A Warning about Girlfriends who Don’t Compliment You

Choosing great girlfriends is just as important as choosing a great man. One affects the other. You become who you spend your time with.

How do you feel when you get dressed up all nicely for a night out with your girlfriends and one of your close girlfriends totally ignores it and doesn’t compliment you?

And not only that night, but every single night for years prior to this – she just never compliments you. How do you feel?

Let’s be honest here. I’m not talking about being self obsessed – this is not about fishing for compliments because you want to take from others, or getting angry because no one is giving you the attention you think you want.

This is about your friendship with that particular friend.

A Warning about Girlfriends who Doesn't Compliment you

Sharing Feminine Energy With Girlfriends

See, one aspect of feminine energy is that it’s about sharing energy. That’s why we women can talk for hours, it’s a sharing of energy!

We don’t need to solve a problem, we just need to talk and/or connect with each other! That’s natural for the feminine women of the world. Compliments are the same. It’s a way of sharing energy.

More importantly – complimenting and praising each other as women is important because genuine praise is a gift you generously give to another woman.

A gift that I’d say is worth far more than the effort it takes to give it.

Only, when a friend never compliments you – maybe she only compliments certain women whom she thinks are better than her, or women whom she secretly thinks are not a threat, or only women with black hair – whatever.

The sharing of compliments should be universal for women. But often, it’s not.

And there’s a good reason for that. We’ll discuss that reason in this article.

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A Woman Who Doesn’t Compliment Is Not Genuine

I’ve thought about this. Personally, I can’t stand not complimenting other women or supporting them through praise!

Women who are kind and beautiful I feel like I’m crippling myself by not complimenting them!

Our feminine energy grows through praise, and so it’s natural for us to bring each other up with praise, which I personally love to do (unless they’re not kind and beautiful of course).

Women who have an ugly nature and want to hurt others aren’t women I’d want to compliment at all.

Not complimenting is not genuine because it’s just that: not genuine! If we were honest for a moment – we can ALL see and acknowledge radiance, happiness, beauty, and just an all-round great woman.

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You Can’t Trust A Woman Who Doesn’t Compliment…

See, what I’ve worked out in myself, is that I can’t fully trust a girlfriend who doesn’t give other women, or give me compliments.

I also cannot trust a girlfriend who only compliments on achievements (like career, job, money) and not things to do with my radiance.

Feminine radiance that is genuine is really a gift – and it should always, always be celebrated and complimented.

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You see, there are a couple of reasons why women don’t compliment each other.

Aside from this society trying desperately to avoid building women up related to their appearance (and women being influenced by that), there’s another, more sinister reason for a lack of compliments.

That reason is because women instinctively feel that if they compliment a woman, especially if she is more attractive than her, then they are giving resources to a woman by building up her self esteem even more.

For competitive or envious women, this feels like the kiss of death to their dating/mating “game”.

Why build another woman up if she’s already getting more resources (like attention and love) than you are?

It’s called intra-sexual competition.

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Compliments On Achievements Are A Different Thing…

Achievements, though they are wonderful, are a masculine thing – when a woman congratulates you on that, usually, it’s a sign of respect.

That’s a sharing of masculine energy and it doesn’t serve female friendships as much as complimenting a woman’s beauty and radiance.

It doesn’t bring two women closer and it doesn’t create a bond where there is trust NEARLY as much as genuine compliments do. Would you agree?

Here is why the woman who doesn’t compliment is untrustworthy: because it is a sign that she is already feeling extremely insecure.

That’s why she is not complimenting. You can’t trust a woman who perpetually lives in and operates from her insecurities. Firstly, it’s a selfish thing to do to live in your insecurities.

I say that because I did it for a long time myself, and watched as people got more and more annoyed with me. Sadly, I witnessed myself becoming a taker and a leech on people’s time and attention, rather than being a giver. It sucks to enjoy your own problems too much.

And secondly; the woman who doesn’t compliment has no resources to enjoy other people’s radiance and feminine energy anyway!

See, what leads to an inability to compliment other women is a lack of resources within a woman herself.

Ie: she doesn’t feel pretty herself, she is bitter because she always felt second to other women, or perhaps she even felt oppressed and deeply hurt by other women growing up.

Her parents could have also just never complimented her and instead put her down, so she is uncomfortable with compliments altogether.

Truthfully, if a girlfriend never compliments you, there are reasons for that that could be more benign.

And then there are reasons that point squarely to the fact that she always felt like she was ‘less than’ you or that she felt you were less deserving than her.

So it’s up to you to be attuned to your friends and work out whether she has good intent or bad intent towards you.

(Remember, people might seem all nice on the surface, but when push comes to shove, they couldn’t give a damn about you, and perhaps they would even joyfully throw you under the bus.)

What To Do When Your Girlfriends Just Don’t Compliment…

Here’s what I suggest if you have acquaintances or friends who don’t compliment:

1) When The Time Is Right; Complimenting All Of Them Genuinely.

A lot of women at first DO secretly think nicely of a woman, but their mind quickly searches for flaws! Try to appreciate her positive points and be happy for her.

Try not to be that woman who secretly wants to fail. To avoid being like that, the best way is to have the courage to live a life that is authentic to you.

Build a life that you love, and only spend time with people who want the best for you.

You don’t want to fall into that trap of secretly being ‘that woman’ who wants all her more successful or attractive friends to fail. That is doing far more damage to you than it is to them, because it keeps you small.

By the way, of course, don’t compliment just for the sake of it. You want to naturally allow yourself to compliment rather than WITHHOLD appreciation. (Read my article on Mediocre Women)

Not withholding is more important than digging for a random thing to compliment o!

What I learned humbly through my own experience is that getting along with other women is a skill. We too often say “oh women are jealous, I get along better with men!” True, women are the worst to other attractive women.

But that’s no reason to settle for a lonely life without feminine energy around you to light you up!

Surprisingly, you’ll be shocked how much other great, feminine women can do for you and your love life.

The more genuine, kind and feminine girlfriends you have, the more support you have, and the more your well of emptiness fills up.

When your well fills up, then you don’t have to grab at a man to try to get HIM to be in the role of a girlfriend for you. Which he’ll hate anyway, unless he’s a more feminine guy. Or the new age type guy.

2) Compliment And Give Yourself Acknowledgement, So That Your Own Radiance Can Shine.

One thing’s for sure. You need your own acknowledgement more than you need anyone else’s!

Here’s what I am training my own self to do:

Whenever I feel myself worrying about something I did, or something that happened, I consciously give myself a compliment for what I’ve already done.

If you feel you made a mistake at work somehow, then acknowledge yourself for making progress in the past anyway. Everyone else is stuffing up as much as you are, believe me!

If you feel you wore the wrong skirt today; remember there’s always tomorrow to wear something more appropriate and acknowledge and compliment yourself for noticing that wearing that skirt wasn’t the best choice.

If you feel that you acted low today, there’s always the option of being a classy woman tomorrow.

When you can acknowledge yourself, you can acknowledge others, and create friendships and bonds that you deserve.

One small aside:

Don’t get too upset with women who don’t compliment you.

More often than not, this is also a woman who cannot RECEIVE compliments from you about herself. She may refuse to believe you, and might even hate the person who compliments.

Women like this are probably suffering.  

A woman who cannot compliment, or always looks for ways to bring another woman down is quietly suffering. Probably more than you think.

The question is:

Do you want to be the woman who criticises this type of woman?

Or would you rather be compassionate?

The latter does a lot more for your attractiveness and radiance. It’s your choice.

Forming Bonds With Other Women Is More Important Than You Think…

Always remember: choose your friends carefully.

In this masculine charged world that many of us live in, it’s more and more important to form bonds with other women and to share feminine energy.

So there’s nothing wrong with just trying with the women who don’t compliment. If you are generous with a compliment and you can see she doesn’t want to return the kindness (in fact she isn’t a very nice person), you get to walk away knowing you tried.

Look to acknowledge her, and compliment her. If she still chooses to lag behind and feel bad for herself, then you’ll be far better off being a good friend to another woman who is feminine and who lights you up (and whom you can light up in return).

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Just don’t fall for the myth that achievements are what life is about. It’s not!

Nobody ever loves you for achieving things. People love you when they feel connected to you. When you spend your life chasing achievements and neglecting friendship, you are doomed for sadness.

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What is your opinion on women who don’t compliment? Have you had an experience with a woman like this? How did it turn out?

How did it make you feel? I’d love you to share so that other women can learn from you. 

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P.S. CLICK HERE to check out my full article archives! Or you may greatly benefit from one of our highly popular paid programs, CLICK HERE to see what we offer right now.

If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then join our Facebook Group. (It’s free and so incredibly valuable!) CLICK HERE TO join thousands of other women in our “High Value Feminine Women” Community.

By the way, while you’re at it, connect with me on social media.

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