The Truth: What Men Are Looking for When They Push You for Sex

Sex is the thing that women are obligated to do with men if they want to keep a man around.

I’m kidding.

Sex is sometimes the thing we think we have to do with men to keep them around.

We feel pressured. And when a guy pressures you, you start to think that it’s your obligation to give him sex.

Who doesn’t know a woman friend who gave a blow job or had sex with a man to ‘keep him happy’?

When a man is in love, he can have zero sex with a woman and still stick around. And he will stick around whilst being emotionally attracted to her and faithful to that one woman.

Shocking thought, isn’t it?

I know this makes a lot of women angry. They think how ridiculous of me to assume that a man could stick around with no sex.

Unfortunately, more often than not, that’s women’s resentment talking, not the truth.

When a man is in love, THIS is what he really wants!

When two people are in love, what their heart truly wants, is to know that the other person loves them back. Also, spending quality time with them becomes far more important (and perfect sufficient) in comparison to having sex with them.

This is because for a man to fall in love with you, the emotional connection is be default, the MOST valuable thing about having you in his life.

It’s because you inspire him to feel. Not because you have sex with him.

It may be hard to acknowledge the next thing I’m going to say. But are you ready?

Almost any easy woman on the street can give a man sex. Any man can get sex.

Why do we feel pressured to have sex with a guy?

Still, when a guy pressures you, why do you (as a woman), feel the need to acquiesce? And if not acquiesce, why do we feel it’s our obligation?

When men get all touchy feely towards us, when they talk dirty to us, we feel the pressure instantly. We tense up. We think they are wanting sex only.

Often, when women ask: why do guys get mad when you don’t sleep with them? The logical answer seems to be that they are not getting what they want: sex!

But I’m here to suggest to you that this is not always the case. It’s certainly not always the truth that they just get angry because you didn’t have the physical act of sex with them.

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We might be right in one sense, but that’s only from our own perspective.

Because in our feminine perspective, if he is successful in gaining our trust in the moment; then we might actually want to have sex.

And sometimes, we don’t want to want to have sex. Which really means: we refuse to open in this moment.

And neither should we have to open just because we feel pressured!

When we look at all this from a man’s perspective, we would see something different. We would see a different level of truth!

Why Men Push for Sex

What do men actually want when they push you for sex?

To start, I want to say that there are men who are single-minded and desperate – that’s a rule in our world.

When a guy pressures you to sleep with him, that’s not only desperate on his part, it’s a good sign that you should stop him dead in his tracks.

And I believe these desperate men definitely will push you for sex just to get the sex itself.

This is usually because they’re desperate for an ejaculation, or for validation, to feel good about their existence, or to just milk a woman for whatever he can get.

That’s the truth.

There’s the base layer of truth: men do in fact want sex when they’re pushy for it.

The deeper level of truth: men want THIS more than they want sex

Then there’s the deeper level of truth: that men actually want a woman’s openness and feminine energy more than sex.

They want to know that you won’t descend so far down the rabbit hole of closure (closing off to them emotionally and sexually) that you will never try to open to him or trust him.

The men who don’t see this level of truth won’t agree to this. Because they can’t see it yet.

This is all no different to the woman who thinks that an emotional commitment and marriage from a man is the answer to all her woes.

Or the woman who starts to feel the pressure of her biological clock and her age.

And she desperately tries to look for any man who is willing to commit. If he isn’t willing to commit – then she will push for it. Hard. Often she’ll push without a single pause to think about and feel where the mat is at.

That does nothing other than make the man feel obligated, and eventually, even resentful towards her.

Anyway, for a man to just want sex – that’s the most superficial way a man can approach a woman. It is a way, but it’s the most superficial way.

Yet – that is not the truth of why men are pushing for sex when there’s a connection established between him and the woman.

In a casual sex situation, men only care about the sex

In a totally casual sex situation, men only care about the sex, because they haven’t formed much of a connection with you yet (if you guys ever will).

So, the more single-minded a man seems to be – the more careful you have to be. A lot of women give when their bodies aren’t ready – you shouldn’t.

In a casual sex situation, men don’t care if you’re open to them or not – they are only there for the sex.

And men can have sex with a tree, they can also have sex with someone they hate. So, if the relationship is purely sex oriented – then this advice does not apply.

But if your connection with a man was about any more than just sex for both of you – men care about your openness more than whether you have sex with them.

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Men actually want a woman’s openness

The reason we feel like men want sex all the time, is not because they DO want sex all the time.

It is because men are always trying to get women to ‘open’.

And we interpret their advances, their touching etc, as a push for sex with us. That is not necessarily true.

To ‘Open’ means to not be separate from the moment and from connection with him.

To ‘open’ also means to not cut him off emotionally. When a woman shuts down and pulls away her love, trust, approval or vulnerability, that scares a man!

The interesting this is this. We often pull away out of fear that he just wants sex.

But what if, instead, we didn’t pull away?

What would happen? What if we just stayed with that fear we felt and melted into whatever emotion came next? (no separation from the moment)

What if we allowed a man to ‘open’ us? To influence us? To connect with us?

Well then; men might want sex; because that’s the natural progression of things.

But men’s deeper desire (which not every man can articulate) is to have you belong to him.

The sign that a woman belongs to a man is her openness to him (not to lots of different men).

Do I really have to say out loud that men want to own a woman and a woman wants her man to own her?

He wants to own you

…And this doesn’t have to be offensive even when we’re in this politically correct world.

If a man owns a woman, she feels safe. (There’s great value there.)

But it takes a courageous woman to be willing to be owned. And a courageous man to ‘step in’ and take ownership despite the fact that a woman will say a bunch of things that she doesn’t mean.

I would even suggest that men’s actual desire is for a woman to be open to him – not to have sex with her.

It is not about sex.

It is about a woman being open with her energy.

A woman who is taking her energy everywhere is a problem from a guy’s perspective.

If she’s trying to take attention from a bunch of different men, that is usually about her not being faithful and selective with whom she shares her energy with.

Not only does this erode the trust we have with the guy, we also lose out on the good men when we do this.

Out of a need for “freedom” and equality, we sacrifice the passionate, deep connection that comes with men wanting to own us and us relaxing into our desire to be owned.

This is often what men are trying to get from a woman – faithfulness. A feeling that her feminine energy is going to him only, not just to any random douche on the street.

Is there something really wrong with allowing a man to have command and direction in your life, if he does it out of love?

And if his ability to command you (FOR you) is better than your own?

Absolutely not.

If it were so wrong, 50 Shades of Gray wouldn’t be so damn popular. We are in fact, too afraid to live out our fantasies.

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Why men would want more than sex

The reason men actually want more than just sex is because he is much better off having a woman who is open to him, than he is if he were just pushing for sex.

Because if a woman is not open to a man (if she’s closed off or judgmental of him), she’s probably off having someone else’s baby (this is from a man’s perspective).

Remember, men don’t intuitively know if the baby is theirs or not.

A large part of what they do and how they see women and treat women in the dating world is based on this fact. Their bodies and biology are based on this fact.

Never forget that! Become obsessed with learning about that; it’s no small fact.

On the surface, men can look like assholes who want to take advantage of women. (Women can look exactly the same to men, too!)

Yet once we learn about their biology; and their fears – we start to realise that we can take just as much advantage of them.

And they feel just as shamed by us. They just don’t tell us because how manly is it to tell you that?

It’s always easy to see men as the bad guys; but never forget that as a woman; we naturally take value from men, too. We just don’t see it because we don’t live in their bodies.

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What would happen if you let yourself open to the right men?

What would happen if you let yourself open to the right men?

(NOT to every man. There are douches out there, and I don’t want to you think you should go around offering your energy to them. Be very careful. Be very selective. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone.)

Your openness would potentially make a lot of men fall in love with you. Because the openness is the ingredient necessary for relationship oriented connection and emotional attraction.

And the ones only interested in sex would disappear. Fast. (YAY!)

Learn more about why you should be worried when a man comes on strong here.

Strong woman vs weak woman

What is a strong woman? A strong woman, in one definition, can be a tough and self sufficient woman.

But it takes a strong woman to have the courage to give a man more than sex.

It takes even deeper courage to be willing to trust that what a man wants is not just sex: it’s feminine energy. It’s your acceptance, love and openness to him.

To be high value means to trust that men actually want more than sex

To be high value means to trust that men actually want more than sex.

Can I ask that you consider beginning to trust this?

Because, if we believe in our bodies that men just want sex, then we enter the dating world with a low value energy. And our bodies show it.

And, if we have a lot of casual sex, our bodies become less and less open over time, because as women, we often have to shut off to emotions in order to accomplish the act of casual sex.

So we really have to be careful with casual sex. I don’t care how much women hate this and want to get rid of the double standard. I care how much more damage it causes women’s bodies.

Our natural state is to let things progress to sex when we open and trust a man.

That doesn’t always happen nowadays. We often ignore our biological drive, so it trains our bodies to close down and not be attractive to the good men (who actually do want to take care of us).

I know it’s hard. Because older women tend to pour out their past baggage trash all over you – saying that “all men just want sex”, and all that.

But really – that’s not true. Men just want sex if that’s all you are brave enough to offer.

Be brave; don’t give him sex out of pressure. You have permission to trust another way of thinking: that men want your feminine energy and your openness. (it doesn’t require physical sex!)

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Don’t let men just pursue you for sex

Don’t let men just pursue you for sex. That’s the key to be high value and attract high value.

My husband talks a lot about high value vulnerability; use it. (and we invite you to learn in depth about how to show it in the members area here.)

I know it’s hard, but try your best not to get caught up in the fallacy that sex is the ultimate goal of all men, all the time.

There’s a reason why men fall in love. And they fall in love when we dare to show our high value and our vulnerability (which is something we all have), and when there’s plenty of attraction and connection in the relationship. 

Part of being open is being brave enough to share or show your fears about sex and dating to him.

Part of sharing your high value vulnerability is being ok with being human; and sharing that.

There’s no faster way to weed out the desperate men who just want sex.

Where women have misunderstood men

“Men only want one thing!”

“Men only want you for sex!”

You know, these statements can be seductive to believe.

Women misunderstand men when they think they just want sex.


Because he wants a woman’s trust and a woman’s energy. Trust is sexually inspiring, it is a turn on – especially when the woman is sexually open to her man.

And trust is deeper than sex; a woman’s trust makes the sex better, if the option of sex is there.

A woman’s energy is a way of giving him a reason to be happy to be alive today.

Try to consider this the next time you think “my boyfriend is pressuring me to sleep with him”…

He might be pressuring you to sleep with him, but you also have every right to say no. That’s how you deal with guys who push boundaries.

Remember, when you say ‘no’ to others, you say yes to yourself.

Imagine this…

Imagine this…a man who inherited a lot of money, and because of his financial status, he knows every pimp and has round the clock access to all the prostitutes in his city.

Yet when you see him out with the women, none of them are particularly happy around him! They are just hanging out with him, and are sexually available to him, that is all.

Versus a man from the suburbs who has nothing. No car, no money, but he shows up at the same bar that the first man frequents.

And within an hour, he has 3 women around him open and happy, laughing and enjoying their time with him because he is entertaining and funny.

The second man is an example of a man who ‘has’ a lot more.

Not in the number of women, but just because the women he attracts are open and present with him! They also show more attention and care towards the man he is.

This is also to remind us that a man can buy sex. But men can’t buy openness and responsiveness from women.

By being an open and responsive woman – you are not only upping your own value, you are encouraging a man to up his.

It’s a cycle that feeds itself. You are doing a brave thing for the world, and for the evolution of men and women.

Of course, the onus can fall on men as well!

The less present a man is willing to be for you, the less open you are to him – it works both ways.

I just don’t believe in sitting on our asses pointing the finger at men, when we have the option to take the high road and take responsibility.

Why else is sex not the only thing men want in a relationship?

There’s another reason why sex can’t be the only thing a man wants in a relationship.

I’ve heard some women say that we always want deeper.

We are never fully satisfied for long. And so we’re searching for deeper; I believe there’s a truth in that.

So of course, a man wants more than just sex in a committed relationship.

And, those men who spend time just chasing tail often get to a place where they are over it.

They simply get over the novelty and are ready for something deeper.

And the men who don’t get there – well, they don’t ever seem to be able to find a deeper purpose beyond themselves. You don’t want a guy like that really, do you?

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So why do men want openness & surrender?

Because it is sexually attractive, and it makes him feel safe that a woman is trustworthy and faithful.

Look – it’s true, there are men who may think, after all the openness and surrender you show, that he still needs sex to feel OK about himself.

However, that is an old pattern of his – it’s not the truth in the moment.

What genuine men want more than anything else is a woman’s willingness to open beyond her tightness in to her beautiful femininity.

Her awareness that she needs to surrender emotionally to herself, her fears, and to true connection.

Here’s a great article on the 2 traits of women that men routinely fall in love with.

This feminine emotional softness, a woman’s willingness to let herself breathe in, connect with him and emotionally experience the moment, is valuable.

It’s a sign she can and will be open to trusting him – which is high value.

A woman’s full trust is so hard to obtain – regardless of the number of years a couple spend together.

This is due to the fact that women and men don’t naturally trust each other (because our motivations can be totally opposite).

It’s also because trust comes and goes with each moment. And depending on how high value a man is, over time he gets generally more trust from his woman, or generally less trust.

And if a woman doesn’t trust a man she’s with – what’s the point, for a guy?

They as a couple aren’t inspiring anybody by staying together out of comfort.

Due to the general life stress we’re under as women and the focus on career, success and productivity, men often have very little feminine energy left to experience from their woman.

Very few women allow themselves this surrender today – it is hard to allow ourselves this, because it’s hard to find someone we trust enough, and because we are busy being busy.

Never forget though, for a man to become more trustworthy, you sometimes have to step in first and show your willingness to trust him.

But do men really want to deal with a deep, emotional woman?

Well, every man has within him the capacity to deal with an emotional and deep woman. I believe all men have the ability to recognise a deeply radiant woman.

Some will reject a woman like that.

Many men will rather sit and watch TV than deal with a woman like that.

This is what lazy men are like.

I am not trying to tell you every man is going to respond well to your openness and depth.

Depth is a gift you give to the people who can handle it, and who are ready for it.

Certainly not every man is ready for it. Just like not every woman is ready for a deep man or a man to lovingly direct her life.

But the message I want to send is this: in their deepest heart; a man wants your openness.

Openness is also responsiveness – and your responsiveness inspires his commitment.

Not every man has that depth though. And that’s OK.

It’s even more OK that you walk away from them.

You shouldn’t try to share with him your depth for too long before you move on.

If a commitment is truly what you’re ready for; if you’re that open and ready to be responsive and vulnerable, men will naturally want deeper relationship and commitment with you.

Therefore, if you try for a few months or more, and he is still distant and your gut feeling is that he isn’t committed – move on!

You don’t got 10 lifetimes to leisurely twirl around your fingers here! We only get this one life.

Here are 6 Burning Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You.

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So what does all this mean in your life?

It means that you could inquire into the possibility that men want something deeper than just sex.

It means that your value is endless as a woman. And will be for the rest of your life.

You can stop thinking that make up and looking pretty is the answer.

You no longer have to give sex to please a man.

You just have to be authentic, open, responsive and be OK with being as alive as you’re brave enough to be.

Instead of becoming preoccupied with your feeling of being pressured to have sex, reveal your true self, slowly but surely. A good man will respect that.

For the sake of the connection, let yourself embody high value vulnerability, before you try to become a sex goddess.

Remember that if you lead with sex, your relationships with men will often end in sex. Not commitment.

Also, when you do feel pressure, figure out where that feeling of being pressured is coming from.

Is it from your own way of seeing men?

Or is it because a man really does just want to push you for sex because he is silly enough to think you’re an easy woman?

Men rely on you (a woman) to control the ease of which you have sex with them.

It’s like men with lots of money showering gifts upon you on the first date. What the hell?

No matter how ‘nice’ it seems on the surface, it’s still inappropriate and uncalibrated!

It’s also totally out of sync with where your relationship is at.

You may keep the gifts he gives, but ultimately, do they mean anything to you?

No chance. They mean nothing other than an ego boost. Because he threw his money at you for his own feeling of self worth, and you haven’t done anything to earn his gradual commitment or affections.

(Don’t forget that men who shower you with gifts and love too early like this have a label to them, a “name” if you will. They are one of the biggest red flags in dating.)

You’ve seen this happen. Even on YouTube – the awkwardness of an over the top fancy proposal to a woman who doesn’t want to marry him.

The awkwardness of us being bought tonnes of gifts – flowers, jewellery, and yet he’s an absent man.

It all means nothing when you don’t earn it or when the relationship doesn’t naturally progress to that place.

The same goes with sex; it’s meant to be sacred, and men rely on you to keep it that way.

OK. That’s all from me.

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I’m married 17 years. Told him recently that I’m no longer interested in sex. Not him, just hormonal. I’m 50. He’s 44 and He wasn’t happy. Kept going on about how we used to be. Talked about a divorce if I wasn’t into him or sex anymore. I’m now being ‘open’ as you say he’s still pushing for sex.


I really needed to read this source of information at this point in my life and not because anyone is pushing me for sex — far from it. It could take many more years to be open sexually with the right man, well beyond the last six year’s of being closed off in that respect. I’m sensing that all this will be applicable in many years to come from this point. Although, being influenced by the opposite sex in recent time has openned me up to reading this article in a different way than prior to reading this now. When… Read more »


Great article again! What really bugs me is when a man is ‘pushing’ fee sex way too soon. Some do it even before meeting. And I know they want sex as a way to connect with the woman it is not only about the deed! Yet they push their expectation way too soon. I always tell them what they expect is same as me wanting commitment from the get go. I banter telling them: ow but I understand, what about bringing our engagement ring on our first meet up? 😂 In all honesty with the right person where the connection… Read more »

Reply to  Rose

You pay for your own portion of the dates and then take your time in getting to know him, an honest man would have zero problem with that. Men feel taken advatagen of when women use men to pay for the dates and then reject them. You cant expect exclusive rights to his body , yup he earns those money using his body and say he cant have it, thats a double standard.


so true honey <3


Really beautiful! Yes. I actually will allow a man into my opening process towards sex. Meaning, I do not see the situation as not having sex versus having sex when Im dating a new man. Rather its a slow opening toward. And I actually bring him into my feeling experience of “deciding”. Its hard to describe. Ill try. It begins with feeling, then reflecting on if I would. I start to do this privately, on my own. Soon, I do expect he will make an intense push or expression of his interest. I welcome this!! Though Im usually not ready… Read more »


I find the idea of being owned by a masculine man so alluring. I was always attracted to masculine energy men. I just never knew what it was. Thank you for exploring this topic and knowing its quite natural to want to feel the way I do Renee! X


This article made me cry deeply. I do understand what you are telling! Most men want more than just sex. And yes I want to surrender to a man, be owned… I feel it is an ingrained feeling and desire in me. Only thing is I have fear, fear of surrendering to a man that is not willing to make me feel safe. Right now I struggle a lot in finding that balance to open up enough yet to keep cautious. I just wa’t to feel a man can provide a safe place for me so I can surrender to… Read more »


Hahaha men have sex for connection and love? Ridiculous! Men have sex so they can fulfill their primal needs, they are perfectly capable of having sex without emotions. If it was for connection, then they’d fall in love with every one night stand they have. They also wouldn’t rape. That said, women should look for a man who respects them. Men expect that they will have regular sex with the woman they marry but they completely forget that once a woman gives birth, sex goes out of the window. She’ll be in too much pain and too loose to have… Read more »

Reply to  Sandy

Not true Sandy, you dont have authority on how men feel, unless you are a man. Men almost never claim how women feel because we trust you. Men are wired to protect and provide her mate, its a biology. Yes there are selfishmen as much as there are selfish women but lets take some blame on ourselves for picking wrong people.


Wtf? Man wants to own a women and women wants to be owned!! In which century are you living? Sorry to say but your article projected women as week creatures who cant take care of themselves .


My guy friend doesn’t have a problem with casual sex, blow jobs from different women or even handjobs-anything he can get. Then he goes and discusses it with other females or males in the ghetto. He has the “I’m stuck there” comment about a woman who gives sex to a lot of men in the community and he used to boldly go to her house and sleep there, play with her children, compliment her on her homemaking skills but used to refer to her as ‘nasty’ because she was promiscuous and he couldn’t get his share. When he began getting… Read more »


Trust is earned, no women can open up to a man who is clearly emotionally invested in his ex, flirting with other women or keeping her a secret. If men want women to open up they need to step up. Men use women for sex often and then discard them, and then wonder why women don’t trust them. Many women require emotional connection before investing sexually and that does not happen after this 3 date rule that some men have


I think you are correct, but men need to be open with women BEFORE we have sex with them. Having sex when there is a rift feels like a chore, it’s degrading. So if you want a woman to be open with you sexually, men, be open with her emotionally before you ask her to spread her legs for you. Having sex with a man that a woman is not connecting with emotionally, will not make the woman feel closer to you. It makes us feel used. Men may trick themselves into thinking that having sex means you are connecting.… Read more »

Jeanette Leisegang
Jeanette Leisegang
Reply to  Emily

You are so right, sex doesn’t create connection


I think when she says own I think she means in an emotional and mental sense. Men want to own a woman’s thoughts, focus and attention, same as women want to own theirs. This doesn’t mean you disrespect each other or control each other or treat each other any type of way, but that you show an openness and readiness to be in a relationship. Compassion, love, commitment, Harmony, loyalty. These are just a few of the traits an individual may want in a partner. Does it mean they own them? In the sense that they are at the forefront… Read more »


“Do I really have to say out loud that men want to own a woman and a woman wants her man to own her?” Wow. Really? Very dangerous game here. Wrong on many levels. Some good points in this article and the frankness is welcome. This is too basic in trying to make some good points it dives head long into some extremely dangerous mindsets. Openness does not equate to ownership. You can radiate without ever giving of yourself. You can share with out ever compromising your inner self. You are mixing physical desires, material needs with deeper concepts which… Read more »

Reply to  Guest

No, she’s right. She totally gets it. Shallow sex and deep meaningful sex are two different things.

Real deep meaningful sex requires giving yourself up. Surrender in the giving and surrender in the receiving. Most men want this; I know I do. When our woman closes to us it’s painful. Shallow sex is painful for a man who has already committed.

Trying to improve
Trying to improve

I dont agree with all of it. I’m a man and I don’t agree with all of it in a totally casual situation at least some men have feelings fall for her. Sex is very deep and personal for some men like I. We cant just have casual sex hangout with the person atleast some and feel nothing. I have pressured my gf’s for sex but I have never cheated and have mentioned my gf’s to woman. I dont agree with all of this and all men and woman can’t be lumped together. All men dont behave the same and… Read more »


True we cant lump everyone together, however biologically men are visually stimulated and ready for sex within seconds the emotional boding comes after for women its the opposite. So Renee is correct that when men push for sex they are actually seeking emotional commitment without even knowing it, again average honest men.


Hey I enjoyed the article and I agree with you. I don’t understand why everyone is mad in the comments. The stuff here is absolutely true. My ex and I had a bad relationship because I never trusted him. But my new relationship I didn’t trust him either but, this guy is way more open. So when I didn’t trust him he explained some things and was vulnerable. That actually made me respect him. He pressured me a lot for sex in the beginning like a lot. I said no of course and I wondered about him being a player.… Read more »


I stopped reading as soon as you mentioned men “owning” women. Not only did I stop reading, but it made me shut my legs in fear and it only deepened my rules about dating. DONT DO IT. now im sure I want to die alone, without ever dating a man or allowing one inside me.

Reply to  Alex

Feminism attacks us at foundational levels, teaches us not to trust, blocks our happiness.

I completely believe you, Alex. Femininity has been under sustained attack in the West for generations. Mothers no longer model it for their daughters.

Reply to  Alex

OR you can love someone and give him what he wants and get what you want in return.Is it that difficult?

Reply to  Alex

A woman only wants to be “owned” when she is in a very dangerous area/situation and believes that being known as “Big T’s woman” or whatever will make the other men leave her the hell alone. And if Big T is dangerous, violent, and scary enough, the other men will indeed leave her the hell alone. Not out of respect for her, not even because they see her as a human being (they don’t), but out of fear of what Big T will do if they take any liberties with his “property”.


Much of this may make sense but also comes across as highly offensive, as it rather upsets me. I hope you’re just speaking for yourself and a small group of “overanalyzing” women. If this is indeed true, than the same applies to women as well. But I never felt obligated that I must please a women sexually to hope she remains around. I just know physical intimacy is important to human beings and no one should feel sex has to be a chore or a necessity. However, there are situations as such and it goes both ways equally. It’s probably… Read more »


Renee – some day you will also be an older woman and you need to think a alot harder about bashing your future self. “…because older women tend to pour out their past baggage trash all over you – saying that men just want sex, and all that.” I am an older woman who was divorced last year and am now dating again. Not all men are the same. On dates I am respectful, express interest, behave like a lady. No bashing or even mention of past relationships, even of my ex-husband. Please refrain from bashing older women – we… Read more »


This article is an eye opener for me. It tells me why I am so dissatisfied in my marriage. My wife flirts with men all day long in her job where the general public is parading in and out of her office. As a man, I am a human being too. I want love, commitment, connection and yes, sex too. My wife is willing to occasionally let me have sex, but if I try to get too close to her emotionally, she insults me or starts a fight to gain distance. Yes, I have talked, talked and talked. When I… Read more »

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