Step by step to inspire any red-blooded man to WANT to commit to you...

It is Time for You to Experience the Freedom and Joy of going from “Not Knowing where Your Relationship is Going”, to a Deeply Committed Life Long Relationship without Any Resistance, Withdrawal or Heartache…

(...even if you've sabotaged every relationship you've ever had.)

Important Details...

Presenter: D. Shen & Renee
Course Length: 20+ Hours Over 4 Weeks
Course Format: 30+ Video Lessons
Access: Life Time

Re: His commitment to you...

Dear Lovely Friend and Special Soul…

It’s D. Shen & Renee here the founders of Shen Wade Media.

If you do not have true emotional commitment from your man, then you are bound to have an insecure, unfulfilling, and unhappy relationship.

If you do not inspire your man to commit to you at the deepest level, then you are playing with a time bomb that is ticking down, eventually annihilating your relationship, your self esteem and your life altogether.

This lack of commitment in your relationship will also affect the rest of your life. It kills your confidence in your day to day life, your self esteem goes out the window, and you will attract other negative & insecure people into your life.

People will see you as less, and other women will look down upon your relationship and give judgments to your character.

This isn't us striking fear upon you. This is what we see every single day having coached women for the last ten plus years.

Because the truth is, commitment is the ULTIMATE resource for any woman who is truly feminine in her soul.

Commitment is ultimately what she craves and yearns for in her heart.

The Feelings of Being Empty Inside, Lonely and Very Unfulfilled.

Maybe you just don’t know why he hasn’t called you back… maybe he's lost the interest he had for you at the beginning...

Maybe you are just sick and tired of waiting… waiting for something to happen… but it never does. The relationship seems to be stuck… at a point where you don’t feel secure, and you don’t know what to do…

Here’s the thing, I’m sick of seeing women losing out in their relationship and feeling empty, lonely and unfulfilled… Never able to settle down and have the lifelong commitment that all feminine souls crave!

So you try a few things... but invariably they backfire. What you try seems to only push him further and further away, and make the relationship even less stable.

Sometimes it feels like a slight wrong move or a step in the wrong direction will make everything blow up like a grenade. It's as if you're trying to hold together a house made of cards...

Look, that is just not the way to live. It's hurting you and it's ripping you apart on the inside. I think you would agree with me when I think that most of us women have felt that at some stage in our lives... being in a relationship where you don’t know what the future holds, and it is horrible.

But also, I know what it feels like to have absolute certainty and security in an intimate relationship, so much so that there’s a sense of warmth that engulfs you and takes you over. (...There’s really nothing quite like it.)

Just imagine for a second, the joy, the freedom and the security in your life and in your relationship, knowing that it’s heading exactly where you want it to go.

That’s what I want you to feel. That’s what I want you to attract into your own life.

Being "high value high status" doesn't mean men will commit...

What if I told you, having that secure and committed relationship has nothing to do with how beautiful you look, or how attractive you are?

Look at one of the highest rated Hollywood actresses Kate Beckinsale… She’s rated as one of the most attractive women in all of showbiz. (But your attractiveness has little to do with a man’s commitment to you.)

Kate was in an 8 year relationship with another actor named Michael Sheen that ended in 2003… but why did they break up? Because he would not take the next step and marry.

It dragged on and on, and in the end she felt so humiliated that she couldn't take it anymore. Kate realised that waiting for a man to commit is not going to work.

Men aren't the same as women.

Men don’t have the same relationship timeline as women do.

Not to mention she even had a child with this man in the 8 years they were together. Now let me tell you about a love story you may not have heard about...

He wrote a love letter to her on the 21st of every month for the last 25 years...

If you know anything about basketball, you may have heard of Mr John Wooden. He is THE most successful basketball coach in the history of the sport. He had won 10 NCAA championships, an achievement that nobody has ever come close to. He was a man's man.

Mr Wooden passed away back in 2010, but what he had left behind was not just his unbelievable legacy in basketball, but a love story that is not to be forgotten.

If you want to read further about John Wooden and his commitment and loyalty to his late wife Nelly, simply google John Wooden love letters.

Nelly, his wife of 53 years passed away back in 1985. He made a promise to her then that he had kept until his own dying day 25 years later.

On the 21st of every month, he sits down and writes a love letter to his beloved Nelly. No one gets to read his letters, not even his own family. He would tell her how much he loves her and misses her and that he can’t wait to see her.

He would fold the letter once, and put it in a light blue envelope. He would go to the stack of love letters on Nelly’s side of bed. He would untie the little yellow ribbon and place the new letter on top. Then he would tie the little yellow ribbon one more time.

By the time Mr Wooden had passed away, there were almost 300 letters in this stack.

When asked about death, Mr Wooden would softly say, “I’m not afraid to die, it’s the only way I get to see her again”.

Isn’t that incredible?

What makes this man, Mr. Wooden so loyal and committed to his wife, to one woman? And an even better question would be… what kind of woman would inspire a man to be so loyal and committed?

You will stumble across the answer as you read word by word the rest of this page.

How do you go from relationship mayhem to marriage proposal…?

I don’t know where you are in your relationship right now. Maybe you’ve just gone on your third date, or maybe fifth date. Maybe you guys have been hanging out for a while now, but nothing serious has happened.

Maybe you guys have been “seriously” dating for 6 months, and you would like things to be taken to the next level.

Or perhaps you guys have been “together” for many years, but he still hasn’t popped the question… what’s going on there? Where is this relationship going?

You see, relationships can be tricky and confusing.

Why do some women easily get commitment from their men, yet for other women…(ie. You perhaps?) you can’t get anyone to call you back or take things to the next level?

The answer is all about understanding the commitment process, from a man’s perspective.

Have you ever heard of the kinds of story where the man never really committed to any women in his past, yet one day, he finds that one special girl who he instantly puts all his eggs in her basket?

This kind of story happens all the time, in the magazines, in Hollywood movies and probably in your own circle of friends somewhere.

So the point here is, that no matter how complicated the relationship is right now, or how stagnant things are going, once you become the “right” women in the relationship to inspire commitment, then it will naturally come to you.

Understanding men's subconscious "commitment equation"...

Every single man has the potential to commit deeply to one woman. However, as you probably know, not every man goes remotely near that potential.

It's important for you to understand how to move towards a man's commitment potential.

The easiest way is for me to describe men's commitment equation...

You see, a man’s desire to commit, is directly proportionate to how much value you or the relationship adds to his life.

And a man’s commitment resistance will increase if he perceives less value in the relationship and less value in the woman he’s with.

You see, most men will have commitment resistance somewhere along the commitment path. That’s quite normal and in fact to be expected!

So it’s really your job as a woman, to overcome these barriers and help a man to lower his own commitment resistance. But to do that, you’ll need to understand a few things about men.

You see, I really believe there’s really nothing more beautiful than a heartfelt marriage proposal. If you haven’t ever Youtubed “wedding proposals”, then I think you’ll really enjoy the hundreds of amazing proposals that men have meticulously planned, organised and carried out.

Imagine being the woman that men love to break up with... and then to turn it all around and inspire a true love & commitment worthy of a fairytale!

This is exactly what happened to one of our members who just shared a recent update. (Hint: she just got engaged!)

Listen to what she said... "It's happening!!! I learned how to be a real woman through Renee and David and I got me a real man!" (...And check out all those emojis!)

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But this isn't really that impressive because thousands of people become engaged every single day. What IS amazing about this lady's progress, is that she was always an insecurely attached woman! All her past boyfriends kept breaking up with her due to her emotional volatility, and that is in her own words too!

So, considering her background, this is absolutely amazing news. It really shows that you can attract love and a deep commitment regardless of how "broken" or even unworthy you feel right now.

...And you know what? I'm so happy for her. I think we should all congratulate her. Not for her sake but for your own sake, so that you can acknowledge that part of yourself that deserves love passion and commitment.

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Is this lady's results TYPICAL when you follow my advice and teachings?

Of course not. I can't promise your Mr. Right will show up suddenly and sweep you off your feet just because you came to my website.

Most women will never take the responsibility to take it upon themselves to evolve, to grow, to become more.

The women who love to blame men will probably continue blaming men. The women who love to victimise themselves will continue to do that.

But that ain't you, right?

I can promise you that if you take it upon yourself to learn, to grow and to fully embody the woman that you truly are, then you will no doubt have amazing results in your own life, just like this lady did.

I have no doubt that if you learn and fully implement what we teach you, then you will inevitably attract an absolute abundance of love, attraction and commitment into your life.

How are women ruining their own chances of marriage and security?

In our line of work, we see so many women who are ruining their own chances of marriage… and they aren’t even aware of it.

Have you ever sat by your phone or called him repeatedly… when you were not sure what he was up to?

Have you given up parts of your own life, just so that you could spend time with him?

You see, mistakes like these are commonly made by women (even though these women have great intentions…), and they are destroying any chance of having their man commit to them at the level they want.

Let me explain…

Commitment to a man means very different things to you as a woman!

Commitment to a man can sometimes feel more like a ball and chain, or a burden on his life. It’s just another responsibility, and another obligation that he has to fulfil in his day to day life.

In fact, there are only a few reasons why a man would naturally want to commit to a woman. (And believe it or not, sex is NOT one of those reasons. Sex can be oftentimes cheap and readily available)

Men commit to women, not because of logical reasons. 

They rarely ever logically make that decision and weigh up the pros and cons of commitment. This is because commitment is an emotional decision for the man, not a logical decision.

He has to feel strongly and positively about commitment emotionally, which will then inspire him to take action to take the relationship to the next level. He has to feel safe with you, and trust you with his emotions.

You see, a relationship is a feminine domain, and therefore men sometimes feel uneasy about their own emotions. They need us to make them feel safe in that space.

Ask yourself: Can you honestly spend the next 10 years without a commitment?

Look, I don't know the answer for you.

(This isn't a rhetorical question.)

Some women are OK with the idea of spending the next 10 years alone and nothing will change their mind.

But what about YOU?

Look 10 years into the future, where do you see yourself? Where do you see your relationship if you keep following the same old trajectory you've been on?

In which direction is your relationship heading down? In other words, are you and your man getting closer and deeper in love every day that passes…

Or is there more distance in your relationship every day?

What is your gut level response to that question?

I don’t know what the right answer is for you, but you should always trust your gut instinct. It has never let you down.

If what you've been doing in the past haven't worked for you, then something needs to change.

If you haven't had any luck inspiring a deep emotional commitment from your chosen man, then my guess is that you need to have a deeper understanding of how the commitment process works for men.

That is where you will find all of your success!

How to Inspire A Deeply Committed Life Long Relationship Without Any Resistance, Withdrawal or Heartache…

From everything you've read on this page, you would probably have a good overview of the commitment process for a man and some important mindset shifts regarding commitment. You can take all the information and let it all sink in.

If you want to continue this journey, then here's the good news.

We have put together “hands down” THE BEST program in the world on inspiring commitment in men. But wait, we don’t say that to boast, it is our members who say it for us.

We don’t just teach this because we have been through every stage of the commitment process ourselves...

We teach this course because we have coached literally thousands of women from have gone from not knowing what to do in their complicated relationships to having their man progressively shift his energy, start caring about the relationship to a point where many of our members even became engaged and married.

We teach this course because we are both absolutely passionate about creating deep and meaningful relationships and teaching the mindset and skills so others can create the same for themselves.

This 4 week Commitment Control 2 coaching program is personally taught by both of us and it is literally a step by step walk-through of everything you need to know and do, in order for you to inspire your man to step up and commit more of his attention, emotions, time and resources to you.

(...And even more importantly, inspire him to make a lifelong promise and commitment to you.)

Here's a small glimpse of what you will be learning in this 4 week program...

Learn the real psychology behind what makes a man want to commit his whole life to a woman compared to a man who has already made up his mind of “never going to commit”. (The interesting thing is, the same man could not want to commit to you but naturally want to commit to another woman, so you need to know why…)
Discover the deep animal psyche of the male brain and discover what they really need from you & from the relationship in order to stay committed. (It’s important for us to remember that men commit because of emotional reasons, NOT logical reasons.)
You will discover the 3 things most women fail to give their man and why this causes men to want to vanish without a trace. (These are the 3 most important things that will determine whether a man commits to you or not!)
You’ll learn the 3 commitment driving steps to effortlessly overcome his commitment resistance and defence mechanism before it comes up even if he doesn’t want to “TALK” about it. (Look, here’s the truth. It’s much easier to address these issues BEFORE he starts getting defensive and avoids the subject.)
We’ll teach you how to create a depth of attraction and emotional connection with your man that you only see in the hottest fiction novels and films… even if you don’t feel like you are capable right now! (There’s a specific formula to creating deep emotional desire, and I want to share that with you!)
Learn the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to show up in your relationship as a high value high status woman. (Nothing is worse than getting taken for granted. And nothing will kill your chances of a committed relationship than being a low value woman.)
Discover the amazing power of “High Value Vulnerability” and how to use it to get HIM to love you, stay with you and support you. (The high value vulnerability transformation exercise will blow your mind)
Learn 5 strategies on getting him to choose you over the other women he could be seeing or dating. (Regardless of how attractive other women are.)
You’ll learn how to bring back the excitement in a stagnant relationship. (...and get him to commit, take things to the next level and think it was his own idea!)
Learn how to create an unbreakable emotional bond with your man and forever eliminate the chance of another woman getting between you. (Once this emotional bridge is forged, it is hard to break.)
Learn how to instantly build trust and rapport with your man by using the 5 vulnerability triggers even if he has stopped speaking to you for weeks. (Trust is a huge key factor in a man’s decision to commit to any woman.)
You’ll learn how to use high value stories to gently guide a man to commit deeper to you and have him love the process. (We’re going to show you how to do this properly without your man withdrawing or pulling back.)
You’ll learn how to escalate the commitment naturally and have your man wanting to spend more time with you no matter what stage of relationship you are in right now. (...and have him love and cherish that time spent with you!)
You’ll learn the 5 subtle commitment tests to instantly tell if he would commit to you long term or not. (...and what to do if he fails these tests…)
You’ll also learn how to use “positive neurological associations” to make it euphoric for him to be with you. (Remember commitment comes from an emotional choice, not an intellectual one!)
You will learn how to go from “just dating” to him desperately wanting to become exclusive with you and even put a ring on your finger… (Even if he has always given you excuses like he doesn’t have enough money.)
...And so much more!

How is this course structured?

Honestly, there is a ton of lessons, insights and exercises inside this program. 

We've gone deeper and more personal in Commitment Control 2 than any of our other training programs.

So all the content is specifically designed and spread over the next 4 weeks.

There are 8 carefully planned video lessons every single week for 4 straight weeks. 

(Put all your other commitments on hold, this will take priority just for the next 4 weeks.)

The way the video lessons are designed; your understanding and your awareness will grow exponentially deeper as each week goes by. Everything builds on top of your existing learning.

Not to mention this way, you won't be overwhelmed with the material and you'll get adequate time to complete the homework assignments.

Here's what you should expect over the next four weeks...

Week 1 – Understanding Men & Commitment Resistance

In week 1, we’re going to start off by addressing a very important question, will your man EVER commit to you? And more importantly, what is going to take for him to start committing to you at a deeper level?

One of the key things there is of course, to become your man’s one and only, and get away from the category of one of many. This can sometimes be easier said than done especially when you’ve already established yourself in a certain way with a man.

So we’re going to address that, and I’m going to teach you about the important difference between indicators of interest versus indicators of commitment.

You as a woman, need to know at every moment, whether this man is worth your time or not. Remember, your relationship timeline is different a man’s timeline, your time is by far worth more.

You need to accurately gauge whether your man is only just interested in your right now, or is he actually showing signs of commitment.

These are very different indicators and again this ties into knowing whether you’re a man’s one and only or just one of many.

We’re going to go inside the male brain and talk about the 3 main moment to moment goals for a man and how that affects you.

Remember the more your man feels successful, the more he is able to commit to you and the relationship. If he feels like a failure all the time, he’s not going to want to show up anywhere. It is important that your relationship is set up where you and your man both succeed.

Another issue you may face is that sometimes you may feel like you’re just giving too much in the relationship and not getting anything back in return. We’ll definitely address this issue in week 1.

Also Renee is going to help guide you in specific ways to reconnect with your man after he’s pulled away and withdrawn. 

This is an important skill that you shouldn’t take lightly because HOW you deal with your man pulling away will directly influence how he shows up the next time in the relationship.

Renee is going to show you a specific test to see how much your man actually cares about you and a specific way to reconnect with him in a high value playful way without you looking needy or desperate.

Week 2 – Creating Unbelievable Mystery & Attraction

Moving onto week 2, I’m going to show you the 3 mandates of attracting a commitment friendly man. What signs to look for and what do they mean.

We’re going to talk about high value vulnerability, and I’m going to walk you through step by step how to express high value vulnerability to your man, but also I’m going to show you dozens of examples of what is high value vulnerability and what isn’t.

I’m also going to give you an exercise to do, that will open your eyes to how your energy can instantly make a man want to take care of you.

In week 2, we’re going to focus a lot on triggering a deep sense of attraction, and cultivating a sense of mystery around you, so that men can’t help but remember you, become fascinated by you and keep thinking about you.

This is deep attraction, this type of attraction men won’t get bored of after a few weeks or months.

We’re going to talk about the mindset of being a high value woman. I’ve already explained how important this is, if there’s one thing I want you to take away from everything I teach, that’s be a high value woman (who is in touch with their vulnerability), and everything else will fall into place.

Renee’s going to explain an advanced topic that is light and dark attraction. See there are two different types of attraction and both are valuable to men. You need to understand and tap into both, or else you may come across as a boring one dimensional woman.

Also in week 2, I’m going to show you the 3 steps to effortlessly overcome your man’s commitment resistance, and magically lower his defense mechanism no matter how much he’s resisted commitment or how many excuses he’s given.

Week 3 – Connecting, Testing and Teaching Commitment

Moving onto week 3, we’re going to focus more on the other driver of the commitment process, which is building a deep sense of connection. 

The connection that I’m talking about here isn’t just some flimsy “I know what his favorite food is” type of connection. I’m talking about a connection that is so deep that he feels like he’s known you forever, or perhaps he’s known you in a different life time.

He’s going to feel like you’re his soulmate, I mean this type of connection doesn’t come about often in a lifetime especially for men, so I can guarantee your man will treasure that deep heart to heart connection with you.

You’re going to learn how to create an unbreakable trust in your relationship. 

Why is this important? 

Because the truth of the matter is, for a man to commit deeply in a relationship, it’s a very vulnerable position for him to be in. 

He needs to trust that you will make him feel safe in that relationship. this is by far overlooked by most women because sometimes it’s easy to assume men feel safe all the time. 

This is simply not true, and in a committed relationship is where men can feel the least safe because it’s not always familiar to men.

Most men fear commitment partially because of the uncertainty that comes with a committed relationship. It’s a little foreign to men, so building that trust will help bridge that gap for you.

Also in week 3, I’m going to show you how you need to test your man’s commitment. 

You see, As you get more and more involved with a man, you need to become more and more sensitive and aware of how much he is committing to you.

With that knowledge, you can make the right decision moving forward. Without that knowledge, you will make mistakes after mistakes with him.

Also one of the problems you’ll encounter is that you’ll realize not every man knows how to commit in a way you may appreciate. In fact, most men have very little idea of what commitment looks like to a woman. 

This is why it is almost imperative that you as a woman need to guide him and teach him how to commit to YOU.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit him down and lecture him, there are much more subtle and under the radar methods to teach a man to commit to you in the way you want. And I’m going to go through that in week 3 of Commitment Control 2.0

Week 4 – Escalate Commitment, Engagement & Marriage

In week 4, we’re going to get a bit more advanced.

We’re going to cover some advanced facets of high value vulnerability. I’m going to explain why some of the most common dating and relationship advice is absolutely rubbish and totally detrimental to your expression of high value vulnerability femininity.

There are certain things that will trigger men to take care of you and be there for you, that you may think are crazy… but they work. Other women may judge you for it, but the thing is, they work really well. we’re here to learn how to inspire a man to want to commit to us, and sometimes we can’t please everyone along the way.

I’m going to show you how to escalate the level of commitment in your relationship in small yet consistent steps.

You’re going to learn how to of building positive commitment associations that allow your man to actually feel good as he naturally falls into the relationship with you.

I’m going to talk about the journey from dating to getting married. How you should approach the whole topic, regardless of your situation right now. 

I know some women are with men who feel like they don’t have the resources or the money to get married right now, so I’m going to show you how to get around that money obstacle at the same time make your man feel like a man. Remember, men are more likely to commit to you if they felt like a capable man.

Plus, David will reveal the 5 key moments of commitment he personally went through from the first moment he met Renee, to giving his vows on their wedding day. You see, every man will have to face these certain moments in their relationship where he would have to consciously decide, “do I want to take this further, or do I back out now?”

Looking back on them, these were critical moments that defines the outcome of any relationship, and I guarantee similar moments will play a pivotal role in your relationship. There were a few key elements that influences a man to go deeper instead of pulling away and I’m going to share with you what they were.

So we want to share what those 5 key moments of commitment are, so that you can have the power that comes with knowing what to anticipate for.

Lifetime access for 3 payments of $499

It’s Your Turn to Have the Joys of A Deeply Committed Relationship

Imagine this for a moment…

Imagine the joy of a deeply committed and secure relationship...

Imagine how that would impact you and your emotions?

No more questioning where the relationship is going… now you have assurance, certainty and you can have comfort in that certainty.

No more worries about the future of the relationship, or perhaps the lack of a future…

No more humiliation in front of other women, who may actually be laughing behind your back… as to why you guys are “still just dating…?” or “seeing each other”.

No more of being unsure whether he’ll be there in the future or not… and instead, have him naturally wanting to make that promise to you.

Inspire him to take the relationship to the next level, and give you more of himself than he’s ever given.

Imagine the warmth of assurance, the comfort of knowing that you are NOT wasting your time, and that your energy, youth and time is NOT being wasted.

Imagine having no regrets later on, knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

Think about it for a moment…what is all that worth to you? What is it worth to you in terms of your health? Your emotions? Even your finances?

What is the "Hidden Cost" of You Not Having A Committed Relationship?

This is something that you probably hadn’t thought of…

But what is it really going to cost you, to not have that committed relationship right now?

Is it causing damage to your emotions? Your self esteem?

The stress of it all is probably also causing your body damage and disrupting your hormones.

Perhaps it’s even causing you to be less productive, and causing you to sabotage your professional life.

So let me ask you this, what is a life worth when you go through this on a day to day basis?

We all only have one chance at life, we all have to make the most of it.

Can you really put a price tag on the loss of your time, your youth and your life? Can you really afford to lose years from the most precious resource we all have, our time?

(Remember, every year that passes means the chances of you finding that close committed relationship decreases)

Imagine, wasting a whole year. Imagine wasting the whole year’s salary of $45,000. After all, what’s money worth when you don’t get the commitment that fulfils your soul?

So the point is, you can NEVER put a price tag on your time, and your life.

You have to come FIRST!

It is your time to handle this part of your life, once and for good.

Is True Emotional Commitment Worth $2.46 A Day to You?

Because that is exactly the investment when you join us inside of Commitment Control 2, when you spread the cost over the period of just one single year.

Compare that to any university degree... (We have 3 between us, and that costed us over $100,000.)

Compare that to being private coaching clients of ours. The last client paid us $5,000 USD for only 2 hours of our time.

But most importantly, compare this to the cost of NOT learning how to naturally inspire your chosen man to commit deeply to you...

The choice almost seems too simple.

Now let me ask you this, when was the last time you trusted your gut and taken that leap of faith?

So if your gut instinct says that this is a program you would totally benefit from, then trust your gut instinct as it is almost never wrong.

I know this is probably a leap of faith for you, but once you're on the other side, you'll realise how "RIGHT" of a decision that was for you.

(But you’ll never know if you don’t take the leap.)

Now I invite you to join us in Commitment Control 2. The investment for the whole program is 3 monthly payments of $499.

The investment in yourself: priceless.

I can honestly say with all my heart and soul that the leap of faith I took change the direction of my life for the better, but I can't decide for you. Only you can.

So the question is, will you take the leap of faith today?

Lifetime access for 3 payments of $499

What if I don't like it?

Great question. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. (I’ve bought many courses online where the standard has NOT been up to the standard I expected!)

So here’s what I’m going to do for you.

I want you to go through the complete program, study it, critique it and use it.

If for any reason at all, (or no particular reason), you don't feel like this program is everything I have personally promised, just let me know.

We will insist that you keep every cent you invested, because we've never let anyone walk around claiming they’ve wasted their money with us. (…And we're not about to start.)

You simply have to send me or my team a message, either through our Facebook Fan pages, our help desk or any other social media platform. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get that message to us and we will take care of the rest. (You’ll find those links everywhere.)

You really have nothing to lose.

In fact, let’s make it even better. With your refund, I’ll even send you over a $25 Amazon Gift Card just as my way of saying… “Thanks for giving Commitment Control 2 a try!”

How’s that for a “better than money back guarantee”!

This is why we always have a 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee with all of our products… because we know that you will most likely become a raving fan after 30 days, otherwise we don’t deserve to keep your money.

If you are reading this far, then you know deep in your gut that this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

Renee, myself and our team are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

So listen to your gut, we both know how amazing this offer is. Take the offer before it gets lost in the ebb and flow of life.

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Here's my crazy promise to you...

Look, here’s what I know for sure…

There are plenty of high value men out there who are single and wanting to find love. But the problem is that most of them are terrible at dating. Most of them are terrible at communicating to women in any way, shape or form.

As you probably know, relationship is a feminine domain. It’s very often women leading men into relationships, even though on the surface it looks like men sometimes make the first move.

What these single men really need, is a woman who can open them, help them and guide them into a loving relationship. Otherwise they will forever be single, because most men have little to no awareness of relationships, yet at the same time they crave love and connectedness just like you and I.

So my crazy promise to you is this… study everything inside of High Value Profile & Banter, craft a unique, mesmerizing and high value dating profile for yourself, practice High Value Banter until you get good at it…

…If you can do all that, then I promise you will find yourself a high value man wanting, needing and loving to be in a committed relationship with you within the next 12 months. 

(Truth is, if you take the teachings in this course seriously, you will probably be snatched off the dating market faster than a speeding bullet!)

Why? Because men can see, hear and feel when a high value woman is in front of them, and they wouldn’t want to let you go.

Still not sure?

If you’re at all skeptical about this, we understand. You have every right to be.

We’ve seen the garbage that’s being sold out there on the Internet. – Most of it is pure rubbish (to put it lightly.)

In fact, most of the advice out there is simply to manipulate men into giving you something, but in the long run, men will get sick and tired of being used and manipulated that they’ll leave the relationship bitter.

Commitment Control 2 is different. This is the real deal, no B.S. advice, just real and proven strategies to help you inspire your man to take the next step in your relationship.

And of course, go and try it out for yourself risk free. You really have nothing to lose.

Right after your order, you will receive an email with all the login details you need to get started.

If you are reading this far, then you know this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

We are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

Send us an email through our help desk… (Don’t be shy, we all love to hear from you.)

You have our personal invite to join us in this powerful program but regardless, we truly wish you all the best in love and in life.

P.S. Time is ticking. What is the real cost of you NOT learning everything we're about to teach you inside of Commitment Control 2? Where will you be in 10 years time? Remember, for a small price of $2.46 a day, you can learn step by step how to inspire your chosen man to deeply commit to you without the resistance, withdrawal or heartaches!

P.P.S. Remember, you will always be protected by our 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee. which means if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you have your money back. That’s how we have always done business and it’s not about to change.

Lifetime access for 3 payments of $499

These women trusted the process...

(...and enjoying their successes!)

Our Wall Of Success

Our members love us and we love our members. Here's a collection of video feedback from our customers... (and YES! We would LOVE to feature you here too and be an inspiration to other women.)

"I really trust you guys and the things you're teach about relationships. They are the only things that really make sense." Jackie J

"I love how you guys truly believe what it is you teach. I am very grateful for everything I've learned so far. I look forward to more in the future!" - Laura 

"I appreciate you and David being so selfless, generous and giving in everything that you do! Thank you." - Rachel B.

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program. It's really wonderful wonderful work!" - Tina

"I found Renee and David's work a few years back and followed their work because it made so much sense to me. Highly recommend it." - Alena S. 

"Renee! When I got onto your work, the whole world came into focus.Thank you for lifting the lid on a whole set of elusive knowledge for me." - Ivy O.

"I believe watching and reading any of Renee & David's blogs and programs will do nothing but add VALUE to your personal self and your relationships." - Andrea R.

"I cannot wait to take more courses with Renee & David because I cannot explain in words HOW MUCH I've learned, not just about love but about myself." - Akanksha A.

"I've spent loads of time looking into the work of different coaches and Renee's work is the ONLY work that really speaks to me." - Shabana W.

"I found your programs to be very helpful not just with my relationships with other people but also my relationship with myself!" - Jennifer W.

"I have followed you guys and have been a fan for almost a decade now and I find value in everything that you share!" - Blessing 

"I really love David & Renee. I love all their advice. I've learned so much about dating and about men, it's been a fabulous experience." - Sherri.

"...That was amazing, very awesome and very moving for me. It was a very healing experience." - Sharen

"I feel bless that I found Renee & David's work that has shaped and influenced my life throughout the years. Thank you so much!" - Anise

"Thank you Renee and David for making such deep and unique programs that help us to be more of a high value woman." - Melissa A

"I loved every single lesson. Already from the next day I started to notice changes. I started to understand men's desires and fears!" - Nadia 

"I just wanted to say I will be purchasing all of your next courses! Keep up the good work you guys are fantastic!!" - Lucia

"I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from this course and I hope you all learn as much as I did!" - Gina L.

"Thank you for all the information you guys are sharing and helping so many women out there like myself." - Virginia B.

"I've recommended this to so many people already. I recommend it to you because I believe it will work for you too." - Kara 

"Do yourself a favor, sign up. You won't be disappointed because I have no doubt you will get so much out of Renee & David's work." - Kathryn P.

"This has been so helpful in connecting me and reconnecting me to my true self, my higher self. So thank you, I am so grateful." - Stacey R.

"The way Renee & David teaches, it's groundbreaking to be honest." - Anna C.

"My biggest insight was that you can really trust your own feelings. Overall I loved this program and will buy more of them!" - Paula.

"I definitely have been benefiting from this, in terms of self love, compassion & connection within myself as well as towards others." - Winnie L

I am extremely impressed with your programs and I love the way you guys teach!" - Gail.

"I have seen many programs and many coaches out there because I've searched a lot. This is by far the BEST!" - Elena

"Thank you so much for your work and all you give. It helped me so much, your blogs and programs. I'm really happy that coaches like you exist!" - Alison


Our members are the best!

5 out of 5 stars

Teresa Holfeld

Thanks a lot, David & Renee!

I really love your programs. It helps me a big deal. I'm learning so much from it, much more than I thought when I was buying it.

I'm just done with week 2, because I feel I can't digest too much at once. The information is really important, so I don't want to lose anything by rushing through it.

I also noticed that I need time to reflect and feel inside myself, sometimes even for a couple of days. On the one hand to let the information sink and let it become a part of me. But on the other hand I noticed if I see too many videos in a row, and don't get a break in between, I am in a constant mode of changing my mindset, of correcting myself, and also start doubting myself, so that I tend to feel unstable, unsure, and not comfortable in my own skin anymore.

But so far it really helped me. I'm much more relaxed in my relationship already, and I am starting to see changes in his behavior too.

Thanks a lot for the support, and keep up the good work!


Hi Renee,

Want to give a big thank you for all your support on the commitment control programme. The guy I met during my travels, in one of the pictures sent, is now my boyfriend.

He enjoys the challenges I throw him and said i shouldn't stop doing it. He’s feeling happy and content and have respect for me. He also said he's committed to this relationship.

It is hard work but worth all the effort. I’m always striving to grow and learn everyday. These pictures were taken last weekend, our first valentines celebration ever!

Best wishes.


Dear Renee and David,

I'm writing to thank you for your tremendous effort in putting this course together. It has been an amazing journey this past month, and I have so enjoyed watching each video and completing all of the lessons (still am doing the 10 day exercise in week 4!). It has been truly inspiring and empowering.

I've been dating my boyfriend for 10 months, and when I started taking this course we were on the verge of breaking up. I know now it's because I didn't know how to handle my fear during his withdrawal. I was a wreck for a couple days every month, and it was pushing him away. I wasn't happy, and he would obviously feel like he wasn't enough for me as he couldn't make me happy.

Eve W.

Dear Renee and David

Thank you for your program Commitment Control.

I am careful with how I spend the little money I have, I am 27 and have paid for relationship-advice programs before. They did not even come close to the quality and real-life applicability of what you offer.

Now that I have gone through Commitment Control, I cannot imagine life without the understanding and insight that has lit up my heart. I feel rejuvenated and more at peace at the whole idea of dealing with my man, men, and myself.

I love how clear and sound your program is. I want every single woman who reads your blog to know that whatever they are spending their money on these days, it can wait, and they would do themselves a tremendous favor by joining Commitment Control.

They probably can’t even imagine how useful it is, but it is! I used to think I could piece together all the info in your blogs for free and eventually figure it out myself, but now I think that’s not true.

The rhythm of your program is priceless for the sense of confidence it will instill in the participant, and I’m grateful to you guys from the bottom of my heart, especially if my heart were as deep as the universe is vast.

Thank you.


Hi David & Renee,

Great job on this updated version of Commitment Control 2.

Good news, I am in the best relationship I have had so far and my man is madly in love with me and I him, he is all that I need in that he is both a provider and also 'bad boy' I know that he has this freedom to be himself and a good man because I also have been working hard on being the best me!

With some important reminders from you and Renee. I sent about two frantic messages to you two about a year ago when I was in a dead end unhealthy relationship, but I knew that I had to keep growing and these reminders are so important to me, thank you.

best wishes,


Hey David & Renee

It's Mia!!

Just wanted to give you all an update.


We're engaged!!! He completely caught me by surprise, but I took your advice Renee and let him know about my fears about us. We talked about it, he never confirmed that marriage was coming up, but did stress his commitment to our relationship and building a future with me.

Next thing ya know, he's down on one knee!!! Apparently he'd planned the entire thing out and involved my family in the surprise. It was amazing! Thank you soooooo much!

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