Is casual sex harmless? Consequences of casual sex on women

There are many deeper unintended consequences to sleeping around, not just for women but also for men. (Albeit less so for men due to their masculine biology, more on that later.)

Let’s think about this topic through the lens of men sleeping around first.

What do you suppose men sacrifice when they sleep around a lot?

A committed relationship? Maybe.

A good reputation?

Yes, men can jeopardise their future potential to have a high value mate through perpetual promiscuity. (See the book Social Psychology and Human Sexuality, 2001).

But more importantly – what, on a reproductive/biological level, do men sacrifice?


They sacrifice quality.

And that’s quality of the women.

Why Men can Lose Trust in Women who have unattached sex

Why do men sleep around?

Many men who sleep around don’t mind this; all they are looking for is novelty in experience anyway. Almost any willing woman will do.

It’s still a sacrifice – in terms of a relationship and in terms of a reputation for the purposes of having a relationship with a high value woman though.

Of course, the “act” of sex carries with it very little sacrifice for a man. In fact, it’s all gain to the male limbic system.

Get in and get out – hopefully.

(Unless she stalks him.)

But quality is still the sacrifice for a promiscuous man – and that’s why men will try to get the highest value woman they can for a relationship, and have low standards for casual sex.

Women might be attracted to promiscuous men and have sex with them. But the kind of man who is being promiscuous is not generally having sex with 10 women who are rated 10s every week.

The more a man is eagerly looking to sleep around, the lower quality women (low mate value) he has to settle for in that act.

Another way we can think about it is – it is generally assumed among the male community that high reproductive value women are extremely hard to ‘hook up with’, in COMPARISON to lower mate value women.

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But is it bad to sleep around?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are an adult.

Therefore let’s act as adults and realise that the world is more than just black and white.

I’m not here to judge you if you choose to sleep around. I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong or bad. (You’re not a child anymore and the framework of good versus bad has perhaps outlived it’s usefulness.)

As an adult, as a woman, you need to realise that there are real consequences to your actions. Sometimes these consequences are not immediate, and completely unintended.

So instead of asking whether it’s good or bad, it’s much better to have a deeper understanding of the real consequences of sleeping around.

There is a real (& sometimes invisible) cost to women who sleep around, that is what we will deep dive into.

Remember a wise woman is not one full of rules, but rather one who understands the consequences of her actions.

casual sex consequences

What do women sacrifice when they have sex quickly?

What do WOMEN potentially sacrifice, if we sleep with a man quickly (as in, before enough attraction has been built up)?

According to scientific research reported in the book ‘Social Psychology and Human Sexuality’ – women potentially sacrifice their reputation, and risk being viewed as having lower mate quality.

Of course, we don’t live in tribes of 100-200 or more any longer. So, reputation damage isn’t as real a threat to females as it may have been many years ago.

Women in one country can fly across the world and sleep with many men, and then fly home and not risk any damage to their reputation, don’t you think?

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3 Risk factors for women who sleep around having unattached Sex

However, three risk factors of sleeping around, or unattached sex still remains, for most women…

Unattached sex often means one of many

Once we do something, regardless of whether we don’t EVER tell anyone we did it – our neurology has experienced it and something internally still DROVE us to make these choices.

If we mainly practice unattached sex, because we are avoiding the deeper parts of ourselves that truly want to surrender in trust to a trustworthy man – our body can, over time, train to send messages to men that we are ‘the one of many’ rather than the ‘one and only‘.

…And all men naturally categorise the women they meet in to one of these categories – based on how the woman shows up.

As we know, what we practice persists.

Our body language doesn’t lie.

High value men looking to devote themselves will be able to read what a woman is all about through our body faster than we even get the opportunity to verbally tell them anything about ourselves.

I know it kinda sucks to hear it – but no matter how ‘UN-easy’ we feel inside, because we would turn down most men…what our bodies practice becomes the energy we send out.

Your reputation spreads fast

MEN talk to each other when they get sex easily. (ground breaking information there!)

I have a theory about this. I theorise, probably dumbly so, since I’m not an researcher – I theorise that men do this gossiping about easy sex to warn each other (their own sex), just like women gossip about ‘jerks’ who make bad or abusive boyfriends – men spread pictures, videos, and gossip about women they have casually slept with.

This is possibly because on a primal level, in our tribal days – this information was CRUCIAL to the future reproductive safety of all men – why?

Because it warns other men not to invest their resources in the women they have gossiped about, since paternity cannot be determined.

(Paternity – meaning no one really knows who the father of the child is, since the woman hasn’t established trust and commitment with one steady guy, or doesn’t seem to have).

If human males were chimpanzees though, they’d all crowd around and take care of the baby – even if 10 of them had sex with the same lady chimp, because there’s always a CHANCE that the baby is theirs.

Although, male chimps have measly fathering skills compared to human males – and that’s partly why they need to ALL invest a bit of paternal energy.

So, just as women in a certain context, protect each other from low value mates of the opposite sex, men do the same in their own way.

Paternity is serious business.

For a man, incredible humiliation and “life-destroying” (to use a real man’s words) emotions can be felt surrounding the possibility that he might have invested time, money, effort and resources in to – gasp – ANOTHER man’s offspring.

In fact, I’ve noticed a scary phenomenon.

Men tend to get more insensitive to the women who have sex because she doesn’t know what else value to add.

In other words, some men become more disrespectful and insensitive towards the women that they get easy sex from.

If you’re on my free newsletter list, you’d have read that one thing not to do in dating is to overtly seek a man’s approval. This can be in the same ballpark as making sex easily accessible.

For an example of the potential consequences of having casual sex without trust and commitment in the relationship, men may spread lies about women.

(…I read once about a woman who had sex with a guy without his commitment and overheard him telling his flat mate that he had had anal sex with her which was totally untrue. That was when she decided to never do it again).

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Women sacrifice their true nature for casual sex

Women sacrifice their true nature for casual sex, sometimes. What I mean is – women are not biologically inclined to have sex with men that they don’t trust. To quote Michaela Boehm from this article.

If women are having sex with men that they are HIGHLY attracted to – ie; a man who DOES show up as capable and trustworthy, then the danger might be that she really DOES love him and want a commitment. But, by then, he could have categorised her as ‘one of many’, depending on how she’s showed up.

If she’s had sex EARLY – but she’s showed up as his ‘one and only’, then there’s no problem for the woman – the deal is already sealed.

But if a woman has not done that – then…she could really find herself hurt – and based on the reason that she wasn’t attuned to where the man was at, and how he really FELT about her – whether he truly had any feelings or good intentions for her or not.

Sometimes, we really have to WAIT to have sex with a man, until enough emotional attraction has been built up (the reliable sign it’s ok to go ahead) so that it gives him time to show he’s not really interested in anything more than sex, or that he is interested in taking the relationship further.

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Surely all this is about the man and not about us as women?

Yeah, there are total losers out there, and we have all heard stories about them, or even experienced crap with them.

But WHY isn’t this just about men taking responsibility?

You might choose to take responsibility for when and how you have sex

Women simply risk paying a price for having sex before enough attraction and commitment has been established, and therefore the man has had a chance to be tested (by her) to see if he is willing to invest himself.

We teach you some real tests for commitment inside our flagship Commitment Control 2 course. (CLICK HERE to read more.)

If you’re a woman who’s NOT interested in a man’s commitment – still consider how and if having casual sex affects how you show up in the future.

With every opportunity there is a cost.

It’s not that sleeping around has a cost – it’s that everything has a cost.

Even if you had all the money in the world to buy all the nice clothes you wanted – you’d end up with a huge cost in your time, as time will need to be used up and spent to decide what to wear because there’s so much choice.

If we have less options, there’s less cost in time as there’s less choice.

NOT sleeping around has a cost. Shitting has a cost. Living has a cost.

We have to choose what we do carefully. Especially sex and relationships. Our bodies aren’t designed to sex men for our egos and for the fun of it – without feeling some sort of pain or shock or ‘being taken advantage of’ at some point.

It’s not even about being ‘easy’ or about being judged…that doesn’t matter because people will judge you whichever way serves their own ego.

What matters is why we do what we do; and are we REALLY emotionally attuned to the potential outcomes of our sexual choices?

Are we APPRECIATING that everything we do offers ourselves and the other person more value – or repeatedly takes value from ourselves and others?

Are we even attuned to whether the man is actually emotionally invested in US – even if WE feel like we are emotionally invested enough to open up and sleep with HIM?

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Being more attuned to our tension than to his true intentions

As a woman, like me, you might have felt that men tend to push for sex, sometimes, even the good ones can make you feel a little bit of that.

But the biggest concern I have for you is –

Are you attuned to a man’s true intentions and emotional feelings about YOU when you decide to have sex before you truly feel comfortable?

Or are you more attuned to the tension of; ‘I gotta have sex with him in case I lose his attention permanently.’?

Your body’s attunement to his actions and how they truly make you feel emotionally are FAR more valuable than your tension over losing him if you don’t have sex with him.

Choosing to courageously honour our deepest, truest desire

To live authentically, we might choose to courageously honour our deepest, truest desire.

The real question is – does your heart, deep down, want a totally devoted, committed and loving man who looks at you like there’s no other woman on earth?

(…Permission to fall in a heap whilst admitting this, and you won’t be the only one).

If you say yes – and many women deny this true craving because they believe that this doesn’t really exist – but if you say YES – then, think about how men experience TRUST with women.

Why men can lose trust for women who have sex quickly

Men can lose trust in women when we have sex before there is mutually felt emotional attraction; and preferably, investment on the man’s part. because, well, if he hasn’t had the TIME to develop emotional attraction towards you  – then, what value is presenting to him in that woman, from a man’s perspective?

He may perceive no long term mate value in her at all.

Simply short term value, perhaps.

I wrote an article a while back about when is the right time to have sex with a man, and I’m grateful, because it got good feedback. In that article, I mentioned that genuine attraction must be felt by both the man and the woman and it must be obvious – before we should be willing to sleep with a man.

That’s just my bias though. I very much respect that not everyone wants to make this choice – and I also respect that some women need to have certain experiences at certain times in their life – and that is just a part of their own evolution.

why do people sleeping around

How devoted and loyal men test women in the dating market

How would a high mate value man TEST women in the dating market?

How would a devoted and loyal man test women in the dating market?

When high value men look to enter in to a committed relationship – KEY – COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP – he has a whole host of factors to test a woman for.

One important thing they must test for is a woman’s potential sexual faithfulness, and they must also test for a woman’s mate value.

The higher a woman’s mate value – generally, the less sexually accessible she is (for reference on this, see the book: Social Psychology and Human Sexuality 2001).

So, one test is how easily a woman lets herself be accessible sexually to HIM personally. And her reputation and body language and how she HOLDS herself will also give a man cues as to how faithful and loyal she will be to him in a relationship.

IF to HIM – it seems as though sex happened before he had a chance to build up attraction and investment in her – then, she’s just too untrustworthy; because his fear might be – if she can do it so quickly – she HAS this capacity; I’ve seen it an experienced it first hand.

And because of that – I fear putting my valuable, hard earned status and resources in to her – for the biological fear that I could be stupidly investing my resources in some other douchebag’s child.

how to stay high value

Why should there be a difference in mate value based on sex being ‘easy’?

Why SHOULD there be a difference in mate value based on sex being ‘easy’?

Well, first of all, there doesn’t have to be a huge difference in our value if we have sex easily and a man’s value if HE has sex quickly and easily.

After all, my whole life, I didn’t see much value in promiscuous men and would never date one; unless of course, he presented with a lot of high mate value and I trusted him. That seemed so rare though.

In reality – men pay a price for promiscuity and so do women.

It’s just that the price we PAY – may be too close to our truest heart’s craving for us to ignore it and go for easy sex anyway.

Our price has a high cost in terms of how many layers of ‘masks’ and ‘blocking things out’ we might have to do in order to actually sleep around.

We sometimes have to protect our vulnerable heart’s true craving, in order to have sex with a man before it truly felt SAFE.

For instance, I have always wanted a man’s soul, his world, everything – if I denied that; I’d have to pretend I didn’t want that. That feels like shit.

Eggs versus sperm, where is the value? 

Eggs versus sperm – there’s a value difference in egg and sperm.

The real place all this taboo sexual judgement comes from is based on something very biological.

The value of eggs versus the value of sperm.

Of course, within the sexes, there’s less valuable eggs (according to men) and less valuable sperm (judged by women).

And, overall, sperm has little value in comparison to eggs; and eggs have higher value by nature.

Simply because of supply and demand.

Roughly 1,500 sperm are produced by a fertile man every second. (WOW!)

They want to get rid of it.

Just like a breastfeeding mother whose breasts become painfuly engorged with milk for her child – she has to get rid of it by feeding her baby to relieve the pressure of the milk.

Sperm is the same. It kinda just keeps getting produced, whether a man likes it or not. Women can eventually stop breastfeeding, but men, well, their sperm just keeps on ‘a comin, and the pressure needs to be relieved.

On the other hand, on average, each woman releases one luscious egg per menstrual cycle.

Kind of a big difference.

The pressure men feel to expel the excess sperm is almost daily – maybe several times a day for a young lad, but for women – her need to have sex depends on many things; not just the daily routine production of viable sperm.

For example, it depends on if she’s ovulating, if there’s a lot of female competition around, on dopamine and excitement, and on whether there’s a highly valuable male that really turns her on (comparatively rare).

The COST for either sex if conception occurs?

Well, if conception occurs and a baby is on the way; a woman is left totally vulnerable for the next 9 months at LEAST. Add on breastfeeding and the physical exhaustion for years afterwards when chasing a toddler.

If conception occurs – the only time a man is potentially valuable by default is WHEN he’s making the baby.

After that; whether he invests his resources depends on how much attraction there was, and it depends on how much he loves the woman and how invested he was before they conceived.

Also, it depends on his values as man, of course.

Some men are nice and stay with women simply because they feel that they have to – not because they are madly in love.

For information on the 2 traits of women that men routinely fall in love with, click here.

If women have sex quickly in a low value fashion it sends a low value message

So – if women have sex easily in a low value fashion; regardless of contraception – it still sends a message to high value male mates that she should be avoided for RELATIONSHIP.

Not sex. Relationship.

It’s harder for her to get the devotion from a man; UNLESS there was investment and attraction from the man already established.

This poses an uncomfortable issue…(*purses mouth*)

What about the times when a woman actually WASN’T being “easy”?

But what about the times when a woman wasn’t actually being “easy”?

This is very hard for women, because, for those women that only sleep with a man – even quickly – when she genuinely feels an emotional connection with him – we may TOTALLY not be easy in our world because we love him – BUT – we very much risk losing a man’s TRUST.

This isn’t something to fear, it’s something to understand. Don’t forget that even if you feel sad about this – there are also many other men out there that you’ve made sad in the dating world with your female psychology.

It’s not a war – it’s about our genuine, heartfelt desire to put on a set of male glasses and feel their world.

She was a VIRGIN and he STILL thought she was easy?

Take this story (UNBELIEVABLE).

A reader of TheFeminineWoman once emailed us saying that she met a man online, and built up an emotional connection with him through online contact – even though they had not been on many dates before. She fell VERY hard for this nerdy, nervous man.

Then, she slept with him.

Then, he disappeared for a bit, and when they got in contact again, he said; “you seem like the kind of girl who does this a lot”.

She was a VIRGIN.

In her mid twenties.

So, in her own words, this lady ‘knows the art of not having sex’ – (to use her own words).

He – this man she fell in love with, basically didn’t believe her and lost trust in her and well, he left.

In my mind, I would hope that he would have the ability to feel her heart and know that she possibly loved him – but that doesn’t change his biological tendencies as a male.

Now, there are other little details to this story, of course.

But the crucial details are:

1) This woman developed a strong enough emotional connection (in her mind, not necessarily reciprocated by the man), that she was willing to sleep with him even though she was a virgin.

2) This man lost trust in her for a long term committed relationship – meaning, he couldn’t bring himself to invest his resources in her, for the very basic, historical, biological fear that many men have – that he would risk utter humiliation and a total waste of his resources, because if she could sleep with him this quickly – then she could potentially do it with other men easily too.

3) The most IMPORTANT point: we need to be perceptive and attuned to a man’s level of emotional investment in US – EVEN if WE are feeling totally emotionally in love and involved. We need to feel him; and his level of emotional commitment. Not his level of lust. But his level of emotional COMMITMENT.

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Wouldn’t men ideally be man enough to overcome this fear?

Sure, ideally, men would most definitely be man enough, self confident enough and attuned enough to overcome this fear – or perhaps not even fear; but the aversion to – committing to women who sleep with them quickly.

(As I see it – often, this is not even a fear for the man – because he never got invested enough in the woman to feel fear – it’s simply an objective decision on his part)

IDEALLY – even if we were ultimately promiscuous, a man would be man enough, alpha enough – to OWN our soul so much, that we would have no choice but to remain faithful to him, because he adds so much value to our life.

But – you know, ideally a lot of things…

Ideally this, ideally that.

What matters when we want commitment is our Mate value to Men

If we are looking for a committed relationship, what ultimately matters is our mate value to men.

If we are courageous enough to go with our true heart’s craving of having all of a man (to have him give us EVERYTHING, his soul, his time, his attention, his life, his money, his trust, his love, his devotion, his children), then we must lead with our value first.

It’s gutsy and courageous to acknowledge our true heart’s craving and accept nothing less.

That’s why many women don’t do it; it’s just; scary. And it’s scary because if we ask for total devotion; we have to give it right back. It’s a high standard of relating to a man. We have to be real.

So, in my silly observation, what happens is that – we play this silly game of sleeping with men because we don’t know how to ask for his soul.

Or maybe, just maybe we sleep with men because we really wanted to.

We have a right to do that. There’s a thing called contraception and equal opportunity.

But – well, biology still exists in men.

Their forefathers conditioned their own DNA to look and seek out high mate value women for long term investment and commitment.

Ultimately, it is your choice.

Wait there is more!

After all the great feedback I received on this article, my readers wanted more.

So here is the continuation of this crazily long article…

CLICK HERE to read the secret cost of casual sex on women (part 1).

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renee wade what to do when he doesn't call

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Wow I’m super glad I’m not straight to care about these weird things. The question is how did I even end up here lol


This article is nothing more than spreading patriarchal views, oppressing women. I cannot believe people still livevin this old fashioned world where woman has to play uneasy, suppressing her will and desire just because people writing these articles keep reminding her about social rules which has been created to oppress women. If you are an educated person pkease contribute to a more open-minded society and don’t write articles based on social klischees. Look for examples in other countries, where the views you’re spreading are passé, and woman can have casual sex without feeling guilty for it.

Carel Scheepers
Carel Scheepers

Which group of people has the highest divorce rate? Promiscuous people who had numerous long term sexual relationships & lived together as a couple. . . . before finding the “One” These people have NOTHING NEW & exciting to look forward to in married life . . . been there; done that. Promiscuous women look for a RESPECTABLE PROVIDER . . . NOT a person they are sexually attracted to (yawn) . . . they quickly loose interest in sex . . . & the husband is trapped in a VERY unhappy sex starved marriage . . .eventually she leaves… Read more »


With so many very dumb loser women that we now have everywhere these days, which unfortunately they will never find the time to commit to only just one man anyway since they’re just too very busy sleeping around with so many different men every chance they get.

Branton Brendai
Branton Brendai

Women are incredibly stupid soulless creatures, who will never understand the Biological difference between her and a man, there’s a violent mass purge coming for American and Western women during the economic collapse, for the treachery of Feminism and Females intrusion into male spaces, and the hell you jealous, evil, despicable, and covetous harlots have brought upon men and society, brutal executions are coming for defiled pieces of trash no simps or cucks will save you.


Being promiscuous was never in women’s interest. It only served man’s purpose, and solely, having the need of relieving his ever-filling (about 1,500 per second) testicles. Hence, brothels were built, since time immemorial. Then rich women wanted to get even with men and male prostitution was born. Women became promiscuous because men chased the women to use them as their relief bag. Sexual revolution only supported these men and so as a result, more socially accepted whores (free f**k) are by-product of the society, mainly in western world or society influenced by so. Modern women can’t resist men because their… Read more »

Eli Jeremiah
Eli Jeremiah

Great article and as a man I will say this. We look at women two ways 1) Long term 2) Short term. And I hear womens arguments about “Men can do it, why can’t we”. This is a very simple answer for me. Men can ONLY do it because women allow them to do it. In my experience women will still mess with a man regardless if he is single or not, or if he just uses them for sex or not. Men we know when we meet a female if she is going to be a just fun toy… Read more »

C. V.
C. V.

Hello, This article is completely true. I am a man and in thirties and never been with a woman. Why simply because I’m looking for that high quality woman to devote EVERYTHING I am, have, and will be to her. I hold woman with high honor because from the moment a man is born, it his responsibility to give everything to his family. Ever heard of “woman, children, and the old first” ? We as men must sacrifice all that we are for what matters most. Unfortunately there are too many women who believe in being like men, mixing the… Read more »


Dear Renee,
I am happy to see that there is a woman on planet Earth that works… I think promiscuous sex is the root of all evil and religions are doing all their best to incentivate such a bad behaviour. So, are there studies that show what happen to the female brain (not just physically) and reproductive organs after engaging in casual sex? Thanks and keep helping women, they need lot of help even if they don’t think so.

Happy to know about this website.


John Doe
John Doe

Most women as it is just like partying all the time and love sleeping around with all kinds of men since it is a way of life for them. Very difficult for them to just commit to only one man anyway.


I think as long as I think of myself as high value, I can do whatever I want. I have my standards and I am sure about myself and my needs and still have fun. I always want to be me and if I feel having sex with someone I will do it, That doesn’t harm my standards or my value.

Sarah Singh
Sarah Singh

The article says that high mate value is generally determined by low accessibility to having sex with them…but for MEN, as you say, even though he is promiscuous he CAN have high mate value? You cannot use biology to rationalize societal hypocrisy. That is a disservice to fairness.

Crash Burn
Crash Burn

Today most women who have any health & fitness in their lives are sleeping with 20-50 guys that I ran into in university/work force. These were the nice girls, the girls who got the A’s and ended up getting good careers. These girls were sleeping around on their long time boyfriends who were paying for everything while they went to school. Guys who I love your article btw were giving these women their all. They would make passes at me, let me know they were available, some women said that I should man up. Some even explained to me how… Read more »

Lady Cat
Lady Cat

Glad I have read this article. I have dated guys but never been the promiscuous type. I have been celebate for 3 years but not because of a bad situation, it’s just your receiving also as a woman, a lot of energy attachments. And also, when women sleep around, it’s like a high for them but after that high goes away and, they up being alone, they feel shitty! I know when a guy is not willing to take you out on a nice date, it’s a sure sign he thinks little of you. The universe gives us signs, it’s… Read more »


*Sigh* To me, there really isn’t anything better than casual sex. It’s so sad that it has to have so many repercussions and risks. Almost every time I get lucky, things always get hairy afterwards. It’s even worse if it is a FWB relationship. I always wondered what the whole ‘we’re having sex, so we can’t be friends anymore’ trope came from. Now I know. At some point, the screwing will have to stop, and one of you will be left wondering ‘why did he/she want to stop?’ ‘Does he/she like me anymore?’ ‘Why does he/she not want to speak… Read more »


Men also will go find out about her past. If she goes to bed quickly with other men but not with him then she is NOT a keeper.

If she gives herself away to men she doesn’t care about but expects the man she wants to raise her children with to wait, that tells the man she is either damaged, toxic, or lying to get his resources. In any case it’s never a good thing when you have to wait for what she gave other men easily.


Dumb dumb dumb. Most men are easy and they share sexual conquests for bragging rights. Theyre obnoxious whores. Yet somehow you bitches still trust them and practice cognitive dissonance to not only trust him anyway even though he wants sex quivkly, but also hold a double standard for women. Men are shit but women are you are stupid.

Pleiadian Observer
Pleiadian Observer

In 2016 at age 18 the majority of women in western countries are less likely to be virgins than more likely to be virgins. This article might have had more validity if it were published 100 years ago. Feminists have degraded women, [women who aren’t feminists hold patriarchal sympathies] to the point that femininity is deplored and equality the aspiration. Women no longer want to be feminine, some want to ape men. Good luck with that. Sorry but I dont want to get into bed with another man. My choice! If I wanted equality I would be gay! Women cannot… Read more »


At 21 I’m still a virgin. I know that seems rare but there’s still some girls in their early twenties who are virgins. And I honestly don’t think being a virgin makes me more “worthy”. Some people find love at 14, 16 or 18. The only reason I haven’t lost it yet is because I want to do it with a man I fall in love with, hope that isn’t too idealistic of me, but it’s what I crave. I want to feel trust before it happens and was never interested in the hookup scene. I don’t judge those who… Read more »

Reply to  Margarida

Okay, not being a virgin does make you either a person that wasn’t willing to work on relationship, has tendency for shit men or whores out. Your idea is good and stay with it. Wait for love, wait for marriage. Otherwise you will find even if you don’t think wrong about hookups that most guys say once she cheats it’s over,once she was with more then one I don’t want her to touch me. We do it that way because it’s morally wrong. And unhygenic. Ever heard of super STD’s ? it can friggin eat you from inside out and… Read more »

The Truth IsIn Logic
The Truth IsIn Logic

Attraction is a social construct, so that nullifies half of your ideas, trust and security are core to any girls decision, although ofcourse, it can change with an aggressive guy, which increases his chances to getting what he wants as females battle inner conflict from puberty, the whole no means no saying means more than most would like it to mean, but in a feminist society, females use their weaknesses prevail.


Well first off, this entire article is invalid because you’re a feminist. That means I actually have to listen to you during sex….

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