How to be More Confident With Men Right Now

I know sometimes relationships and dating with men is scary.

In your career you have so much more control, and with friends, if something doesn’t go right – you will eventually find more friends.

But in an intimate relationship with a man, rejection can feel like death. In an intimate relationship with a man, if you open yourself up, he could leave or take advantage of you.

At least it feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

That’s because as humans we are wired to seek out a mate to pass on our genes.

We’re wired to seek resources and have our children be taken care of. So we get very invested when we love or are in love with someone. To lose such a relationship feels like you might as well die, at times.

Rejection – though we don’t want to think about it consciously, is another reminder that we may not pass on our genes.

At least it is to our subconscious mind. And it’s another reminder that we might not get to experience that thing that we all want: LOVE.

How to be More Confident

Confidence is critical to your success with men

This is why confidence is crucial to your happiness and security in a relationship.

I hear from far too many women that they aren’t confident in their love life – or that they just cannot find confidence when it comes to men.

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What could be worse than feeling like that?

Honestly, what could be worse than feeling like you’re not enough?

That feeling where no matter what you do, it’s never enough?

Ok, so a lot could be worse than feeling like that. But too many people feel this way, without realizing the true cost of that in their life.

And I don’t believe you deserve to feel NOT confident, so I’m going to give you tips to build the confidence you need to have with a man.

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Don’t let your lack of confidence kill your relationship with a man

If you take what I’m about to teach you about HOW to become more confident with men and use it, you’ll start to feel more love from the man you’re with.

And if you’re single, you’ll start to see more men wanting to ask you out and take you out.

See, if you don’t have confidence, you are basically ruining your chances of being loved and cared for fully by a man that you want.

Here’s a good video by D.Shen (my hubby) on the only thing you need to be confident for the rest of your life!

Without confidence, you increase your chances of being left by a man, you increase your chances of being cheated on, and the likelihood of a relationship failing is high.

I know that sounds kind of dramatic, and it seems like a downer to think that you have to be confident to get the love that you want.

Like, why can’t you just be down sometimes and still be loved, right? Well, it’s not as much of a downer as you think.

The reason is because, being confident is really about giving to YOURSELF first. And if you’re not giving to yourself first, then you cannot possibly give to a man.

It’s not about being confident so that other people can love you more and admire you more. It’s about gifting yourself with confidence so that you can approach your love life with more to bring to the table.

Of course, you can definitely be down, feel out of control, and be vulnerable whilst still keeping a quality relationship. But these things are independent of being confident.

All confident people feel vulnerable and out of control at times. That’s ok. That’s part of the beauty of being alive, of being a real woman.

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Without Confidence Attraction dies off, and the Relationship Dies off

The reason a lack of confidence is such a relationship-killer, and an attraction killer is because of two main reasons:

  1. Lacking confidence makes you lose attunement with people, because you tend to zone out, “check out”, or disengage. When you disengage, you become unable to create emotional attraction, let alone feel it for yourself.
  2. When you’re not confident, you usually act from a place within yourself that takes value from other people. When you lack confidence, you become less able to ask for what you want and to work for what you want.

Consequently, you tend to act from a place within yourself that sucks life, energy and resources from other people’s lives without even knowing it.

A lack of Confidence in Yourself Leads to You Sucking Value from a Man

When you’re not confident, when you’re insecure; you tend to look externally to others for reasons to feel good about yourself.

And nobody wants to always be dealing with the problems of a partner who has no confidence! A little bit is OK; if that person loves you. It’s OK to be needy sometimes!

If you have a great lover, then for a little while, they may give you wings to fly.

But after a while, if you’re always taking, they will start to feel a little like: ‘screw that.’

Settling for being Insecure OVER Being Confident

Who really wants to be dealing with somebody who sucks life away from us? Life can be painful enough already.

So it’s CRITICAL that you give yourself the gift of feeling confident, and don’t just settle for thoughts like this:

“I’m insecure because of this thing my mum used to say to me…”

This doesn’t mean you can’t have bad moments. I want you to be able to have bad moments. I’d be upset for you if you were with a man who just up and left you the minute you had a bad moment.

It’s more about just realizing how your viewpoints and actions affect a man, how it affects his quality of life, and how it ultimately affects the way MEN treat you.

(Read my article about mistakes women make with men)

The fake confidence of ‘pretending’ everything is ‘OK’

There’s nothing more inauthentic than pretending to have it altogether, or pretending that you have no fears…

A lot of women (without knowing it), try to become more confident with a man and in doing so, they subconsciously start thinking that they have to pretend everything is ‘OK’.

They think that they have to ‘have it together’ all the time.

No, no no. This is called invulnerability. It shows that you are incapable of showing vulnerability and that is one of the traits you want to avoid if you ever want to find a quality boyfriend.

A PART of being confident is acknowledging that you are scared as hell, a part of confidence is knowing that fears are a part of life, and a part of being confident is being OK with the fact that you have insecurities.

It’s when you constantly suck value from other people and use ‘I’m insecure’ as an excuse for sucking value from people that it gets hard for a man.

There’s nothing wrong with actually feeling insecure, but there’s definitely a problem with it when you use it to keep a man tethered to you.

In my report of the 7 signs a woman is low value in the eyes of men, I actually discuss this and there’s a name for this behaviour: it’s called being a massive attention sinkhole.

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It only takes a man a few seconds to feel bad energy

…(from your lack of confidence).

If you’re just dating: it only takes him one date (or one second!) to feel your bad energy coming from your lack of confidence. Maybe that’s why he didn’t call back?

Does this all make sense?

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I’ll give you an example of how a lack of confidence can make you project a bad energy to men.

Scenario 1:

You sit down with a man over dinner, and you’re having a great conversation. At some point, you admit to him that relationships are scary, and you have fears.

But that you love and enjoy opening yourself up to a man too much to focus on your fears.

Scenario 2:

You sit down with a man, and try to act like you’re not scared. 

You mull over almost every little thing you say to work out whether it was the right or wrong thing to say. 

And, you analyze everything he does and try to do things to make him like you.

Which do you think adds more value to his life?

Which do you think would more likely inspire him want to be with you?

In both scenarios, you have the same fears – Let me get this straight.

Your fears are still the same. Ultimately, fears are all the same.

The fear is that you’re not adequate, and that you won’t get love. Whether you make this fear out to be that you’re ‘just shy’, or that ‘you’ve never had any luck with men’.

We all have this fear. It’s not just you.

And often enough, we may go through a time where we think ‘I’m not afraid of anything anymore!’ and then of course, life goes on, and yet again you reach a point where your fears are triggered.

If your fears aren’t ever triggered, and you never push through them; you’re not growing, you’re just dying.

You may try to act ‘cool’ and like the kind of woman who never complains and is never disappointed. But the fears are still there.

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Shifting the focus….

Shift your thoughts for a minute from interacting with a man to just friendship.

What about with a friend?

What is more valuable to YOU as a friend?

  1. The girlfriend who ‘seems’ confident and self-assured; who never really opens up to you but is always chasing attention from men, popularity and sex. Ie: she fakes confidence by never opening up and admitting she has fears; or..
  2. The girlfriend who is actually willing to connect with you and acknowledge that she has fears?

Again, part of being confident is in being OK with your own fears, and not judging yourself for it. 

So, which girlfriend earns your trust, really?

Which girlfriend are you more likely to VALUE in your life?

Which one of these girlfriends are you more likely to want GIVE to?

It’s the same principal with having a relationship with a man.

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Authenticity gives a Man a chance to feel safe with you

…And to take care of you.

See, the difference between scenario 1 and 2 above is that in scenario 2, you add VALUE to the man’s life, because you’re ‘OK’ with your fears, and that in turn makes things far easier for HIM to deal with.

Why? Because you’re being authentic.

He can, in turn, actually have the chance to take care of you! HE can in turn, feel safe with you! 


Because you’re not acting from a place of fear, so you don’t trigger HIS fears. Know what I’m saying?

Oh yes HE has fears too! Even the most attractive, successful men and women have the same fears as you.

We all have fears.

They’re NOT going away.

You can work with the fears – you can quiet the fearful voice.

But fears will always exist. They’re resilient buggers!

So, in thinking about the second scenario, it’d probably be more fulfilling to sit at home with your pot plant because you’re constantly trying to validate yourself externally.

This is what a lack of confidence does to you – you end up constantly trying to control everything; rather than just being able to relax and make things happen in your love life.

As D.Shen said in his video above, confidence isn’t about trying to control everything. Rather, it’s about knowing you have value to bring to the metaphorical table.

If you’re not even OK with your own fears – if you can’t even forgive yourself, how can a MAN trust you in a relationship?

How can he feel safe enough with you to actually pursue a relationship with you, if you act like the woman in the second scenario?

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The Secret to REAL Confidence with Men

Real confidence is not necessarily those women who are all ‘out there’, popular, willing to wear sexy clothes and ‘willing to speak their minds’.

Real confidence is in knowing that you have value to give EVEN WHEN you feel at your lowest!

And with a man, that’s certainly true. So now the new questions arise…

How do you know if what you’re doing is not going to turn him off?

How do you know if what you’re doing will keep him IN the relationship with you?

What do you do if you feel like you are hanging on every word a man says, or every action he takes, and that this dictates how happy you will feel that day?

How do you get the confidence to be yourself without fearing that he’ll get angry, leave you, or judge you?

Well, you cannot possibly know that everything you are doing is going to be the right thing to do to get what you want from him EVERY TIME.

(He’s a human being, and not always predictable, not like a TV remote where you can press the channel and the right channel automatically comes on!),

But you CAN have certainty within yourself to the extent that what you’re doing is the best you can do at the time.

And having this CERTAINTY within yourself will allow you to be able to handle every upset that happens in your dating life, and in your relationship, because you’re no longer coming from a place of fear.

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There Are 7 Common Signs That A Woman is Perceived as Low Value to All Men. CLICK HERE to find out what they are.

Having Confidence allows you to bounce back from relationship and dating upsets…

And ever better – when you have that certainty (which is really just confidence) – you will be able to bounce back from relationship upsets much faster.

Moreover, you’ll actually be able to repair the bond with a man and make it far stronger than it was to start with!

A woman who is not confident cannot do this, because when you’re not confident you usually make TERRIBLE decisions.

Yet decisions made from a place of confidence are usually the decisions you thank yourself for.

Action steps to start feeling confident…

Step 1: MAKE yourself DO something.

Make yourself do new and uncomfortable things – and then keep getting better and better at them. Master something new.

Do that thing you said you always were going to ‘get around to’ doing. 

Was it a dance class? A gym membership? Was it taking up a new course?

Just mastering some new concept? Or taking up rowing or something fancy like that.

Why? And how is this going to help? Because doing new things is UNCOMFORTABLE.

You don’t build confidence by doing what was comfortable the day before today, and continue doing that the rest of your life.

That will get you death (less and less confidence – to the point where you’re scared to even leave the house!).

You’ll make it in life, if you live this way. You’ll get to the end of your years, but probably would have been miserable and lacking in confidence most of the time.

Once you start to make yourself DO something, you’ll start to feel more certain in your worth, partly because you’ve changed your physiology.

Making yourself get out of the house or the office and doing something uncomfortable has a far reaching effect on your physical body, which also affects your thought process, your mood and how you treat men.

When you repeatedly put yourself in a place that is uncomfortable, and you stop running on habit all the time; you start to build emotional and physical muscle that adds to your feeling of confidence.

Ultimately, that adds to your ability to start and maintain a passionate relationship with a man, where there’s a strong bond and plenty of emotional attraction.

This is because you are now actively doing something different than what you did the day before.

Confidence is built through doing things that are inconvenient, uncomfortable and scary.

So do it. Pick one thing and do it TODAY.

I do this all the time. I spent some years justifying to myself why I could just sit at home, avoiding social situations, and not learning or doing new things. I was being a loser, really.

Thought I was somewhat cool but really, I was just scared.

I still did ALL the things I’d always done – which were; run a lot; keep up physical fitness, study my Law degree.

But in all other areas of my life (my friendships, my relationship), I was totally not confident; simply because though I had achieved a lot, I was still just doing what I’d always done – and over time, what was once HARD, was now easy.

So I wasn’t growing.

And then I decided. I made a decision to take on dance, to take an expensive (and results- oriented personal growth seminar) and commit to it.

And I can tell you, the emotional state I was in at times made it very hard to continue on with that commitment.

For example, I am someone who has grown up being told that dancing is BAD and that I shouldn’t do it – that it was bad to do things that would ‘seduce’ men or make me ‘feel sexy’.

In fact, I was punished for doing these things. So, beginning dancing with a room full of women who had danced before while I hadn’t – sometimes I pressed on in those dance classes with tears in my eyes.

But afterwards, I was on top of the world. And NOW – that on top of the wold feeling has STUCK with me, because I continue to make myself do things that are uncomfortable. 

And that on top of the world feeling I got from doing what was uncomfortable transferred to my love life.

I had the RESOURCES to bring more love, excitement, passion and femininity to my relationship.

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Step 2: Notice the words you habitually use to describe yourself

When it comes to dating or your relationship, and if those words totally suck, replace them with new words.

For example, do you often like to remind yourself and other people that you are ‘shy’? And because of this reason, you can’t find love, meet men or get them to approach you?

Well, you’re not shy, you’re scared.

Notice how ‘agreeable’ and ‘under the radar’ that word “shy” is?

No one can be on your back for being shy. That’s why it’s a great word to use to keep justifying why you are having no luck with men. Because people will more like be like ‘oh, poor you! You’re shy!’

So, you’re not SHY.

You’re scared.

Don’t be afraid to tell yourself that.

That’s ALL that it is. You’re fearful, you’re scared, you’re jittery, you are afraid that you won’t be loved and accepted.

Shy is just a glossy word for fear.

So start replacing the old words you use to describe yourself with ‘I’m scared’.

How will THIS help?

It will help by forcing you to see it as it is. Not just lying to yourself and telling yourself a bunch of fluff.

You’re giving yourself a great gift by doing this, because you then get to decide if you want to move forward.

The words you use to describe yourself are powerful.

Words are one of the most powerful things us humans use in our lives, and we can either use them to create a change or use them to lower the quality of our own lives (in this case, your love life).

Using the word FEAR will put you in an uncomfortable place that forces you to not turn back! And to make something happen in your love life!

You know people who like to say ‘Oh I’m not smart enough to do that!!’

No, they’re just scared. We can all be smart enough if we care about it enough.

So these are the steps I want you to take right now…

Steps To Be 5 times more confident Today:

  1. 1: call up a friend, or sit down and speak to your mom or a family member. TELL them you’re scared. Sit them down and say: ‘hey, you know, I’ve been thinking….I often think I’m lacking confidence, but the truth is…I’ve been lying to myself, because the truth is that I’m just scared. I’m scared as hell that I’ll be rejected. I’m scared that I will be hurt.’
  2. Force yourself to actually verbalize the TRUTH. Tell that person that you are OK with being scared, and that you will do something new so that the ‘fearful’ voice starts to go away.

    Ask this friend or your family member to HOLD you to your decision (the decision you made above) to make yourself do something UNCOMFORTABLE and challenging.

    Tell them exactly what you need to do in your life so that you can stop approaching your love life with fear, and start gaining confidence. This will all help immediately to get you on your journey to developing that inner certainty that will also transfer to your love life.

Here’s the bottom line:

Confidence in one area of your life breeds confidence in other areas of you life, too!

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Lots of love to you – have fun with it, and tell me how you go.

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renee wade what to do when he doesn't call

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Chii .
Chii .

Hi Renee,

First of all, thank you for the great article! It definitely opened my eyes to a lot of the “fearful” things I have been doing all along, but neglected to admit. I do have a small question though. You mentioned that “Real confidence is knowing your worth – it’s knowing that you have value to give EVEN WHEN you feel at your lowest!” so I was wondering how would one give value even when they are at their lowest? What are some examples that one could give in those situation?

Much love,


no one would ever say that behind that gentle, innocent face there is an such intelligent woman you are. You really are the embodiment of what you’re saying. All respect.God for all people, Rene for women 🙂


Dear Renee,

This post is amazing, as all your posts !!!

You have such a maturity, all what you say is incredibly
true and thougth-provoking. You are really very gifted and inspiring
for us young women.

With love,



“Real confidence is not necessarily those women who are all ‘out there’, ’popular’, willing to wear sexy clothes and ‘willing to speak their minds’.” I really appreciate this part of your article because not everyone in this world is “popular” (I like how you put it in quotes lol) and naturally “willing to speak their minds”, funny, witty, wants to be ok with sex anytime anywhere etc. Renee, you’re one of the few who deliver advice who don’t say you have to be all these things to attract a man. We all have a playful side in us. But if… Read more »

Reply to  Anais

Also it’s really annoying when people think I’m “shy” socially. I’m not shy with most people. And it’s true, I’m scared and need to develop more confidence with men so I can apply all that I’ve learned about how to interact with them (and apply everything I tell other women to do). On the flip side, it’s also irritates me when people mistake me for “shy” just because I’m more introverted…which is my natural state of being. That’s why I embrace your thoughts about being “out there” and “speak their minds” not defining confidence. I appreciate having time to myself… Read more »

Super Janice
Super Janice
Reply to  Anais

1) Is Renee extroverted?
2) Does Renee assumes that all feminine women are extroverted because CONNECTION IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE FEMININE?

Renee Wade
Reply to  Super Janice

Yeah sure, of course all women are extroverted. I mean, didn’t you know it?

I hope you recognise sarcasm when you see it.

Super Janice
Super Janice
Reply to  Renee Wade

Sarcasm? Marilyn Monroe insists that she is at home alone, so does Audrey Hepburn.

Monroe: “I restore myself when I’m alone.”
Audrey Hepburn: The late actress was quoted as saying that her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was her biggest challenge: “I’m an introvert. Playing the extroverted girl was the hardest thing I ever did,” she said.

Super Janice
Super Janice
Reply to  Renee Wade

THANK YOU for telling me to recognise sarcasm. If not, I will only recognise ANGER when I see it! I didn’t know all women are extroverted because: Emma Watson, the actress famous for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, finds it awkward when people praise her for not wanting to go out and party because that’s who she innately is. “It’s interesting, because people say things to me like, ‘It’s really cool that you don’t go out and get drunk all the time and go to clubs,’ and I’m just like, I mean, I appreciate that, but I’m… Read more »

Super Janice
Super Janice
Reply to  Anais

I am annoyed when people mistype me as an introvert. I am an extrovert, particularly ESTJ.


A very informative read as always! I appreciate the time and effort gone into building this blog, especially from Renee’s point of veiw which I appreciate it as a woman. Well firstly I would like to add that to often in life, people can become all to good at placing conditions on themselves, such as I must become X, Y and Z before I can be loved for who I am. Partly this is to do with the media exploting man kinds vunerbilites, which is a sad thing to say the least. We can only do the best with the… Read more »

Reply to  Holly

yes, I’m entitled to make mistakes and say no if I’m unhappy or disagree with something .

NO to the rest of the world because I’m nobody’s slave, I owe nobody else a favour and NO I’m NO T perfect or neither do I have the intention to be, so from now on I say NO and decline being WV everybody eked person other than my own.

The best thing that a person can do is visualize themselves a price worth winning and set personal standards and boundaries.


AMAZING! You absolutely hit the point! Omg, no one would express better what I am going through. I am scared, I was scared! THANK YOU RENEE!


This Article TRULY turned my Life around & I wanted to let you know, how much of a Inspiration this was to me!!! THANK YOU!!! This guy I’m seeing made this little comment to me “your showing alittle bit of lack of self confidence & that can be a turn off” – I looked up info on the internet & this article popped up & was the answer to ALL MY questions!!!! I lack the just letting things be & ask way too many questions (in my head I just want to know where things stand) where to the guy… Read more »

Renee Wade
Renee Wade
Reply to  ellejae

You’re most welcome, Ellejae 🙂 Thank You for taking in the information and using it! xox


Iv’e always been the more confident type. It wasn’t that hard for me to be who I am, until i met this guy. We liked each other from a distance for a couple months. Finally, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we were both happy. But,after a month of dating him, I am still not feeling that confident with myself. Im just really shy around him and its not going to work out. My thought are to END the relationship and start over as friends, so i can be more comfortable. I can feel this guy slipping away,… Read more »

Reply to  Mikayla

I find that notion of breaking up with someone just because he MIGHT break up first bizarre. Does he do anything to “make you feel” insecure, although obviously true only person who can make you feel like that is yourself.


After reading your article things started to come into play for me. I always say I am shy when it comes to guys. I have this lack of confidence when dating or in a relationship. I am always wondering if he wants to take things to the next level with me or always finding reasons why he would not want to be with me. I would love to get married one day and have a family but I need to get over this “shyness” that I keep pounding in my head. I really enjoyed this article and I want to… Read more »


Wow. This really hit home with me. Holding myself back because of fear. Looking back in my life I see times that I got out, did what I wanted and I was so much more fulfilled, more confident. I had men falling over themselves to date me…Then the last few years where I allowed myself to stay at home, turn down invites to go out with friends, not doing all the things I said I was going to do, no dates, no men, no LIFE. How did that happen, I don’t know. Fear took over. The longer you allow it… Read more »

Reply to  Brianne

Well I’ve signed up for guitar lessons, they start on Tuesday! And today I did something I thought I’d NEVER do! I posed for my maternity photo’s in the nude. Now ladies before you judge, let me just say if you ever wanted to become comfortable with your body this is the quickest way to do that. Celebrating the female body in an artistic way! (They are very tasteful and you can’t see anything.) I can’t believe how empowered I feel. I may never show them to anyone, that wasn’t the point. The point was to take your advice Renee,… Read more »


Hi Renee

Love this article, your advice is very helpful 🙂



Renee, I just love that you cover the word “shy” here. It’s so true! For years I called myself “shy” (which kind of just evolved from kids calling me shy when I was little) – and it took me until just recently to realize that all I’ve been is scared. So once I acknowledged the fear and where it comes from, it’s been important to me to change the way I talk to myself – and about myself – around other people. I no longer even use the word “shy”, which is a big improvement for me. Great post all… Read more »

Jason Fonceca
Reply to  Tanya

You’re definitely *out there* now, Tanya, no fear 🙂 Keep rockin’!


Hi Renee, My lack of Confidence has already killed my relationship with the love of my life. I was always doubting him and let his mood affect mine. When he was upset i would think it was because of me. Not good. I’ve started doing new things and living instead of not. Do you think I can get this man back?

Jason Fonceca
Reply to  Becka

Hi Becka! Whatever happens, I just want to appreciate your attitude. Honest and focused on solutions. I love seeing people relate and grow *together*, and it feels like your heart is in it. Whatever happens, good for you!

Also, I find Renee’s perspectives to be some of the most powerful and refreshing on the net. You’re in good hands.

Reply to  Jason Fonceca

Jason! Fancy seeing you here. 😀 It’s no wonder your name sounded familiar to me, you must be in even more places on the net I’ve been, ha. You’re so right about Renee, her content and programs have changed my life.

Jason Fonceca
Reply to  Tanya

So glad you noticed Tanya 🙂

I am EVERYWHERE. Believe it.

I’m focused, I’m passionate, and I’m inspired by people like my hometown superstar…

“And if I don’t do nothing, I’mma ball.
I’m counting all day like a clock on the wall.” – Drake, Underground Kings

He collaborates and engages… *everyone* 😉

Let’s be honest though, Renee attracts people like us — it just makes sense we’d connect here 😀

(you rock Renee!)


Hey Renee! Enjoyed reading this article! Still need to work on my confidence. I noticed I’m a lot more afraid of men than I am of women. Think it’s due to bad experiences. Each time my exes left me, they met someone shortly after and fell hard for them. What made it worse was that both my exes said and their gfs implied (one even said she was better than me because she was marrying my ex) that they were better than me, rubbing it in my face. And it really shut me down. Add to that the other things… Read more »

zigma pluto
zigma pluto

Dear Renee I am speechless. I do not need to print this article out, or make notes from it, as I always do, or even read it twice. Every word you say went right through my soul. Every word rings true. It felt like, the quiet inner voice inside of me, that speaks to me, to go on, is now speaking through you, loud and clear, and there is no hiding away from it now. I could actually feel the gears shifting inside of me , as I was reading your article.This time, I did not decide to do this… Read more »

Jason Fonceca
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Beautiful sharing Zigma. And I *love* Dr. Hew Len, fantastic work, and I’m thrilled that Joe Vitale passionately spread it to the world through his book Zero Limits.

zigma pluto
zigma pluto
Reply to  Jason Fonceca

Hi Jason. Yes, I have read the book and seen all the video interviews of Dr Hew Len on you tube.His philosophy is pretty neat, though hard to follow at times.

Jason Fonceca
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Awesome Zigma! If you enjoy Dr. Hew Len, and would like an ‘easier to swallow’ perspective on the same subject, you may enjoy Abraham-Hicks:

I love spreading the good word 🙂

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Hey Zigma, you made my morning. I just made myself some tea, sat down and read your comment and I am SO happy you are taking this action.

And, yes, like you say, there is resistance to change and it will come up; closer to your exam – and this is when you have to really just get up and do it.

Would you regret not doing this, looking back in ten years time? 🙂 If so, then it’s a must.

zigma pluto
zigma pluto
Reply to  Renee

Hi Renee, its all happening thanks to you. Yes, I will surely regret in future not taking action now. Now I have made my decision and do hold me accountable to it!


Thank you very much Renee.Am a very shy person but after reading dis article,am now very bold and a confident lady.I believe i can attract a wonderful man in my life.God bless u Renee.I love u


COOOLLLLLLLl! That was a really wonderful article Renee. You’re deffinitly right.
I ‘ve started some new things to do and I feel the same way you mentioned but It’s not
enough ,
Thank you for the guide to be confident .I myself haven’t been taught to
be confidwnt in life let alon in relationships.but your article was like a treasure for me.
I love you .


This is right on and very much needed. Thank you.

Jason Fonceca

Woohoo! Like attracts like! And thanks for noticing/acknowledging, I appreciate it. It feels like you’re building and expanding a fantastic community, I love it 🙂


Bam! ..and she hits the nail on the head again! Such an amazing read Renee, my hand is actually sore right now from taking so many notes! Funny as it sounds, this article helped me realise the meaning of ‘authenticity’ and being honest with yourself. Telling people you’re scared but ok with it? My consciousness never even thought of that! And boy, reading Scenario 2 was scarily familiar. In my relationships I’ve always put my happiness onto the back of others and searched for it externally. I tried to control everything and yes, my happiness that day was dictated by… Read more »

Reply to  Yas

🙂 Thank You Yas! It can be hard to learn from painful relationship experiences; sometimes it’s all too easy just to keep beating yourself up about your past mistakes, but really, that isn’t learning.

How are you human if you’re not making mistakes and constantly growing and learning from them. 🙂

Lots of love.

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