Why Can’t I be Loved for Who I Am?

Why Can’t you be loved for who you are?

People often exclaim

‘Why do I have to DO something to find a man/woman? Why can’t I be loved for being ME?’

And the answer is: you can.

The catch is, you must relax and actually BE you. Not the you that you think you should be. That’s not really YOU.

You must choose to stop spending your life saying and doing things just so others will think you are cool and accept you. It’s not the being loved for who you are that’s difficult!

When you are truly who you are, you’ll naturally attract people who love you and repel people who don’t love you. And that’s a good thing.

It’s having the courage to be who you are at your true core that is difficult. That takes years of practice because we are so used to using masks.

Why Cant I Be Loved for Who I am

Why Can’t I Be Loved? I Want To Be Loved For Who I Am.

The answer is, you can be loved for who you are. Only, most people demand to be loved for who they are, without first being able to relax into their soul and to connect to the souls of others.

How could you be loved for who you are when you don’t connect to the souls of others?

Most people who ask: “Why can’t I be loved for who I am?” Or “why can’t I find love?” are people who harbour a lot of fear in their bodies surrounding love, connection and the risk you need to take to find such soul to soul love.

That fear is the very thing that permeates through your actions. It affects how you show up, and therefore it affects your ability to find a boyfriend.

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How To Become Easier To Love…

Start by watching the way you interact with men and talk to people in general.

What are you saying and why are you really saying it?

Then start feeling your own body when you’re interacting with men and women.

Are you tense? Are your shoulders slightly shrugged? Is your tummy tight?

Are you often plagued by fear? If you are, then you may have an anxious attachment style, which can negatively affect your likelihood of making a relationship last long term (even if you’re super attractive!)

If you find any of these things are happening, then you’re not fully being you. You’re not relaxed into the moment, in the present. It’s very hard to be real when your body and mind are tense.

Also, how often do you allow yourself to feel emotionally free and playful? (Including in your online dating profile?)

Often, people want to be loved for who they are, but they’re not willing to look at themselves and how they show up.

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How To Be Loved For Who You Are: Show Up As A Woman Of Value FIRST

The reality is that most of us are inadvertently showing up low value to the opposite sex without even realising it.

We have to remember that when we’re dating, the last thing we should expect is unconditional love “for who we are”. I mean, the other person doesn’t even know us yet!

Plus, our job as a high value woman is to show up with value, because everyone wants a man (or woman) of value. Which means you need to lead with value, if you ever want value in return.

For example: being love “for who you are” is a type of value that you want. If you want it, you need to convince men out there who don’t even know you yet, that spending valuable energy and time on you is worth it.

You need to make a good first impression in order to be loved for who you are. Because you cannot expect men to know (or see) your soul. Until you’ve shared vulnerability and/or built an emotional connection.

And just by complaining about it, we cannot expect to ‘have’ it. Instead, lead with value, be a high value woman, and everything will come easily for you.

Because this isn’t about shrinking away into our fears (often carried over from our childhood) – this is about offering value, so that we can attract a high value mate in return.

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