Remember: Men perceive value drastically different to how women perceive value... Don't be caught out being "inadvertently low value" in the eyes of your chosen man!

There Are 7 Common Signs That A Woman is Perceived as Low Value to All Men. Do You Know What They Are & How to Avoid Them Like the Plague?

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Most women do this ONE INTUITIVE THING thinking that it's adding value to men. WRONG. No masculine esteemed man would perceive this to be value. (Sign No. 2) 
Most women fail to say this one thing and as a result fail to gain the respect of men. (Sign No. 3)
Most women hold onto the hope of a relationship with a man by exhibiting this low value sign. (Sign No. 6) 
Most women reject this specific part of her feminine soul and as such sabotages her own effects to bring value to the "relationship table". (Sign No. 7)

Look, here’s the truth… even the most degenerate, useless and pathetic men can intuitively feel when a woman is showing up as low value.

They can sense it from your body language, your words, and your actions or even inaction.

In fact, it is intuitive for men to suss out your value in subconscious and creative ways, just as women do to men!

So when it comes to love, see every interaction between you and a man as a test. (Unless you’ve truly proven your value to each other over and over, year after year but that’s a different story.)

That’s right… EVERYTHING is a test of your value.

(Now we’re not here to suggest you have to “submit” to men’s testing. Men have to pass women’s tests all the time too. So this is a mutually shared dynamic between men and women. We are all hardwired to "test" for mate value.)

The problem however is that most of us aren’t always aware of our own actions and how they are perceived.

Sometimes our feminine actions can make sense in our mind but be perceived by men as unattractive or low value.

At the end of the day, men are wired differently and look for different types of value in women, and in love, attraction and dating, NOTHING is as important as showing up as a high value woman!

So go and download our new report "7 common signs that a woman is low value in the eyes of men" and learn what common signs you must avoid (& what to do instead)!

P.S. Low value signs number 2 and 3 are probably the most common out of all these 7 signs, and these are the signs that we believe most women are exhibiting without realising it. However, there's no need to feel guilt or shame about any of these signs, because we've all been there, and this is just a framework through which we can understand men and value a bit more; it most certainly doesn't define who you are.

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