How to Attract Men in 2 High Value Steps

I’m about to show you how to attract men to you. And not just what attracts them, but makes them really want to talk to you, approach you and ask for your number, take you out, and be around you.

I don’t intend to show you how to attract men in a way that causes you to attract just any low quality male (although any attractive woman will have all kinds of males wanting a piece of her).

I am going to show you what will draw men to you so that you will be more confident around men and be able to have more men to choose from, which will bring you closer to your Mr. Right.

To be brutally honest, most women have no idea what attracts men.

They think that if a guy looks at her, whistles at her, buys her a drink, or says she’s “hot”, that she must be a highly sought after female and that she is attractive to men.

Yes, she may be – on the surface.

However, what really attracts the kind of man who is genuine or who has a deep and lasting attraction for you is a whole other story.

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How to Attract Men

Most Women Don’t Understand What Attracts Men

The tragedy is, if you don’t learn what truly attracts a man, you’ll probably have to settle for a lower quality guy. 

See, attraction isn’t just lust. Attraction isn’t sex appeal or being sexy.

Attraction goes much deeper and is worth so much more than that.

Put two women in front of a hot guy at a bar.

One of these women is flaunting her sexuality, playing to her sex appeal (trying to prove it to the guy) and is obviously very sexy. So sexy that almost no red blooded human being could ignore it.

The other woman is not flaunting her sex appeal at all. Instead, she shows up with another kind of gift. The gift of feminine radiance.

You may want an answer to what feminine radiance is. 

It’s a quality of presence with life that is not forced, it’s not trying to prove anything, it just is. 

This presence is the kind of presence that you see in women who have nothing to prove. They are attractive emotionally and physically, no matter what looks they were born with, just by being present.

This presence manifests as them being unapologetically themselves.

Which Of These Two Women Are More Inherently Attractive To Men?

So, which of these types of “attractiveness” do you think is worth more?

The first woman or the second woman?

Well, guess what?

To a man, they’re both worth something.

But to you, the second type of attractiveness is worth far more. Because when you attract men emotionally, you are far more likely to keep them in your life.

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Most women have no trouble attracting men like the first example of the woman at the bar. That’s easy enough if you tried.

But to show up as the second type of woman requires a lot more self esteem, vulnerability, and a belief in the value of connection over everything else that is so excitingly distracting in this life. 

So, put aside all the sexy stuff for now and bear with me. 

Your job is to attract men emotionally, and for longer than just one night. 

If you don’t learn what I’m about to introduce to you, you’ll become another one of the hoards of women who don’t understand what attracts men on a deeper level that fulfils him (and you).

You’ll also run the risk of having failed relationships and even ‘boring’ relationships.

Because it’s one thing to attract a man who thinks you’re “hot”, “a perfect 10”, or thinks you are good for now until something better comes along.

But it’s another to attract several higher quality men to choose from, and then to truly fulfil one high quality man (who is worth it) forever, who will have attraction for you for the rest of his life.

There Is No Shortage Of Good Looking Women

There are plenty of good looking women out there. I’ve known so many. And I walk past so many in the street every day.

And think of it from a man’s perspective right?

From a man’s perspective, there’s definitely no shortage of good looking women who are willing to ‘put themselves out there’, to get some cheap attention.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with surface, cheap attention. But we have to remind ourselves that that’s all it is.

It’s short-lived, and the men giving the attention are just responding to our sexual energy.

However, there IS a shortage of deeply attractive women. By deeply attractive I mean the kind of woman many men want to be emotionally close to.

And they want to be emotionally close to her because she’s so delicately beautiful, loyal, genuine, authentic, sexy, compassionate and has this mysterious feminine allure.

If you want to be just good looking or surface level attractive, sure, there are plenty of men out there who will be willing to stuff around and be there just for a good time.

However, being truly attractive to men is something that is counter-intuitive for most women.

(See my article on why men aren’t attracted to you… perhaps you intimidate them?)

How To Attract Men With Your Radiance & “Vibe”

So, what attracts a man to a woman?

On a surface level, it may be her looks. The signals of fertility, of femininity and of reproductive value.

However, we’ve already established that what truly attracts men is your unique presence. It’s your sense of radiance and authenticity. Your vibe.

Think about it from your own perspective for a minute.

Have you ever seen (on the street, on television or in a movie), that kind of man who stands tall, is confident, genuine, masculine, charming, strong and centred?

He’s not overly handsome, but he’s totally present with you when you’re talking to him. He’s the kind of man who is not willing to take anyone’s crap.

You know that kind of guy?

There’s just something about him.

He’s the kind of man you felt instantly drawn to, and whom you couldn’t HELP but feel attraction for? The kind of man you’d give anything to be around?

He’s rare, I know. But can you imagine him, if you can’t think of one you’ve met before?

Well, what do you think makes him attractive?

I mean, people talk about how men need to be tall, dark and handsome.

And many women say they prefer a man with more money, but this is all LOGICAL.

Attraction is not logical, and attraction is something you just can’t help but feel.

The same applies to men.

So – how do you get that energy, that delicious energy and attractiveness that will draw men to you like bees to honey?

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Here’s How Feminine Energy Is Useful…

First you must get in touch with your feminine energy. No, this doesn’t mean act girly, ditzy, and wear pinks and florals all day long (although all these things have their time and place).

It doesn’t mean that you cannot be masculine as a woman.

In fact, your masculine energy is highly valuable. Personally, I wouldn’t feel fully alive without the gift of my own masculine energy.

But one of the precursors to attraction is that you have a beautiful depth of feminine energy.

No, not every woman who is feminine in the world is attractive to men. So this is not some universal truth. But it’s a starting point for triggering attraction in men.

So What Does Becoming More Radiant & Feminine Mean?

It means to remove the layers of conditioning that you have that makes you close up in fear.

It means to remove your resistance to being at one with the unpredictability of your emotions as well as life.

This is the type of feminine vulnerability that inspires deep emotion in men. This is what makes them want to be closer to you. Because you are the expression of life in its purest form. 

If you want to learn more about what it really means to have authentic feminine vulnerability without being needy, see my article on authentic vulnerability for women here. 

A feminine woman can feel the deep sorrow that is inspired by a horrible tragedy she witnesses on tv. 

And once that sorrow is felt through, she can also shine radiantly in her joy when witnessing a gorgeous puppy playing. 

Being this in touch with your feminine energy requires that you shun what society or even friends may expect of you.

Instead it requires that you become the authentic YOU so that your radiance can show up.

Here’s an article on How To Be More Feminine: 18 Ways of A Soft Feminine Woman. 

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How To Attract Men in 2 Steps

In this next section, I’m going to be giving you the 2 steps you need to take in order to attract men to you for the long term. 

I’m referring to making men feel deep emotional attraction to you. Not only lust. 

Step 1. The Gift Of Your Presence

…& accept each moment as is.

Men respond to you and feel more emotionally attracted to you when they can feel your authenticity.

Some men don’t care about it – in which case, it’s a good thing, because your authenticity will repel the men you don’t want in your life.

They probably wouldn’t make a great companion and lover to you anyway.

When you’re single, what’s most truly attractive about you is not just your pretty face or your healthy body.

It’s the feeling that you’re the type of woman who doesn’t wear masks.

You are here, present and you accept each moment and each emotion, no matter what your old rules or judgements say.

Your unique energy of presence is only really there when you remove your masks to avoid life, and instead let life live you.

Presence is just that. You’re here with life and you’re letting life live you.

You respond to life, and accept life rather than always trying to be ‘worthy’.

You’re here, and you were born, so you’ve already done everything you need to do to be worthy.

So, through your presence, you will begin to see your unique radiance show up in a way that no other woman can ever reproduce, because it’s your unique presence.

By the way, if you would like to learn more about this topic, I have an article that will teach you about the 3 things you must avoid if you want to get a boyfriend quick!

Step 2. Offering The Value Of Your Openness.

Something most women do not realise is that men crave to be with a woman who is open to them.

To men, this world is full of women who are closed off (for good and bad reasons).

And what this signals to men is that you’re not interested in them, and that you’re just in to yourself. (not like, up your own ass, but that you’re retreated inside yourself rather than being engaged).

Now, as a woman, I can totally understand the need to close off to men!

Because if you’re too open, creeps may try to creep their way in to your world, and that can….well, creep you out.

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What Openness Is Not

However, most people think being open means being revealing.

You know, revealing information and “details”.

But this is a woman’s way of being open to other women.

We connect, share and reveal stories, details and ‘things’ in our lives and in other people’s lives. We do it to share and create bonding and trust with other women.

This is not the way to be open to a man.

Sure, when you start a relationship with a man, you might want to reveal details when the context calls for it.

But when you’re wanting to attract him, then you need to remember that in the beginning stages when you’re getting to know each other, more often than not, information has no value.

The wonderful D. Shen taught me that!

Information has no value.

So to consolidate your understanding of this, you need to understand exactly what openness means for a man.

Here is how to be open: acceptance.

I’ll say it again:

How To Attract Men? Acceptance

Most women simply don’t understand how important acceptance is to a man. Accept men.

You can start by accepting ALL men in some way.

Even if you don’t have any interest in them, at least accept their existence as a masculine soul quietly to yourself.

This will help you to remove some barriers or resentment that you might have built up against men.

No matter how much you’ve resisted or judged men in the past, find one thing you can appreciate in a man.

Even if you do it quietly without him knowing.

I don’t care if it’s a lolly pop man helping you cross the road or a man at Subway making you a lunch roll, your taxi driver or a lawyer doing your will for you.

It doesn’t matter. Accept all men from all walks of life, for yourself.

You wouldn’t believe how often men feel that their hard work (which is something they pride themselves on) goes unappreciated and unnoticed.

Once you give men an energy of acceptance (which really means openness), you will be surprised how much male attention, energy and attraction comes your way.

DISCLAIMER: now, please remember that as valuable as your acceptance is, what we are trying to do here is cultivate your emotional resources so that you are more able to give value to your man in the future.

By being able to accept and appreciate men for the masculine soul that they are is important.

But…do not go around talking to every man indiscriminately.

In general, (yes I’m generalising here) men over-infer sexual interest when women talk to them with a sense of receptivity.

Even if the women are only being friendly. So, use your gut instinct. Stay safe.

You don’t want to be so indiscriminately open that the wrong kinds of men get to take advantage of you.

Accepting men will only attract more men to you.

And so you need to also be able to discern which men to show acceptance to, and you need to be able to walk away and turn cold if you need to.

Remember this acceptance thing is not an all-round rule to always live by.

It’s just some guidance to help you cultivate acceptance inside yourself for men, so that you can draw on this for the right man.

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How To Attract Men: 2 Exercises

What is is something you can do NOW to show up more attractive to men?

As it turns out, if you want results, it pays to get moving and experiment with how to attract men now.

So I’ve designed two actionable exercises for you to use out there in the real world today.

These exercises are designed for you to feel more of your own authenticity as a woman, and see how easy it is to really attract men to you if you just did the right things. 

How To Attract Men Exercise 1

I want you to get dressed in to something you feel good in. Find an outfit that you love to wear. This is not about looking crash hot, it’s about feeling great in it.

And I want you to take a walk down a busy street, preferably a strip of shops by yourself. Yes, by yourself, and I want you to start interacting with men.

But as you walk, I want you to be in a peak state of happiness and high energy.

I don’t mean for you to be jumping up and down on the spot like a crazy person, I mean for you to be in a great state (mood)…

The best way I can recommend you do this is with music.

Use music that you know makes you feel instantly happy, excited or sensual, or happy. Grab your smart phone and take it with you.

Or, you can just draw on memories from your past of moments of happiness.

Now, when learning how to attract men, remember that we want to do it in a high value way…

What To Focus On To Send Out High Value Vibes

Think of a time when you were feeling loved and cherished. Know that if you’ve had it once, you can have it again.

Know that there is always love in the world, and for as long as you can give love and joy, you will always have it within you.

If you can, find and download music on to your device that makes you feel at peace (calm and happy). If not calm, then sensual is great too. It will get you out of your head and into your body.

And the reason I want you to find music or do something that puts you in this state is because you can then go out and get a different kind of ‘feedback’ to the energy you’re used to giving out on a day-to-day basis.

What kind of feedback do you think the average, not so attractive woman gets?

Not much.

Maybe a few looks, if she is physically gorgeous. But most men are probably repelled by dull energy, or a defensive, hard woman.

By giving out this new vibe, you get to see just how well true radiance works to attract men to you.

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Are you a Woman On A Mission Or A Responsive, Feminine Woman?

In the future, you’ll also remember that your radiance is what will draw men to you, not a closed up, “woman on a mission” type energy.

The “woman on a mission” is great, by the way. Let’s name her “Mimi on a mission.”

Don’t just discard Mimi on a mission. She’s wonderful, she’s productive and she’s a high achiever.

But you can just let her know that if she wants you to attract a high value, masculine man, then what she needs to understand is that high value men usually have enough ‘achievement’ and ‘mission’ going on in their own lives.

So they aren’t looking for it in a woman. It’s usually not of value to them.

It can be in certain contexts, but just like you wouldn’t go out looking for the world’s happiest and most radiant man, he’s not going to go out and look for the most masculine energy, goal-oriented, highly successful woman.

Woman on a mission can be value in a long-term relationship, but for attracting high status, masculine men, she can let Attractive Alice have the stage for now.

How To Attract Men Exercise 2

And I want you to practice living in your unique feminine energy.

Walk down the street, or go shopping at the grocery store, and make eye contact with one or two men.

(Not every man! Some might be already married or taken and you giving that kind of energy might trigger some mate guarding in his woman, lol.)

So feel the situation as you go.

As you make eye contact, I want you to respond to the situation with your full presence.

So, if you’re at the store, just talk to the store attendant who is a guy, or talk to the checkout person who may be a guy.

You can do this at the butcher’s shop or the Apple store (where there will be lots of men working) too, because they know their tech and gadgets. 

You can live in your unique feminine energy by receiving masculine energy from men.

how to stay high value

How To Receive Masculine Energy?

You may smile warmly, or stop to make brief but fully present eye contact, and smile and say “Thank You” if the situation calls for it.

For example, if you’re buying something at the butcher’s and a man serves you and hands it to you over the counter, you can smile warmly, receiving his service and giving your appreciation. 

I want you to actually feel, and notice the energy exchange between you and every man you exchange energy with.

There might not be an energy exchange – in fact, it might just be a man who truly just wants to connect or just wants to do a good job for his customer, and isn’t interested in sex or anything.

If you’ve resisted this energy exchange with men in the past, you will feel it in your body.

Let yourself feel good, and allow his masculine energy to be there. Don’t be afraid of being present with men, even if it makes you want to cry.

If it all gets too much, you can always just go home!

In turn you will likely start to realise exactly how attractive you REALLY are.

Learn More About Being The World’s More Attractive Feminine Goddess 

Finally, if you would like to learn more about how to be the world’s most attractive and feminine goddess, get my high value goddess report right here.

More importantly, practice interacting with, being present with, and receiving men’s masculine energy.

The reason I am getting you to do this during the day and on your own rather than out at a bar, is because you won’t be in a situation where there are a bunch of people around who just want to hook up.

Also – without the oftentimes desperate energy that you feel at night clubs and bars, you get to be free to be more comfortable, and to just feel what it’s like to be you.

So as you receive and exchange energy from men, let yourself be open to them by showing (whether through words, actions or a facial expression), that you appreciate them.

It doesn’t have to be sexual at all. It’s a simple act of acknowledgement.

Remember it’s not “just a smile” that will do the job.

Attracting men is about an energy; your unique feminine energy, radiance and authenticity.

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One Last Thing…

As we know, men are stimulated by certain triggers.

Certain triggers that cause them to feel more attraction, feel more desire and therefore be more likely to fall in love.

Well, I have a program that walks you through the 17 most potent attraction triggers for men.

These are scientifically proven, hardwired triggers that every single man has within his DNA.

So by understanding these hardwired triggers and putting them to use yourself, you will become a lot more attractive and desirable to every single man you meet. They will find you irresistible, and be subconsciously drawn to you.

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So anyway, go ahead, do what I have suggested today. It’s very important that you start taking action…

Also, come back and let me know how you went and any pointers you may have for other women from your own experiences.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Share in the comments section below. 🙂

P.S – here is what Aimee Gargus from New York, had to say in an email to me after putting the tips this article into practice:


I absolutely LOVED this post!!!!! I read it, went out on my lunch hour to get some green tea, and pay my cell phone bill. While paying my bill I had a gentleman compliment me on how nice I looked, and even asked if I was married and would like to be…;) It was fun, flirty, and a great ego boost. The bonus was he was around 30 and I am 42!”

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renee wade what to do when he doesn't call

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P.S. CLICK HERE to check out my full article archives! Or you may greatly benefit from one of our highly popular paid programs, CLICK HERE to see what we offer right now.

If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then join our Facebook Group. (It’s free and so incredibly valuable!) CLICK HERE TO join thousands of other women in our “High Value Feminine Women” Community.

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