How to Be A Woman of Mystery and Feminine Allure

A mysterious woman is a woman who has natural feminine radiance, is multidimensional and intrinsically high value.

Here’s why it’s important for you to know how to be a mysterious woman…

A sense of mystery makes all of us want more and inspires us to invest deeper. It makes us excited in anticipation of more.

When you are able to access the natural feminine part of you that is by default mysterious to men, then men will want to invest more in you and who you are.

The concept of being a mysterious woman is so much more than just keeping things fresh and exciting, and it’s never about playing mind games.

But rather it’s about adding this specific type of spontaneous and dopamine-filled value to the men in your life.

how to be a mysterious woman

How to be mysterious in a relationship

Being mysterious in a relationship comes down to two things:

  1. Letting yourself be multidimensional
  2. Relaxing into your natural feminine self

Multidimensionality is a forever thing, which means it lasts when you’re in a long term relationship or marriage.

The same is true of being your feminine self. A feminine woman has a cycle which she goes through each month.

We call this the menstrual cycle of course, but there’s much more to it than just being on or off your period.

With the menstrual cycle actually comes different parts of you.

For example, when you body is preparing to ovulate, you’ll be:

  • More affectionate and loving
  • More energetic
  • More sensual and sexual
  • More open to a man

However, when you’ve stopped ovulating and are in the second stage of your cycle, your mood changes along with your hormones, which means that your desires and emotions will change.

Each month you become different types of women, and this makes you naturally mysterious and even multidimensional.

The feminine energy itself encompasses all of life. This means that you are dark and light feminine.

These factors are the answers to how to be a mysterious woman naturally in your relationship. You just have to relax into it.

Most women are so stressed, living with so many rules, and so concerned about what others think that their authentic selves are nowhere to be seen.

And if it is to be seen, it comes out awkwardly, because she’s been holding down so many parts of herself each just to survive.

So to recap: knowing how to be mysterious in a relationship is about allowing yourself to be a multidimensional woman as well as relaxing into who you really are as a feminine woman.

A masculine man will find a feminine woman mysterious (and fascinating) just because she is her true feminine self.

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And he doesn’t and cannot ever live in that feminine reality (with a few exceptions) and see the world exactly the way she does.

You as a woman are mysterious even if you don’t make a conscious effort to be mysterious. All it really takes is for you to relax more into who you are.

We’re naturally meant to be mysterious and fascinating to the opposite sex!

Masculine/feminine are opposites and they attract, produce fire and create intense sexual energy because they’re opposites. And these energies are meant to feed one another.

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If You Want To Be A Mysterious Woman, Avoid THIS

Of course, knowing how to be a mysterious woman is also about knowing what to avoid.

There are some things that will hinder your attempts to be mysterious with a man. They are:

  • Seeking approval a lot of the time
  • Being a people pleaser all the time (it’s ok sometimes, but when this trait dominates your personality, it leads to you being boring)
  • Trying to take value from men all the time. There’s no mystery in a persistent value extractor, but in contrast, there is tonnes of mystery in an intrinsically high value woman

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Pleaser women, women who are constantly trying to take from men or who are seek approval a lot will repel men, regardless of how great they look on the outside.

This is the sad reality of a woman who shows up low value: not only does she not allow herself to be mysterious and alluring to men, she cannot maintain a sense of mystery in long term relationships as she cannot get past low value patterns of behaving.

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How To Be A mysterious Woman?

…Let them think there’s just “something” about her. Let me illustrate this with a quick example.

Have you ever met a man or a young guy who was not your normal “type”, but he triggered uncontrollable intrigue and fascination within the deepest part of you?

Perhaps he was rather physically plain from your point of view – yet you couldn’t help but find yourself drawn to him?

Perhaps you found yourself wanting to know more about him?

I know when I was at university, there was a guy in one of my lectures who was quite physically unappealing.

Yet one day us girls were discussing this mysterious stranger, and we unanimously decided that there was just “something about him”.

That something was a quiet, self-assured, unshakable self-confidence and masculine pride.

In other words, he had intrinsic value within himself. He wasn’t waiting on the world to provide him with value, he already had all the value within him, and that was:

It took me a while to figure it out, but this guy had such an impact on me that I still remember him almost 20 years later. And I wouldn’t have spoken more than a few sentences to him.

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are Brunettes More Mysterious?

I once heard a male TV presenter discuss hair color on women with another presenter, and one of them said ‘I like all hair colors on women, but I think there’s a certain mystery to brunettes’.

Although this is just his perspective, I understand his perspective.

What he’s saying is that in his experiences, brunettes have a more mysterious energy than women with other hair colours.

Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re ok with their natural hair color, perhaps it’s just this guy’s own bias.

Blondes, black-haired women and redheads can all be equally mysterious.

Regardless, I found this interesting, and started thinking about it. If you’re fine being yourself, and being a leader rather than a follower, you’ll attract people to you, and these people will want more.

Also, they will want to know more about you.

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There Is Endless Magic And Value Already Within You

I just want to tell you this: We all have something extraordinary inside of us.

That is to say, we all have a lot of value to give, provided, of course, we cultivate value within ourselves first.

And we all find high value people mysterious and alluring, because we are designed to gravitate towards and be fascinated by value.

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Conversely, we are all repelled by value-extracting people, low value people and people who are needy of validation and approval.

They are not mysterious, and they are not attractive.

We want to be around intrinsically high value people and want to know more about them.

Mainly because we all know there is that extraordinary thing inside of us too, if we could just ‘tap into it’.

(In case you’re wondering, that ‘thing’ is likely a sense of resourcefulness, which for many, is described as “confidence”).

We want to be around confident, resourceful people, and seeing somebody else with this special energy tends to make us want it more of them and want to bring out more of it within ourselves.

That’s what mystery is about.

It’s having the confidence to be all of you, to be mutidimensional and to be naturally who you are at your core.

When you are able to tap into these qualities, this translates to you being high value as a woman.

We’ve all seen groups of women together who look the same.

They don’t look the same because they’ve got the same natural facial features, they look the same because they are all just seeking each other’s approval to stay in the clan.

Plus, they all feel the same on the inside, and therefore they exude the same energy which we humans pick up on.

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Women who are not mysterious

There are plenty of women running around, flaunting their sexuality for example.

There is usually no mystery to these people.

Everything is there for all to see. Yes, men will chase them, but they will chase them for easy sex, not because they want to love them and protect them forever.

If a woman readily flaunts her sexuality, and wears revealing clothing and talks loud etc, everyone knows subconsciously why she’s doing it.

Every human being knows what it’s like to want attention, this is easy to understand.

Every human being knows what it’s like to feel like they are not enough, and this feeling gives us pain.

We don’t want pain – we want someone who can make us happy and someone whom we can experience pleasure with.

The people who flaunt themselves for attention are sometimes unaware that people know why they’re doing it. It’s pretty obvious to most of us.

The fact that this type of attention seeking is transparent automatically leaves little mystery to us as women (if we act that way).

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How to be mysterious to your husband

Have you ever noticed that couples who have been together for a long time start to look alike?

This is cute, yes, but I think there’s a bad side to this. Ideally, in a relationship where you are still madly in love and hot for each other, you’ll see some differences clearly.

You’ll see polarity.

The women who relate completely to men….

I also often see women take up their man’s passion in order to connect with him and to feel more loved by him.

I know women taking up golf competitively for example, in order to connect with their man and be more accepted.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing a sport that he likes for fun.

But if you go along with him all the time just to ‘be like him’, it’s great that you guys will develop a connection from this.

But remember:

It’s not all about finding commonalities. It’s also about maintaining your natural sense of feminine multidimensionality and mystery in order to maintain deep feelings of attraction within a man.

Due to the loss of polarity and differences, you will lose that sense of mystery!

He understands you completely all the time; there’s no mystery.

It is beneficial to be a tomboy or to be “one of the boys” some of the time, if that’s what you enjoy.

Just don’t do it because you want to wear fake masculine masks just to like you’re “worthy”.

Remember this:

There’s a huge difference between doing things because you want to be more worthy, and doing things because they make you more of yourself, allowing you to bring more value to yourself and to a man!

If you’d like to learn more about how to be dark AND light feminine, read this article: Dark And Light Feminine: A Quick Contrast.

Being a mysterious woman isn’t just about being feminine (there’s more…)

Let’s just put aside the feminine/masculine business for a moment, and think about mystery in general.

If for example you’re in a social group, and find that everyone acts the same (who you spend time with is who you become!!)

If there is a person who is strong enough to be themselves, and is different to the rest – this captures people’s attention.

Humans notice contrast.

The reason an authentic person who is a leader IS mysterious is because of many things.

But one reason is because they have something which everybody wants – their own unique direction and identity. That’s mysterious!

And if you’re a leader, everyone suddenly wants to know about this special advantage that you have.

Why are you so radiant? Why do you have so much value to offer?

Why are you so “confident”?

Authenticity is power. Everyone is born unique. But we don’t all end up unique.

Most people will tend to blend in and try to fit in in order to gain acceptance, to conform, and to be safe.

I hope that all made sense.

Have a lovely day/night and do feel free to share with me your thoughts on this article.

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P.S. If you liked this article, CLICK HERE to check out my full article archives! Or you may greatly benefit from one of our highly popular paid programs, CLICK HERE to see what we offer right now.

If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then join our Facebook Group. (It’s free and so incredibly valuable!) CLICK HERE TO join thousands of other women in our “High Value Feminine Women” Community.

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