3 Proven Tips To Keep A Guy Interested Without Sleeping With Him

How to keep a guy interested without sleeping with him?

The simple answer is by focusing on the emotional attraction and emotional connection.

These two things are the only real value for a man beyond sex when in a relationship with you. 

And if you can increase the feeling of emotional attraction and emotional connection between you and him to near 10 out of 10 levels, then you will succeed at keeping him interested.

What’s more is that it will begin to feel effortless, simply because you’re coming from the right place.

How to keep a guy interested without sleeping with him

Can A Man Love A Woman Without Sleeping With Her?

You may be a little skeptical of the idea that it’s possible to keep a man interested without sleeping with him. 

After all, even some men will tell you that there’s no way to keep a man if you aren’t offering him sex.

That, however, is completely untrue, and some men will say that simply because they’ve never actually fallen in love with a woman.

Or because they’ve never explored a deeper level of truth.

(By the way, I asked my husband David about this, and he confirmed that it’s indeed possible.) 

When a man falls in love, these feelings of romantic love are worth infinitely more to him than just sex.

Having sex or satisfying a sexual urge is obviously a biological need of men and women.

And since men produce 300 million sperm per day, they want it a lot.

But men can have sex with anything and anyone. Yes, they can have sex with a woman they hate, because for men, love and sex are separate. 

But when a man is emotionally attracted to you and emotionally connected to you – that is, he’s in love with you romantically – he will love you deeply.

Even if you do not sleep with him.

If you’d like to understand this concept at a deeper level, I invite you to read my article: Can A Man Sleep With A Woman Without Developing Feelings? The Honest Answer.

And if a man truly loves you, sex is simply the icing on the cake, it’s not where the real value lies.

Because falling in love fulfils the emotional part of a man, and it causes him to form what is called a pair bond with you. 

And it is the inherent value in this romantic love that keeps him interested effortlessly.

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Once you’ve triggered that pair bond and made a man fall in love, it’s extremely hard to undo or change it.

Here are 5 Unusual Signs A Man Is Madly In Love With You.

He bonds with you emotionally, physically and spiritually, and you become what is called his “one and only”.

And once you’re his one and only, the path to keeping him interested is much easier in the long term.

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The FIRST Principle To Remember about Keeping A Guy Interested 

Here’s a basic principle to keep in mind:

Know what he needs, not just what he wants.

What men want is very different from what men need.

Simply put, a man may want sex from you, but it’s not nearly as important as what he needs from you.

The irony here is that men won’t actually be able to articulate what they need from you, but these are the TWO most important things they do genuinely need from you:

Emotional Attraction and emotional connection.

Men will tell you that they want sex, of course. They’d be stupid not to admit that at some point. 

But what men want is different to what men need. 

Here’s the bottom line:

Sex isn’t the thing that will keep him interested in the first place. 

It’s just sex. Sex is cheap. It’s everywhere, and it’s not too hard to find willing women for any half decent man these days. 

It’s the emotional connection, the soul to soul connection that keeps him around.

Just as a side note:

Some women who have slept around with a lot of different men tend to feel threatened by the concept that it’s possible to keep a man interested without sex, and so they’ll reject the idea.

This is because they made choices based on the concept that sex is what keeps men around. 

Understandably, many women make the mistake of thinking that they must sleep with a man to keep him around.

But even when men push you for sex, it’s not necessarily the physical act of sex that they need. Here’s The Truth: What Men Are ACTUALLY Looking For When They Push You For Sex.

I understand that it’s a little painful for some women to explore a new concept like this, because to admit that sex doesn’t keep a man interested in the long term means reassessing their whole worldview. 

Put simply, their whole perception of how men think and what they want would need an overhaul.

Regardless of what this liberal modern world will have you believe, the emotional attraction and emotional connection is where the value is for a man.

A Note On insecurely Attached Or Avoidant Men

You may be wondering if this truth applies to every single man on earth.

It does, with the exception of men who are psychopathic. These men may be incapable of forming any emotional bonds.

And I won’t pull the wool over your eyes:

Although almost all men can fall in love, some men are less likely to fall in love than others.

This is not about you, but rather, about them. 

Just like some women, some men are very traumatised, and perhaps too hostile and resentful or unaware of their emotional blocks to fall in love happily.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t have the same biological drive to form a pair bond, they just have blocks to falling in love comfortably and vulnerably.

They have patterns, if you will, that get in the way of forming healthy emotional attachments to a woman!

But in case you’re wondering about men who have an avoidant attachment style or men who are emotionally unavailable and whether they can fall in love…

The answer is yes, of course they can. 

They may have some toxic patterns around intimacy, but they can and surely do fall in love.

If you meet a guy you love who is avoidant or anxiously attached and you have insecure attachment patterns too, it may make things that little bit harder for you as well.

Not impossible, just harder.

Because you have two people with fearful and/or toxic patterns to work with.

If you think you may be in this boat, I have some resources that may help you.

Firstly, you should find out for sure what your attachment style is first. We have just the thing for this, and it’s a quick and easy quiz…

QUIZ TIME: Anxious, avoidant or secure attachment patterns? Which one do I have? CLICK HERE to find out with our specially crafted women-specific 10 Question Quiz!

(Why is this important? It is because your core attachment style largely dictates and influences what happens in your relationship. Thus it’s imperative you understand your core attachment style!)

And here are some other articles on this topic for you to peruse:

Anxious Avoidant Relationship: 7 Steps To Fix It & Should You?
Anxious Attachment Style: Causes, Symptoms & 5 Ways To Heal. 

Now let’s give you some actionable steps on how to keep a guy interested without sleeping with him.

How To Keep A Guy Interested Without Sleeping With Him

#1: Value The Soul To Soul Connection.

How to keep a man interested without sleeping with him? Reach far beyond the surface.

You can’t expect to keep a man interested without sex if you only connect with men on a surface level.

Surface level connection is boring, cheap and you can find it anywhere.

Instead, you need to reach beyond his facade (and yours) and connect to his soul.

How do you do that? 

Most dating and relationship coaches would suggest to connect to his heart through your heart, or to ask him deep questions.

Whilst these things might sound nice, a man won’t perceive a lot of value in them, because this style of communication is what feminine souls thrive on.

The best way to do it with masculine men is through playful banter. There are two reasons why:

  1. Because playful banter keeps things mysterious and interesting for decades on end; and
  2. Banter is how masculine men communicate (in case you haven’t noticed yet!), so you will be connecting on a level that he understands.

Now, banter isn’t a gender-based behavior! 

Feminine women banter too of course. I’ve met so many wonderful women who banter well and they are highly attractive to men.

But women tend to have multiple ways to connect deeper with others, and they switch strategies often because their equilibrium tends to be in relationships and forming attachments.

However, men tend to PREFER to go to banter to connect with others.

This is because men tend to fear offending others less than women do.

Additionally, they themselves aren’t offended by playful banter (unless they’re insecurely attached or weak), because they intuitively value banter as it improves their own performance as well as the performance of other men. 

In general, masculine men don’t value interpersonal relationships as much as they value their masculine mission and performance in life.

Banter is the preferred equilibrium for men because it allows them to urge each other on and makes their overall performance better. 

You may wonder: but shouldn’t his guy friends banter with him? I shouldn’t do it.

Why do I need to do that?

Well, how would you feel if your man said: “my girl can go to her girlfriends for compliments and praise, I don’t need to praise her, she doesn’t need it.”?

Remember this: masculine energy thrives on challenge, while feminine energy thrives on praise. 


Banter brings out more masculinity in men and if you can banter with a man, not only will he perceive that you truly care, but it will also build emotional attraction and emotional connection. 

The essence of real banter is playfulness, not mockery, negging or sarcasm. 

So you can be sure that banter is going to bring out the best in him. It is the way to develop a deeper emotional connection with him. 

Banter will open doors to being able to connect on a deeper emotional level with him. 

Trying to ask deep questions or talk about deep topics with him are not wrong, but they will take you longer and the success rate will be lower, especially when you’re first building emotional attraction and connection with him. 

Some women banter naturally as they are securely attached and have been doing it for a while, but others may not be so familiar with you.

If this is you, we have something special for you.

It’s a free class run by my loving husband, and he will give you free samples to copy and paste and use today.

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(…Even if no man has ever given you any love and all you’ve encountered so far are pen pals, ghosts, booty calls, and incredible duds!)

Don’t know what the dark feminine art of “High Value Banter” is? CLICK to find out. 

#2: Make sure you have plenty of emotional attraction and emotional connection in the relationship.

As I mentioned, these two things are the answer to how to keep a guy interested (without sleeping with him). 

When you focus on these two things, you will naturally create the variety and excitement necessary to keep him coming back, as well as inspire him to feel like he misses you.

We’ve already covered this a bit in the previous action step, but here are some additional ways to build the emotional connection and emotional attraction:

Bring playfulness to the table, access that playful part of yourself, rather than bringing the pressure of having to “secure” this man for yourself

Be an intrinsically high value woman. For guidance on this, see my article: 6 Traits Of A High Value Woman (& 3 Traits To Avoid).

#3: Meet Him Where He’s At.

Basically this means you need to show that you understand him. 

By leading with your understanding, you will inspire him to want to understand you more as well.


This is one of the basic principles of human nature, and you can read about it in the book: “Influence” by Robert Cialdini.

The more we receive value from someone, the more we feel the pull to give back to them.

So if you truly give to a man, if you can validate his experience of the world, then he will feel the value and want to give back to you.

So, on top of validating his experience of the world, here’s what you can do to meet him where he’s at:

Validate his needs and let him know that you do want to sleep with him, but it makes you feel vulnerable to do so. 

Let him know that you want nothing more than to sleep with him, but you don’t feel safe that if you did sleep with him, that he wouldn’t just abandon you (or lose interest in the relationship altogether).

By saying this, you get to show him that you want to give him what he’s asking for, so that will put his concerns at ease a bit.

Also, you will be indicating that sex comes at a cost, and you’re not the type of woman to give it away just because you felt pressured to.

You want something real, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It’s ok to be the woman that you are, and want to feel his emotional investment and attachment to you before you do something as emotionally and biologically risky as sleeping with him.

There are 7 common signs a woman is perceived as low value to all men, because men simply perceive value differently to women. Do you know what these signs are and how to avoid them like the plague? CLICK HERE to download this special report.


Final Words

As you can see, there is a way to keep a man interested without having sex with him.

And this is as authentic as it gets as a strategy, if you even want to call it that.

You as a feminine woman want genuine, real emotional attachment. You want investment, a family and a bright future with a man you love.

Most men will assume you (yes you) are as detached about sex as they are, unless you indicate that you’re genuinely not as detached about sex as they are. 

You can’t be. Unless the man you’re sleeping with is a coplete dud, you can’t be.

You’re built differently. 

And finally, can a man love a woman without sleeping with her?

That’s a resounding yes. This is how the best relationships start off – with a solid base of emotional connection and emotional attraction.

Before sex is introduced.

If you start with casual sex with a man, it’s hard, in fact near impossible, to build up to a real pair bond that leads to an infinite life with a great man.

And you cannot short cut your way to a real pair bond by trying to use sex.

So by focusing on the emotional attraction and emotional connection, you will be on the right path.

Here are some more relevant resources to help you on your journey:

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Now over to you! Do you believe you can keep a guy interested without sleeping with him? Why or why not?

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P.S. CLICK HERE to check out my full article archives! Or you may greatly benefit from one of our highly popular paid programs, CLICK HERE to see what we offer right now.

If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then join our Facebook Group. (It’s free and so incredibly valuable!) CLICK HERE TO join thousands of other women in our “High Value Feminine Women” Community.

By the way, while you’re at it, connect with me on social media.

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