This quiz has been carefully designed to calculate how much you are living in your feminine energy.

Why would this be important? Well, you see here’s the problem.

A lot of us women are truly feminine at our core, but we’ve been conditioned to act from a masculine place in order to find our place in this world.

(Think careers, deadlines and the pressure to perform…)

In other words, women have been masculinized by society in order to produce, fit in and get ahead. But over time, we find that truly unfulfilling and we can’t seem to figure out how to fill that void.

The truth is, if you are feminine deep down in your core, then doing masculine things will never fulfill you. They may bring a sense of significance and status for a short time, but they will never make you feel full on an emotional and spiritual level.

The purpose of this quiz is for you to first of all, become aware of your core essence. Whether that’s masculine or feminine, both are OK. The point is to become aware.

There are naturally masculine women in the world, just like there are naturally more feminine men. That’s completely normal, and we need to celebrate our genetic diversity.

And once you are aware of this framework of masculine vs feminine, then it’s much easier to live in alignment of your own sexual energy.

Because the truth is, the masculine energy thrives on completely different things to the feminine energy.

A biologically feminine woman is going to find it difficult to thrive and be healthy in a masculine environment, for example a high pressure corporate setting.

That doesn’t mean she CAN’T do it, of course she can. But the masculine lifestyle will goes against her feminine biochemistry and over time, she will be worn down, fatigued and perhaps even create disease in her body.

At the same time, a masculine spirit will thrive in that same environment.

That doesn’t mean a feminine woman shouldn’t do things that are masculine in nature… it just means that she needs to appreciate that her centre of gravity is feminine, and operate from feminine the majority of the time.

Because it’s the activities that are feminine in nature that will light her up and fill her soul up.

So let’s take the first step with this quiz and find out where your “center of gravity” is and how naturally feminine you are at your core.

P.S. I know these questions may seem a little random but trust me, there’s a method to this madness. Every question serves a very specific purpose… anyhow we’ll explain what everything means right after you finish the quiz.

P.P.S. If you ever want a passionate yet caring relationship with a man, it is so important to understand the concept of masculine and feminine energy. Complete the quiz, and start to learn some of the intricate details of what makes you feminine.