How to Deal With Jealous Women in Your LIfe

A more physically ‘perfect’ or glamorous woman needn’t always cause jealousy or envy among other women.

But a beautiful, feminine woman can cause enormous jealousy.

If you’ve always been a beautiful and feminine woman, you would have experienced countless jealous looks and perhaps even jealous schemes, engineered by other women.

It’s everywhere. And you can be a plain Jane and cause this jealous stir among other women, because you have something other women feel they do not; the amazing and mysterious force of femininity.

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jealous women

Where Can You Come Across Jealous & Envious Women?

Jealous and envious women can be women on the street whom you don’t know, or even a jealous friend or friends, in the form of ‘frenemies’.

(A frenemy is a friend who seems like a friend, and other times seems to want the worst for you.) 

Good looks do not keep a man. Every woman knows this deep down.

And a physically gorgeous woman; even a famous woman crowned the most beautiful woman in the world, cannot have it all.

Take Halle Berry for example, having been cheated on or left by every man she’s been with.

Take Marilyn Monroe, who died way before she should have.

Take Elle Macpherson, who in her 40s still has gorgeous looks, and yet she hasn’t held or kept a man.

Take for example the large number of famous women who have committed suicide or died of some sort of drug overdose.

No amount of beautiful looks or fame will fulfill a woman. You can be the most beautiful woman on earth, and still feel unloved.

But when a woman is truly feminine and high value, she tends to never, ever be short of men in her life if she’s single.

It’s the feminine and high value women who tend to make men fall in love them. Find out why in this article “2 Traits Of Women That Men Routinely Fall In Love With.”

Even if a woman is taken, she may find it hard to fight off her man’s adoring, admiring affections even if she wanted to.

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Intra-Sexual Competition & Envious Women Are Ubiquitous

Enter the concept called intra-sexual competition among women.

(I’m sure as a woman, you’re familiar with this, right?)

Where there’s competition, there’s envy and jealousy. Because the emotions of envy and jealousy are an evolutionary tool that signals to us that we are faring worse than a rival is, and need to be more competitive.

(In fact, as distasteful as women’s behaviour can be when they feel jealous or envious, these emotions are not only necessary, but ubiquitous too. Find out more about why this is the case in this research conducted by David Buss.)

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Jealousy on Fire

More often than not, a loving, devoted and amazing man in another woman’s life will cause jealousy on fire in some other women.

Also, even if a feminine woman is single, other women can still hate her.

For no reason other than the fact that this woman has something that they feel is out of reach for them.

(Something like true feminine radiance and consequently, value to men!)

Which is one of the ultimate attractors of masculine men.

Every woman can achieve true femininity, but not every woman does.

In fact, women who are jealous are often not even really aware of what this other woman has that she doesn’t.

All she knows is that she wants what she’s got, deep down.

Feminine women attract male attention. Feminine women can have the pick of the bunch, and yes, feminine women CAN have it all.

Because true femininity is radiant and gives love. It is love and it is a force for life.

Feminine energy is adored by men who are masculine at their core (most men), and regardless of her looks, a woman like this may still get the pick of the bunch.

Throughout the course of your life, (if you embrace your feminine sexual core), you will most definitely encounter a trail of hateful and angry women, regardless of your age.

Jealousy isn’t just incited in other women only when you’re young and beautiful. It occurs simply if you are beautiful.

And femininity is beautiful. Men will jump hoops to protect it, love it, embrace it and chase it.

Jealous women may just give you a nasty look, a hateful sideways glance, and if you’re lucky, they may bitch about you behind your back.

If you’re unlucky, jealous women will go out of their way to bring you down.

And in this heavily masculine ambition driven society, there are plenty of them. Because women suppress their feminine energy to get things done, and to conform.

So they don’t often get what they truly want to experience. Which is love.

Many Women Envy Other Women With Love In Their Lives

Ultimately, we’re all looking for a feeling, and more often than not, most women want to fill up with love and to give love.

Very masculine women don’t tend to attract this in to their lives. So if you are feminine, you’ll have something that they feel they are missing out on, yet don’t quite know what it is or how to achieve it.

And life is unfair to start with. So we don’t all have the same opportunities.

We’re not all born with stunning looks, and we’re not all given the requisite knowledge to live happy, fulfilling lives and to enjoy enriching and fulfilling intimate relationships and marriages.

Now if you’re a very feminine woman, you will most likely not feel a great deal of jealousy if you see another beautiful woman who is truly happy.

In fact, you’ll most likely be really happy for her and want to revel in this happiness with her. Even if you do not have it yourself! This may be because you feel you too, can have what she has.

You are a rare creature 🙂 not all women can revel in the good fortune of another woman.

If you are the kind of woman who feels guilty being in the spotlight, then even though you enjoy being feminine, you may find it hard to fully enjoy it without feeling bad about taking away the spotlight from other women.

Never dull your femininity to make other women feel like they are enough.

There’s a reason why anti-feminists often say that it is unattractive women who instigated the first and subsequent waves of feminist movements.

Consider this video if you’re curious about why some feminists may avoid the concept of becoming more feminine.

And unattractive is not purely physical. I believe a woman can actually change her looks and become uglier on the outside through her internal thought processes.

One way in which you can deal with jealousy is by befriending the jealous woman and leading her to feel more confident in herself.

By being more giving to her, you build HER confidence by giving her reasons to feel loved and accepted.

That will bring out a different side to her.

And, you can show other women who are less confident that they can have, and deserve to have everything that they want and need.

However, there are times when women just don’t want to change or feel truly great about themselves. In these cases, you’ve just got to do some serious ‘pattern-breaking’; breaking of their patterns/habits!

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How to deal with jealous women

If you find yourself in a situation in which you are surrounded by oppressive women who you can sense are not only talking about you behind your back, but actively do things behind your back to bring you down, it’s time to take action.

Because you cannot let women like this walk all over you. A woman still has to be able to put her foot down when it is needed. (read my article about passive, aggressive and difficult women)

You may believe that a feminine woman should just stay quiet and perhaps just sacrifice her own needs to avoid being around these women. Not true.

I have said before that a feminine woman needs to be multi dimensional.

She needs to have dark femininity as well as light femininity. And this is a situation in which you need to go in to a different mode to stand up to women like this.

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A story: She Was So Jealous, she Abused Me

I’ll give you an example. In my own life, I’ve experienced being in a workplace full of women several times.

More than a decade ago, I was working as a perfume ambassador. Whilst in some places, women in this type of occupation would be quite feminine (and there were a couple where I worked), there were a few very masculine and jealous women.

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On my first day, I encountered a young woman who also worked as a perfume ambassador, just for a different agent.

I adore people, so I cheerfully introduced myself and intended to make a friend. (Obviously this was before I noticed the energy she was putting out.)

She had no interest in befriending me. In fact, with a stone cold face, she immediately asserted herself as a manager.

She made her position sound higher than what it really was. Because I was new there, I was easy to fool.

We shall call her ‘B’.

So Jealous, She Became Oppressive

Immediately, B was asserting herself upon me and I was following her commands, although I actually wasn’t obligated to follower her commands.

But she was still very oppressive, and I made the mistake of getting stuck in a ‘master-servant’ type role with her, which was very uncomfortable.

B’s intentions showed up more when I needed her expertise to guide me to where to find items, where other products were located, etc.

She would never be concise and accurate. She was always deliberately vague, so much so that I had no idea where she was pointing me to.

She wanted me to keep asking her, and ultimately, look foolish.

I unfortunately let myself fall in to this role with her repeatedly.

(By the way, here are 10 Seemingly Harmless Signs Of A Toxic Relationship.)

She also knew I was never taught to use a register, and that it wasn’t a part of my job to be able to use one; yet she would tell me to put things through the register in front of a customer, and walk away without offering assistance.

During these incidents, I had to ask her repeatedly for directions and she would roll her eyes at me when I couldn’t follow her instructions.

I kept on with this situation because I didn’t really want to believe that she could be so deliberately manipulative.

Here is How To Stop Gaslighting In Relationships.

Jealous Of My Relationship With My Husband

I noticed also, that her behaviour got worse when my husband came to visit me at work.

He did this often, and was always very affectionate, protective and loving. He often picked me up from my shifts.

Sometimes he would bring me a drink or food for my lunch break, and other times he just came briefly, to see how I was.

I began to sense that every time he did come to see me, she would pull another woman aside, and talk about me and point at myself and David.

Over time, I noticed that the other women who I thought I had made friends with stopped wanting to talk to me.

I felt left out and excluded. I ended up in tears in the ladies’ room, and found it hard to work.

I found it hard to push on in this environment, and the energy was very bad.

One day her and another colleague were talking, and she confessed that she had never been on a date (she is 24, nearly 25) or had a man interested in her.

I felt bad for ‘B’, and thus continued indicating that I was still open to her, and open to befriending her in some way, as I am with most people.

Here are 6 Hidden Signs Someone Is Untrustworthy.

Until one day I met another colleague from a different department who told me how she was in tears one day after work because of the way ‘B’ had been treating her.

I was forced to acknowledge that ‘B’ was preying on seemingly ‘weaker’ and softer women, who were more feminine, and more vulnerable, as this new colleague I met was very feminine.

And this is the trouble with being a very feminine woman.

Whilst the majority of men will love you for it, and not want to hurt you in any way, there will be women who will want to put you down.

Women Are Different Around Other Very Feminine Women

Women, I find, tend to be different around other very feminine women.

I’ve met women who love this and feel at home with other feminine women, but I’ve also come across women who smell femininity from a mile away and proceed to trample all over it. I personally love women, and celebrate femininity.

You’re probably wondering how I ended up dealing with ‘B’.

Asserting Boundaries With A Jealous Woman

Remember when I mentioned that even as a gentle, soft and kind woman, you still have to have boundaries and a dark side to you?

Well, I asserted my boundaries.

One morning, I noticed that one woman whom had always been nice to me stopped talking to me completely and starting being very snarky.

I had a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with B.

So I took the liberty of confronting my friend and asked. Indeed, B had told her, among other things, a blatant lie about me.

So I went up to B and confronted her in front of every employee, stating to her that she shall come to me from now on, to tell things to my face, rather than telling fibs behind my back.

I proceeded to ask her why she was doing it.

(I hadn’t seen myself cause fear in another woman like this for a long time).

Yet, I had to do it to liberate myself and to show her that I wasn’t going to tolerate her behaviour.

The point of my story is to show that there are scenarios in which a feminine woman must assert herself and embrace her own direction.

You may cause a ruckus, but you will also be respected.

You may think you’re too confrontational or masculine for doing so, but you will have protected yourself, exactly as you should.

After all, if you don’t protect yourself from other women oppressing you and denigrating you, then who will?

It’s all part of being a dynamic and whole woman, who is able to bring out different sides of herself when it is needed. (read my article about light and dark feminine)

You need to use your dark femininity, or simply just your human assertiveness around other women.

Yes, sometimes, you have to become even more masculine than them, to bring justice to your own life.

When confronted with jealous women, or even other aggressive women who disrespect you or your womanliness, it is important to stand your ground, rather than shy away from it.

I learned this lesson, as I let the situation go on a lot longer than I should have!

Bring out the goddess in you, download your “Goddess Report”.

Do you have any strategies to deal with jealousy from other women? Or do you have any juicy stories? Feel free to share with us 😀


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I’m really glad this article/website exists as I just visited extended relatives of my significant other. I’ve experienced many jealous situations with other women most of my life, but for some reason the recent events hit me hard—sometimes, I feel it’s a form of bullying. At the same time, I think I’m just so desperate for a solid friendship with another woman as I’ve struggled to find that due to jealousy. I just turned 30 and there are younger women in my boyfriend’s extended family. I approached one of them the way you approached B—even his parents introduced me to… Read more »


Sigh. I’ve been on both sides of this. When I was very young, my mother would often praise other girls’ looks in front of me, and then made off-handed remarks (meant to be funny) about my own. So I remember when I started paying attention to men as a young adult, I felt inadequate off the bat. I felt awkward– so I envied other women who I thought were too beautiful and physically perfect to feel awkward around men… To my surprise in college, I received a plethora of attention. And I wouldn’t say I’m particularly perfect, physically. (Not even… Read more »


I am always the one when I see a beautiful woman I tend to compliment on her energy or happiness she radiates. I like to vibe with them and feel included in their energy. And when I look at you pictures and articles, I cannot stop myself in awe that how beautiful as a woman you have grown and how you are sharing your light with me to follow you, and navigate through my feminity. I have brought one of the programs of your programs too. You have a beautiful motherly real woman vibe. I wants to be friends with… Read more »


i stumbled upon this article and I had the same issues with other women. I am not tall at all but has the quality of ultra feminine woman, I too am very friendly and affectionate and I don’t like being jealous towards other women, in fact I celebrate and have always been know to encourage other women in all shapes or sizes. I am always drawn to confident women. I consider myself confident and secure and also assertive but sometimes I often wonder why other women find me a threat. I don’t even know how to flirt around men and… Read more »


I think my supervisor is jealous of me and so was my former supervisor. It has to do with my education and skills and how men respond to me in the workplace. My male friends’ women are also jealous and one of them made secret recordings and published them on social media and even came to my workplace to lie about me to my already jealous supervisor. The supervisor refused to listen to me or another worker that the information wasn’t true.




This article really hit home and articulated far better than I ever could my experience as a woman with other women! I am now proud (and slightly smug!) to acknowledge that I am a feminine woman! I stumbled across this article because I was looking for something to address the hurt I feel from continued aggressive and masculine behavior from my boyfriend’s female friends – who all drink, curse, fall-out and compete, and at various stages have either been blatantly rude to me or have done something to make some kind of power statement over me. My boyfriend’s relationship and… Read more »


Thank you for this article and I also appreciate all the other women’s comments. I had been looking for something like this for a while online because when I brought this topic up, people would look at me like they had no idea what I was talking about, including female friends. I felt alone until I read this. I am 40 and I have dealt with jealous women’s passive aggressive and sometimes aggressive attacks on me in all sorts of forms (from strangers to acquaintances to colleagues) since my 20s. They would get jealous if they thought I was prettier… Read more »

April Rose
April Rose
Reply to  Shiva

I almost cried when I read your comment because I was also looking for an article that is as substantial as Renee’s post. I was born very feminine, sweet and vulnerable. Since I was the only girl in the family, my femininity only shines brighter through time. I also had the same problem like you when it comes to jealous women. Contrary to your tallness, I am short. But I was discovered to join modeling ( I think it’s because of my feminine energy) and then I am also in graduate school. Jealous women will criticize me with degrading words… Read more »

Reply to  Shiva

I can so relate to your internal struggle about how to react, whether to react etc to insulting and petty behaviour. It is almost as though as feminine women we make other people’s problems our own, question ourselves and punish ourselves for not being aggressive or rude enough to call them out. When really pushed, I have responded verbally to non-acceptable behaviour, but otherwise my approach is to freeze them out and not give them any more power by trying to befriend them or show my hurt (or at times fear and intimidation). I know this article recommends trying to… Read more »

Lisle Von Rhoman
Lisle Von Rhoman


Lisle Von Rhoman
Lisle Von Rhoman

Where did my comments go?

Lisle Von Rhoman
Lisle Von Rhoman

Seeing that my comment appeared, I will keep this tab open and amaze you with stories much like your own. Not one upping here but I’ve got some doozies. Many similar but many with a higher degree of sickness. I’m the most kindest person I know besides my sister. I come from a land in which kindness and hospitality are our claim to fame. Reading the comments here have overwhelmed me with feelings of warmth and compassion for the victims. Many actually caused me chills of fear as the buried abuses of my own came to light. I just have… Read more »

Lisle Von Rhoman
Lisle Von Rhoman

Just checking if these comments are still viable because they’ve been around for awhile. That avatar photo is not me. It’s a reminder of an absolute nutcase I photographed at a Christmas party two years ago. I was 48, she was 52. It’s a constant reminder that age does not cure insecure women of envying a better woman cut from a finer cloth.

Dangerous Chicken
Dangerous Chicken

I understand you completely. I have been going through this most my adult life and it doesn’t get better, but you become stronger. My two sisters (I’m the middle) are complete witches to me and have been since childhood. Its become so bad that I fear they’d kill me if they could, maybe shove me off a cliff or poison me. I’m now learning that I must stay away from them and its sad. They hate when I wear makeup or dress up which is always, because I enjoy makeup and feminine things. My youngest sis becomes the exorcist when… Read more »

Anna C
Anna C

This article is an oldie but goodie! Thanks Renee! If a woman wants to put another woman down, even subconsciously, that is competitive behavior, and that is masculine. You’re right in recommending a more masculine approach! I was thinking of 2 types of women: The insecure types who are desperate to find men, and the secure types who enjoy life and are open and authentic to everyone. The insecure types put out such bad energy, and are usually the ones that need to be healed but they are the most dangerous. Hurt people hurt people, right? I’ve found in my… Read more »


I am going through this myself with a few women I work with. The place I work is about 99% females (which we know brings this out more when there are so many women together). I approach my job as someone who does all I can to help and support my co-workers, working hard, and doing what I think is right. Despite this (or maybe because of this?), I work with a few women who think I’m a good target for criticism, petty remarks, badmouthing behind my back, and scapegoating. Being naturally feminine, I have always been a sensitive girl,… Read more »

Goodall Lesley
Goodall Lesley

Just returned from France. The women seemed to be worse there. Still I have read there is no true love there and their main hobby and conversation is sex.

Laura Haydon
Laura Haydon
Reply to  Goodall Lesley

I live in France and I can confirm that it is true. Women are terrible to each other, and don’t seem to have any qualms about sleeping with their friends’ blokes, excluding, bitching and being generally aggressive. I think that it’s a very patriarchal society…. and yes, there is an obsession with sex

Reply to  Laura Haydon

Its because of a “patriarchial society”?
Gimme a break. Stop blaming men for women’s behavior, period.
This is the sort of thing that flies in the face of feminism, and paints us all as silly little girls who cannot take responsibility for our own lives and choices.

Reply to  Jennifer

Patriarchal society? Huh. Matriarchal societies are no more free of this kind of nastiness . That’s because its human nature that is at the bottom of the desire to win at all costs even if you have to hurt someone else to do it. Patriarchy does not cause abuse of women or children. The evil in the human heart is what does this. Take two men, one a righteous and godly man who respects the value of a person and one who isn’t and doesn’t. Put them in charge of an office, a military command, a school or a church,… Read more »

Serene Meadow
Serene Meadow

I have always been very feminine, and have experienced my share of such behavior. It’s so sad and ridiculous. I don’t want to be competitive, only happy.


The only way to avoid it is to find the company of women with similar traits and muturity level or otherwise more mature in their outlook. Insecure women will hate you for anything they percieve as lacking in themselves (intelligence, youth, beauty, God help you if you have all 3), especially if you aren’t constantly trying to play it down and instead are holding your own with the guys at work instead of being the dumb bimbo they can laugh at making them look bad. Such women have no interest in excellence an collaboration, they’re toxic across the board amd… Read more »


I’m currently in a very similar situation. I’ve dealt with jealous women most of my life. One would think that this catty behavior would end in high school but at 34 years old it’s still an issue. I try to tell myself that I’m doing nothing wrong….that my bosses behavior towards me is just a reflection of her own insecurities,but sometimes it gets really hard to deal with. I’ve broken down at work on countless occasions. The last thing i want to do is let her know she’s getting to me,but sometimes it’s just too much. I’m always so nice… Read more »


sometimes it is very difficult when women gang up to start harassing a women.

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