If you want to have men attracted to you and committed to you in the long run, then you have to become more than just a one dimensional woman. In deed, you have to become “multi-dimensional”.

If you want to lose commitment from a man, and lose the passion and attraction he feels for you, then the quickest way to do is, is being one dimensional. In other words, be “boring”. (Click here to download your free copy of Goddess Report.)

One of the biggest mistakes many women (and men) make in their relationship is to be continually showing up as one kind of person, or the same person over and over. This is kind of like the nice guy who is always just nice, or the kind and caring woman who is always just kind and caring.

How would you feel if you were to eat the same food every single day for the rest of your life?

How would you feel if you were going to be confined to only one location for the rest of your life?

My point? It’s that we all need variety. The human body needs variety. We get sick of what is always familiar and available to us.

This is so important in an intimate relationship… let me explain why.

If you’re always showing up to be “one type” of person…whatever that type may be, then you’ll get boring eventually. It’s what I call…being “one dimensional”.

People who are one dimensional can’t see life from another angle. They’re stuck in their own limited idea of their own identity.

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Boredom and relationships don’t go too well together. In fact, boredom is one of those silent killers that don’t really appear in front of your face, but sits in the corner and does all the damage.

If you are not multi-dimensional, or don’t have many sides to you, then your relationship will eventually become boring. It may be fine at the start, (most relationships are…) but give it some time and boredom will set in.

When boredom kicks in, then the relationship is in trouble. Passion dissipates, as the relationship spirals downwards towards an end.

This is why embodying different parts of yourself is so important.

Being a feminine woman, the most important personalities you need are the light feminine and the dark feminine. Having both will give you depth and prevent any boredom from settling into your relationship.

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  • Super Janice

    Ms. Renee, not all people need variety. I think I don’t!
    If I were to eat MUSHROOMS every single day for the rest in my life, that’s FREEDOM for me because mushroom is my favourite!
    If you were going to be confined to only one location for the rest of my life…if it is my favourite place, such as my home, it may be FREEDOM for me.
    If I were going to sing one song only…it may be FREEDOM if that song is EXCITING.

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  • Angel-eyes

    Hmmm, am I imagining things or do the pictures on the feminine woman blog keep changing.

    Well change is good either way.

  • beaute

    is very good blog for beauty feminine http://beauteedesfemmes.blogspot.com/

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  • Tia

    The link to you program is not working.

    • Renee

      Hi Tia,

      That program was only available for a short time frame, that’s why it doesn’t work. 🙂

      We now include segments in dark and light feminine and dark and light attraction in all of our programs.


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