3 Reasons Why Women Fail to Attract High Quality Men

You might be asking yourself why you can’t attract a good man.

Perhaps you’re also wondering “why do I attract guys I’m not interested in?” Or worse – “why do I attract guys who just want to sleep with me?

Well, it has nothing to do with your physical beauty or lack of “physical beauty”.

That’s the first thing you should know.

Haven’t you seen and known women who are “average” looking but are able to attract high quality men?

What about the women who are more physically gifted who seem to be rejected again and again by men?

Or perhaps the men sleep with them and then discard them completely, as though their 10/10 look didn’t matter?

Why would that be?

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why women fail to attract a man

Why Do I Attract Guys I’m Not Interested In?

There are a number answers to this question. Let’s start with the first one.

  1. The men you’re not interested in will have a crack anyway. They’ll try to get a chance with you, because getting a chance with you would benefit them personally.

    It’s in their reproductive interests to try to chase you.
  2. The guys who excite you upon first meeting them are the same guys that other women who are 8s 9s and 10s are also keen to date.

    In other words, there’s high competition for them, so they’re often either already taken or married, or just don’t want you.
  3. You don’t know how to build attraction with the high quality guys. Ie: you’re assuming that it’s about physical attraction, when it’s really about emotional attraction and emotional connection.
  4. You have an attraction to the guys who are bad for you. I don’t mean bad boys, but rather, the men who excite you rather than the men who can give you stability, love, acceptance and safety.
  5. There are actually quality guys who are attracted to you, but you reject them too soon based on how they look, how they dress, what car they drive, what job they have, or based on something else you’re judging them on.
  6. You’re not actually attracted to genuinely high quality guys. You want a guy who makes you look good or feel rich.

Now: these reasons may seem harsh, but there’s one thing you have to realize: you could judge just about any man for anything.

Even James Bond.

Or John Wick.

That’s the female bias. Or the human bias. Even if you got a real catch, there’s always something you could judge about him or be unhappy about.

I am not saying that you need to lower your standards, because it’s clear that there are high quality men and then there are lower quality men.

MORE: 7 Burning Signs A Man Is Being Low Value.

What I am saying is that sometimes what you want isn’t what’s good for you.

Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.

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Now let’s take a look at the 3 common reasons women fail to attract high quality men.

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Don’t Be Like Other Women Who Fail To Attract Men…

As you probably know, too many women in our society are failing to attract men. Or at least the “right” type of men.

Have you ever wished that a particular man would just start to like you or feel hopelessly attracted to you?

Maybe you hoped he would just want to spend more time with you?

Maybe you tried to act a certain way around him or tried to ‘impress’ him to get his attention, but eventually you found out the unfortunate truth…

He somehow wasn’t attracted to you? (And you don’t know why!)

Well, the good news is that attracting a good man comes down to your mindset and to your ability to understand a few fundamental truths about men (and what they value).

Here are the top 3 reasons why women fail to attract men…

Failure Reason 1: Women Are Afraid Of Being Women

That’s right, women are actually scared of being women.

How many times have you seen women who are uncomfortable just being themselves?

I don’t mean wearing Prada, Chanel or sexy high heeled shoes.

I mean: are you truly an individual, the unique version of you – vulnerable, authentically feminine and therefore precious?

Every man wants to feel like he has something precious to hold onto.

But with a lot of women these days, they’re not comfortable being authentic, despite the fact that the topic of vulnerability and authenticity has taken off in the last decade.

People seem to know a lot about vulnerability intellectually, yet know nothing about it’s actual application.

Here’s a video I made for you on how to be vulnerable with a man without being needy:

With women, it’s almost like they don’t have their own permission to be themselves…

Perhaps you know someone, intimately, who’s like this?! (ie. YOU?)

Well, it isn’t really your fault. Sometimes, by being an authentic woman, you can really get yourself into dangerous situations if you were to bring attention to yourself.

(I’m sure you know other women who have been taken advantage of by men!)

You see, men have preyed on women for as long as we’ve been around on this earth. (Not all men, thank god!) So it’s totally justified to not be comfortable being a woman.

(Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I?”)

But here’s the problem…if you’re not comfortable being a woman, (and men are attracted to women), then how are you going to be able to attract men?

How will you be seen as attractive to men? How will men find you desirable?

Also, how would you be a woman of intrinsic value to men?

It will be hard for you to attract men!

No matter how much you will them to be attracted to you, and no matter how hard you try to impress them, you won’t be able to attract good men if you’re not 100% comfortable being a woman.

So it’s time for you to get in touch with your true feminine energy again and be ok with the fact that you ARE a beautiful, naturally vulnerable woman.

And of course, it’s very important for you to stay safe, but don’t let that stop you from being the woman that men are attracted to.

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Do our feminine energy quiz: how feminine am i really?


Fact: Most women do not live day to day in their feminine energy. Are you? Answer the next 9 questions and discover exactly how much you are living in your feminine core...

1. Which of these comments make me feel the most alive?

2. In a high pressured situation, my natural instinct is to...

3. In the bedroom, i prefer someone who is...

4. If I’m in a supermarket, and I can’t find something…

5. If i had a deadline for a project in a month, I tend to...

6. When I am cooking, I can also carry on a conversation over the phone...

7. Which of the following describes the kind of intimate partners you’ve had in the past...

8. It would hurt me more if my intimate partner were to say to me:

9. In my ultimate dream world, I would rather…

Amazing! Let's look at your results...

We are analysing your quiz results right now and preparing a comprehensive summary. (It's a 15 min read)

This in-depth explanation and analysis will give you all the answers as to how feminine you are and how that affects every relationship you will have. 

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Failure Reason 2: Women Have Been Raised To Be Masculine By Our Society.

This is a big answer to the question “why can’t I attract a good man?”

Many women today live a very masculine life. They take on a masculine job, speak in a masculine tone of voice and act and hold themselves as if they are competing with other men.

There’s nothing wrong with this by the way, it’s a woman’s birthright to achieve the results she wants; in fact, just as good and better results than men are.

However… being in the masculine energy will instantly kill the attraction that most men will feel for you.


Because they’ll feel like you’re just like another “guy” friend and there would simply be no polarity.

And he will pick up on this instantly.

(You’ll definitely find it hard to get out of the friend zone with men.)

Think about a time when a man was eyeing you, you could feel him eyeing you, and you could feel him trying to get your attention, but you were repelled.

Now, you may not even be consciously aware of it, but you had already picked up on his energy and make a judgement about whether he was suitable or not within the first 1 second of seeing him.

These reactions are wired in to us as women.

We simply cannot be mating with every single male – he has to be giving off signs of having good genes, and great mate potential.

Men do this to you too. And when you are in your masculine, men feel it.

See: although it’s good to have healthy masculine energy within you, when you always go to masculine mode even while dating, good, high quality men won’t feel value in you.

Because they’ll feel like they’re sitting opposite of themselves.

They’ll feel like choosing you wouldn’t bring any real value worth protecting or keeping in their lives.

Because all that masculine energy is what they already are.

For attraction to occur between a man and a woman, there has to be the masculine-feminine polarity. And without it, you can still be great friends…but achieving attraction…is impossible.

So, most of us women (who have learnt to get a good paying job, secure that career…etc) need to come back to our feminine core and spirit when it comes to men.

It’s that femininity and that sense of being an intrinsically valuable women that so many women have lost touch with… that will be most attractive to men.

This is not to say you need to give up your career, it just means that you can’t always live in your masculine mode all the time. You have to achieve a balance between femininity and getting results in your career/business.

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Failure Reason 3: Women Don’t Understand What Naturally Triggers Men To Feel Attraction!

You see… we live in a society where most of us are utterly confused!

Research shows that all of us are being bombarded with over 10,000 sales messages every single day.

No wonder we sometimes get unsure about what to do! There’s simply too much clutter around us!

Have you noticed that intuition has become unpopular? Have you also noticed that common-sense has become rather uncommon?

And worse still, a lot of us women have lost our natural “womanly” intuition!

We are confused about what actually makes men attracted to us and what doesn’t make men attracted to us.

With all the assault of advertising in this 21st century, they’ve really tried to confuse us and keep us feeling insecure so that we collapse under their control.

(I’m talking about the media here, the big corporate industries who only care about their bottom line of sales…)

It’s time for us women to take back control and empower ourselves.

It’s time for us to learn what makes men emotionally attracted to us.

It’s also time for us to re-discover the “Natural Attraction Triggers” that men are genetically hardwired to react to.

Once we discover and put these “Natural Attraction Triggers” to use, us (the lucky ones) will never run out of men who are attracted to us.

We will never run out of men who want to be in committed relationships with us, and want to take care of us for life.

Learn The Attraction Triggers That Get A Man’s Blood Boiling Uncontrollably

See, you don’t have to be “physically gifted”.

Attraction Triggers work regardless of who you are, (or who you’re NOT), your age, your height and weight, regardless of whether you think you have the ability to attract men or not.

They work because it is genetically hardwired in men to seek out these specific triggers. (Click here to find out what attracts men naturally with the eBook on 17 Attraction Triggers)

These “Attraction Triggers” are like nature’s scientific laws, as consistent and as reliable as the law of gravity. It doesn’t matter if you apply them, or if I apply them, they will work.

And if you do apply them, then they will work for you as well.

Men are “Genetically Hardwired” to React to these Attraction Triggers…

Click here to find out the 17 Attraction Triggers that triggers a man’s attraction naturally. (The promise of this course is for you to discover the 17 Attraction Triggers that are guaranteed to make almost any man you wish to never look at another woman ever again.)

It’s a fact. Us human beings have all evolved from earlier, more ancient forms of life. Starting as sea creatures, and lizards, to mammals to what we are now – homo-sapiens.

You don’t have to like that fact, but you’ll have to live with it.

But here’s what’s interesting…because we have evolved from these earlier creatures, we all have parts of what psychologists call “the lizard brain” inside of us. That’s right, every single one of us has it.

And this lizard brain is responsible for our survival and reproductive instincts. It is there to make sure that us as a species will live on and pass our genetic information on to the next generation.

None of us could have ever arrived here in the 21st century if we didn’t have (and use) our survival and reproductive instincts.

(In fact, those animals which do not have these instincts have become long extinct! Because they cannot survive without the lizard brain.)

Think about the smell of a female dog in season. That smell would attract and catch the attention of all the male dogs in the area.

The male dogs would get so excited that they would literally fight over who will mate with the female.

This is not because they choose to fight, it’s because they’re genetically programmed to do so in order to mate with the female.

Imagine the queen bee… once she matures, she flies around on her “mating flights” and emits her queen pheromone or scent that attracts many different (up to 50) male bees to mate with her.

This scent is a trigger for males to get excited and pay the ultimate attention to the queen bee (because the males die after mating. Sad, but true).

So we can say the same about human males having these triggers for attraction. There is a list of “Attraction Triggers” that will automatically make men’s blood boil with excitement.

Do the quiz: Which of these 8 feminine archetypes am i?


Which one of these 8 feminine archetypes are you? Answer these 21 questions to discover which feminine archetype you are and how it positively and negatively affects every relationship you have. (Especially your intimate relationship with men.)

1. In my old age, it’s more important to look back and know that

2. I would prefer to be more...

3. When I’m faced with something unknown, I trust

4. I believe in premonitions

5. The thought of newborn babies make me feel…

6. In terms of dancing…

7. When someone hurts themselves...

8. When a friend is upset, my first instinct is to:

9. On a rainy day, I prefer…

10. In social situations, I am...

11. Confrontations are...

12. True or false... A man and a woman should get along if they love each other.

13. I can often feel other people’s intentions from a mile away

14. I would prefer... 

15. When I have to make a tough decision…

16. It’s more important to…

17. When I meet someone for the first time, I get a gut feeling whether I can trust them or not.

18. Regarding sex...

19. In my current or previous relationship…

20. Which is more true?

21. How important are other people’s feelings?

Amazing! Let's look at your results...

We are analysing your feminine archetype right now and preparing your personalised summary.

Here’s something interesting to know before moving forward…

Every single one of these archetypes has strengths and weaknesses. No matter how ego stroking it may be to identify with your archetype, know that it’s just a starting point.

It is your job to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses so that you can grow, evolve and become who you are meant to become.

Ultimately you want to become a full multi-dimensional human being. In order to truly become a high value individual, you want to tap into the value that every part of you has to bring to the table.

This feminine archetype quiz is one step along this journey to help you discover who you are, and who you will become.

So here is the next step.

Please enter your first name and email below so that we can safely deliver your feminine archetype results and send to you the extended explanation. (As well as give you $3,765 worth of coaching bonuses!)

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Example Of An “Attraction Trigger” For Men

The way you walk (your gait), can instantly make men desire you, but unfortunately, most women don’t know the first thing about the “attractive feminine walk”.

You see… It’s all about the hips.

They’ve done research and what the scientists have found is that when men look at a woman walking, the first place their eyes land…is on the woman’s hips.

And instantly, the man gathers information about how fertile the woman is, as well as her genetic structure. And it is through this information that he will either be “turned on” or not.

You may already know that the wider a woman’s hips are, the higher the chances of her being fertile and having a successful child birth, and therefore the appearance of wide hips are a strong “Attraction Trigger” for men.

No wonder on the catwalk, the stick-thin hipless “supermodels” walk with that overly-exaggerated hip shunt to give the “illusion” of having wider hips. (Even though these skinny supermodels have as much of a set of hips as a match stick…)

But the good news is that you can use this knowledge also to make yourself more desirable.

(I’ve gone into a lot more detail about this and also included exercises for you to implement to master this in my program, so if you want to know more, keep reading…)

Of course there are many other potent “Attraction Triggers” and together (when used synergistically), a man’s reproductive instincts will kick in and I will guarantee his blood will pump faster ‘uncontrollably’ underneath his skin.

It doesn’t have to make any logical sense, it just works.

And for all the skeptical people, yes, there have been literally dozens of proper scientific research to show and prove how effectively these triggers actually work. (And the truth is, all these attraction triggers are based on our instinctive need to reproduce, and are literally hardwired into us.)

These attraction triggers are proven by science, tested in the field, and ready for you to implement today to instantly make yourself the epicenter of desire in any room.

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So Here’s What I Have Done For You…

I’ve done all the research for you and I’ve condensed everything down to 17 of the most powerful, most usable and actionable “Attraction Triggers” so that you can immediately use them to make men trip over themselves with desire for you.

I’ve put down what these triggers are, and most importantly, the action steps for you to take right now to use these triggers to not only get the attention of any man you choose, but also to put him under your “love spell”!

Think about becoming at least 5 times as attractive as you are right now, doubling your sex appeal, and having a hypnotic influence over any man.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I attract low class guys?

  • Because you talk to them. You’re friendly and willing to talk, so they will go for you (as men have a bias to assume sexual interest in women if women are willing to talk to them). This is called the sexual overperception bias.
  • Because low class guys need a mate too.
  • Because low class guys will at least try.
  • Because you’re afraid of rejection from higher class guys.
  • Because high class guys have to put in less work to chase women, as women are already chasing them. Can you imagine Prince William chasing girls on his college campus? No. He’d be too busy fending off women’s advances. (Interestingly enough, I’ve heard that whilst all the women were busy chasing him, it was only kate Middleton who didn’t chase him.)

Why aren’t guys attracted to me?

There are several possible reasons. But here are the biggest reasons why guys aren’t attracted to you:

  • You’re giving off one or more of the 7 signs a woman is low value in the eyes of men.
  • You’re seeking approval, and it comes off in your energy
  • Because you’re comparing yourself to the women who get a lot of sexual attention, and confusing this sexual attention with something valuable (it’s not. It’s just men wanting sex, not a relationship.)
  • Because you don’t smile much
  • Because your energy comes off as rejecting or closed off

Do the quiz: What is my attachment style?


Fact: 54% of all women have insecure attachment styles and it affects their relationships daily. Answer the next 10 questions to discover what your attachment style is.

1. When it comes to relating to people in general…

2. To me, the word intimacy intuitively feels

3. In my relationship, I tend to constantly… 

4. In my partner’s absence, I…

5. In my most ideal relationship… (choose the one you feel strongest about.)

6.  If a man that I was interested in started to banter with me…

7. If I suspect that my partner has been cheating on me…

8. When it comes to sex… I’d rather have 

9. If I share my deepest feelings and thoughts

10. If someone I’m dating suddenly becomes cold and distant…

Great! Let's access your results & what it means for you..

We are analysing your personal attachment style results right now and preparing a comprehensive summary. On a side note, it is important to understand attachment styles as a sliding scale rather than a fixed set of categories. Here are the reason why…

1. Your attachment style is not fixed but rather plastic, meaning you can over time heal an insecure attachment style, just as you can create more insecurity in your attachment style if you hang around toxic people in your life. Having a sliding scale offers you a solid direction to move towards.

2. Attachment styles should be considered as secure or insecure attachment styles with levels of severity when it comes to insecure attachment. This helps you understand how your own attachment styles developed in the first place and what direction you need to take in order to heal from attachment style traumas. (We’ll explain this further in the first email you’ll get from us.)

3. Almost everyone with an insecure attachment style has multiple categories and patterns within that insecure attachment, (of course to differing degrees).

In other words, you don’t just have a pure anxious attachment style. That may be the predominant pattern in your nervous system, but there is also avoidant in there too when you’re nervous system is overloaded and sick of being anxious all the time. This is why it’s more important to see this framework as a sliding scale and not just a mere set of categories.

So your personal attachment style will fit along the scale you see below.

In order to get your personal attachment style score, please enter your best email address so that we can securely send this to you. (As well as give you $3,765 worth of coaching bonuses to help you cultivate secure attachment within yourself!)

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Why do I attract Guys Who Just Want to Sleep With Me?

This is the problem of every woman in the world. Men chase women first for sex, because that’s what is intuitive to them.

Only secondarily do they chase women for a relationship. And it’s only when they’re fallen in love with the woman that they chase a real committed relationship.

Anything less than that and a man might still “fall into” a relationship with you, but still be on the lookout for hie “one and only”.

renee wade what to do when he doesn't call

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P.S. CLICK HERE to check out my full article archives! Or you may greatly benefit from one of our highly popular paid programs, CLICK HERE to see what we offer right now.

If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then join our Facebook Group. (It’s free and so incredibly valuable!) CLICK HERE TO join thousands of other women in our “High Value Feminine Women” Community.

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