Playing Hard to Get

You may be aware that in the dating and relationships world, some experts will tell you that playing hard to get is the way to get the man you want, or to become more attractive. (Click here to get the 17 Attraction Triggers)

The question is, however – do men really want what’s hard to get?

Do they REALLY want what they can’t have?

It seems like if you are hard to get, then you are automatically desirable. (read my article about how make a man want you)

However, here’s the point: you could be ‘hard to get’ trash, and nobody would want you.

Your goal is not to be hard to get. It’s something else.

Watch the video above, I talk you through what men actually really want.

If you want to avoid the trap of seeming needy or desperate – whilst still wanting a man’s attention and love – watch the video above and use the quick and easy method I give to become instantly more attractive to your man – or the man you would like to be with.

If you don’t use the methods we give in the video, then perhaps you won’t ever really find out what men want and need, be confused as to why men do what they do, and probably get frustrated and upset over why your love life isn’t turning out the way you wanted it to.

So go ahead, watch the video and use this quick method today, and watch for his reaction!

If you enjoyed the video, check out the 17 attraction triggers I’ve put together for you.

If you have more time, click here to register to watch the Commitment Masterclass for free.

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  • Najat

    I can’t find the video?:)

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  • Angela

    Hi Renee

    I had no idea about playing hard to get but then somehow it worked…maybe the main point is to let him know that u do care for him but u do stand up for yourself…

  • lee

    I tried it differently: Said “uh, uh”. Great response too. No way to misinterpret this light hearted “no”.

  • franko

    meeting women for me is very hard nowadays, and many women today have such an attitude problem and are so very hard to start a conversation with.

  • loveisa4letterword

    i tried this n most found it annoying….
    so i say ;guess’ instead after asking a question or telling a story , then use ‘no’ or ‘pretty close’…after tht from their guesses
    they enjoy it more

  • paul says

    there just seems to be so many women today that like to PLAY HARD TO GET, and many of the women now that are like this, CERTAINLY NEED TO GROW UP. women today, need to be MUCH MORE EDUCATED like they were YEARS AGO. then they wonder why us GUYS CAN’T MEET A GOOD WOMAN TODAY.

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