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Valentine's Day Make Your Man Fall IN Love with You

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Article updated 2018

Hey there, it’s Renee here, founder of

Happy Valentines day!

In this video, i have two important insights I want to share with you to help you find love, attraction and experience that passion that comes from a fulfilling relationship. (Click here to complete the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”)

Now, I know that, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that you can really start to feel like you’ve failed somehow,  or that there are no good men around.

I also know, from when I was single that on Valentine’s day, it’s very easy to look at that woman getting sent flowers at work, or that woman that’s getting a lavish dinner out with her romantic boyfriend or husband and feel deeply lonely or jealous.

Now, here’s what I believe.

That romance is only as far away as you want it to be.

So today I want to give you two important insights to follow to attract more high value men to you, so that you can be the woman who is worshipped and adored, because that is what you truly deserve.

If you are watching this, and you’ve been lonely on valentine’s day for years, or you’ve been feeling like there are no good men out there, for goodness sake you deserve better.

And I just wanted to tell you this: if you feel like you’re losing hope, if you don’t have the love and the passion you want in your life right now, that can change in a moment. Yes, that’s right, in one single moment. I promise.

All it is… is a little key insight, a little new piece of awareness that will change everything for you.

Here’s what i truly believe. You have everything you need within you right now to bring good men in to your life.

Successful men with high status and high esteem, not those irresponsible immature men who can’t handle a real woman. (Click here to take quiz on “How High Value High Status Am I on Facebook?”)

And, in all honesty, men are actually hardwired to fall in love with you, they just need you to start acting like
the woman that they CAN fall in love with.

Because yes, although every man is different and every woman is different, there is a common trait to all the women men fall head over heels in love with.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. I see it as my gift to you this Valentine’s Day, and I hope you enjoy it.

So stop everything you are doing right now, put away any distractions, and just listen.

It’s not rocket science and I promise you’ll get a lot out of this video.

The first insight I want to give you in order to have high value, high status men fall in love with you is this:

use your feminine vulnerability.

You may want to write this down on a big piece of paper and stick it up somewhere. Your Feminine VUlnerability is something that i want you to remind yourself about on a daily basis.

The truth is, Men cannot fall in love with a woman who is NOT vulnerable.

It is literally impossible. The male Brains are not designed that way.

And if you’ve been aware at all, you would know that women are getting less and less vulnerable these days.

In this modern world where women are encouraged to go out and climb the career ladder and become as ambitious as men, it is more and more difficult to establish that sexual polarity; that sexual attraction.

Women tend to become better and better companions and FRIENDS to men, rather than the feminine women that men will fall in love with.

Remember it’s your feminine vulnerability that triggers the hardwired response in men to fall in love.

So here’s how you show your feminine vulnerability, because I know it can be very hard to come across as vulnerable when you are single and really taking care of yourself and being completely independent.

The secret here to showing your feminine vulnerability is simply not being afraid to be hurt; and being open to what life has to offer.

I’ll say that again. Because I know that many of you are deathly afraid of being hurt by a man, and it is this fear that is actually hurting you, and hurting you the most.

Showing your feminine vulnerability is not being afraid to be hurt, and being open to what life has to offer.

There’s a saying and you’ve probably heard it before. You have to love like you’ve never been hurt before.

(There Are Exactly 7 Signs That A Woman is Perceived as Low Value to Men. Do You Know What They Are? (& How to Avoid Them Like the Plague)? Click here to find out right now…)

Well, they never told you why you should love like you’ve never been hurt before. The reason is, it makes men fall head over heels in love with you.

Men are hardwired to respond to your feminine vulnerability. In other words, they simply can’t NOT find you attractive on some level.

Of course, when it comes to men, you don’t want every single man to be attracted to you and you want to disqualify some men.

But, to have a man fall in love with you, you have to have the attitude that ‘getting hurt is a possibility and I am ok with that’. It may be hard, but it works.

After all, it’s part of being a high value, high status feminine woman.

Femininity is all about life energy, so in your heart, you know already that life has painful moments and it has exciting moments and it has beautiful moments and it has scary moments, but you cannot have one of these and not the other.

You cannot have one of these emotions and expect to not feel the others. Even when you’re in a stable relationship.

I believe that you owe it to yourself to be OK with that, and to be open to all the experiences and emotions you may feel.

To deny yourself of the possibility of feeling pain is to deny yourself of being a high status feminine woman.

Now, if you’re wondering what this feminine vulnerability looks like or how you might express it; it’s you being fully present in every moment in life, and surrendering to emotion and interactions with men and in your life without trying to be tough-skinned.

And this is something you can do right now; today.

I’ll give you a quick example. Reese Withersppon in the movie Cruel Intentions, shows us all how to do this perfectly.

And it’s no wonder she was the one that Ryan Phillippe fell madly in love with, not any of the other women that came and went in to his life in that movie. None of the other women around him were vulnerable.

Watch the scene from Cruel Intentions (in the video above) to get a quick glimpse of what I’m talking about. Watch how she has this incredible openness to life, and the way she is receiving life and Ryan Phillippe’s character with a complete vulnerability.

I am sure you get what I mean by feminine vulnerability.

I think it is a fantastic movie to learn from and I suggest you dig it up and watch it. the title of the movie is Cruel Intentions.

And this how you know you are getting in touch with your feminine vulnerability:

You know you’re getting it right when men look at you with that look of curiosity, like they can’t help but not look at you or watch you. Watching you with a sense of intensity is the key.

And by the way, it doesn’t matter HOW you look, you can feel like you’re not looking your best and still, men will respond the exact same way, because what he is responding to is your vulnerability, not your looks.

Remember men are hardwired to respond to this.

So, go ahead, take that and use it in your life today, this valentine’s day.

And finally, here is my second insight this Valentine’s day to help you attract a high value man who worships you and adores you.

Because, if you know my work at all, you know that I don’t believe this whole thing about attracting or manifesting
your Mr. RIGHT. I believe you deserve Mr He’s going to take care of you and Worship you forever.

So here’s my second very important insight.

Get yourself a really good education on Men & relationships.

Look, this is the kind of stuff that is never taught to us in school, which I think is just plain cruel.

Feminine women all over the world are now taught to fight and break through walls and get things done, and kicking butt and we are denied information that helps us attract a man that worships us.

It’s ridiculous, but you know, it’s how it is.

So, unless you have an education on what goes through a man’s mind, what makes him feel he can’t live without you and what repels him, what makes him want to commit deeply to you and what makes him run the other way, then it’s going to be hard for you to attract that man who’s going to worship you.

See, as women, awareness and knowledge in men and why they do the things they do is the one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves.

(By the way, I’ve just published my brand new DVD titled “Becoming His One & Only!”… and right now it’s FREE for you to get a copy. Click HERE to find out more details and how you can get your man to fall deeper in love with you and beg you to be his one and only)

So if you want to avoid making mistakes with men, and take your relationship to the next level, get your man to commit even more, and become a feminine high status woman that men fall in love with, then listen up.

Valentines day is a very special time of the year for me. So i have a gift for you.

Below this video, you’ll find my gift to you. This is just a way for me to say thanks for spending your time watching this video.

So i hope you take these 2 important key insights on board, because I truly believe you can attract a man who adores you and worships you.

And if i ever get a chance to work with you, i look forward to it and it would be my privilege.

Do you want to learn the 17 Attraction Triggers? Click here if you want to learn more. 

But for now, take care and I’ll Talk to you soon.


P.S. Connect with me on social media.

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I remember being at my first duty station in Korea on Valentine’s Day. A few of the female soldiers were bragging “Oh my man got me this; my man got me that.” I was jealous and resentful and said that Valentine’s Day was a mockery to those who didn’t have a man or woman in their lives. I read in the February issue of Glamor magazine (2000) an article about single man’s perspective about Valentine’s Day. He actually came up with making up holidays for single people such as “Kiss Your Crush Day,” “Casual Sex Fridays,” etc. I used to… Read more »


really am confused about vulnerability, but I get it. When I was 17, only 9 short years ago, I was insecure but found out thAt there was a certain “way” that I knew to make men want me. After a decade, I’ve gained more confidence, managing and even healing my insecurities (is insecurity different from vulnerability?). I guess I could learn to be more confident in my vulnerability. On the train last week I met a guy who said I was pretty. We started a convo. He came to the city to find his mom, who abandoned him to years… Read more »


I really am confused about vulnerability, but I get it. When I was 17, only 9 short years ago, I was insecure but found out thAt there was a certain “way” that I knew to make men want me. After a decade, I’ve gained more confidence, managing and even healing my insecurities (is insecurity different from vulnerability?). I guess I could learn to be more confident in my vulnerability. On the train last week I met a guy who said I was pretty. We started a convo. He came to the city to find his mom, who abandoned him to… Read more »


hey renee! im in love with my bestfriend who was never in love with any girl. he just sees me as his very good friend. we know each other since 4years. but he is not open type. he is shy to look into my eyes, to talk to me and all. he says that he focus only on his studies when i talk about my love but he always wants me to be happy and always tries to keep me happy. i dont know how to make him fall for me.. please help me renee.. 🙁


O dear Renee, thanks for coming into my life, thank you for beng such a wonderful writer and a great helper to women, for taking out time to teach us all these standard principles. I’ve read before on how women should let their vulnerability show without being needy but I didn’t really understand how to go about it because most times there were little or no details attached; but now with all your illustrations I clearly understand. You are special, unique, awesome, genuine, kind, loving, very generous and one in a million. Thank God I found you. Love you plenty… Read more »


I appreciate and agree with what you are talking about and I like the advice you give. As an English teacher, I do have a hard time reading through the blog with all the typos and sentence structure errors however. Maybe someone would have the time to go through and edit in order to streamline the blog. Thanks for your refreshing views on relationships. 🙂


Something hurt me in life worse than a man could.

At first it seemed people shunned me
– too much baggage I heard –
though scarce – those people who had
been there are filtering into my life.

If I were afraid now like before
– I’d be driving them away.
Instead, I am extremely vulnerable….
yet, I’ll avoid interaction when I feel
most vulnerable.

A key just fell in the floor – huh, wonder which door it fits?

I’ll start finding out.


Hi Renee,

Thank you for understanding men and as I am one I would say you are bang on with the material on your website. Wish you were my girlfriend!

All the best ladies – read this material!


Renee,i have learnt so much from you.a week ago,i was dump and ignorant about men as any fool would be.bumping on your site has been my greatest insight on men..thank you so much for having the strength and will to share all you know.i grew in a society where women are supposed to show their independence and prove what a man can do a woman can do av learnt about vulnerability and it makes me feel like a woman…now i understand i don’t have to try so hard..its ok to be vulnerable.
thank you so much love.
God bless.


One main thing I disagree with, You can’t “make someone fall in love with you” and you can’t control other people’s feelings, I don’t care if you’re a beauty queen. To think you can will spell out misfortune.

Reply to  vero

There’s someone who hasn’t read the website properly or just doesn’t, ‘get it’ ! You will probably never understand what Renee is saying or how to hold down a man for long. Shame…


You must know the proper and effective ways on how to make a man fall for you. With these techniques, it will be easier for you to take the attention of the guy that you really admire.


Renee, You are suh a diamond! I love (love!!) this video because it goes along with what I have been discovering myself. (So funny, your videos amd articles usually do!!) 🙂 I’m young but was taught from an even younger age to be tough. My father is tough, my mother is tougher and so, naturally and understandably, when they gave birth to a sensitive, cuddly little girl they didnt know what to do!! So they tried to make me… tough. And it worked for a bit, if only on the surface. Until I could not take it anymore. Now I’m… Read more »


Renee, just curious…I’m a little skeptical of astrology but are you a Pisces/Virgo or smth close to that? 🙂

Reply to  Simi

Simi, no I am neither 🙂 maybe your skepticism is for good reason? I don’t know much about astrology though.

Reply to  Renee

Ok capricorn?


I enjoy your articles you are so right.

Thanks for educating us.


He fell deeply in love with me when I cried. When I stopped trying to prove I knew it all, was capable, in control, sexy, fun-loving, independent, together… I cried because he’d hurt me. Not purposefully of course, but when it happened I didn’t get angry, or pretend I was cool with it, or punish him or behave badly in retaliation. When he held me in his arms and I let myself sob and told him how much it hurt and how much I needed him, his heart melted. I knew he loved me (at least in some way because… Read more »

Reply to  Lianne

Lianne, Hi! Thanks for sharing this, I appreciate it. And thanks for showing other women how things really are. You’re leading with your vulnerabilities first with this man and that is a gift to him and I am sure you’ve discovered, a gift to yourself.


It´s totally true. I was remembering my most succesfull relationships with men and I can see my vulnerability was a key factor. And because I’ve been hurt, lately I’m not showing my vulnerability completely. Now with your support I’m learning again to be me!
Thanks Renee for this gift. As usual, your recommendations are well received. Blessings!


I’m totally agree!I want to share another one video about vulnerability;))

Reply to  kira

Thanks for posting that Kira. It was amazing. What an authentic and heartfelt message she shared!

Sophia Pressley
Sophia Pressley

Yes, this is video does not lie! Men, need to feel needed and this is one way they get this feeling, a vulnerable woman! Ladies must not get this confused with being weak, there is a difference. As woman we must play a certain position, vulnerability is included. If your not having intimate relations with him yet, vulnerability may help you win over a husband quicker as well. No, you don’t have to give up the goods first but know that allowing him to see this vulnerability will in fact make it even harder for you to resist giving into… Read more »


This video didn’t speak to me, however, I loved the post you sent last week with the email from Sue. Finally something clicked for me! I could have been Sue, I’ve felt the same frustration, and now I see how it was about me only wanting “one thing” from a man. Which of course was like their only wanting one thing from me. I now see what you mean by high value. So from now on I’ll be taking time to get to know men, become friends and see who they really are before entering into anything. Thank you. Renee.


Great post Renee! It’s been a total discovery for me, loving someone as if you’d never been hurt, but it works! In only 2 days I’m feeling MUCH better, and also having great results: I’m in an online site and, after months without a date or any men interested, I am having 2 dates this weekend with different men, receiving e-mails and chatting with a very interested man (who lives far away by the fact but he’s planning to visit me and know each other in person). And without any effort! That’s great also because I still in love with… Read more »

Reply to  cristina

Cristina, that is amazing. Thanks for taking this stuff and using it and getting results in your life! I hope you have a GREAT weekend 🙂

Take care,

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