Stalking Victims Sanctuary Merger

Our team here at The Feminine Woman is happy to announce the merging and acquisition of Stalking Victims.

For all those visiting wanting more resources on being a victim of stalking, please see Linden Gross’s book “Surviving a stalker”.

For a long time, Linden has kept The Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary as a way to support other victims of stalking, and she has done a great job of creating a place for people who are being stalked to get more support.

We believe it is very important for women to learn how to be “stalker safe”, and especially in the internet age. So much of our information and details have been posted online, with little thought of the potential consequences.

(Remember, there are predators everywhere, especially online and you don’t want to be an easy target.)

If you are in an abusive relationship right now, it’s important for you to find the resources to get out of that situation. Let me share a different perspective on why men abuse women right here.

It’s important for women to understand and see the signs of a toxic relationship before it becomes so abusive that you cannot leave. Sometimes you need to listen to the signals your gut is telling you. A lot of people have a gut feeling about a new toxic partner, but they deign to listen to it.

Just remember that if you don’t, you could end up in the deep end of a toxic situation with someone. That means that sometimes, you must pull away quick.

One reason why men who are predators gravitate towards feminine women is because they intuitively know that they are stronger physically and more dominant in general. Some men take advantage of this fact. Not all of course, but some do!

(They perhaps also know that feminine women are more vulnerable and tend not to stand up to their stalker or attacker.)

If you’ve been in an abusive relationship for any time over a year, it’s important to get out and take time to regain your sense of identity. Not only that, but getting out will allow you the opportunity to recalibrate yourself to what healthy relationships look like.

After all, your idea of “normal” would be very skewed if you tolerate abuse for any period of time. You simply become unable to see what is healthy and what is not.

Not only that, but don’t just assume that if you decide to leave an abusive relationship, that your abuser will just stop targeting you.

It is in fact when you leave or break up with an abusive person that they are more likely to threaten your emotional, psychological and physical safety. Of course, that can include some form of stalking behaviour.

Ultimately it’s not just about understanding men and why some choose to stalk, it’s about keeping yourself safe above all else.

To do that, you can start with educating yourself. My team and I have put together over 200 articles, and many of them are on the topic of having healthy and safe relationships without abuse. Browse through all of them here on this page.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at The Feminine Woman. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share with us your thoughts.

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