Your Resentment For Men…

Women who resent men will only make men resent them as well.

As a woman who’s been on the receiving end of abuse (as most of us have), I understand the feeling of resentment towards men, or towards our abuser.

As a woman who’s been on the receiving end of many insults and bullying from men and women alike….

As a person who knows what it feels like to be used, abused and treated like a pet by a sociopath…for more than 20 years, I respect the value of anger towards the people who have wronged us.

The anger has a purpose for your soul and mine.

So, do talk about your pain. Process your pain.

Process your GUILT from hurting men and causing them pain too.

i resent men

We Have ALL Been Burned

Everyone has abused and been abused.

Everyone has suffered in love and dating. Everyone has been burned.

I have hurt my lover and I have been hurt.

But resentment and mud-slinging is not all I am.

I am human and I am capable of resentment as well as love and compassion.

I am capable of objective appreciation and understanding of men, the very species (of which a few) made me feel like I was not enough at times.

Many women I talk to and who read my work are quite thoughtful. But I sense that some of us are still suffering.

That suffering sometimes comes out in the form of resentful comments towards men.

That suffering sometimes comes out towards other members in our Facebook group, and yes, towards myself and David at times.

That’s OK. I didn’t sign up for this because it’s easy.

And I’ve been doing this a long time, so there’s close to nothing I haven’t seen.

But if you are suffering, here’s what is important right now:

I believe it’s more important to take responsibility for your feelings, for your past, your choices and for your future.

Take responsibility for where you are now, and what you feel.

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When Women Resent Men, Men Resent Women

Here’s what I know in my soul:

If we as women go out into the dating world and show up with resentment or entitlement (they go hand in hand), here’s what will happen:

MEN will also become more resentful and entitled.

Nobody wins if nobody has the courage to take responsibility.

Our gender doesn’t determine our entitlements.

And there’s nothing like a courageous woman, full of love and value to inspire men to be better.

It’s not our past that determines how we’re entitled to act towards people now.

So, can we stand up, dust ourselves off and take back our innocence now?

Take Back Your LOVE For Men

Take back your innate love for men, and your joy for connecting with men.

You have everything you need within you to do that now.

After all, you’re a woman. And you have more power than you know.

Take responsibility for approaching dating men with a sense of understanding, curiosity and playfulness.

If you have suffering, ok.

Grieve. And grieve now.

The more resentment you allow to build up, the more resentment you’ll bring into your own life.

And you’ll see doom and gloom everywhere because you’re looking for it.

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Don’t Punish A Whole Species Of Men, Just Because A Few Have Wronged You

Don’t punish a whole species of men, because they might just make you feel punished in return.

It’s reciprocal.

Resentment begets resentment.

Appreciation begets appreciation.

You don’t get better at vetting the low value men by thinking from fear or taking more actions from fear.

(Of course your fear is very useful when it’s useful, but most of the time, it’s not useful).

And you don’t get better at vetting men by being resentful.

You get better at vetting them by becoming better yourself first.

That’s because we can only tolerate those who are like us; those who vibrate at the same level.

It is only when you are better (more resourceful) yourself, that you can choose better.

As that age old saying goes…

”Be the change you want to see in the world.”

renee wade

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