’t have integrity. They also don’t have honesty in expression.

But they don’t have honesty in expression because they won’t allow themselves to surrender to their true infinite capability in being feminine and radiant.

Every woman has infinite radiance…

That’s right… every woman has infinite radiance.

But not every woman allows herself to be that – and so she stunts her value with her ‘dabbling’ in feminine energy rather that surrendering to life.

She doesn’t allow herself to be infinite and feel the full array of emotions. The true and real deeper cravings we have are often buried deeply in our bodies.

It’s the same when we show up trying to ‘take’ from a man.

Instead of being honest, we just show anger – because we’re impulsive and like the thrill of being significant more than we value the true need for connection in our hearts.

This is one reason why men leave…

This is one reason why men leave. It’s essentially because we are repeatedly refusing to surrender to what’s true of our body and our heart (you can feel what’s in your heart by breathing deeply and getting away from your head).

If we are honest and sensitive – we know that we don’t only feel angry when a man pulls away.

We also love and care and surrender if we choose – to the emotions of emptiness and craving for HIM.

No man who loves a woman, would truly want to leave a woman who can allow the full spectrum of feelings to happen without blaming him. 

However, he would want to leave when we make him wrong. And often we do that because we first of all made the feeling of needing and wanting him wrong, in our own body. It’s too much to handle, so we make it wrong rather than sitting with it.

(And this type of internal conflict and emotional self sabotage is mean and unfair to yourself.)

It’s mean. It’s mean to deny our real wanting and our secret desire to trust him – those are the reasons why he would even be with a woman – unless he wants the ease and comfort of just a woman to exist in his house so he doesn’t have to be alone or look bad in front of family and friends being single so long.

Of course, men stay when they are truly trusted and wanted. Every woman intuitively knows this.

But not every woman prefers “outside-my-comfort-zone” passion to the comfort of self-inflicted suffering.

Guys leave when we make blame and anger the ONLY correct response…

Men also do want to leave when we make blaming him and getting angry the only right response to him pulling away.

But the blaming and the closing off to him to punish him – and the ‘revenge’ response where we say – ‘oh FINALLY you call’ when we does get in contact…those come from the masks we wear.

When a man meets a woman, he will subconsciously place her in one of two categories. They are the ‘one of many’ category or the ‘one and only’ category. If you’re a man’s one of many woman, then you can be almost certain that there won’t be a future with him.

It’s important to not fall into the trap of being the ‘one of many’ woman by showing up as the ‘one and only’ woman from the start. That’s why I made my FREE DVD ‘Becoming His One & Only’. Yes, you can have it free, and you can get your copy here: www.bhoodvd.com.

How to know when you should just give up on a man?

Good question.

I cannot give you a direct answer for this; as every person has different values.

My belief is that you do not ever give up on a man out of fear. You want to leave him after checking in your your gut and feeling whether he truly wants you, chooses you and is committed to you. You are not here on earth to just be the ‘next best option’ for a man. You’re here to be the one and only kind of woman.

Here are 3 good reasons to leave your boyfriend:

2) You feel in your gut that you are not his one and only.  

Remember, if you are not his one and only, then you are his one of many, and the amount this man invests in you will never feel enough.

2) You didn’t get together because you fell in love. Many people get together out of convenience. He will keep you around and invest the minimum of effort in you until his one and only comes along.

If you are sensitive and honest with yourself, and you know you got together out of convenience, then think about whether it serves your growth and your partner’s growth to still be together.

Still consider that you can make a relationship work with anyone.

But getting together out of convenience is a lie to your soul and to his. It’s essentially avoiding being with and respecting the deeper desires of yourself.

3) You (or him) got together just to get something for yourself out of it. Now – when we fall in love, we give naturally.

If you both wanted to take from each other blindly from the beginning – without caring about how you affected the other partner’s feelings and well-being – it’s a sign the relationship started badly and inauthentically.

If there was never a stage where you felt courageously able to dare to do anything for your partner – that spells trouble.

Sometimes, women get together with a man simply for ‘in-between’ avoidance of her loneliness. This is an insult to the better man for her. I believe in staying open until we meet a good one – not just an in-between one.

Life is too short and already too painful to suffer through ‘a good enough man’ to avoid feeling some kind of pain – a pain which serves us to know ourselves and our true wants even deeper – and asking for nothing less.

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(By the way, I want to teach you 5 secrets to having your man fall deeply in love with you and beg you to be his one and only. These 5 secrets are inside of my brand new DVD, and right now it’s FREE. Click HERE to get yourself a copy before they run out!)

Your heart always wants connection

We used to be surrounded by people. We lived in tribes for thousands of years, for goodness sake.

It is normal to crave connection – only, we are too quick to think that it’s only a man’s connection that we crave. It’s deeper and deeper connection with humans in general.

If we feel that desire to connect – suddenly, we are powerful – because we are not avoiding – and from this place we can make choices to connect with other women, pets, and all sorts of different women and groups who would light up our lives.

But when we resist the pain – we cause him and ourselves endless suffering because we are refusing to honour who we really are.

We don’t want to be authentic and feel our natural drive to be intertwined with another human being deeper and deeper and deeper – no matter what ‘stuff’ comes up. Because it’s too real.

Because our egos get in the way – our fears also get in the way.

Like almost anything – the natural pain is asking and calling to be felt – because it is trying to serve us – to call us to be who we really are. Not who we think we should be.

So work with the pain, feel it openly and find alternative solutions to filling yourself up with a variety of sources of connection.

What we need is never the constant presence of a man.

What we need is true and real connections with human beings, animals and with ourselves.

We start by not making ourselves and our pain wrong – and not making our men wrong for being men. By the way, I’ve got this article on the signs you are in a healthy relationship. 

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Can you tell us more about your experiences with a man pulling away? Your experiences can really help other women to heal and understand themselves! 


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Mycele Saye
Mycele Saye

I f*cking love TheFeminineWoman! I literally read this blog every day. I have read advise from all over the internet about how to get with guys and only this blog has actually helped me with real-world romance! Thank you!


I am wondering if I can change the dynamic? The guy I am dating is defenitelly pulling away and loosing interest!!! I made the usual mistakes I think, well I’ll be nice to myself: not mistakes, I wasn’t aware and that is OK!!! I stop blaming myself. I think I didn’t ceate emotional connection from the start, as nowadays it is hard to find out if the man I being genuine or just manipulative, so no I did not open up to him. Second “mistake” : I slept with him on the 3rd date cause to me it felt right…… Read more »


Men pulling away is really painfull in the early stages of dating 😢 As you say, they pull away when they didn’t feel the connection AND when they become too close… That’s the tricky part for us women!!! How to asses for which reason he pulls away? I don’t want to be open and vulnerable to a man that comes and goes in my life and string me along. I don’t want to push away the guy that genuinely likes me but naturally pulls away. As you state we are high value, don’t want to be played… I showed up… Read more »


I have refused to be in the types of relationships you mentioned where you have better to leave your boyfriend. The result is being single for almost all my life up to this day. I don’t regret losing those relationships, and none of those guys are married today. Just jumping from a relationship to another. One of them took a girlfriend only to have someone around and guess what? He decided to leave the country without informing her! On the other hand, there have been guys I tried my best to be open with. It felt good, but they didn’t… Read more »


Good points! However, I repeatedly see men staying with a “comfortable” woman who doesn’t challenge them, or with a controlling woman who commands them what to do, while they’re not satisfied and look elsewhere for love & trust, still don’t leave the woman. I mean, not every man wants to commit himself to an open, authentic woman. Many prefer to have a comfort zone and wander around. Many have been raised with wrong behavioral patterns that doesn’t allow authenticity in themselves & others. I’m not blaming men. Many women are like that too. What I’m saying is being authentic doesn’t… Read more »


My last boyfriend had a pattern of pulling away. He’d say he was busy or overwhelmed with work, or sick, but he wouldn’t let me come over to help. I believed him and I believed in myself, so I didn’t let this bother me too much. One day, though, I snapped and yelled at him: “Why don’t you just let me come over? You say you want to move in together next year but you won’t even let me bring you soup when you’re sick? Just let me in!” It was then that he confessed. He had been binge drinking… Read more »


Mine pulled away about 2 mths ago. He said he’d explain everything and apologized for being distant. I told him I’d be here when he’s ready and I love him. He responded well, with love. So far, though, no explanation has occurred…not a word. I know he’s in love with me ( by his words and actions), and I totally trust him. I’m just thinking that it’s been too long and fear is setting in. My experience has been such that when a guy pulls away for this long he doesn’t come back and that is what I’m afraid of.… Read more »


Hi, Renee.

A male model, 40 and shy, was interviewed about his ideal woman.
He said that he loves it when a woman can make him laugh, and when he realizes
a beautiful woman has no sense of humor, he is no longer attracted to her.

What does that tell you about him, in terms of energy and character? Thank you.


None of the articles – or the report about when men pull away – seem to address a man pulling away/refusing to talk or see you after an argument or altercation of some kind. Last week after sex which was really great, he wanted to stop for some reason I’m not sure of, and I got teary and upset. (Looked it up since and it was probably post-coital dysphoria) I was upset and confused and kept asking why he had wanted to stop and said I felt rejected… anyway after about half an hour of me spiralling, confused, he said,… Read more »


Your articles always leave me teary-eyed, Renee. They are full of brilliant and compassionate insights. You speak of being authentic, you speak of trusting in the infinite perfection of the universe to give back what we put in. You speak of having a pure open hearted connection and leaving our fears at the door. This article made me cry. And I think it’s because it rang so true. We all want to be admired and trusted. I feel like whenever a man fell in love with me, it was after he revealed something shameful to me and I just accepted… Read more »


If I could give one big piece of advice it would be when a man pulls away, try not to take it personally. Believe me, I know this is way easier said than done. Everything is going great, you start to think this guy could be the one and then boom, he disappears for what seems to be no apparent reason. If you can relate to this, it probably isn’t your fault. Although it’s impossible to give an exact reason why he pulled away, most of the time it’s his own personal issue’s. If it’s really bugging you, there’s an… Read more »

Ashara Dayne
Ashara Dayne

Why is this avoidant behavior being characterized all over the internet as ‘normal’? It is NOT. Read up on attachment theory to find the truth. 25% of men are like this, and being married to one is torture. Just dump em.


Hello, my fiancee give me a ring. We was looking at getting married nextyear. I came to a realization that I was a convenient around him. He was to controlling and wanted to have his way. When I begin to show him that I didn’t like the way he acted and flirted around other women online and in public. He begin to blame me of being to jealous and controlling. Well he broke up with me sad he was just going to find himself and be along. Come to find out he moved in some female he knew from high… Read more »


As a man I must say this is one of the best articles I have read on the issue of men pulling away. This was a very well written piece that all women MUST read. Thank you for tackling this very misunderstood issue.

Butterfly Queen
Butterfly Queen

Thank you for lending your perspective as a man and support of the article and the realities it outlined.

Sherry White
Sherry White

Found out a guy who I was secretly in love with for 9’years also had feelings for me. He reached out to me first and we connected immediately (even though We had been aquentinces) . Intense chemistry, he was telling me within weeks that he was falling for me, that he would go through his horrible divorce all over again of it meant being with me, how beautiful I am, how refreshing it is to have someone who gets his large family and who already knows them, included me in days with his daughter, we slept together 2x, he would… Read more »


As an older man, I’m not sure if I can explain what’s happening and how relationships have changed over the past 40 years or so. Young men, like my son and his friends, view relationships differently from their fathers and are in the process of changing the relationship landscape forever. In my day, marriage was assumed and divorce was rare. Today, divorce is assumed, along with alimony and marriage, is to be avoided at all costs. Your boyfriends might not be pulling away from you as much as they are pulling away from a society that views them as disposable… Read more »

Joanne Rae Meehan
Joanne Rae Meehan

good food for thought dave. my partner is 53 and divorced twice. so having his assetts split twice, and in second marriage time splitting with his son. i commend his bravery for taking the courage to still take the risk for seeking companionship with me. (who has also experienced both divorce once and child access splitting) we reassure each other that our assetts and finances are to remain our own, and up to self choices made for how much is shared towards gifts and/or meals etc neither of us want each other to be in our past experiences ever again,… Read more »


I think there is a difference between a natural pull away and an uncomfortable/bad pull away. But I also think that men who really care about you will not pull away very much. They may want a day or two alone (natural pull away) but they don’t fade out on you and give you bad vibes (uncomfortable/bad pull away). My experience has always been that the guys that wanted me the most never pulled away, no matter how close we got. My first real serious college boyfriend was always on the same page with me from beginning to end, we… Read more »


Hey RamboAmy, just wanted to reach out and say that sucks. You deserved better after 9 months together and had every right to be angry and upset. You seem really confident in your decision to now break things off. I hope you find someone who deserves you and treats you better soon! x

Matthew Coast
Matthew Coast

Good stuff… blaming a man for the relationship problems you’re experiencing is definitely the fastest way for a man to think that you’re not relationship material.


But when do men ever take responsibility for their actions? At some point you guys need to realize that you play an equal role in the deterioration of relationships. I always take responsibility for my actions so when do men admit, “Hey, I’m also to blame as well.” Society has taught me that their behavior is excusable. The focus is always on women learning to adjust and change her behavior and blaming women for men pulling away but its never the other way around. It’s sad that men are taught that a woman being concerned about a man disappearing means… Read more »

troubled girl
troubled girl

I don’t know if someone could give me an advice, or maybe i’ll be criticized but i need to tell someone my storry. It’s a bit large so i apologize but it’s because of how complicated things are. Three years ago i started working as a girl of “company” ( i don’t really like the other words that describe this job). On my sixth month i met Him. At first he was just one of my best clients. But we got to talk a lot and start knowing each other, so we fell in love. He says he fell in… Read more »

Christina Wilding
Christina Wilding

Would if children were involved??????÷!!! EVEN AS CLOSE FRIENDS FOR A COUPLE Of YEARS!!! Four children involved…..one mine, three his. My daughter and his daughter in same school and class. Last time I heard from him waS a text messge New Years Eve….told me he was still working. The guy is 47…..it sucks for me….but my child wants to know what happened to him….and wants to play with his daughter. Not only that…his daughter and my daughter taLk in class and tell each other they want to play.
Im baffled…hurt

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