3 Reasons Why Women Fail to Attract High Quality Men

No, it has NOTHING to do with your physical beauty or lack of “physical beauty”.

Haven’t you seen and known women who are “average” looking but are able to attract high quality men, and other women who are more physically gifted, only to be rejected again and again by men?

What’s going on there?

Don’t Be Like Other Women Who Fail To Attract Men…

As you probably know, too many women in our society are failing to attract men. Or at least the “right” type of men. This may have happened to you, too.

You may have wondered if you will ever find love. I say, of course you will. There are however, 4 innocent mistakes that most women make. Once you fix these 4 innocent mistakes, you’ll find that everything will come easily to you.

Think back for a moment… have you ever wished that a particular man would hopefully feel attracted to you? Maybe you hoped he would just want to spend more time with you?

Maybe you tried to act a certain way around him or tried to ‘impress’ him to get his attention, but eventually you found out the unfortunate truth…

He somehow wasn’t attracted to you? (And you don’t know why!)

why women fail to attract a man

Here are the top 3 reasons why women fail to attract men…

Failure Reason 1: Women Are Afraid Of Being Women

That’s right, women are actually scared of being women.

How many times have you seen women who are uncomfortable just being themselves?

It’s almost like they don’t have their own permission to be themselves…

Perhaps you know someone, intimately, who has done this?! (ie. YOU?)

Well, it isn’t really your fault. Sometimes, by being an authentic woman, you can really get yourself into dangerous situations if you were to bring attention to yourself.

(I’m sure you know other women who have been taken advantage of by men!)

You see, men have preyed on women for as long as we’ve been around on this Earth. (Not all men, thank god!) So it’s totally justified to not be comfortable being a woman.

(Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I?”)

But here’s the problem…if you’re not comfortable being a woman, (and men are attracted to women), then how are you going to be able to attract men?

How will you be seen as attractive to men? How will men find you desirable?

Also, how would you be a woman of intrinsic value to men?

It will be hard for you to attract men!

No matter how much you will them to find you attractive, and no matter how hard you try to impress him, in general, you won’t be able to attract good men if you’re not 100% comfortable being a woman.

So it’s time for you to get in touch with your true feminine energy again and be ok with the fact that you ARE a beautiful woman.

And of course, it’s very important for you to stay safe, but don’t let that stop you from being the woman that men are attracted to. (This article shows you how to make a man want you and only you).

Failure Reason 2: Women Have Been Raised To Be Masculine By Our Society.

Many women today live a very masculine life. They take on a masculine job, speak in a masculine tone of voice and act and hold themselves as if they are competing with other men.

There’s nothing wrong with this by the way, it’s a woman’s birthright to achieve the results she wants; in fact, just as good and better results than men are.

However… being in the masculine energy will instantly kill the attraction that most men will feel for you.


Because they’ll feel like you’re just like another “guy” friend and there would simply be no polarity.

And he will pick up on this instantly.

(You’ll definitely find it hard to get out of the friend zone with men.)

Think about a time when a man was eyeing you, you could feel him eyeing you, and you could feel him trying to get your attention, but you were repelled.

Now, you may not even be consciously aware of it, but you had already picked up on his energy and make a judgement about whether he was suitable or not within the first 1 second of seeing him.

These reactions are wired in to us as women. We simply cannot be mating with every single male – he has to be giving off signs of having good genes, and great mate potential.

Men do this to you too. And when you are in your masculine, men feel it.

For attraction to occur between a man and a woman, there has to be the masculine-feminine polarity. And without it, you can still be great friends…but achieving attraction…is impossible.

So, most of us women (who have learnt to get a good paying job, secure that career…etc) need to come back to our feminine core and spirit when it comes to men.

It’s that femininity and that sense of being an intrinsically valuable women that so many women have lost touch with… that will be most attractive to men.

This is not to say you need to give up your career, it just means that you can’t always live in your masculine mode all the time. You have to achieve a balance between femininity and getting results in your career/business.

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There Are 7 Common Signs That A Woman is Perceived as Low Value to All Men. CLICK HERE to find out what they are.

Failure Reason 3: Women Don’t Understand What Naturally Triggers Men To Feel Attraction!

You see… we live in a society where most of us are utterly confused!

Research shows that all of us are being bombarded with over 10,000 sales messages every single day. No wonder we sometimes get unsure about what to do! There’s simply too much clutter around us!

Have you noticed that intuition has become unpopular? Have you also noticed that common-sense has become rather uncommon?

And worse still, a lot of us women have lost our natural “womanly” intuition!

We are confused about what actually makes men attracted to us and what doesn’t make men attracted to us.

With all the assault of advertising in this 21st century, they’ve really tried to confuse us and keep us feeling insecure so that we collapse under their control.

(I’m talking about the media here, the big corporate industries who only care about their bottom line of sales…)

It’s time for us women to take back control and empower ourselves.

It’s time for us to learn what makes men emotionally attraction to us.

It’s also time for us to re-discover the “Natural Attraction Triggers” that men are genetically hardwired to react to.

Once we discover and put these “Natural Attraction Triggers” to use, us (the lucky ones) will never run out of men who are attracted to us.

We will never run out of men who want to be in committed relationships with us, and want to take care of us for life.

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Learn The Attraction Triggers That Get A Man’s Blood Boiling Uncontrollably

See, you don’t have to be “physically gifted”.

Attraction Triggers work regardless of who you are, (or who you’re NOT), your age, your height and weight, regardless of whether you think you have the ability to attract men or not.

They work because it is genetically hardwired in men to seek out these specific triggers. (Click here to find out what attracts men naturally with the eBook on 17 Attraction Triggers)

These “Attraction Triggers” are like nature’s scientific laws, as consistent and as reliable as the law of gravity. It doesn’t matter if you apply them, or if I apply them, they will work.

And if you do apply them, then they will work for you as well.

Men are “Genetically Hardwired” to React to these Attraction Triggers…

(Click here to find out the 17 Attraction Triggers that triggers a man’s attraction naturally)

It’s a fact. Us human beings have all evolved from earlier, more ancient forms of life. Starting as sea creatures, and lizards, to mammals to what we are now – homo-sapiens.

You don’t have to like that fact, but you’ll have to live with it.

But here’s what’s interesting…because we have evolved from these earlier creatures, we all have parts of what psychologists call “the lizard brain” inside of us. That’s right, every single one of us has it.

And this lizard brain is responsible for our survival and reproductive instincts. It is there to make sure that us as a species will live on and pass our genetic information on to the next generation.

None of us could have ever arrived here in the 21st century if we didn’t have (and use) our survival and reproductive instincts.

(In fact, those animals which do not have these instincts have become long extinct! Because they cannot survive without the lizard brain.)

Think about the smell of a female dog in season. That smell would attract and catch the attention of all the male dogs in the area.

The male dogs would get so excited that they would literally fight over who will mate with the female.

This is not because they choose to fight, it’s because they’re genetically programmed to do so in order to mate with the female.

Imagine the queen bee… once she matures, she flies around on her “mating flights” and emits her queen pheromone or scent that attracts many different (up to 50) male bees to mate with her.

This scent is a trigger for males to get excited and pay the ultimate attention to the queen bee (because the males die after mating. Sad, but true).

So we can say the same about human males having these triggers for attraction. There is a list of “Attraction Triggers” that will automatically make men’s blood boil with excitement.

Example Of An “Attraction Trigger” For Men

The way you walk (your gait), can instantly make men desire you, but unfortunately, most women don’t know the first thing about the “attractive feminine walk”.

You see… It’s all about the hips.

They’ve done research and what the scientists have found is that when men look at a woman walking, the first place their eyes land…is on the woman’s hips.

And instantly, the man gathers information about how fertile the woman is, as well as her genetic structure. And it is through this information that he will either be “turned on” or not.

You may already know that the wider a woman’s hips are, the higher the chances of her being fertile and having a successful child birth, and therefore the appearance of wide hips are a strong “Attraction Trigger” for men.

No wonder on the catwalk, the stick-thin hipless “supermodels” walk with that overly-exaggerated hip shunt to give the “illusion” of having wider hips. (Even though these skinny supermodels have as much of a set of hips as a match stick…)

But the good news is that you can use this knowledge also to make yourself more desirable. (I’ve gone into a lot more detail about this and also included exercises for you to implement to master this in my program, so if you want to know more, keep reading…)

Of course there are many other potent “Attraction Triggers” and together (when used synergistically), a man’s reproductive instincts will kick in and I will guarantee his blood will pump faster ‘uncontrollably’ underneath his skin.

It doesn’t have to make any logical sense, it just works.

And for all the skeptical people, yes, there have been literally dozens of proper scientific research to show and prove how effectively these triggers actually work. (And the truth is, all these attraction triggers are based on our instinctive need to reproduce, and are literally hardwired into us.)

These attraction triggers are proven by science, tested in the field, and ready for you to implement today to instantly make yourself the epicenter of desire in any room.

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So Here’s What I Have Done For You…

I’ve done all the research for you and I’ve condensed everything down to 17 of the most powerful, most usable and actionable “Attraction Triggers” so that you can immediately use them to make men trip over themselves with desire for you.

I’ve put down what these triggers are, and most importantly, the action steps for you to take right now to use these triggers to not only get the attention of any man you choose, but also to put him under your “love spell”!

Think about becoming at least 5 times as attractive as you are right now, doubling your sex appeal, and having a hypnotic influence over any man.

(By the way, I want to teach you 5 secrets to having your man fall deeply in love with you and beg you to be his one and only. These 5 secrets are inside of my brand new program. Click HERE to get yourself a copy before they run out!)


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Thank you


Imagine if the roles were reversed. What if the problem was with men being too feminine? Having general feminine mannerisms, speaking in high pitch voices, heaven forbid wearing skirts etc. And then saying oh why can’t women just love us the way we are? Would we be naturally attracted to that? I hope not

So I don’t get why women get so offended when it’s very clear that we DO have to unlearn being masculine. It’s a defence mechanism, it’s not our natural state (for most of us)


I am a career ambitious and aggressive type of woman, and I find this article very interesting. I think believe as at now (2017) women are beginning to see that Society had played a huge role in dictating a one type character for all women. Not all women swing their hips when they walk and not all are girlie. Does it mean there is no hope for those who aren’t wearing the stereotype womanly charm? Ofcourse Not. It means every woman has her man out there. By being yourself, you weed out the wrong kind of man for you and… Read more »



Daddy Dad
Daddy Dad

Paul says underneath me “women play so hard to get”, which is another fact but why? I will tell you the #1 reason why > they have their OWN INCOME and so often it is from a University or College degree/diploma in OFFICES where they believe they have PRESTIGE. This is their “CAREER”, and so a suitable man MUST be of EQUAL or a higher caliber monetarily AND academically for them to accept the man. Trouble is, many of these women are at least in their late 20s if not 30s while the type of men they are looking for… Read more »

Daddy Dad
Daddy Dad

This article is very accurate (yet not perfect). Even though farrrrrrrr to many ladies (especially white ones) are over weight which is a huge problem for attracting males, what irks men even more as we mature is how women speak…too often too fast too loud = too aggressive. It does turn most males off; at least for a long term relationship. And IF she tends towards arrogance while competing against the man, what a massive turn off this is….many women today do this. I am old enough to recall when women did not do this. U know why? Their diet… Read more »


Thank you what you mentioned is very helpful my boyfriend left me last year but i’m still in love with him I really like to get your 17 specific attraction triggers but nothing came to my email


well with so many women that play very hard to get nowadays, that will certainly have a lot to do with it especially since they are so very picky too.


This is awesome!

Absolutely The Truth
Absolutely The Truth

what about us men that are having such a very difficult time meeting a good woman that we would want to share our life with? and it is certainly very hard for many of us since there are so many very mean women out there today that are not really looking to meet many of us men at all. women today have certainly changed over the years and they were so much different years ago which made it much easier meeting them, especially with the help of family and friends. i go out all the time by myself but i… Read more »

Uh huh
Uh huh

Soft, gentle, loving, nurturing, accepting. Sounds like whole lot of hard work. Why can’t men do this? Oh because they are men. They are not expected to? That is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever. If I wasn’t born with Salma Hayek Hip ratio I’m not feminine. I have to dumb myself down from an intelligent conversation and change my tone of pitch and voice to what mens “Ideal” of feminine sexy is? When will the sexisim end. When can women finally be ourselves. We have the same range of emotions men have only men are allowed to get away… Read more »

Renee Wade
Renee Wade
Reply to  Uh huh

I’m sorry you feel that it sucks to be born a woman anywhere.

I would feel that way too, if I felt like I couldn’t be myself.

Reply to  Renee Wade

I understand what Uh huh is saying. I’ve been trying by wearing skirts to work and it feels like Halloween — same for makeup. I have to restrain my speech, try to force smiles, remember what to do and what not to do — it’s exhausting. It really is like having to become not only another person, but a two-dimensional shadow of one, because being yourself equals failure and inability to attract a man, the ultimate failure in our society. It’s depressing, and I am tired of going on dates or spending time in the presence of men who only… Read more »

Reply to  Fizzle

Sweet Sisters: Your energy is what attracts ANYTHING or Anyone to you. Trust me, I am not the typical beauty by any standards, but my open, loving, nonjudgmental and confident energy catches a lot of attention from men wherever I go (always). Even with no makeup, crazy curly hair messy bun and a t-shirt on.


How excellent an artical, you hit it on the head, most of today’s women are a genetic turn off to men as soon as they open their mouths real straght men will slay dragons for a woman that knows exactly how they were genetically designed to be and have fought hard to hold on to that part of themselves..To defy all the distructive outside influances and to hold on to being a true Humam female that is soft and beautiful takes a HUGE ammount of strength and is quite rare these days indeed..Women who counter this openion are not men… Read more »


How excellent an artical !! you hit it on the head, most of today’s women are a genetic turn off to men as soon as they open their mouths, real straght men will slay dragons for a woman that knows exactly how they were genetically designed to be and have fought hard to hold on to that part of themselves..To defy all the distructive outside influances and to hold on to being a true Humam female that is soft and beautiful takes a HUGE ammount of strength and is quite rare these days indeed..Women who counter this openion don’thave a… Read more »


Confidence, in my opinion, will always play a role in attracting anyone. The problem is that confidence takes effort.


Women afraid of being women please that is the laimest excuse i’ve ever heard of.What purpose could they possibly have for either looking sexy dressing sexy walking sexy or trying to impress the average partner.Everyone knows looks beauty fashion and the way you dress are highly totally irrelavant or so not important to the average partner these days we care how you feel on the inside how you express your emotions and how you treat us right.Everything else is meaningless.We don’t want to go out with somebody for who they are not.We want somebody for who they really are and… Read more »

Reply to  robert66677888

I love what you wrote. Reading through majority of the comments here, I feel sad for these women who put a lot of emphasis on how they dress, talk, walk and appear before the opposite sex. I for one will like to see more quality men with character. Men who can handle intellectual conversations with a woman without feeling threatened and then claiming the woman is competing with them. I know the old fashioned man was brought up to think he is Superman to all women and can feel angry and weak when he is no longer able to show… Read more »


Excellent article Renee you covered a lot of really great points on attracting men. I know myself that I am most attracted to women who really have a great deal of feminine energy. This has to be one of the most sexy thing in society today. Its really sad when I meet a attractive woman and she acts like a man.


we certainly need much more women like June Cleaver and Donna Reed around again. they were very caring, loving, down to earth, accepted their men for who they were, and he didn’t have to be rich either. where are the good women like they certainly were today?.


I agree that women need to be feminine to attract men. What I have seen in my life is that women who love men and who love being a woman (and this is not about being a doormat) always have PLENTY of men after them. It goes without saying that a really beautiful woman has an upper hand over plain females; yet n matter how beautiful a woman is, unless she exudes a feminine charm, men are not interested. Men can easily spot if a woman is desperate, clingy, needy, aggressive, domineering, bossy or plain nasty. Men want a beautiful… Read more »


attitude problem, and PMS.


I think that what sends both genders into the magic is essentially the same thing – someone who comes across as being unashamed of who they are. Open, expressive, energised, flirtatious. It also works on your own gender as friendliness. Most communication is body language and tone of voice. Make your tone more expressive, direct your body language towards what you want to convey (e.g. “We’re talking playfully and casually here but you’ve got my full attention” might start with sidling up and leaning against the furniture and end with animated hand movements as you share a common perspective or… Read more »

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