6 KEY Differences Between a Little Girl and a Real Woman

You may already be a woman in some areas of your life.  One thing is for sure…the area of intimate relationships is the place where most of us show up as little girls and little boys.

Ironically…at the same time, we demand a man out of our partner. Or we claim that the dating market is full of little boys.

The truth is…we wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to say there are tonnes of little boys in the dating market if we were showing up as a woman. Because a woman notices the little boys, but her attention is too diverted towards the Real Men to complain about the boys.

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First things first: it’s OK that you’re showing up more as a little girl than a woman, if you feel like you are. If you don’t acknowledge the little girl, then she will never let the woman appear. She will resist the Real woman in you until you give her the acknowledgement, love, and nurturing that this fearful little girl needs.

The little girl serves a purpose, and that is to keep you safe. Little girls are afraid, and usually deeply afraid. And intimate relationship is the area of life where she kicks and she screams. A lot. Or she holds back.

Afraid little girls don’t produce much attraction in a Real man. Afraid little girls produce tonnes of attraction in a boy, because boys go for what is easy. A real woman shows a sleazeball how his sleaziness makes her feel, so boys (who can be sleazeballs at the same time) know they can’t get their way with a real woman.

It’s pretty obvious that a Real Man (mature man) is not going to want a little girl. So, as I have learned myself…before you ask for a ‘mature’ man, you need to look in the mirror.

We are ALL very good at pointing at other people and saying ‘Oh yeah, THEY do THAT.’ But we don’t really look at ourselves. And in my experience…the problems we experience in intimate relationship (ie attracting bad men), is almost always our own doing.

I am exactly the same. I find I’ve had to work hard and be very conscious in order transcend my own limiting ‘girl like’ patterns. I would say that my man is more man (more mature) than I am woman…but the reason I can even be a woman at all is because he sees through my BS. I simply CAN’T be anything else but the better version of myself when I am around him.

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And this is what I am asking of YOU today…

I’m asking that you love and accept the little girl, and make her safe. But now it’s time to make the woman show up more…because she’s already inside you.

Just for the record…the only reason I can even write this post is because I will say that I started off as GIRL as they come. Yup, I used to kick and scream my way through things. And it’s because I came from such a low place that I’ve now been able to look back and see how I was digging my own grave in my relationships.

Great men, REAL men are hard to attract and not easy to keep. In the end you just have to decide whether he is worth you moving through your own fears in order to live a greater quality of life. And I say life because…the quality of our life and how happy we are depends on how happy our relationships are.

If you have ever wondered what a real woman might look like…here are my opinions.

Here are the 6 KEY Differences between a Little Girl and a Real Woman

KEY Difference Number 1)

A little girl criticises and complains when things aren’t how she wants them. A woman expresses her hurt and vulnerability, and perhaps then does what she can to change the situation herself.

Changing the situation herself could include; loving her man through his fears instead of reacting to everything. Which inevitably leads both of them to more pain.

KEY Difference Number 2)

A little girl is obsessed with the idea of ‘equality’ and ‘compromise’ in a relationship with a man. Personally, I hate compromise. Because I feel the constriction in my body when I ask for it. I feel myself closing. I feel that I am creating my own suffering and my man’s suffering when I ask for a compromise. That’s not a relationship; it’s a business deal.

A woman recognises that whenever she demands equality or compromise that this is her fear driving her to ask for that. She does the fearless thing instead; she knows that compromise and vying for ‘equality’ is a child’s game that might lead to CONTENTMENT and safety, but NEVER to ecstasy, and certainly NEVER, to an infinite life with a man.

KEY Difference Number 3)

A little girl stays with an abusive man who can’t really love her, because it feels familiar and she sees that constricted, bad treatment as a secure way to live life. A woman will feel deeper in to herself and recognise that there is ‘more’ our there in this infinite world. In fact, more accurate it is for me to say: she is fearless enough to BELIEVE in that something more out there.

Yes, fearlessness is not only a man’s thing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking feminine energy means you can’t be fearless. Is a mother fearful when she needs to be there for her family? No. A grown mother needs to do what she needs to do to protect her young and to love her man.

Key Difference Number 4)

A little girl is afraid of ecstasy as well as extreme pain. A woman allows herself to surrender to life’s rules (which are the Essential rules of the Feminine Energy): surrender to both extreme pain AND extreme ecstasy and you will live an infinite life. Settle for anything less and you are bound to experience suffering.

A woman knows AND allows herself to FEEL excruciating pain that is emotional, physical, or mental. Yet, she also allows herself to feel extreme pleasure without restricting her body’s pleasure.

(Hint: a woman also embraces other people’s extreme pain and extreme pleasure)

Any guess as to what a Real Man is looking for? He’s looking for a woman who is unafraid of her pleasure or pain. This is depth. And that’s what woman is; depth. A little girl is surface. Any deep emotion is something she RUNS from. She’s superficial and fake.

I’ve come to realise that most of us are fake. We’re just doing what we can to please others and not be rejected by them. Fake has a place when it has its place. But it’s useless if what you want is a deep and passionate relationship with a man that lasts. (See my post on boring women vs crazy women)

Key Difference Number 5)

A little girl doesn’t recognise when Life repeatedly send her the message that it’s time to bring out a different, or more Evolved part of herself.

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A woman uses her consciousness (a form of Masculine energy, actually), to reflect on a situation and to surrender to the loss of usefulness of an ancient part of herself. It doesn’t mean that ancient part won’t have a place at some point in the future. It might, it might not.

But Life is always changing. Which means we must surrender to the messages that beg us to change with it. Complaining about the same thing you complained about yesterday means you are miles behind the next Real Woman who has already adapted.

So you can’t expect to attract better quality people in to your life if you refuse to adapt at all! Real Men come with a price tag! They come with a list of Requirements of what they like in a woman.

Life throws these situations at us a lot. And I’d take a wild guess and say that most of us a VERY far behind and need to catch up on the newer parts of ourselves that are needed in order to move on to the next stage of life.

That 15 year old teenager is only useful in a 35 year old’s body for so long. That 15 year old is fearful of other women as competition…the woman however, is not afraid to say: ‘I know the value I have to add. I’m willing to add this value to a man who is worthy of me.’

KEY Difference Number 6)

A little girl feels entitled and deserving in the dating world and in her relationships (which leads to being desperate). for example “HE should be doing this for ME!’ No. First ask; am I showing up as the kind of woman who would attract that better treatment from a man?

‘Am I even the kind of woman to attract a Real Man? Or am I a little girl who is only attracting little boys right now and that’s why I’m dissatisfied and angry?’

A woman knows that deserving is a loaded word. A lot of people in this world supposedly deserve something. How often do we REALLY get what we think we deserve? Hardly ever. We only truly get what we deserve when we do what we do just because we WANT to, not because we are counting how much we get back.



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Do you have anything to add to this list? If you do, go ahead and add to the discussion below. I would be grateful, and so would other women reading your additions. 


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