Feminine Energy: Myths, Truths & How to Exude Your Unique Femininity

You have a powerful feminine energy deep inside of you.

This energy is incredibly inspiring to men and to all people, beyond what you can imagine right now. Unfortunately, most of us do not embrace our unique feminine energy.

The question is what is feminine energy?

How do you give off feminine energy?

That is what we will address in this comprehensive article…

How to Bring out your High Value & Unique Feminine Energy

What IS Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is the energy of life within you. It is an energy of ever-changing flow. It responds to emotion in relationships and seeks to feel and experience love.

Your feminine energy is similar to the energy of the ocean. The ocean is sometimes calm, sometimes wild.

It is sometimes colder, sometimes warmer. The ocean is sometimes unforgiving and life threatening, yet sometimes serene and peaceful.

As a woman with a feminine essence, feminine energy is ideally free to flow all throughout your body.

Here’s a comprehensive article on How to Be More Feminine: 18 Ways of A Soft Feminine Woman.

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What Encumbers Your Feminine Energy?

You can’t give off feminine energy if your feminine energy is always constricted by trauma or stress.

You cannot give off feminine energy if you have to constantly live through your masculine energy.

You cannot embody your feminine energy if you have an unhealthy cycle of repeatedly drawing upon your masculine energy in order to survive and earn a living.

Your masculine energy is essential too. However, when you’re always forced to live through your masculine, it does beat you down eventually.

It will cause you to repeatedly disown your feminine in order to accomplish missions.

The goal for you as a naturally feminine woman is not to just aim to be feminine all the time. That’s not real.

Instead, the goal is to have both a masculine and a feminine energy within you and be healthily connected to both.

Without your masculine energy, your feminine energy cannot run as deep and be safe to be fully expressed.

In other words, having the capability to access your healthy masculine is essential to being deeply feminine!

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Allow All Parts Of You To Come To Surface

See, we all have many different personalities and energies within us. That’s completely normal.

It doesn’t make us weird or have split personalities, it just means that we are more than how we’ve learned to define ourselves.

You are masculine and you are feminine. If you are primarily a feminine soul (which means that you identify with the feminine energy), you will feel better living from your feminine energy most of the time.

If someone is a masculine soul and primarily masculine-identified, then they will feel more comfortable living through the masculine energy.

However, regardless of your feminine core, you are still many different kinds of people. This brings us to the question: how to bring out your high value and unique feminine energy?

how to stay high value

You Have Different Flavours Of Feminine Energy Within You

Yes, you have more than one ‘flavour’ of feminine energy within you as a woman.

These flavours are different parts of you that men love. Men love ‘tasting’ different flavours and you as a woman love to experience these different flavours within you.

It feels like infinity to embody different parts of you, doesn’t it?

If someone told you that you could be anything you want for a day, that you could feel anything you want and not be penalised for it, wouldn’t that feel nice?

Wouldn’t it feel free?

As a unique feminine woman, you want to experience the many flavours of yourself. You may just not feel like you have permission to do so.

And there’s a good reason for your desire to want to feel the full range of emotions inside you, as well as access the full range of ‘flavours’ of energy within you.

It not only frees you – it is the ultimate gift for your man!

This is one reason why men who are not already in love with and committed to one woman have a tendency (key word – tendency) to want to experience sex with all different women.

It is to experience the different “flavours” and energies of different feminine women.

So, the more we reject different parts of ourselves that are dying to be expressed inside, the less whole and unique we really are. And the less high value we are in relationship to men, generally speaking.

How To Give Off Feminine Energy…

How would a woman learn to give off feminine energy?

Well, it’s a process of learning to be seen & appreciated for your feminine soul, not just your masculine attributes, and not for your ‘skills’.

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This is hard for many women to do these days. To tell the average woman that the skills she’s worked so hard for in life aren’t essential and don’t really matter (especially in love)?

That’s offensive to many women.

It’s not that your skills have no value – they do! Absolutely they do.

It’s just that in the world of romance, emotional attraction and sexual attraction with men, they mean very little.

Of course, your skills mean a lot in other contexts. however, it’s your feminine radiance and your sense of feminine presence that is the real, high value intangible gift that you can give to not only your man, but to your children and other family as well.

Here’s a video I made on How To Be Feminine in 4 Simple Steps…

Are You Afraid To Show Your Authentic Self?

But what if you’re a woman who is afraid to be all of herself or to embrace her feminine energy?

Well, that’s almost all of us.

Sometimes I think that although women are keen to get rights and become equal with men, in the process, we’ve started to compete with men.

To do that, we’ve sometimes become too obsessively identified with the linear, directed go-getter in ourselves – the masculine energy.

This is a wonderful thing – but it’s not wonderful when we obsessively identify with it JUST because we feel desperate to be seen and acknowledged by people (but especially men).

I mean, imagine if the men of the world who naturally identify more with the masculine energy began to compete with women in their radiance and beauty.

What if a man tried to compete with you on how well you could both breastfeed your baby?

First of all, it’s a losing battle.

Second of all, that’s just weird.

Some men do kind of act like this though, actually! And in my view, it is not the most pleasant experience to be around them.

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The Divine Feminine Energy Needs To Be Seen For Its Radiance

If you are feminine at your core, then a deep desire you would have is to be seen.

This is because in our core, we are light. We are energy. We are flowing, changing energy of love. And that deserves to be seen and loved.

That is simply a characteristic of the feminine energy.

Although, it has been made wrong or ‘weak’ to many of us. In other words, it’s not ok to simply wear a dress or smile and receive love.

Instead, we have to over-exert ourselves to become something that we are not, so that we can fit in.

The idea of simply being light (or being the “ocean” that is the feminine) is made wrong and undeserving of love in many ways. In other words, many women think that they have to ‘do a lot’ or “achieve goals” to be worthy of belonging and love.

So, lots of women (including myself) along the way, have been lead to think giving off masculine energy is the way to be identified and seen.

We try to achieve status and ‘win’ things. We think that to be worthy, we have to become the top of the rung, or to dominate people. This significance seeking is the driver of masculine energy. Feminine energy is more driven by connection.

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In order for your feminine energy to really blossom, you have to master the art of presence, which leads to connection.

That sense of emotional connection then naturally allows your feminine to shine.

To cultivate your feminine presence, I recommend you watch my husband’s video on What Exactly Is Feminine Radiance:

Feminine Energy VS Masculine Energy

If we’re truly feminine inside, what we really want is to be SEEN and appreciated for is our love energy.

This is what we truly want deep in our soul and in our body. And if we try to be ‘seen’ for our achievements and the way we dominate a field, interesting things happen.

For example, rather than being seen as a woman who is alive, feminine, expressive and loving, those of us who are more feminine inside might begin to feel angry and resentful.

Because we’ve done all this work to be ‘worthy’, but we still feel like something blissful is missing.

That ‘something blissful’ is the feeling of being acknowledged deeply as a feminine soul.

That ‘something blissful’ is the feeling of being completely out of control of ourselves. (Yes, the feminine energy is not in control).

To learn more about the value of being OUT of control, you might want to read my article on Should I Control My Emotions To Be High Value?

See, to be seen for masculine energy just doesn’t cut it for a feminine woman.

We got a degree. Awesome.

We can fix our car. Awesome.

We can be ‘smart’ and fix problems. Awesome.

I do get it. I have a law degree myself. (Though I almost dropped out in my final year due to just being burnt out!)

But as ‘smart’ as my degree on a piece of paper (along with my impressive debt from my degree), completing my law degree never made me feel blissful.

It never helped me surrender in the bedroom and it never helped me give off feminine energy.

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How To Exude Feminine Energy Traits

Here’s a little table that will help you understand the things that allow you to animate more feminine energy, and be appreciated for your feminine energy traits.

Have a read, let it all sink in and you will can play with this information. Remember that no two women exude feminine energy in the same way. So, allow this information to inspire your own unique ‘flavours’ of feminine energy…

Masculine VS Feminine energy

The Gift Of Masculine Men & Feminine Women

I for one, appreciate the evolved masculine men of the world who don’t ‘reject’ the core who they truly are. The directed men who are that way because they just ARE. They were born that way.

The ones who are strong willed but don’t force themselves on us. Those are the men who enjoy being who they really were born to be. They don’t feel it’s wrong to be who they are.

The men who have and use the gift of a strong masculine direction. That strong, impersonal and capable masculine direction that you as a woman could never truly compete with.

I feel these masculine men as a gift – mainly because it IS a gift. They were born that way.

And they haven’t tried to twist themselves out of shape. They haven’t covered their true desire for challenge and for freedom with layers of ‘must please people by being super sensitive, radiant and unthreatening’.

(Which, by the way, is rather common among approval seeking men these days.)

While a man is never 100% valuable in your life without a well developed feminine energy, if he uses feminine qualities as a way to be a people pleaser – that doesn’t feel good to the smart women who are witnessing it.

And we only develop our desire to people please, or our desire to wear masks in order to get approval and to fit in.

The men and women of the world who are cool with being who they truly are, usually don’t take as much value.


Because they aren’t entering in to relationships with an exchange in mind.

Ie; I do this for you in the hope that you’ll give me approval in return.

Ie: I will pretend to be someone I am not – because I’m afraid of losing love if I don’t do this.

Check out this deep discussion I had with my husband on masculine versus feminine energy…

How To Embody & Exude Your Unique & High Value Feminine Energy?

The first step to being your high value feminine self, it is to now begin the process of making every single part of you ok.

It’s the process of making every feeling you have ok.

How to exude feminine energy: 2 aspects

Take these steps to give off feminine energy.

STEP 1: Make Every Single Part Of Yourself OK.

The sexual parts, the angry parts, the happy-go-lucky as well as the emo parts.

The overwhelmed, ‘can’t do it anymore’ parts, the masculine parts, the feminine parts, and the depressing parts. All of you.

The people you see around you that you judge and hate?

That person or those types of people may also have been you, or a part of you at some stage in your life.

Your dark feminine is just as valuable as your light feminine. Especially when it comes to being emotionally attractive to men and forming that coveted feeling of emotional attraction between you!

Here’s an article that you’ll love: Light And Dark Feminine: A Quick Contrast.

STEP 2: Honour And Respect Every Feeling You Have.

When you make different feelings ok – you don’t go out and start resenting men for triggering you to feel that way.

You don’t make everything and everyone else wrong, you just are.

You let the feeling happen because you know that this is life, and feelings happen. They’re meant to happen in relationships and it’s not his fault.

Men aren’t necessarily always the perpetrators of how we feel, although they can definitely contribute to how and what we feel.

Our hatred and resistance of our own dark emotions is a problem. It doesn’t allow us to be all of our unique feminine energy!

Remember, feminine energy is dark and it is light.

We can’t resist the emotions that make us feel the least capable, because if we do, all that is at the other side is a resentful, defensive woman for others to deal with.

When we resist our vulnerability, all that is left is actually a combative, self-defensive response. This is because our bodies are in the midst of perceiving a threat to our safety.

The real safety, unless we are in a real life dangerous situation is to feel how scared we are behind our tension and our need to blame men.

Why? Because once the feeling is felt, and our bodies see that we are actually not about to die from letting the feeling happen, we get to the next stage.

Our bodies are free to go to the next feeling. What feelings you allow to happen, will eventually pass.

How To Access All The Different ‘Flavours’ Of Your Feminine Energy

First of all, let’s look at how you can connect deeper with the feminine energy inside of you. When you can access more of that femininity, then there’s more of you to be able to connect deeper with masculine men.

So step number 1 in accessing all the different flavours of your unique feminine energy.

STEP 1: Surround Yourself With Women And Let Their Energy Inspire That Same Energy In You.

Even if you haven’t made it ok to be like that in decades. Meet with and chat with different women. Open, free women are your best answer.

You are still able to have your closer, more special friends, but you would want to at least talk to and socialise with women of all different energies and backgrounds.

And open your body when you’re with them. Stay out of your head if that’s your habit. Instead, stay in your body.

How do you do that?

It’s the art of becoming more embodied and less ‘in your head’. Here’s a good interview we did with renowned teacher Michaela Boehm on embodying your feminine energy (through healing past trauma and spiritual practise)…

So What’s The Value Of Having Other Feminine Women In Your Life?

Well, women learn from each other through resonance. As such, when you spend enough time with other good feminine influences who are fully embodied, you begin to relax more into your own feminine energy as well!

You let who THEY are inspire and bring to life the parts of you that are dormant.

By being with them, you will find yourself mirroring their energy, and you get the gift of lighting the fire in all the different feminine energy traits in yourself that you may have killed due to self judgement.

We all have a part of our feminine energy or feminine personality that we judge ourselves for. As such, it makes it hard to be fully radiant and feminine!

For me, the mot difficult part was learning to be the social butterfly, the more extroverted part of me.

When I was young, I was very expressive and extroverted. My mother was like this. She had a gift of being able to talk to anyone without judging herself. I was like that, too as a little girl.

Until I hit my teens and I was all like ‘Nup. Gotta close off now. People aren’t safe. Gotta be on guard’.

Unfortunately, whenever we take on this guardedness, it only makes us push people away.

learn the dark feminine art of High Value Banter here.

Still Always Choose Your Friends Carefully

What do you do when you meet women who don’t seem to make good friends?

Well, there’s still value in them. But they quickly lose their value if they exclude you and make you wrong for being the way you are. Especially even after repeated attempts on your part to connect with them.

It’s ok to exclude people from your circle. The idea is not to make friends of everybody. Very few people will ever be a good friend to you anyway.

In fact, at some point you have to ask yourself: are low value friends even worth it?

However, you can have acquaintances. Acquaintances are there for a chat and for some conversation and fun here and there.

A friend is someone you’re loyal to.

You’re not going to get that loyalty from most people though, including your female friends!

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So even though you won’t want to make friends with everyone, it is still ok to seek diversity and embrace diversity beyond your comfort zone.

So, perhaps talk with women you would normally judge.

If that doesn’t work for you, let the energies of other women you wish to be like to permeate you.

If you’re afraid of being bubbly, enjoy being around a woman who is bubbly, and let her personality resonate with you!

If you’re afraid of being aloof or having strong feminine boundaries, spend some time around women who are more aloof and harbour a darker feminine energy.

This is the first key to bringing your unique, high value feminine energy to life.

There Are 7 Common Signs That A Woman is Perceived as Low Value to All Men. CLICK HERE to find out what they are.

STEP 2: As You Interact, Notice When Your Belly Knots Up With Closed Judgement And Fear.

It’s ok to have the fear and the judgement. But it might be nice if you asked yourself; ‘is it needed right now, with this woman?’

She might be able to gift you with her energy and you might be able to gift each other.

Hanging around men all the time isn’t enough to help fuel our feminine soul.

Being with other feminine souls will really help, though!

And the best thing about it is that once we do this, we naturally become more attractive.

This is because it multiplies our ability to access different parts of ourselves, thereby multiplying how attractive we are!

By the way, if you’d like to learn the ONE thing you can say to ANY man to capture his attention, trigger his curiosity and make him hang onto every word you say, you would be a very smart woman! Find out what that one thing you can say is here.

Being Feminine And Attractive Does NOT Mean Being Happy

Remember that becoming more feminine and attractive does NOT mean being happy. You can be happy, but you don’t have to be happy!

Plus, if you were happy all the time, not only would you be boring to a man, you wouldn’t actually be real!

Being attractive and feminine for a woman is about love energy and a sense of aliveness. This DOESN’T mean being happy all the time!

Depression and sadness is still aliveness.

That is if you let depression and sadness be felt until it is gone – rather than wallowing in it for the sake of garnering attention and pity.

I used to do this. And yes, it took a lot of value from others.

Our Day To Day Responsibilities Can Drain Our Feminine Energy

Nowadays, we go and work and drudge through a work day our soul hates – and it makes our authentic energy dormant.

It’s like we don’t have time to do the things that light us up anymore.

We become exhausted and drained. So drained that all we know is to try to escape, rather than truly live.

We want to escape the monotony of responsibility. We want to escape the soul crushing feeling that is doing things that don’t feed our feminine soul.

That’s understandable. But escaping isn’t really a solution. We need to actively choose to add value to ourselves outside of work as well.

I know it just seems like yet another thing to do!

But I’m talking about making a point to fill your feminine energy up by being around other feminine souls. If that is not feasible, you can create a more feminine home environment full of plants, flowers, candles and pretty linen or pretty pictures.

You can even just make a point to simply take a warm bath surrounded by candles every night after work! (as a mother I know it’s hard for moms to do this, but I guess that’s the price to pay for being a mom!)

If you’re not a mom and don’t have children constantly trying to get your attention, perhaps you may consider the ritual of taking a nice warm bath.

A warm bath will help you relax in to your body again and feel, instead of being in your head!

You can take up feminine hobbies. Here are 27 Feminine Hobbies.

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Fill Your Feminine Soul Up First Before Expecting Your Man To Be Everything For You

A lot of us neglect to fill ourselves up before we come back to the relationship.

In other words, we expect our relationship to fill us up and we treat our relationship as a place to just go and take. (It’s not only women who do this of course. Men do it too!)

Don’t expect your man to make your feminine soul or your feminine body feel alive again.

It’s so easy for us to come home to a man – and hope that since he’s our ‘best friend’, we should feel alive just by going home to him.

Not really. Part of being high value is getting the feminine energy from other women, or learning how to grow our feminine energy alone, so that we are free to not rely on a man for EVERYTHING.

He can’t be everything all of the time. He might be a very dynamic human being, but would you want to burden a man with being everything for you?

He can’t take every single role all the time. Especially if he’s a particularly busy man.

Plus, you don’t really want him to become a replacement girlfriend, right?

That would compromise the sexual polarity and passion between you both. (not that that is wrong. It’s just a cost you need to be aware of.)

…When you fill yourself up and then bring that ‘fullness’ to your relationship, the relationship then has the chance to be more passionate.

I’ve also put together a short quiz to see how much you are living in your feminine energy… Click here to take the quiz “How Feminine Am I Actually?”

There Is No Woman That You Can’t Be (Honour The Women You Admire)

When looking at other women, remember that the parts of them that you admire, whether it’s a particular energy or a personality trait, can also be a part of you!

There’s no woman that you cannot be!

Also, why don’t you make a commitment to yourself right now?

Do a small exercise with me. Tell me about a woman friend (or some women friends) you have and admire!?

What qualities do they have that you admire?

Are they extroverted while you feel you are not?

Are they spontaneous? Open? Loving?

Perhaps they are very sensual and you fear you are not.

See, what you admire in another is what you are often afraid to be yourself.

So by writing it down here in the comments below, you can remind yourself that you already ARE that very woman whom you admire so much.

(By the way, I want to teach you 5 secrets to having your man fall deeply in love with you and beg you to be his one and only. These 5 secrets are inside of my new program, and right now. Click HERE to get yourself a copy of this program!)

Lots of Love as always…

renee wade what to do when he doesn't call

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Do you have any suggestions for connecting with other women? Some times it feels as though the more I am in my feminine energy, the more I struggle to connect with women. Feminine women do not seem to want to be the ones to reach out, initiate, make plans. Then we run into each other and it is “So nice to see you, we should get together more often..” and then nothing happens and there is no follow up or follow through. Then it’s “so nice to see you again” on the street 3 months later.


Hi, I would like to hear your thoughs about what singer Shakira said in this video https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1re14f . I mean, even if Rihanna always act “sexy and sensual” does it make her more natural and feminine? Because to me Shakira through her free expression seem more feminine or at least more natural and not so one-dimensional. Is Rihanna’s presentation of herself fake,phony or forced to be “sexy” by all cost somehow or is her energy very free by your opinion? I also know that Shakira is more concerned about healthy lifestyle, does not smoke in front of her fans as… Read more »


I hate women who bring a lot of attention to themselves by being too openly positive and optimistic, too girly, too open about showing emotions (crying during a movie when others are around. I only do this when I’m alone so I dont appear weak or draw attention to myself. I did that once when I was 5 and my sister teased me, so I never let anyone see my cry again), and show-offs aka singing or playing an instrument when others are present, or posting a video on their social media of them singing. To me, these women all… Read more »

Reply to  Kayla

You let society’s standards change you. You let it dispel your femininity that is deep within you. You destroyed the real you and you don’t even know who you are. You oriented all of your time around being accepted by a man. You are miserable at heart and it will ooze out of your pores whenever someone speaks to you. If someone steps next to you they will smell your desperation, anxiety, insecurity, and insincerity. It will choke them. They will avoid you like the bubonic plague because your toxicity will destroy them if they are around you long enough.… Read more »

Reply to  Kayla

I don’t appreciate the responses Kayla got, other than from Renee to her comment and I find it cruel it was downvoted too. Kayla you were open about your feelings and that was really brave of you, I can relate to what you say because it’s how I used to feel, and I think your feelings are valid so take no notice of ‘wow’. I hope you are working on yourself and your possible internalised misogyny; many women have it, it’s a sad effect of living in a patriarchal misogynistic society! Xx

Anna Tomlinson
Anna Tomlinson

Whilst I completely agree with what you’re saying and I love the concept of promoting femininity… I hope you’re not implying that women shouldn’t also strive to be leaders (if they are the leadership type) or be the best they can be in their careers (if they choose to/have to work outside the home). I think we should do this WHILST retaining our femininity. It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. For example, I would never hold myself back at work just not to outshine a man. It’s not about being better than men and nobody is suggesting that.… Read more »

Super Janice
Super Janice

In my opinion, instead of being with women, they need arts!
I personally don’t need to a man and girlfriends because I enjoy singing.

Super Janice
Super Janice

This significance seeking is the driver of masculine energy. Feminine energy is more driven by connection. If we’re truly feminine inside, what we really want to be SEEN and appreciated for is our love energy – in our soul and in our body, and if we try to be ‘seen’ for our achievements and the way we dominate a field, rather than being seen spontaneously as a woman who is alive and expressive and loving, those of us who are more feminine inside might begin to feel angry, resentful, and like something blissful is missing. I don’t know what I… Read more »

Super Janice
Super Janice

My classmates: Adelle, Sofia, Ruth and Sarah are feminine.
I thought Sarah and Ruth are tomboys just because:
1) Ruth likes sports
2) Sarah and Ruth like wearing pants

However, I found out Adelle, Sarah and Ruth are close friends!
Now I realize the reason is because they share their feminine energy.
Sofia is pretty feminine, but she only has one close friend because:
Like me, she was the new student in the school.

Hence, I am here hoping to know whether I have rejected my feminine or have a masculine core.

✂ julie gianni
✂ julie gianni

I love the way the articles on this site are written, so positively and careful with feelings. Reading this really makes me feel slightly better about myself and about letting me feel my feelings and talking about my feelings (while my husband on weekdays just really feels way to tired after work to deal with my feelings haha, I love being myself and all my feelings with it!).

Renee Wade
Renee Wade

Naww, I’m glad Julie! Thanks for your comment.


Ok Renee, just finished reading the full article now. I can’t really think of any real life women that I know and would say I admire. The only woman who I can think of and admire is you Renee 🙂 I admire how you’ve described some of your past pains (through reading some of your work) and now you know that you are enough and don’t care what others think. I admire how you can truly be yourself and free flow with your energy. I feel inspired to become more of myself through following your work. My favorite member of… Read more »

Renee Wade
Renee Wade
Reply to  Me

Thank You for your kind words and your feedback about our team! it’s lovely of you to write to me here. Renee. xo


Hey Renee I just started reading some of this article and felt the need to write. Personally I don’t care about competing with men, I just care about feeling enough within. It really wouldn’t faze me in the slightest if a man earn t more pay or had a better career. In fact, I couldn’t give a crap about even having a dam career, I just wish to win the love and care of my loved ones and the people I know. I had in mind the thought of getting a career, a PhD, as if that would make me… Read more »


I admire some of my friends voices. They are soothing to the ear and I see men asking them questions seemingly just to hear their reply! I love that and my voice seems to be shaky and all over the place, maybe I’ll try strengthening my voice and practice with my friends!


Renee, how can I say Thank you a 100 times ? Far too many website out there are suggesting to grab our male energies and get rid of all those men who aren’t acting up to our expections. And so few of us are learning the wrong way how to deal with men.
Thank you so much for bringing the feminine back, teaching us how to fully be the amazing human beings we aleady are.

Dominique Ferguson
Dominique Ferguson

My friend Kym is a woman I admire. She’s stylish, kind, generous and so much fun to be around; there’s never a dull moment with her!


Renee thank you very much! I am in process of understanding myself, being better version of myself learning more about Me and others. The thing is, inb the process there are people (you still brought the subject women so lets call them Women) who stop supporting you. It is because you are changing and they cant handle that change? Because that makes it their problem, not yours/ mine. I belive once I am whole I will find (hope) better and healthy people to hang out with. Wit women is really delicate subject because they are so SO dramatic, and bond… Read more »


Thanks for this great article Renee. I am someone who loves to connect with other women, that went so well for a while and then I was terribly hurt by a close friend. I decided to stay off women entirely for some years and kept male friends instead. for me, it was far easier and refreshing and non of them would hurt me like my friend did. Even women that attempted friendship, I kept at arms length. Deep down I knew I was missing something. All the male friends were great and they understood me as a human being but… Read more »

Reply to  Jessica

Jessica exactly MY words MY comment !!! XD

Its funny, when you decide to make better you but not only. when have great things happening to you and you deserve them. Women in your life who are suppossed to be “friends” ct weird.. so I agree on having male friends better, get less judgement less drama and blah blah


Hey! It’s weird as the more articles I read, the more I’ve identified with certain aspects of myself, that I need to work on, I’ve noticed where I’ve been going wrong and where I’ve been going right! I’ve also noticed that I can be more my feminine self around men, but close off around other women because I’m afraid of being judged. I feel no judgement from men, so I can feel open and free to laugh and joke to feel relaxed and giving, but close down and remain quiet around other women as I feel they are judging me.… Read more »

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I miss in a way having female friends, but the thing with Women you see they are SO wayy crazy envious when it comes to other women. its stupid but thats how it is

I feel I am accomplishing more becoming better self, better Me but I have less female friends. oh well XD until I hfind the right ones I guess… 🙂


Hi Renee, This is an interesting article. I admire women who like women and are not afraid to stand up to men who do not treat them well. too many women are so afraid of losing their man that they make excuses for offensive behaviour or tend to align with men over women. However, I think that there is room for some overlap between supposedly feminine and masculine characteristics. Jung had a point when he claimed that beneath our personas we need to be willing to mature to express the animus and anima to feel complete. I agree that today’s… Read more »


Hi Renee I have lots of fantastic female friends, and they make me feel alive and they inspire me so much. I have this new friend I have seen alot, and I was facinated by her and I feelt inspired and we both have become closer in a short time, but I also feel drained from energy when I have spend time with her wich I don’t feel with my other friends, so it’s very confusing that for me she is beautiful and she have some fantastic traits but at the same time she also have deep insecurities and she… Read more »


Something I find admirable in a few of my friends is their ability to flirt; to interact with people fearlessly. It’s so hard for me I feel myself get tense. I fear people making me feel bad about myself for being myself. I also admire my friend’s ability to move and dance. I always feel so stiff and ridgid. I have a tall lean body and I’m trying to become comfortable with moving it. In my past I was made fun of for my body and not having rhythm. I’m workimg on changing these things, but sometimes I get overwhelmed.

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I can relate to it Aria. But regardless on these things we have to move past out of our inward shell and be as we are (of course without feeling awkward).


I’m on a role reading all of your posts today Renee, WOO! I have a hard time accepting other women into my life as wholehearted friendships. I only have two real girlfriends to talk to when im in need. It’s not because im fine with just two friends. It’s because I’m threatened by other women. Meeting women who might steal my boyfriends eye, he might think they’re more his type, personality, ethnicity, style etc. I have surrounded myself and focused so much on what guys like growing up that I never truly said to myself, I’m good enough. Instead id… Read more »

Super Janice
Super Janice
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I don’t know whether I am feminine or masculine in my core but I’m glad I’m honest!

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