The One Masculine Skill Every Feminine Woman Must Have in Dating

Learn the Important Masculine Skill that you Need as a Feminine Woman…

Article updated 2018

The upside of being very feminine? Men will be attracted to you. The downside? Well, what I’ve learned is that if you are ALL feminine and don’t cultivate masculine skills, then you get hurt a lot easier and spend too much time getting what you DON’T want in life, you waste a lot more time, and as an aside, you become a less valuable long term partner. (Click here to complete the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”)

Being all feminine carries with it the danger of being too one-dimensional. Just like completely masculine men are a pain in the butt to be in a relationship with, because they lack sensitivity (I’m sure you can relate to that) a completely feminine woman without some masculine essence is difficult to be with for a man.

But this post is about your happiness. For, we can’t be good to others without first giving to ourselves. Which means that, having some versatility to go to your masculine energy when YOU need it, is most valuable for you.

What is the One masculine skill you have to master as a feminine woman?

The skill of elimination. That’s right, elimination. And by that I mean being able to eliminate men from your dating circle, or from your life altogether. Being able to not get hung up on one man who is flaky, dishonest or only there when it’s convenient for him.

At some point in the dating period, you need the objectivity to assess or decide whether a man is going to be good for you or not, no matter how much your emotions are telling you to stay hung up on him.

Emotions are great, you know how much I love them, and how much I advocate feeling them, and honoring them, but at some point, you must cultivate your masculine ability to separate yourself from the situation, decide, and eliminate.

Here’s the truth about being very feminine: We just HANG ON to everything! Once one person comes in to our lives, it’s hard to let them go, even if having that person in our life is bad. And that’s true whether it’s friends or a man. (read my article about how to be feminine)

As with anything, there are downsides and upsides. And this is one of the possible downsides of having a very feminine essence.

I’ve had a couple of  friends whom I know weren’t the best of friends, whom I knew deep down were a bad fit for friendship with me, and who would never be on the same page as me and have the same beliefs as me, but couldn’t let go and in the end the whole friendship breaks down worse than if I had decided to so called ‘eliminate’ them in the first place.

Another aside: if the word ‘eliminate’ sounds insensitive to you, you most definitely have a more feminine essence (or are more in your feminine in this moment), and you most DEFINITELY need to learn the skill of elimination! Even if it feels unnatural to you most of the time, you NEED to eliminate SOME of the time! So as uncomfortable as it is for me to talk about elimination (it makes me feel slightly unattractive and weird in my body to use that word), I know it needs to be done.

How to Eliminate Men

There are three basic steps to being very good at eliminating men, and not wasting time with the men who aren’t worth opening your heart to.

1) Actually become clear with the kind of man and relationship you want, and then become the woman that man would want to be with. (Click here to take the quiz on “How High Value Am I on Facebook?”)

2) Decide what kind of treatment you are really willing to settle for. If then, a man actually treats you badly, give him one chance (also telling him that it hurt), and if he does it again, eliminate and move on. In fact, sometimes one chance is too many, it just depends what he actually did. 

3) Consciously and deliberately associate pain with wasting time on the wrong man, rather than associating temporary pleasure with just ‘having a man’ in your life. Too many women I work with would prefer the comfort of having some man in her life, and associates too much pain with letting go.

Disclaimer: this post is NOT about ‘waiting for the perfect man’! This post is about meeting more men, and eliminating more men, which makes the whole process of getting to your ideal man faster.

However, if you’re not meeting very many men at all, then, you wouldn’t be any closer to meeting the right man, and you would probably want to hang on to whichever man seems interested.

Meet lots of men, and eliminate lots of men. You can’t find your ‘one’ without this.

And, enjoy the empowerment that comes with making the decision to eliminate the men who are wrong for you. It’s not that they are bad men, it’s that they are the wrong man for you. (read my article about knowing the right kind of man for you)

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Elimination Gives you Incredible Power as a Woman

When you, as a woman, choose to eliminate a man who is wrong for you even if he’s been good to you in the past and is willing to give you marriage and babies, you gain incredible power. I strive to do this in any area of my life where it’s important to do so. In friendships this is especially hard, but I strive to apply my own elimination rule.

Even with my work, and with my customers. If I sense early on that one of my members is not the type of person that I want to work with, I choose to take her out of the course and give her her money back, without her asking. I just let her know I made this choice and wish her all the best. And I do it often.

Some people thin that’s harsh. I think it is smart; we only have one single lifetime, which means, no time wasters, especially when you work hard on being a good catch. No matter how low your self esteem is, a bad egg should be let go and set free from your life.

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What do you think? Is it too harsh to eliminate men? Thoughts? Comments? What about eliminating friends?


P.S – Remember, elimination is a very masculine thing to do. It takes considerable effort to begin doing it, but there are invaluable payoffs. Learn more things about men from our Understanding Men program, click here to read more about this program. 

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