Music To Inspire Your Natural Femininity

Article updated 2018

Hey lovelies. I’ve had a few requests after I mentioned in my last post about using music to change your state and inspire femininity/freedom/relaxation/happiness/softness/peace/gratitude/love.

I’ve combined below what I feel are the best songs for this purpose. This music is truly powerful. Enjoy!

Let me know what you think as well, and which one is your favorite! 😉

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I hope you like these music.

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Super Janice
Super Janice

Ms. Renee,
Thanks for introducing Enigma–Era! When I listen to this music, I imagine you relax in peace!

Super Janice
Super Janice

I think this is the music to inspire masculinity!


One of my favorites for feeling the mystic feminine power within….


I just watched a feminine movie! Well at least it made me feel good and feminine, not like other Hollywood movies. It’s called ‘The Christmas Card’ (2006). I thought it had really quite traditional roles, and a lovely family storyline 🙂

Ms Summer

This is completely different from what I usually listen to, but great! I was so surprised, it only took a couple of weeks and I started to prefer it to my radio which I used to have on for half the day… Another valuable sign I am becoming feminine:) I love this, it feels great!!


Babe I have a song suggestion! STRENGTH OF A WOMAN – SHAGGY! Oh the lyrics are just wonderful! add the video please!! it’s a must have with a nice beat!


thank you so much for the Mike Oldfield music


oh sorry need to add beautiful -christina aguillera ummmm one that never ceases to make me smile – gonna be a lovely day – kirk franklin, man i feel like a woman, treat her like a lady – there is an upbeat one!! one thing that would sure help is this take a day, go through all the songs you listen to and get rid of all the negative ones, the ones with the swearing, the name calling – the b*$!@# one especially yes all those x rated r rated ones you listen to! Any Caribbean ladies on hear that… Read more »

Reply to  Amara

Thanks Charlene and Amara! I can’t believe I missed that song ‘man I feel like a woman’ – that’s a nice one!
I might need to do a 2nd post of music to inspire femininity, and use suggestions from my readers! 🙂

Reply to  Renee

sweet ones by Sarah Slean has always put in the feminine state of mind.


I think the enigma one cause it is the only one that sounds familiar!! umm try enigma return to innocence!! that one should should relate to alot of the readers who moved too far into the masculine side (you know yourselves: the jeans, vests, hoodie and sneakers type – self description but I know some of your readers are just as guilty!!)


Thank you for sharing with us these truly wonderful musical masterpieces! I love the presentations of loveliness created here.
from Charlene

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