The greatest defining moment in your relationship occurs when your man pulls away...

Discover the secret to showing up & staying as a high value woman when your man pulls away so that he can come back to you with more interest, more desire & more appreciation for you.

(...even when you are scared and desperate to have him back!)

Re: If you don’t know how to respond to your man pulling away, withdrawing, going cold…

He hasn’t called in SO MANY days!

What’s going on? Is it me? Did I do something wrong?

I thought we were going well… we connected so well!

Let me check my phone… nothing.

Slight panic starts to set in… Should I send him a message? Should I check on whether he’s ok?

No, I shouldn’t do that!!! Or should I?

He was texting me so much before this happened… he was so interested in me… did something happen? Did he lose interest?

Did he find someone else???

Hey It’s Renee here the founder of The Feminine Woman and co-founder of Shen Wade Media where we teach you how to show up in a high value high status way so that you can easily inspire a deep emotional sense of commitment from a high value man.

I know you’ve felt this way before. I certainly have. In fact, every woman I’ve known, has felt this way before.

This is definitely not a unique problem. (I mean, shouldn’t men know that it hurts us when they pull away?)

Like most men who are not in tune with women - no, they are not sensitive to how it affects us when they disappear, go cold and pulls away from the relationship.

(Of course, men have their own reason to do so, which we will talk about in a moment.)

And what’s worse, is that him pulling away is always at an unexpected time. He never gives you any warnings… it just happens and leaves you hanging.

I totally understand how all this would make you feel deep down inside. I think most of us women go through the same experience when our man pulls away.

And it’s easy just to do whatever feels right in those desperate moments, but let me just hold that thought for a second.

I want to tell you something important.

How you deal with those times when he pulls away, will ultimately determine the future and destiny of your relationship. Fears and insecurities will ultimately cause a lot more damage to your relationship than you can imagine.

It is absolutely critical that you show up as a high value woman in those moments when your man pulls away… let me explain why...

How you deal with those times when your man pulls away, will determine the future of your relationship.

There are a few “make or break”  moments in any relationship. How these moments turn out will permanently affect the future of that relationship.  

When your man pulls away from you, especially the first few times, are definitely make or break moments.

From a man’s perspective, how you respond to him pulling away will give him a glimpse into whether you’re the right woman for him or not.

In my experience speaking to and coaching thousands of women around the world, I’ve realized that more often than not, women are too overly optimistic about how the man feels about the relationship.

We, as women, think that they operate the same way as us, and that relationships mean the same to them as they do to us.

This feminine way of thinking, usually does NOT apply to men.

(Of course it’s not our fault, we’re just thinking like the women that we are!)

And so when the man pulls away, goes cold and disappears (even for a little while), it can completely throw us off emotionally.

It is so easy for us women to feel needy, desperate and act out of those fears, even when there really isn’t anything wrong from his perspective.

He has pulled away for his own masculine reasons, which are not intuitive for us women to understand or relate to.

But the moment we start acting from that needy and low value place, we are sending the message to him that we are not worthy.

And if you have followed my teachings, you probably know that acting from a fearful and low value place is the worse thing you could do, especially in the earlier stages of a relationship.

It sends ALL kinds of wrong messages to your man, it is literally giving him emotional reasons to stay further away from you.

And as you may have painfully experienced, the more you chase the man, the harder it is to get hold of him.

It’s perfectly OK to feel needy, desperate, and low value... (every woman can relate!)

It’s not always easy to admit, but secretly I think we’ve all been there.

From being a normally confident woman, we suddenly become plagued with feelings of neediness, desperation, and loss.

We feel like we need to cling onto something. We need something stable in the chaos that has overcome our lives.

There is something that instinctively and biologically happens in us women when our men pulls away. We instinctively feel scared, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It is perfectly normal, even though it may not feel like it at the time.

(And men... they never give us any warnings, any preparation or ideas as to when they will come back, which completely adds to our fears.)

Then in the state of uncertainty, the last thing you want to do is act from that instinctive fear.

But sometimes you can't help it.

And of course, immediate regret follows.

You realize you shouldn’t have acted so needy, so desperate or low value. But it’s too late to take it back now.

What’s done is done.


Look, I’m not one to tell you that you shouldn’t feel those emotions. I’m not one to tell you to stay strong, and block any feelings that may come up.

After all, those feelings are not wrong. You’re a feminine woman, just like me, and our emotions serve us greatly.

What we need to do instead, is to use these powerful emotions to help us learn, grow and become better women.

We need to embrace these emotions fully, rather than running away from them or blocking them out.

It’s these emotions that will ultimately give us incredible power, if we don’t run away from them, or make them wrong.

Your fears feel absolutely real, they are no joke! So embrace them!

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge your fears. They are real. They exist.

But let me tell you more about these fears...

They come from lack of understanding of men and their masculine biology. Men don’t feel the same way we do, in other words, they don’t really “get” what us women have to go through.

They don’t get that by pulling away suddenly, it sends our lives and our emotions into a tailspin.

It’s not intuitive for them to feel what we feel, because they don’t share our feminine biology. And that’s not bad, it is just one of the many gender biology gaps that we need to overcome.

After all, all fears come from the unknown. What we don’t know, or what we are not sure of, scares us.

So if we, as women, took the time to understand and appreciate men for why and how they operate, then we will no longer be in the dark.

We will no longer have confusion or insecurities, because we would have certainty in the truth.

The truth is that men will always pull away sooner or later.

They have to. They need to.

Their biology requires it.

So it’s not about stopping your man from pulling away, it’s about having the emotional resources to show up as high value when he does pull away.

Because when you can truly show up as a high value woman in those moments, then he will come back to you with more love, more respect and appreciation.

But does he really have to pull away from the relationship?

Short answer is… yes.

And it usually has nothing to do with you.

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you may have heard me say that intimate relationships is not a masculine domain.

In other words, men don’t revolve their lives around relationships.

For most of us women who live in our feminine core, relationships are of utmost importance. 

After all, you have to respect the huge differences in biology between a masculine man and a feminine woman.

For a masculine man, they can't be too attached and too involved in a relationship for too long.

It will actually decrease his natural testosterone levels, increases his cortisol levels and therefore his stress level.

The reason why every single man will pull away is primarily due to him wanting to replenish his testosterone, and his identity as a man.

Without doing this, he will eventually lose a sense of himself, a sense of independence and drive.

(And actually lose his ambitions, his masculine “umph”, and perhaps lose the reason why you were attracted to him in the first place!)

So it’s not if your man will pull away, it’s when.

And it’s what you will do in response to him pulling away that will determine the future of your relationship.

Men intuitively sense when a woman acts “low value”, and it makes them run the other way.

Yes, men are notoriously good at picking up when women act low value.

See, both men and women have evolved to have very sophisticated ways to detect how high or low value a potential partner is.

From a scientific and evolutionary perspective, it’s here to help us avoid wasting time with low value mates that aren’t worth our time.

And this is a finely tuned mechanism inside of all of us, as we make most of our judgement and decisions based upon subconscious cues.

Imagine if you saw a man who kept seeking approval of his peers, you’d instantly see him as low value, right?

Even if he had lots of money, he would still be somewhat low value.

Even if he was a celebrity, that kind of behaviour is low value.  

Now imagine that all men having “low value” radars for women, and it’s default setting is “ultra sensitive”.

They sense it straight away, when a woman acts low value.

They may not be able to voice what it is, but they know it’s a feeling.

This is critical for you to understand if you’re still in the dating period.

If you and your man have spent years in an already established a long term committed relationship, (and that you’ve proven over and over that you are a high value woman), then this isn’t as important.

(Proving your value isn’t as important, since you’ve done it over and over for a long time.)

But for most women out there, this is not the case.

The biggest problem is of course, when you act from fear, from insecurity and desperation, you are blinded to how low value your actions may come across.

And before you even realize it, it’s too late. He’s already received your subconscious low value cues so loudly that no words can undo his impression of you.

Is it really possible for him to come back to me with more love, affection and appreciation?

Of course it is!

But how they are when they come back is in direct reflection to how you’ve responded to him pulling away.

If you were acting straight out of fear when he was gone, then you can guarantee he will have fears coming back to you.

He fears that you might be upset at him… (even though he feels like he did nothing wrong in his own masculine mind)

He fears that you might be out to punish him…

His biggest fears is that perhaps he will never be able to leave you alone, have any time to himself, to be by himself, to stay in his “man cave”, and replenish his own essence as a man.

In other words, losing his freedom as a man.

And if that’s the case, then it is not a relationship he could commit to, because no man would trade his freedom for a relationship.

(That’s how much men value their freedom!)

So the only real way to respond to your man pulling away is through understanding, appreciation, love and faith.

Have trust in that we can only control what we can control. Trust in that if there was enough attraction and connection in the relationship, then he is bound to come back, (and come back more refreshed and replenished as a man).

How do high value women deal with their man pulling away?

Firstly, if you’ve read everything up to here, you’ve already taken the first step. You’ve already begun to understand and have more appreciation for why men pull away.

You’re already on the path of showing up as a high value woman next time your man pulls away

But the next step is perhaps the most difficult. It is all about loving through your fears. Having so much love in your heart and soul that no fear will take control of you.

See, I used to think that I can deal with my man pulling away simply by not caring, blocking off any of those emotions that came up.

After all, if i didn’t care, then it wouldn’t hurt me. And that works “ok” temporarily as damage control… (at least it was better than being desperate and needy!)

But soon enough, I realized the biggest problem with that kind of thinking is this… by blocking out my own fears and insecurities, I slowly got used to being cold, distant and apathetic.

It became a habit that was hard to shake, and it was against everything I believed in.

How could passion and love exist when there’s emotional distance and apathy? What’s the purpose of an intimate relationship when there’s no love or passion?

This is why loving through your fears is the most difficult path to take. But it’s one that will not only connect you with your soul at a depth you’ve never experienced before, but also it will help inspire your man to be there for you and your vulnerabilities.

See, I believe there are two ways to respond to every event, through love or through fear. And hands down, love is always the better option. Love wins every single time, even though it’s not as easy sometimes.

You’ve already taken the first step, congratulations.  If you want to take the next few steps, then read on and allow me to guide and facilitate your journey to showing up as a high value woman when your man pulls away.

If you feel uncertain, feel insecure or even scared when your man pulls away, then you need to...

Then you need to start learning the mindset and the skills of showing up as a high value woman - right now!

As I stated many times now, if you’re still in that phase of your relationship where you’re trying to prove your value to each other… then it’s imperative that you don’t give the impression that you are low value.

That’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

Because most of the time, your man will pick up all the subconscious, under the radar cues and clues as to what kind of woman you are. Our non-verbal communications speak way louder than our words can ever replace.

And so are your non-verbal communications telling him that you are high value and worth his pursuit and commitment? (Look, I don’t mean to put you on the spot here.)

I’m emphasizing this because I’ve made so many mistakes in my own life, and it pains me to see others go through similar experiences.

I want to save you some unnecessary suffering, heartaches and lost time.

So if you want to learn more, here’s what I’ve done. I’ve put together a comprehensive special report called… “How to Stay High Value When He Pulls Away”.

It has everything you need to know to deal with when your man pulls away, so that you can ultimately show up as the high value woman that every man dreams about.

Now I must mention, this isn’t for everyone.

I know for a fact, that a certain percentage of women will continue their old patterns when their man pulls away regardless of any new ideas, knowledge or wisdom. Some people are too stuck in their ways.

Some of what I teach may be radical, or unconventional, and perhaps that’s why I have so many women loving what I write and teach, but I understand that it’s not the path for everyone.

You would know in your gut, whether this special report is for you or not.

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn in this report...

Discover how to eloquently respond as a high value woman to the 5 most common scenarios where men typically would pull away. (Learn what they are and what you should do every single time.)
Learn how to reconnect with him in a high value way when he eventually comes back to the relationship without causing unnecessary tension or conflict. (...And watch him tell you how much he appreciates you, adores you and cherishes your presence.)
Discover the 3 low value actions you should never ever consider when your man pulls away, and instead what to do in order to redirect all your emotions. (Turn your negative emotions into value adding empowered action!)
Learn how to stay open & access your inner love to overcome all the fear, insecurity and neediness, even if you are super scared right now. (...And never feel uncertain again when he pulls away!)

Learn how to respond if he is in "masculine" crisis, lost his direction or if he's recently lost his job and his ability to feel like a man. (As opposed to him pulling away because he's lost attraction.)
Discover how to respond in a high value way if he has pulled away because he never wanted a relationship in the first place and was just stringing you along! (& how to cut the attachment cord so that you can be emotionally free!)
...And so much more!

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If you lack attraction in your life, then you will feel miserable inside, have no self esteem and worst of all, you’ll attract insecure, selfish people.

So this is why my man David and I have created this coaching program. Attraction Control Monthly is a comprehensive, ongoing monthly coaching program, giving you the education and training to build long-lasting magnetic attraction in your own life.

Contrary to popular belief, attraction is something that can be maintained and created. You absolutely do not have to lose that spark. People think it dissipates and they can’t do anything about it.

Well, usually, these are the people who have never experienced lasting attraction and passion for themselves, and they usually do not have the best tools and skills to use to actually create and maintain attraction.

In our society, we are not given any necessary tools, and we are not given any necessary insights in to how women and men work, and how to maintain a long-term relationship.

Worse still – humans are not actually designed to be in long-term relationships. We are designed to pro-create and experience passion.

So, what actually creates and maintains attraction with a man is something that is counter-intuitive. If you are like the majority of women in this world, you will never be taught what truly creates attraction. Think about it, people don't teach you that!

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Only $7 today. Attraction Control Monthly goes for 12 months, cancel anytime.

Most popular option. Only $7 today. Attraction Control Monthly goes for 12 months, cancel anytime.

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If you are reading this far, then you know this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

We are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

Send us an email through our help desk… (Don’t be shy, we all love to hear from you.)

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Only $7 today. Attraction Control Monthly goes for 12 months, cancel anytime.

Most popular option. Only $7 today. Attraction Control Monthly goes for 12 months, cancel anytime.

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Our members love us and we love our members. Here's a collection of video feedback from our customers... (and YES! We would LOVE to feature you here too and be an inspiration to other women.)

"I really trust you guys and the things you're teach about relationships. They are the only things that really make sense." Jackie J

"I love how you guys truly believe what it is you teach. I am very grateful for everything I've learned so far. I look forward to more in the future!" - Laura 

"I appreciate you and David being so selfless, generous and giving in everything that you do! Thank you." - Rachel B.

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program. It's really wonderful wonderful work!" - Tina

"I found Renee and David's work a few years back and followed their work because it made so much sense to me. Highly recommend it." - Alena S. 

"Renee! When I got onto your work, the whole world came into focus.Thank you for lifting the lid on a whole set of elusive knowledge for me." - Ivy O.

"I believe watching and reading any of Renee & David's blogs and programs will do nothing but add VALUE to your personal self and your relationships." - Andrea R.

"I cannot wait to take more courses with Renee & David because I cannot explain in words HOW MUCH I've learned, not just about love but about myself." - Akanksha A.

"I've spent loads of time looking into the work of different coaches and Renee's work is the ONLY work that really speaks to me." - Shabana W.

"I found your programs to be very helpful not just with my relationships with other people but also my relationship with myself!" - Jennifer W.

"I have followed you guys and have been a fan for almost a decade now and I find value in everything that you share!" - Blessing 

"I really love David & Renee. I love all their advice. I've learned so much about dating and about men, it's been a fabulous experience." - Sherri.

"...That was amazing, very awesome and very moving for me. It was a very healing experience." - Sharen

"I feel bless that I found Renee & David's work that has shaped and influenced my life throughout the years. Thank you so much!" - Anise

"Thank you Renee and David for making such deep and unique programs that help us to be more of a high value woman." - Melissa A

"I loved every single lesson. Already from the next day I started to notice changes. I started to understand men's desires and fears!" - Nadia 

"I just wanted to say I will be purchasing all of your next courses! Keep up the good work you guys are fantastic!!" - Lucia

"I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from this course and I hope you all learn as much as I did!" - Gina L.

"Thank you for all the information you guys are sharing and helping so many women out there like myself." - Virginia B.

"I've recommended this to so many people already. I recommend it to you because I believe it will work for you too." - Kara 

"Do yourself a favor, sign up. You won't be disappointed because I have no doubt you will get so much out of Renee & David's work." - Kathryn P.

"This has been so helpful in connecting me and reconnecting me to my true self, my higher self. So thank you, I am so grateful." - Stacey R.

"The way Renee & David teaches, it's groundbreaking to be honest." - Anna C.

"My biggest insight was that you can really trust your own feelings. Overall I loved this program and will buy more of them!" - Paula.

"I definitely have been benefiting from this, in terms of self love, compassion & connection within myself as well as towards others." - Winnie L

I am extremely impressed with your programs and I love the way you guys teach!" - Gail.

"I have seen many programs and many coaches out there because I've searched a lot. This is by far the BEST!" - Elena

"Thank you so much for your work and all you give. It helped me so much, your blogs and programs. I'm really happy that coaches like you exist!" - Alison


We have the best members in the world...

5 out of 5 stars

Carol L.

Just wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” to both you and David for sooo much material and putting your whole being into it. I have greatly appreciated all the content. I have a lot of info and will continue to read and frankly I am still digesting it all. After a break up I am planning to “Date” for awhile and really try some of these things out- give myself a chance to see what different men are like. Thank you- I will get on your blog Renee when I have something to report. thankyou a thousand times

Anna W.

I always look forward to receiving my monthly subscription!

I always knew that there was a lot I didn't quite understand about Jerry but now things are starting to make a lot more sense.

I love what you said last month about creating a more positive association. Please continue creating awesome programs, I love everything you write about!

Thanks again for putting everything together.

Big fan of it.


After reading lots of your e-mails and reading a few of your books, my love life has changed drastically (that’s an understatement)... You, Renee, opened my eyes wide. The information you share is *extremely* valuable even if some of it isn’t exactly easy to hear. Every woman should know about you and the amazing wisdom you have to offer. All these informative messages have been a true blessing to me.

Thank you a million times!

Dotti W.

I have to say though, your blog posts and your paid content has been totally transformational in my life. I've been through a tough divorce and sometimes it's hard to make sense of anything!

Your stuff has helped a lot but I still feel like there's a lot more for me to learn. Im looking for what else I can do to really get it. So far you've helped a whole heap.

Thanks for doing what you do!


I want to let you know that your work has really helped me to understand men so much better. Back in 2008, after a string of bad relationships, I began reading anything I could get my hands on that pertained to Male Psychology. I wanted to know everything about men, attracting and keeping them, what men want, etc, etc. I read books by different people, male or female, about how to be the kind of woman that make men swoon and what I learned finally paid off when I met Michael, my late husband. Sadly, he passed away a year and a half ago and we weren’t married long when he died. But what time we spent together was such a blessing and he was so good to me. He always put me first, he treated me like a lady, put me on a pedestal and he worked hard to make a life for the both of us. And I feel like none of that would’ve been possible if it weren’t for people like you. You are a blessing, Renee. Keep doing what you are doing. A lot of women can learn from you. And I thoroughly enjoy reading your emails. Thank you so much.

Grace F.

Hi David & Renee

All the material has been really surprising so far in terms of effectiveness… I have always felt attractive and confident, but now I’m the bomb!

My man better snap me up!

The pebbles seemed bizarre, but by making them a version of my own… Wow! They really work!!?

Look forward to more from you two!

Wishing you a growing beautiful relationship .

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