The Truth: What Men Are Looking for When They Push You for Sex

Why Men Push for Sex

The Truth: What men are looking for when they push you for sex Sex is the thing that women are obligated to do with men if they want to keep a man around. I’m kidding. Sex is the thing we think we have to do with men to keep them around. We feel pressured. Who…

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19 ways of a High Value, Feminine Girlfriend

image 1 sketch

19 ways of a High Value, feminine girlfriend When I was 10, I liked a guy called Shannon, but Shannon didn’t like me; he liked my friend Tilly who wore skirts. When I asked her why Shannon didn’t like me and liked her, Tilly said I was a boy and Shannon would like me if…

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Getting Lured in, tricked & Dumped by a man on Facebook?

lured in and dumped in fb_FotoSketcher

He pursued this 47 year old woman on Facebook for one year. She fell in love with him! She discovered that he was pursuring other women, and he disappeared. What advice do you have for Yasmin? What would you do? >>>>>>>>>>>>> Question Hello Renee, First I want to thank you and let you know that…

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Is there a High Value way to deal with judgemental Assholes?

HV deal with Assholes

Is there a high value way to deal with judgemental assholes? “I can tell she’s judging me. She doesn’t like me because I am not in control like her and don’t have everything figured out and I go with the flow. I see it in her face. And then, I can’t be myself at work.”…

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Are men really more attracted to airheads over the strong and successful women?


Are men really more attracted to the flighty type of women over the strong and successful type? Veronica asks Trevor: “I saw a study the other day that said that men are more attracted to dumb women, and that intelligent women are seen as problematic in a relationship. Do you see this as true?”  Trevor:…

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The Rareness of Loyalty and How to Find It

Rareness of Loyalty final

It can take courage to feel that somebody in our life is not in fact loyal; they are just one among the people hanging around us. There’s a plethora of people who don’t let themselves feel the devastation and the loneliness that comes with having a sudden and accurate perception that their social network and even…

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How to be radiant beyond your wildest dreams and have any man you want

be radiant

Until a woman is 25 or 35, radiance is mostly given to her on a platter — young skin, healthy hair, flexible body, white teeth and a fresh face. That’s the physical stuff youth naturally endows us with. Very quickly though, we begin to lose this effortless bounty, and the world begins to seem as…

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How to go from self-sufficient single to connected couple

How to go from self-sufficient single to connected couple

I was sitting on the couch of a good girlfriend of mine. Our toddlers were playing together, and the house, a cozy two-bedroom, smelled of the traditional Chinese food she had just made for dinner. Francisca’s older boy was in his room climbing and jumping on things, as 8-year-olds are known to do. Then her…

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Why It’s OK (And Even Attractive) For Women To Cry Any Damn Time

its okay to cry

Isn’t life better and easier when you don’t cry? Aren’t you stronger and cooler than the damsels in distress who cry to get their way? Isn’t it better to have things handled? People will like you more if you’re a non-crying cool girl, right? Click here to take the quiz on “How Feminine am I…

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The Very Real Pain of When Men Pull Away

the real pain of when men pull away

Sometimes when a man pulls away, it’s because there was no actual emotional attraction in the first place. When there isn’t enough attraction and connection in a dating situation, things will fizzle out – no matter how much we want to hold on. In these situations, when a man pulls away, it means that we should…

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Think casual sex is harmless? Think again.

Why Men can Lose Trust in Women who have unattached sex

What do you suppose men sacrifice when they sleep around a lot? A committed relationship? Maybe. Click here to find out if you’re Dating a Commitment Friendly Man A good reputation? Yes, men can jeopardise their future potential to have a high value mate through perpetual promiscuity (See the book social Psychology and Human Sexuality,…

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Not Wanting to Manipulate Makes us Manipulative

Not wanting to manipulate

“But I just don’t want to manipulate him like that…” Said the woman who preferred to keep a clean conscience. Just like most women, you probably don’t like to be called a “manipulator”… because no body likes a manipulator… After all, wouldn’t it be too selfish for us to have what we really want? And wouldn’t…

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To be a “Feminine Woman” is to…

To be a Feminine is to

Feel pride when you are proud without trying to squish it and make it tiny, feel pride deeply, for it is freeing. Feel pretty, when someone says you’re pretty, deep in to your heart without trying to pretend you’re not basking in the glory, for pretty is a beautiful gift you give to men and…

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Vulnerable Craving Hearts Attract Devoted and Trustworthy Men

Vulnerable Craving Hearts attracts Trustworthy and Devoted Man

After work she eats until she numbs herself. When she’s numb from food, she reads a romance novel, maybe watches dramatic TV. When she gets frustrated enough at living love through a stupid-ass novel, she hates other women who have loving husbands to distract her from her true craving for a man. When she becomes…

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How Masculine Jobs and Lives Can Affect a Woman’s Beauty and Feminine Energy

How masculine jobs and lives can affect a Woman’s Beauty and Feminine energy

I know that you have a busy day. Just give me 60 seconds and let’s to this quick little exercise. Think about a time where you felt incredibly beautiful. and feminine. Even if you don’t feel beautiful now, you are courageous enough to feel what it was like to feel feminine and beautiful in the…

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