Find out…Are Men Intimidated by you? Or are they Simply not Attracted to You?

I remember several years ago, being about 20 years old, and I was out with a group of girlfriends. None of the men seemed interested in me. At least not compared to the number of men who were interested in my friends.  I felt devastated. The men seemed interested in my girlfriends, but not me. I couldn’t figure it out. Not that I was trying to actually figure it out; I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.

One can’t get clarity when they are feeling sorry for themselves. (Click here to get your Goddess Report)

On this particular night, one nice young man did come up to me and introduce himself. He asked what I was doing with myself. I said: “I’m studying Law.” Which I was.

And I’ll never forget his reaction. He pulled his head right back and stepped away from me, taking one step back, literally. And he said ‘oh’. ‘Woah. Ok.’ From that day on, I noticed that whenever I told men this, this particular reaction was not uncommon at all.

At the time I secretly smiled. Heh, Finally, I feel some sort of power in my life – I’m doing a LAW degree and you can’t compare to that!

I remember walking away from that club where I was at, and weeks later, started to tell myself the boring story about how men don’t want to be in a relationship with me because they were intimidated by me. I was actually totally clueless, because it was none of that. It wasn’t even that I was ‘successful’. It wasn’t that I actually intimidated men.

The reality is that attraction occurs when there is polarity.

Polarity happens when there is opposite energies, it didn’t have to be that way, it is just how it is in our universe.

Looking back, i now realise that it wasn’t that men were intimidated and THAT is why they didn’t or couldn’t be in a relationship with me.

It was that there was no room to be in a relationship with me.

They had no perceived positive rewards for their efforts to court me, because I put out a tonne of masculine energy.

It was that I walked around, living my life from this place of thinking that my worth came from being career minded and successful. And that became a habit; so much so that when i spoke to men, my body was tight, I wasn’t trusting, I was fully set on directing my own life.

Nothing wrong with that, right? of course not.

And yet – it pushed the better men away, because I didn’t need their direction.

I wasn’t soft, I was hard and trying to just be enough.

I bought in to the false idea that ‘men commit to women who are better; women who are achievers’ – which leads to the reality that;

When we think this way, we will always be insecure

As women, our appeal to men in a relationship has nothing to do with how much we achieve; it has everything to do with our soul; and our heart as a woman. It has everything to do with  how kind, loyal and feminine we show up. (Click here to take the quiz “How Feminine Am I Actually”)

Achievements for appeal in a commitment relationships are for men; men compete with each other to achieve more and therefore gain more status. Because we all secretly know unconsciously that women trade up and compare men all the time. As Jada Pinkett says; ‘no woman wants a man other women don’t want’.

In other words, women go for the man with the most status they feel they can get. We choose the best man we believe we are worthy of.

Why we need to question our statements of ‘men are intimidated by me’.

If men are intimidated by us, fine.

But if we keep that story in our heads…then we are simply avoiding facing the fake stories we tell ourselves and other possible realities.

Realities such as:

1) Because we spend so much energy directing ourselves in our career and life, in other words – using this masculine energy in ourselves….a man can’t be attracted to us because we’ve already put out so much masculine energy in the world. There’s NOTHING wrong with using our masculine. But when we go in to the dating world assuming that our worth comes from this; well, we don’t get to complain that men aren’t attracted to us and that there are no good men. (Click here to take the quiz on “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man? “)

2) or the other fake story we often tell ourselves; that…we prefer living with the internal story in our minds of ‘they’re intimidated by me’ than feeling with our deep, inner yearning in our heart and body for a fully directed man to enter our life.

The One Truth I discovered..

Here is an inconvenient truth. 

When we women say; ‘men don’t court me because they’re intimidated by me’…

Men actually just weren’t attracted to us. It doesn’t mean we AREN’T attractive; it just means that we didn’t show up that way in the eyes of men.

I hear women saying to me; ‘but, men are intimidated by beautiful women!! It’s true!’

I say ‘so?’ why not be more approachable then, if we really value relationship and connection and opening to a man? You can always wear a sloppy item of clothing and dull your attractiveness on the outside – but that wouldn’t change your inner radiance and would make you actually more approachable.

It depends whether we value the tired old ‘stories’ in our heads about men or whether we value bringing the kind of value to the table that men SEE as value for a long term relationship.

I’m well aware that for a strong woman in her 30s who is finding it difficult to find and meet a good man who is not a jerk can feel disillusioned. Angry. Hurt. Sad. Pissed. Humiliated.

There’s a lot of pain and humiliation surrounding not finding a man for most women in this world. We just try to cover it up with stupid stories like:

‘Men are intimidated by me’.

‘There aren’t enough good men in my town.”

“There’s a shortage of men in my town.”

No. None of those things are ever true. But we have to survive somehow; and to SURVIVE, we have to tell ourselves an internal story that makes us feel good enough that we can walk out the door in the morning and actually live our lives.

Are Men Actually Intimidated by You?

So, are men intimidated by you? Mostly not. Maybe in the corporate world where they’re not thinking about dating you.

Even if they are intimidated by you, that usually only counts for a small percentage of the reason why they are not wanting a relationship with you.

And even if they are, what does it matter? How is men being intimidated by you even relevant to your love life? What matters is whether men are attracted to you or not for a relationship. So WHY are we really focusing on the silly story of ‘oh yeah well mem are just INTIMIDATED BY ME!’.

Simply because we feel sad and hurt that we are alone. And instead of feeling our pain, and feeling our oneness with everyone’s else’s pain – people who also share our pain because they are human – we decide it’s more important to have a ‘cool identity’ and the idea that we are so important and significant that oh my gosh, men can’t even date us because we are so crash hot and so much like a super woman.

Attraction is the thing that lights up his life and lights up yours.

THIS really means that to get in to a relationship; we need to uncover the mask we wear of ‘being intimidating’ to men and reveal our true spontaneous, alive, and innocent feminine self inside. Of course, provided we are feminine inside; which is most of us.

I believe that our BS – ing  ourselves with a story about men being intimidated by us only closes us down to men further, and makes you a smaller and smaller woman with less and less love in her life. I know this because I have been there and felt it. It feels awful. It took me ages to learn that my own silly story was destroying my ‘light’ as some weird new-agey people might describe it! (poking fun here).

The Honesty that is REQUIRED for you to find ANY Man…

But what if this kind of honesty with yourself is required for you to find a loving relationship?

I want to ask you today to have the courage to be honest with yourself, instead of remaining a small woman for the rest of your life. I want you to feel the power that comes with being incredibly feminine and attractive; and not falling for the silly ideal that you have to be masculine to be worthy in this world. No.

You could have failed school and many men would love you (perhaps more men than you think).

You could be a bimbo and men will love you for it.

You could be a stay at home mom and be provided for financially fully by your husband, and while other women are seething, HATING you for having this apparent fortune, your man adores you to bits.

It’s other WOMEN and dishonest men who perpetuate these myths about what you have to be in order to be enough for everyone in this world. And by the way, these women are acting from their fears. They’re not necessarily showing up as open, loving women, they’re women who are feeling disillusioned but too scared to feel their fears; because facing our fears is more painful and harder than ignoring them.

Nobody loves you for being successful, for being intimidating, or for being more ‘powerful’ in society than other people are. That’s the silly illusion that we’ve all fallen for at certain times in our lives.

The Price you pay for telling yourself that men are intimidated by you..

If we don’t tell ourselves the truth, we have a far HIGHER price to pay: the price that comes with regret. Regret about pushing men away and valuing our stores instead. Regret about not being as vulnerable and open to a relationship as other women were.

But mostly, regret about being a liar. Regret that it’s us who has to look at ourselves in the mirror and suffer through what we wish we had done or had not done. See this article on why men pull away.

Here is the price we pay for telling yourself the BS story that men are intimidated by us:

1) We will never actually become more attractive. Instead, we stay closed and guarded which will repel more and more men away from you.

2) We don’t get to feel the power that comes with being able to attract any man you want.

3) We may never have our own children (if you want your own children, then this could be a huge and urgent worry for you).

4) We will never grow, instead we will remain closed, guarded and eventually, totally bitter.

Men are attracted to Femininity, not Success…

Men are men. Most of them are proportionally more masculine in relationships. Which means they are attracted to femininity. And that is emotionally attracted to femininity as well as physically attracted to femininity. (See article on what is femininity and how to become feminine)

What am I getting at here? What’s the ‘answer’ in all this?

The answer is that even if we did a law degree, even if we run our own business; the truth and the ‘story’ we want to tell ourselves if we are courageous enough to admit that we WANT a man, is that there’s a reason why we don’t have one.

In the context of this article, it’s because we value our own significance more than we do a relationship.

Did you also notice, I didn’t say “you are not pretty enough.”

I didn’t say: “men don’t think you are sexy”, they probably do think you’re sexy. It’s not hard to be sexy to most men. Sexy is easy to come by.

I am talking about men not being attracted to us. Which is a totally different thing. Attraction is a gut feeling; it’s NOT a judgement.

See, when I say men aren’t attracted to you, do you feel rejected?

If you do, that might be because you think there’s no hope, and that men are judging you. They’re not. They just don’t feel attracted to you. And that’s just their FEELING. Nothing more.

The good news is, men are always responding to WOMEN. They’re responding to YOU. Which means, how you show up in the dating market is crucial. If you’re always showing up as the ‘sexy, successful’ woman; then men will want sex, but not commit to you.

It’s important to tell yourself the truth and acknowledge that, unlike what other women would have you believe; LOOKS aren’t important; but ATTRACTION is, when it comes to finding a man. And ANY woman can be attractive; she just has to be feminine. Dark and light; whatever she wants to be. The missing ingredient in any case is still ATTRACTION and being ATTRACTIVE to men.

What’s the real reason men seem turned off?

Did you wonder why, in my above story, the men backed off when I said I was studying Law?

If you were, great!

I was a Hard Woman, not a Soft Woman…

The answer is NOT because I did a Law degree. It’s because of my energy. And my energy is what is behind what I said. It’s the way I said it, and the way I go about meeting my needs every day of my life.

Is it any wonder men don’t approach me? My energy put out intensity. My vibe was that was that of a hard woman, wearing masks to cover up her attractive natural energy. How could men be attracted to me? Much less approach me and want a relationship with me?

Back then, I thought my worth was in my achievements.

Now, let me just say: doing this is not wrong: you can choose to put out ANY energy you want. You can turn yourself in to a man if you want, and there would be nothing wrong with that at all. It really just depends on what you want in your life.

To guide you through what I’ve finally come to learn myself, I’ve put together the 17 Attraction Triggers that guarantee to get any man’s blood boiling. Some of these triggers are primal, sexual, some of them are emotional. They will help you feel closer to your true self, your true core and feel more feminine and attractive. Here’s the link to 17 Attraction Triggers.

Finally, I’m very interested in hearing your opinion on all of this. What are your thoughts? In fact, what is your true experience of dealing with men out there in the big wide world? Do you agree or disagree? Share in the comments section below so that other women can also learn from you!”



  • Samantha Derrick

    I dont agree
    men are INTIMIDATED by beautifulw omen, there are sometimes men who state but can not approach a woman.I have even spoken to these men and they tell me thre are many isntances they see a beautiful women but they think she is “out of theri league”

  • n4mel3ss

    If a woman is good-looking, there are 2 reasons why men won’t show much interest:
    1. She looks unapproachable. Maybe she looks standoff-ish. Maybe looks like she doesn’t give a damn – emotionless/bored face.
    2. She can’t/won’t hold a conversation. One-word answers, like she doesn’t wanna talk. Doesn’t show any clear signs of interest. Or she’s so shy she can barely talk, and then the man has nothing to work with. Or she’s hard to talk to, because she has nothing in common with the man. Or she’s just a boring person.

    I’m not sure how this fits into the masculine/feminine framework. Personally, I don’t think I would reject a woman just because she’s not “feminine” enough.

  • lamrof

    Also, remember that men today are not sex starved anymore. Porn is not a multibillion dollar business for no reason. The escort business is not so successful for no reason these days. Men travel to a different city to make a call in backpage and then lay a prostitute. It’s much easier for men to get sex, so we do not walk around with a hardon for a woman anymore. Did anyone consider what impact this might have?

    I know I have done it. I see a gorgeous woman in starbucks with her laptop and earphone looking too busy to socialize and ignoring everyone. I steal a look at her here and there and when I get that sexual energy well up in me, I get on my phone and start looking at the choices I have on backpage. In a matter of an hour I get my relief, that sexy woman in starbucks, not so important anymore.

  • lamrof

    For those of us who noticed it, there is a big difference in attitude between women in the US and other parts of the world. Guys in my circle always talk about it, women in other parts of the world show femininity more naturally and so stir strong emotions in men.

  • rosie

    It sounds like you’re saying pretty women have to look less attractive so they don’t intimidate men? What? Of course not! A woman can dress however she likes and the right man won’t feel inferior.

  • Suzuki35

    the men who respond here aren’t even the men any women want… why are they here? rejected or something?

  • Suzuki35

    all these articles on all sides mean well but they each serve to make me wish I wasn’t even human,let alone female.. the species itself.. all this stuff about needing to seem soft and helpless and YIKES needing “direction” from a man is ..well…vomitous… but for women who want a man and want to stay in the game..of ‘humanity’ and how it works.. have at it……but its why im on the side of “no male or female in Christ” and “unless you enter heaven as a little child you will In no wise enter” and “you must be born again from above” it says for this “present distress” for each to marry (rather than lust) there is also a different creation here,living among the animal side of a human…… should already understand every word of this article and if he really wants to get to know a woman he wants to know all of her right where she is and why… but for those who like tips and stuff like that..have a go at it….

  • Love

    Then you are out of touch!! Read a newspaper sometime unless you think that men have all of a sudden mysteriously become less smart or less capable. And please, may I remind you that as you turn your nose up at this, you are communicating on device, in a house or building or car, etc., most likely invented and built by men. We weren’t so stupid when we built and gave you all most of the modern conveniences in the world to make you feel so empowered that you now feel so superior to us men.

  • Love

    Okay!!! Feminists have zeroed in on Rene and as usual they are condescending, rude, self righteous, superior, intolerant, and obnoxious!!! And yes, I mean: Ginna Elda, Selena and “Alex” Et, Al.

    Also, as we usually see with feminists such as these they are always right and give themselves the right to tell others what to do and not do and tell them they’re WRONG because they are like G. W. Bush, “the decider”; they are the new “deciders” or maybe it’s just because they feel so inadequate and don’t understand why the world doesn’t choose them as its one and only supreme ruler? haha.

    But I happen to disagree with you three that openly bash a fellow woman just because she doesn’t adhere to your men should change for us drivel from an almost primal instinct!!! In addition to that fact is that people like you usually seem to miss the point due to being distracted by your own seething hatred and stressed out delusional self importance.

    While I may not agree with everything Rene has written (which is okay), I do recognize that she does have the right to her opinions like the rest of us and especially when those opinions are about her own growth and how she perceived herself to be at some point in time through introspection and then being brave and a large enough person to “start with the man in the mirror” or woman lol (thanks MJ!) and change something about herself that allowed her to grow in a positive way. One would think you feminists would applaud her but you do not ever actually support women or men because after all, you are superior to the rest of us.

    And anyway, she makes a lot of sense.

    Rene said “SHE” “was a hard woman” and not that career women equal hard women so, how is that generalizing? Right! It isn’t!!

    You took everything out of context and presented it to your so called group to make yourself look and feel superior which is exactly her point by the way. Some women have become so boastful.

    Whenever some women write about themselves nowadays it’s always; I’m attractive, intelligent, beautiful, strong, successful, educated, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, spin a web? Any size!!! And it’s a real turn off to other Humans or maybe just Humans!!

    If a man spoke this way of himself? Right!?!?

    We’ve all heard a million times from women: “went on a date and the guy went on and on about himself, what a loser!” But when women do it it’s empowering… Double standards much? It’s a part of that narcissistic and selfish, self promoting feminist handbook which I believe has a chapter called; double standards when and how to use them”. Good grief!!!

    It’s nice when someone says something nice about me and I appreciate it. Also, I love telling someone that I care for how great or cute they are when it is fitting and deserved. But if they say it about themselves? It’s creepy and arrogant and it’s narcissistic to constantly compliment ones self as if they’re repeating some mantra they’re trying to hypnotize the rest of us with lol and in my humble opinion it is quite unseemly and makes them appear to be a very small and less evolved. It’s very unbecoming for a lady or anyone for that matter to boast and gloat about themselves while telling everyone else they need to change!!!

    Gone with the wind? She was successful and blah blah? I don’t remember it but my recollection paints her as manipulative, petty and obstinate but like I said I don’t really remember much about that movie other than it had Clark Gable and it was boring and frankly, I don’t give a damn!! :). Oops… Yep, you guessed it, we non-feminists enjoy puns and laughing due to our lack of seething hatred.

    Rene, you make some very good points and I know that you are writing as a commentator from your point of view and not as a relationship guru like they are trying to paint you and I for one really appreciate it. I found it quite refreshing actually. I have never belonged to an online site but your story and the ignorant and sharpened responses attacking you for shedding light on their ruse against men and women alike compelled me to sign up and comment.

    I don’t even know how I found your site considering I was researching something entirely different for a work related piece that I am writing. I probably should have consulted with the three empresses first to see if I’m qualified to be writer but seriously these types of mentalities are usually at best for me at least highly dismissible because like I said before they usually go on the attack before they even grasp what was said.

    And by the way, to the one that said her friends stated that the way something is said cannot be masculine or feminine; well, I’d say birds of a feather!!

    I don’t fully agree with the article that People that are not Alpha are second rate because our universe understands that it takes a mix with all different types to create such beauty. Everyone has their preference and that’s okay but can you imagine if everyone was an Alpha? Wouldn’t be so special to the ones that appreciate it because it would no longer be limited in quantity and probably wouldn’t even be discernible. Plus, just like women becoming more dominant because corporations have discovered that they can save tons of money by displacing men in the work place with women at a lower rate for the same job and benefit the byproduct of being rid of those pesky me that stood against they’re injustice to their workforce in favor of the bottom line (even if it doesn’t directly affect the man himself, he will fight for the quality of life for his fellow workers and Corporate greed is impeded greatly as a result while worker rights had improved greatly over time until the last couple of decades when it has gone backwards and maybe it’s just a coincidence but that is the same period that women have become more prominent in the workforce… Also, seems most women think they now get the jobs because they are smarter than men and not because they cost less and are less likely to speak up about workforce injustices as long as it doesn’t affect them directly and hell, she may even boast to the people affected that she wasn’t like them because he didn’t affect her and therefore she is above them in her high and mighty position as a sales rep or ap clerk or whatever :). Reminds me of the old joke about going in for a big raise and the boss says; are you kidding? You deserve much more than a measly raise. You deserve a promotion. And then you see the person walk off with their chest pumped out as the celebrated conqueror that they must be (according to their puppet master or I mean boss) and when they go home that day? Yep, you guessed it! They go by way Leaping over Tall Buildings in a single Bounce that day!

    Doesn’t seem strange that all of a sudden this new “super gender” that has emerged recently and is smart, successful, beautiful, confident, funny, great singing voices and let’s not forget intimidating lol that as a “Modern Woman” she still needs to first look around to see if other women like something or someone in order to know if she is supposed to like it or not and actually believes that a man’s manhood size is determined by big feet or skin color or wait??????? So, if a woman was in the position of being a leader and needing to choose which company her firm should do business with or which country she should allow her nation to be allied with she would first need to check what the consensus is among the gaggle of other women in order to judge if it’s thought of as attractive by other women? Just because their women? That’s how they’re qualified to tell you who to date and who to marry? Well, if it’s always the rest of the women that know what’s best for the individual woman then how come she doesn’t already know? She’s a woman! Or does she only know when the collective knows? Hmmmm… Yeah, that really does sound independent and confident and sma… Wait!! What?? Hold on a minute there, I said hold it, Hold it!!!!!!! Please let me off of this thing and please don’t include me in that category if that is what it means to be “smart and successful”. I mean luckily not all women are like that though…

    I heard this report a few weeks back on morning news that there is an epidemic in this here USA of young men with college degrees not being hired and are having to still live at home with their parents and losing hope of building a life and being conditioned into complacency. Meanwhile, if that is not bad enough? They are also being subjected to the slings and arrows of the very people that have displaced them in the workforce and now have their jobs (young women) who also struggling as a result of benefiting from this new form of gender discrimination practiced by corporate America because as the women put it; “I have my own house, my own car, my own money (which I only spend on myself unless I am at a bar and want a drink or dinner then that’s not what her money is for and certainly not to buy a guy a drink, sorry I meant not to buy a loser a drink because let’s face it men are losers and not to be trusted unless they are an Alpha Male lmao which by porn standards only comes in one color!!!), my own blah blah blah and blah and I can’t even find a decent guy that is my equal because they are all losers and unemployed and I want a man. Oh yeah, you’re not a man if you’re unemployed. Somehow you lose the man part when you lose the job or I’m not actually sure how that works but I do know the flip side is if you are a woman with a job you’re still not a man because you’re a superhero that can earn a paycheck and make a baby without any help from a man>>> Now FAST FORWARD to TODAY: and it’s her car, her home, her vacation and he’s a loser and can’t be trusted and is unreliable and disloyal too! Why not? He’s the one that is disloyal, unreliable, untrustworthy and unworthy? It’s the man? Or is it really just a way to say; hey I was more than willing as long as you made the money to be equals and that respect each other and build a life together but now that’s it’s me making the money I’m thinking… You’re no longer my equal, so bye loser! Oh and by the way, you’re not even a man because a man is not a man if he doesn’t have a job! Besides, your penis is only about the size of my rectal vibe and my drawer and my vag are often full with models that are much bigger than your nature made thingy and especially when compared to my ooops…. Yep! Guessed right again! He doesn’t fill her up like her “MAN-MADE” vibe for her pleasure lol, that really is something isn’t it. The why can’t I have everything they told me I can have it all and this is heaven and seriously I don’t a man. Women don’t need men for anything. I mean we can even have babies on our own now!! Yeah! It’s true or at least if you’re a stupid idiot it could appear to be true…

    2014 and 2015 saw twitter messages like #killallmen and #womenempowered and we’re told a woman decides if a man is worthy of dating and not the other way around because women are “PRETTY”. That’s it? You’re pretty? So, they should bow down to you? Hmmmm… Yeah, whatever!

    Funny thing is that it’s like that old movie “it’s a wonderful life”. If men never existed what would the world be like today? Your job, car, house, stove, air conditioning, pumps, make up, panties, bra, etc., etc., etc., also wouldn’t exist. So what would you have to be so boastful about? Who would listen? The ones that tell you who to date and who to hate?

    Maybe these Batshitcrazy feminists are right and men have now worn out their usefulness and should be exiled, wait… No!! I got it, men should be shot like an old dog or a lame horse back in the wild Wild West!! Yeah!! It will be fun to watch too! Hey, we should shoot them multiple times without killing them right away so we can see if they cry lmao that would be so much fun. Make him cry!! Men are babies!!! Don’t trust men!!! Trust women (unless they have money?? So, women were faking it? Never thought a woman would use such a term, its purpose can only be meant to shame, emasculate and belittle (last one is so fitting for the poor little men lol). Hey! I got it!! We build an arena or actually before we ban them we’ll do one last favor for them and let them build it because they like doing stuff like that and modern women are so kind and wonderful and smart and educated oh actually most of the colleges are institutions built by the patriarchy so yeah, you wouldn’t be educated and Facebook? Yeah, no it was also created by a guy and most any device you would need to connect to it as well so, no!

    Feminists!! We get it!!!! You hate men. You hate them!!! How dare they!! Okay!! We get that!

    Weird that with your superior intellect you couldn’t figure out such simple and inconsequential type folk enough to continue to get along with men and see their value or at least now that you no longer “need” men.

    By the way you don’t actually have to smart to land a good man. It’s Not rocket surgery. Just treat men with respect and don’t be condescending and hold any part of you above them like the holy grail and just share a life as it’s meant to be. But, you hate that! You hate it! You hate men! You hate women too! You hate women because they like love men and that’s why you preach this drivel to them and have to attack a woman for voicing an individual opinion and for being brave you lob low blows at her without a second thought and she shouldn’t trust men because men are out to get her and unworthy losers that lie and betray you. Uh… Okay!! Intelligent?? Well, that remains to be seen as much today as before. Just because you can draft a decent letter or hold a job that someone shows you how to do doesn’t mean you’re above average. Many others can write well as well and that is the standard minimum. Hell, some of them are even men. I know! Who’d a thunk it? Saying you are intelligent because you were afforded an education is analogous to thinking or saying a pretty woman with a dazzling smile that is pleasant in the company of others is definitive proof that she is a nice person. It does not! And now that we see how fake and unpredictable some women folk are until they can hold the purse strings it is even harder to accept. I mean, she could be a nice person or she can also turn out be a narcissistic, sinister, self important, conniving, diabolical, vindictive, tiny brained jerk just as much as a man can be or maybe even more so after looking at how each gender treats the other if they are the ones with the privilege of being the wage earner. She can be either. You see?

    Men and women are counterparts. They are designed that way. They are not meant to be equal or perfect but they are designed to compliment and complete each other.

    My first comment. Sorry if it’s too short!

  • Emily

    Wow this article is really sad. I couldn’t even read to the end. This article totally feeds into the patriarchal bullshit that women have fought so hard to overcome. It’s no secret that some men are intimidated by powerful women. Not because we aren’t “soft” or feminine enough, but because they are insecure in their own perceived masculinity and feel like it will degrade their position as the “superior” sex. Utter bullshit. Any man worth your time will love the fact that you are successful and confident within yourself. He won’t give a shit if you act in a way that some would perceive as masculine. Be yourself. Women don’t need to change themselves to find a man. We need to change our attitude about the way men should treat us. With absolute respect for however we wish to portray ourselves to the world, feminine or not. Stop subscribing to archaic gender roles based on a system of a perceived gender binary. Women are allowed to act in whichever way they please because we are people, not someone’s sex object. Own up to the fact that we are strong and independent and do not need to seek validation through make attention. The right guy will appreciate you for who you are and won’t expect you to be “soft” like this is some 1950s sitcom and you’re the fucking trophy wife.

    • Love

      That what we said! You missed the point.

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