27 Feminine Hobbies for Women Without breaking the Bank

Looking for feminine things to do or feminine hobbies and activities? Great, I’ve got your back.

Hobbies for women are a powerful way to add value to yourself & your life.

When I think of hobbies for women, I think mores about passions. I normally like to call them “passions” rather than hobbies.

Hobbies sort of seems like something you halfheartedly do just for the sake of doing something or just to pass the time when you’re bored.

Hobbies are great to pass the time, but passions make you feel alive.

Sometimes, we just need to get some more empowering and healthier ways to meet our needs. Hobbies are one of these ways. It’s important to keep your mind and body constantly growing.

As Tony Robbins says: if you’re not growing, you’re dying!

Why hobbies or passions?

I believe that too much TV, chocolate, and Netflix is not a quality way to meet your needs as a woman or as a human! TV is a distraction unless you’re watching educational shows.

(This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to watch Netflix, but it’s counterproductive to have that be the only thing you get excited about in your spare time.)

Honestly though, TV can be a life sucker, it is something that can make you more lazy – and I do not recommend it!

hobbies for women

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Choose Quality Hobbies, Not Distractions!

Something else to consider is that we nowadays, we can live very closed lives.

For a lot of us women, rather than having healthy hobbies that actually add value to our lives, we choose distractions.

Distractions won’t add to your value as a woman, but hobbies that you are passionate about, will.

For a lot of us, rather than adding value to ourselves and investing in ourselves through feminine hobbies, it’s all about which person is getting kicked off which reality TV show.

We can also get ‘stuck’ in comparing our lives to other people’s lives on social media. In other words, we waste our time obsessing over other people’s lives instead of investing in making our own lives better through hobbies and passions!

Not to mention that for most young women, they no longer talk about what their greatest passion and interest is or what they’re doing to add to other people’s lives.

Rather than challenging ourselves, in some social circles it’s more about who has more cheap followers on social.

We also can’t forget that rather than having true passions and hobbies, our focus and our lifestyle is about escaping. Sometimes we are more about how drunk you got on Friday or Saturday night.

There are much healthier ways for a woman to spend her time.  Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a good time, and having a drink every now and then.

However, there IS something wrong when you feel you need to drink something, sniff something, inject something, swallow something, or smoke something in order to get yourself into a good mood.

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Hobbies for Women are a Way to Add Value to Yourself

So let’s take a look at some hobbies for women that will make us feel more like a woman, make us more interesting and charismatic, and more importantly – make you a high value woman.

When we add value to ourselves, we become higher value. And don’t cheap out on yourself – don’t just watch TV to feel connected or to meet your needs cheaply. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone! You can never get the time that TV wasted back.

Netflix isn’t going to say sorry to you for wasting your life away!

When I say hobbies for women – I’m referring to anything that fulfils you at a deep level and recharges you and enriches your life (this doesn’t mean men can’t do the things I’ve listed!).

These are hobbies I spent a lot of time and energy researching, and they are things that will make you feel good for doing them.

We all want to feel like we are enough – and it is when we habitually feel like we are not enough that we live mediocre lives of desperation.

To feel like we are enough – to feel confident, we must consistently be meeting our needs in superior ways. Quality passions is one way to achieve this.

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Hobbies For Women #1. Cooking

hobby for women cooking

Cooking is a wonderful thing to do. When it is done with love, you can fill people’s bellies with nutrition and their soul with joy.

It is nutrition that makes us heal, and it is nutrition that makes us happy, healthy and capable.

Eat the wrong things for long enough, and the consequences can be dire for our health and our potential.

Cooking is also a hobby and an art that you can enjoy with your girlfriends, aunties, cousins, mum, grandma, etc.

Experiment with making pretty Paleo cupcakes or healthy Paleo breads like this one. Much most importantly, it’s great if you can learn to cook very healthy and nutritious meals for your friends/family/boyfriend.

Invest in a great cookbook like The 4-hour Chef by Tim Ferris, follow Gordon Ramsay on YouTube (I recommend you always learn from the best).

Hobbies For Women #2. Ballroom Dancing


This is something more traditional, but what a great way to meet some gentlemen if you are single!

Ballroom dancing is a fantastic way to improve your posture, make you a classy lady and increase poise and grace. Any of you traditional ladies out there who love to do classy things – this is a hobby for you!

If you’re in a relationship or married – you could even go with your husband or boyfriend. Doing new things together will bring you a deeper sense of attraction and connection and you’ll have more fun, and grow together!

Most cities have a ballroom dancing studio. So jump on to Google and search for one nearest to you!

Sometimes you can get your first lesson for free to get a feel for what the instructor is like and to see if you like it.

Hobbies For Women #3. Singing

hobby for women singing

If you would love to learn to be more expressive and alive, perhaps singing is a good way to add value to yourself.

You can become a deeper woman, and become more connected to who you truly are.

The hobby of singing can help you direct your energy away from obsessive and analytical thoughts, and towards expressing emotion artistically.

You can sing on your own. Sing along to your favourite song! Do it at the top of your lungs in private to feel more open, expressive, alive and happier.

If you love music, perhaps you could even take some singing lessons?

However, if you don’t have the money for it – just start singing at home or in the car.

Singing Can Make You Feel More Feminine

Singing as a hobby can make you feel more feminine, simply because it allows you to express who you are!

Also, many men adore hearing your feminine voice, especially when it’s you singing out of your own pleasure and enjoyment!

Singing might re-connect you with your feminine flow and get you out of your body’s masculine working habits.

In fact, just as a ‘secret’ between you and I – your feminine high pitched voice is one of the 17 Attraction Triggers that I write about.

There’s nothing quite like a woman who can sing. The feminine is all about the flow of life, so hobbies like dancing and singing can bring feminine energy into full force.

Singing can probably also help you to heal and connect with yourself.

Never forget the value of connecting to yourself. The gift of knowing yourself and owning your deep feelings is an unknown pathway to confidence. We lose confidence when we lose touch with our feelings.

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Hobbies For Women #4. Running/Jogging

hobby for women running

If you are already a runner, or if you run regularly, you know how therapeutic running can be.

Running is a great way to escape into your own world, get fitter, and to be left alone if that’s what you like.

I used to run a lot because I like to feel the wind on my face, the rain in my hair, and the freedom of running.

The only thing I would add to this is that for women over 40, long distance running is not the best weight loss activity – this, if you’re looking to lose weight through long runs.

Melissa Neil explains exactly why running isn’t the best activity for weight loss in women over 40 in this video:

Take Baby Steps with New Hobbies!

If you still choose running for yourself, but you find running hard – and you’re not “motivated”, take BABY STEPS.

Start by running to the end of the street and back. And then increase by 100m the next day, and so on.

People start and inevitably give up on hobbies like running because they expect too much from themselves from the beginning. If you set the bar too high in the beginning, it will feel like too much.

Yet if you start small, and slowly INCREASE the mileage – you feel a special thing called “progress”, and progress is what really makes us happy.

Remember progress is the most important thing. Running is a wonderful hobby or passion to have – cherish it!

Hobbies For Women #5. Horse riding

hobby for women horseback riding

You need to challenge yourself with hobbies to stay mentally sharp; and to maintain your connection with (or to) life.

Horse riding is great for learning to be present because you need to get a feel for each horse you ride and be connected to the horse.

If you’ve never tried horse-riding, you could always consider it, and give it a go.

Learning to be connected to a horse is such a wonderful and challenging experience that can get you out of yourself.

It can give an introvert a quiet place to just be. It can also get a home-body into a place of discomfort and learning.

The hobby of horse-back riding can bring you closer to nature. It’s also something you can do alone or with your friends, family or your man.

It’s a great way to spend a weekend away, to spend time as a couple, and not to mention horses are beautiful creatures!

If you don’t have the time or money to own a horse (which is an enormous responsibility), there are plenty of places around for trail-riding!

Here is a how to ride a horse for beginners. This is an article that will show you how you can learn more about horses, how to ride them, what to do and what NOT to do, and also what you will need.

Hobbies For Women #6. Reading

hobby for women reading

With Netflix and YouTube being so popular these days we are reading less and that’s ok.

But reading is so important! It can be a great way to meet your connection needs. Audiobooks are a new way to do it if your eyesight is failing.

I also feel that as a woman we need those romance stories and fantasies to connect to and to feel full.

Reading can be a healthy way to connect to drama that isn’t toxic and feel more satisfied with life if you lack good friends to chat to.

Conversely, reading non-fiction as a hobby really helps to broaden the mind and make you more interesting in conversations.

It gives you perspective.

Reading can improve your writing skills if you are into writing. Reading also allows you to connect with, and get inside the minds of great women and men throughout history.

Hobbies For Women #7. Learning a Foreign Language

hobby for women learn a foreign language

Women are great at connecting with other human beings – but sometimes, when there’s a language barrier, this can be hard. So if you plan to visit any new country long-term, or just want to become bilingual or multilingual, why not learn a new language?

You know how people tell you that you learn languages best when you’re a child?

Well, it turns out that that wasn’t totally true. The famous author of “The Four Hour Work Week”, Tim Ferris, will show you how you can absolutely learn a foreign language in 3 months (I’ve heard of adults doing it in less time).

Having already done this himself, Tim is a dynamic human being who finds new ways to accomplish things in small time-frames!

Italki is also a great place to find personal language tutors (who are natives) at a reasonable price.

Hobbies For Women #8. Blogging


Blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself and to share your stories, knowledge, and passion with other people.

You can “meet” people from all over the world through a blog, and form great online (and perhaps face-to-face in the future) friendships this way!

People love stories and they also love high-quality information for free.

If you have any gifts that you want to share with the world, or even just knowledge that other people could benefit from, you can easily put it out on the internet and add value to the world.

A lot better than using netflix as a distraction right?

It’s hard to get started with a blog when you have no internet traffic yet – but you can learn to build traffic. Problogger is one of the best sites with great information on starting a blog and growing a blog.

Alternatively, you could use your blog to update your family, friends, and colleagues about your life.

It’s a great tool to use whilst traveling or when you’re away from your loved ones. Parents love to read their kids’ blogs (perhaps there are exceptions).

Just be mindful of the things you DO say, as you might end up losing your job over your blog like Heather Armstrong did over at DOOCE.

All-in-all, blogging is a great hobby/passion for women – and you can even co-write a blog with a friend!

Hobbies For Women #9. Jewellery-making

hobby for women jewellery making

Sparkly, colourful, glittery and shiny things are always a delight!

What a great hobby for women. It’s a way to create and share your art as a feminine soul.

Doing something like this with passion and with your touch of uniqueness also makes men more attracted and drawn to you. (Of course, that’s not the only reason why you should start jewellery making!)

Not only that, but you can give away the jewellery you make as gifts for others! It’s a very personal gift since it would be made by you. It’s a great way to give memorable gifts.

Or…why not make jewellery just for yourself? You can also take classes on jewellery making, and you may find that jewellery making can earn you money whilst expressing your feminine creativity.

Hobbies For Women #10. Candle-making

hobby for women candle making

Candle making was the go-to for their sanity for so many during the pandemic.

Candle-making isn’t too complicated; you can purchase candle-making supplies from different arts and crafts stores to aid you in starting this hobby.

This is a great way to create a sensual and loving mood using your own candles, made the way you want!

You can also make candles with different shapes and scents. What a great idea!

Why not join the candle makers resource group on facebook to get started?

Hobbies For Women #11. Belly-Dancing

hobby for women belly dancing

If you’ve ever seen a belly dancer, you’ll know just how womanly she looks!

What an amazing hobby for women. It accentuates all your curves and can help you show the world who you really are – the infinite, creative version of you.

The goddess is an integral part of the feminine sexual energy. And, belly dancing is a fabulous way to increase your feminine energy and become more feminine.

Of course, this feminine art often enchants and captivates men.

Most cities have places where you can learn belly dancing. Just give them a call and perhaps do a trial class if you can, to see if you like it.

Or, go to a class with a friend. If you really enjoy and get good at it, you can even become a performer!

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Hobbies For Women #12. Painting/Drawing

hobbies for women painting and drawing

You know that feeling where you are free to just “create” and “be” whatever you want?

Painting, perhaps like you see a small child would do – could simply be your way to get your feelings out.

Due to our demanding jobs and this often masculine world we live in, we all have to numb ourselves to our feelings somehow.

if we felt every little feeling at every moment in time, that would be inappropriate in some contexts, and it may also be far too painful, especially if you are a sensitive soul.

Painting Allows You to Express Unfelt Feelings

Painting purely for yourself can be a way to put those feelings out on paper – even if no-one else ever sees it – you get to connect with who you are; and that is priceless, true?

Painting can give you a lot of self-satisfaction, and paintings will last a lifetime.

You can put them up around the house. A lot of women refuse to get artistic because they think they’ll never be good at it, or that they’ll never be able to be wonderful painters/drawers.

This is untrue. Classes with a great teacher can really help you improve your painting and drawing skills. In fact, you can really just each yourself these days!

Drawing as a hobby will cost a lot less than painting will. You can get yourself some art pencils and a notebook and draw or even doodle in your free time.

Art stores, hobby stores, and even private tutors can provide art and painting classes.

Here are 100 YouTube Channels for drawing, painting and sketching!

Hobbies For Women #13. Toastmasters/Public Speaking

hobbies for women toastmasters and public speaking

Being the number one fear of all humans, if you can conquer this one you are sure on your way to truly add value to yourself (and your own life!)

When is comes to hobbies for women, often, the more you can remove comfort from the picture, the better.

Why? Well, being comfortable all the time doesn’t make you better. It doesn’t add value to you.

In order to become better, you have to take on a challenge & invest in yourself, and when you can do this, you’ll earn that highly sought after feeling of real self confidence as a woman.

Here’s all you’ll ever need to become self confident as a woman for the rest of your life!

How Would You Get Started in the Hobby of Toastmasters & Public Speaking?

You may be wondering how on earth you would get started in a hobby such as toastmasters, and what you would even talk about!

Well, thankfully there is an international non-profit organisation called “toastmasters’ which is usually available in at least 106 countries.

Basically, whoever wants to go, can go and improve their public speaking skills.

You can talk about anything you want to talk about, and it can be an impromptu speech, or a speech prepared already by you.

If you’re particularly passionate about a subject, why not give toastmasters/public speaking a go? It’s likely that you may find a toastmasters meet-up group near you!

It’s really not that intimidating when you realise that everyone there at your toastmasters club was new once!

Toastmasters is a great hobby for women who want to increase their influence and to get their message out! At toastmasters, you will have the gift of receiving honest feedback from like-minded members as well.

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Hobbies For Women #14. Video-making

hobby for women video making

I have included video-making, and I think it might be the single most important thing for you to start doing; with the exception of photography.


Because memories. People are lazy with their memories, and they don’t value their memories…so they do not record enough videos or take enough photos.

However, perhaps consider that photo taking only gives you a tiny glimpse of the moment.

This is why video-making is better…it allows you to capture the value of your memories better!

I am also suggesting that you make videos of your family and friends, and of your travels.

The key is to find ways to capture a moment, make it real for when you look back on it, and create a memorable video for your older self to look back on.

Record the important moments and the not-so-important moments. Then, get creative with your videos – you can also share them on social media if you feel like it.

What makes a video great?

New perspectives.

Consider this video by the very popular Casey Neistat. It is called “Make it Count” and it will give you a tonne of ideas for new ways to record your life moments or your travels.

Do it – make a simple video for your own personal memories.

Video-making is an Important Hobby For Your Mental & Emotional Health

Why is the hobby of video making actually important for your mental and emotional health? It’s important because we often forget how truly blessed, loved and connected we were when we are going through hard times.

When we forget the great moments, we forget how blessed we are, and so we lose our sense of gratitude. This can make you depressed and cynical.

I know life can be full of struggles, suffering and trauma sometimes. However, not every moment is full of suffering. It’s important to remind ourselves in those times of tremendous suffering that we do have wonderful, beautiful memories to hold onto!

If we don’t cherish our life moments, the connection we had and the warmth we experienced, we will be losing out on a lot in life.

People die, things change, and sometimes the only true value we get to hold onto is a simple memory!

Recording memories allows you an avenue to re-experience wonderful moments when you get lonely or feel like life sucks.

Yes, a hobby like video making takes effort – but it is a wonderful, respectable way to give to yourself, and to add incredible value to your life!

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Hobbies For Women #15. Lap Dancing/Striptease

hobby for women lap dance striptease

If you’re looking for feminine things to do, this could be one!

The kind of thing strippers do?

Yes, Lap dancing. Far from being slutty and tasteless, lap dancing (or erotic dancing/striptease) when done only for yourself or your man can do amazing things for you.

It helps you access your dark feminine energy, and it helps you to release your dark feminine energy – the parts of you that other people have wanted you to push down all of your life (because it triggers them).

It might add value to your sex life and it is a very feminine hobby, too.

Lap dancing is fun because you can include a whole lot of different props and feathers, hats, sexy outfits, costumes and your favourite music! It will CERTAINLY get your man’s attention!

Erotic dance and lap dancing are also PLAYFUL!

You can get lap dancing classes at pole dance studios or any erotic dance studio.

learn the dark feminine art of High Value Banter here.

Hobbies For Women #16. Knitting

hobby for women knitting

Knitting might be considered to be “old fashioned” by some, but it is still enjoyed by lots of people, (even by men) all around the world.

Knitting is a great creative outlet for women, and it’s great to feel the self-satisfaction when you know the knitted garment is made by you!

You can knit for your friends, grandchildren, children, husband, boyfriend….anyone!

Here is a great video on knitting for beginners.

Hobbies For Women #17. Photography

hobby for women photography

If you feel you’re not particularly the arty type but would like to be, consider photography.

It ranks high among the group of easy-to-start hobbies for women. You can start with just your phone camera or an entry level DSLR camera.

With digital editing software becoming cheaper and more accessible, almost anyone can start photography!

The great thing about photography is that you can combine it with other interests. If you love nature, snap some photos on your next outdoors trip or hike. Love people? Snap some great photos of your family and friends!

Take a look at this comprehensive, helpful article on photography for beginners, and also digital photography school to get started.

Hobbies For Women #18. Food Styling

hobby for women food decorating

Maybe even a little more creative than cooking, food styling is often a bit of a fascination for a lot of people!

You can decorate cakes, salads, cookies, pastries, etc. The best thing about this is that you can give it your own touch and give others something to remember you by!

You can create your own signature pastry, cookies or cake with your special twist.

If you would like to get serious about food styling, you can always join a decorating class. And you can also turn this hobby into a business if you are truly passionate!

Hobbies For Women #19. Gardening

hobbies for women gardening

Another hobby that brings out a woman’s creative side – gardening.

Gardening can be very relaxing and rewarding – if you commit to taking care of your garden.

Grow your own veggie patch for good health – or just make your home look pretty and inviting!

Add that soft feminine touch by filling up your home environment with the varying textures, colours and smells of a beautiful garden.

Gardening is also often a great source of admiration for other people. This hobby is even accessible for apartment-living. Only the technique is a little different and there may be less space.

Whilst it is fun, gardening can also be quite challenging and you will need to know a thing or two if you don’t. Check this page about the top gardening channels on YouTube for a wealth of information to get you started!

Hobbies For Women #20. Volunteering

hobby for women volunteering

If you’re the kind of woman who is contribution-minded, this is for you. If you’re not contribution-minded, perhaps when you feel ready, you could consider volunteering?

Everyone has a gift they can give to others. Volunteering is also a great way to seek fulfilment and to appreciate your own life more.

Volunteering can open your eyes to the plight of others, and it’s also a great way to meet other men and women who want to give to others.

There Are Many Ways You Can Give of Yourself

There are many ways you can give. You can give your time, money effort – anything you want to give.

Audrey Hepburn did make an unforgettable impact through her work with UNICEF (WARNING: this video may potentially make you teary).

It can be difficult to find a volunteering organisation that does not ask you to pay to volunteer (albeit a small amount).

Also, if you want to go with an organisation that doesn’t require you to pay, then that can mean a fair bit of effort involved through applications and selection, but if you are serious about contributing, consider the following organisations:


Volunteer International

International Volunteer HQ

Hobbies For Women #21. Writing

hobby for women writing

Writing is a great hobby for women who love words, have a way with words and enjoy being creative.

You can write letters, little stories modelled from your favourite short stories, and eventually, you can even write a book.

(These days, you don’t have to jump many hurdles to get a book published), check out how to self publish a book.

He also has more information on how to self-publish the bestseller inside of you. 

When it comes to writing, you can write poems, make photo books and write about the photos, and even write letters to your friends.

Writing is a good way to channel your thoughts and can make you a better communicator.

If you were good at writing in school, this may be a good option for you.

Perhaps you can even just keep a diary and write down random ideas that come to you throughout the day for stories, books, poems or letters.

If you enjoy letter writing, that may be an option, and you can even get into the cool stuff like fine stationery and fountain pens.

Even though computers have taken over our lives, writing hand-written letters can show it comes from your heart, and people appreciate hand-written letters more than ever!

Hobbies For Women #22. Pole Dancing

hobby for women pole dancing

Pole dancing is a performing art as well as a sport. It’s a combination of gymnastics and dancing.

More recently, artistic pole dancing has been included in a non-erotic environment using Chinese poles and in circus-cabaret as well as stage performance.

Of course, pole dancing is great for fitness and core strength. Lots of women treat it very seriously and truly enjoy competing, but pole dancing can be done just for fun, and you can also buy your own pole and install it in your home so you can practice!

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You Can Try Alternative Forms of Pole dancing

If normal pole dancing does not feel right for you, you can even try something like pole jam (dancing and using the pole to jam around), which focuses more on dancing, your dance fluidity and requires only simple, fun and playful pole work.

If you think pole dancing is only for a certain “type” of woman, and think it’s not graceful, think again.

Depending on your dancing style, pole dancing can also be very graceful!

Like anything, you put your own touch into it, and it becomes as graceful or classy as you want it to be.

Just secretly: Pole dancing is also It’s a great opportunity to use your feminine triggers to attract and get a man’s blood boiling uncontrollably. 

Hobbies For Women #23. Flower Arrangement

hobby for women flower arrangement

This is a real feminine art, and you can start by yourself and do it in your own home.

If you don’t want to keep replenishing flowers, you can even use fake (yet still beautiful) flowers and arrange them and place them in vases throughout the house.

This is an accessible hobby for anyone, even if you’re not a florist and professionally trained. All you need is your love, care, and your creativity!

Remember that the feminine energy likes to fill up – so filling up your home with the bright colours of flowers – arranged by you – gives your home that warm, feminine touch.

This article has 9 Flower Arranging Tips From A Floral Designer Pro.

Hobbies For Women #24. Gym

hobby for women gym

If you don’t have a gym membership, but have always really wanted to get one, when would now be a good time to get one?

A gym membership can be one of the most valuable things for women.

You don’t have to be afraid to start lifting weights – just speak with a female personal trainer and get a few sessions before you start doing your own workouts.

At a gym, you can do light weights, join classes, do stretching (which is extremely important for fitness), and even make friends.

One of the best things about the gym is that even if it’s freezing cold where you are, you have NO excuse not to go!

Try Fitness Classes at Your Local Gym Too

If you want a place where you can exercise with minimal impact on the joints, go to the gym and take a water aerobics class or use the cross trainer or the stepper!

These non-impact exercises are wonderful for toning your muscles and helping you shape your legs.

You can also choose from a multitude of different fitness classes at your local gym. This can add to your hobby list!

Hobbies such as cycling class, aerobics, and zumba are some other great options if you go to a great gym!

It’s NEVER too late to start. The gym gives you many different choices and options, and if your gym has a pool, even BETTER!

If you want new exercises to do at the gym, there’s lots of gym and fitness gurus and influencers that you can follow on instagram and YouTube if you just search “gym exercises for beginners women”.

Hobbies For Women #25. Swimming

hobby for women swimming

The best thing about swimming regularly is that it provides you an opportunity to do resistance exercise without the use of heavy weights.

Swimming can do wonders for your body and when done consistently, can really tone the muscles all over.

If you’re anything like me and you’ve been active all your life (perhaps even in contact sports like I have), then your joints might have taken a beating over the years.

Swimming is a Great Non-impact Hobby

Well, swimming can take the pressure off ageing or aching joints.

The hobby of swimming is often overlooked as a form of exercise in our modern society, but even if it’s the only exercise you do, swimming will give you amazing health benefits.

The other great thing you can do in a pool is water running, which involves the use of a shallow pool, and you just run up and down the lanes.

More fantastic resistance exercise without the use of heavy weights, and if you’ve got aches and pains, or have any injuries, swimming is a great way to help heal those injuries!

If you do any other sports, swimming can be a great way to cross-train as well.

Hobbies For Women #26. Aromatherapy

hobby for women aromatherapy

Aromatherapy involves using volatile plant oils and essential oils for relaxation, spiritual health, and psychological health.

If you have a very busy schedule, and a hectic lifestyle, aromatherapy may be great for you.

In fact, aromatherapy is great for almost any woman!

Choose scents that you love and that have a profound effect on you. Different people will respond to different scents.

You can Inhale Essential Oils as Well as Apply them to Your Skin

You can either inhale essential oils or apply them to the skin.

Some shops have beautiful spray-on scents. You can even just purchase some essential oils and put small droplets into a bath.

But essential oils should never be applied to the skin undiluted! It can cause irritation.

Also remember that anything you apply to the skin has a very real chance of being absorbed into the bloodstream, so apply small amounts and choose carefully.

If you apply essential oils to the skin, it can become your unique signature scent, even replacing perfume (which can sometimes just be too potent)!

To learn more about whether aromatherapy would be good for you personally, read this article about aromatherapy from Healthline.

Hobbies For Women #27. Collecting antiques

hobby for women collecting antiques

This is a more unique hobby for women, but still can be very fulfilling.

It goes without saying that some women are definitely collectors! Some love to keep pretty, interesting things!

(Historically, women were gatherers and men the hunters. I’m sure that on some occasions, women hunted and men gathered, but I know one thing and that is that women love to peruse, examine and ‘gather’ lovely things!)

Collecting antiques can range from furniture to clocks to Chinese teapots.

It all comes down to individual taste, but the hobby of collecting antiques requires that you at least be a little bit informed about what is good and what is not.

If you love exploring Sunday markets or just markets in general, this hobby could be a very real option for you.

This site may help you in your hobby of collecting antiques.

Bonus hobby #1. Playing Board Games

Remember how fun board games are? Yes, you do!

Only, these days, a lot of people are unfortunately on their phones during family time…which is disappointing and it takes away from genuine in-person fun and connection.

Humans have used games a lot throughout history in order to bond and value each other’s company.

Why don’t you take the lead in your family and suggest a good board game?

Here are the 20 Best Board Games of 2020. Check it out and try something new! Games are a smart way to engage your friend in a new, novel way and enjoy each others company.

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Bonus hobby #2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I know that a lot of women like to stay away from contact sports, but you to increase and even nurture your feminine energy, you need to have a healthy masculine energy within you, too.

This is because the feminine energy requires a container and the masculine energy acts as the container for the feminine.

Generally, fewer women than men engage in jiu jitsu, however, that is no reason to not choose jiu jitsu!

It is exceedingly good for your fitness because it requires you to move your body in a myriad of different ways. It also engages the entire body and mind – it is an intense sport.

Jiu Jitsu is also a sport that teaches you humility. You might even make decent friends through jiu jitsu, because starting jiu jitsu enters you into a sisterhood/brotherhood that is unique.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Teaches Women Real Self Defence

I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 18 months ago, and it has been not only addictive for me, but the sport has truly touched a special spot in my soul.

I now feel safe to take care of and protect myself against almost any attacker (as long as there’s not more than one, lol, I’m not sure I can handle a gang of men. Ok – no. I can’t. Despite my jiu jitsu skills.)

See, being feminine is not everything and it’s not all that life is about. Being feminine is NOT always high value.

It’s also ok to have some masculine passions and hobbies – or one masculine hobby – mixed into all your feminine passions.

This is to allow you to be more of who you are. You’re not just one kind of person, remember that!

Share Your Own Best Hobbies For Women!

If you’re already experienced with a hobby on this list, please offer some tips for those women who are just starting out.

What things would I need to know? Do share your knowledge with us 🙂

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