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Sneak Peek in to the First Chapter of my New Book

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I’m not sure you would have expected this kind of writing from me. It’s not from my usual angle, and it’s written differently. But it is the way I was ultimately lead to start writing this book. In it’s finished state, this book will be written as an ‘general and thorough’ book, going through all the biggest  problems for us women in our relationships and dating. Click here to download and check out the first chapter… The book will address what to do in dating AND in long term relationships. I will attempt to deliver a guide for women to have…

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How to Understand Women

A Letter to Men: How to Understand Women & Why Your Relationships Fail

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We love men here. Our intent is not to put the blame on you, as you are not to blame. We want you to know that we respect the man you are today, and honor you for being a man. If you find feminine women hard to understand, know that it’s not hard at all. Here is your manual to ensure that your future relationships don’t fail: 1) We LOVE that you can solve our problems. Your solutions matter to us, and we know that you are a great problem solver. Yet, most of the time, when we are talking…

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Should I Put More of the Blame on Men

Should I Put More of the Blame on Men for Failed Relationships?

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“If the woman is being stupid and he’s being a jerk admit to both. It’s as if you’re were siding with the guy.” “Blame the men from time to time.” “Men are wrong, too!” I hear these statements from hurt and frustrated women from time to time. This letter is to you if you have ever felt like you are being asked to do ALL the work in a relationship with a man. (Click here to take the quiz on “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”) This letter is also to you if you have ever felt like men…

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The Root of Ecstasy is also Attachment

The Root of Ecstasy is Also Attachment

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Have you ever heard the popular quote by Buddha: “The Root of Suffering is Attachment”? It is highly possible that most of the self help books out there that have become popular, are written by masculine men, or women with a masculine essence. I feel like this quote by the Buddha is very true. BUT the opposite is also true. The root of ecstasy is ALSO Attachment. You could try telling my almost 9 month old son who still loves his breast milk that the root of all suffering is Attachment when he latches on for a feed. It wouldn’t…

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what to do when he doesn't call

How to Maintain Your High Value when He doesn’t Contact You

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If you have been dating a man for less than 6 months, then it is likely that you are still in the process of proving your Value as a potential mate to one another, so you’ll need to be aware of how to maintain that High Value if you truly love the man you are with. That’s what this article is for. If you’ve been dating regularly for longer than 6 months, and want to know why he pulls away and doesn’t contact you, try my article Why he Pulls Away when You Need him the Most and Why Men…

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Why Men Pull Away when you Need them

Why Men Pull Away When You Need Them the Most

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What’s more scary than being with a man who suddenly disappears when you are hurting badly over something in your life? This lady named Sarah left this question on the blog in the comments section: “Renee, I love your articles they always make so much sense! I have a problem with my boyfriend. Ive known him for three years, and he is a very rough around the edges, ‘tough love’ kind of guy. He seems to be caring and loving and calling a lot mostly when things are good. But as soon as I am going through a very difficult time…

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How to be Truly Feminine & Be Guided by Love

How to be Truly Feminine & Be Guided by Love, Not Fear

By | All, Confidence, Finding Love | 91 Comments

Happy New Year! I have found that we are most lonely and depressed as women when we make all our decisions from Fear. Essentially, for a woman, that looks like this: being dictated by our ‘heads’; making decisions from our heads, not our pelvis, our reproductive region. Heady decisions are decisions made from old patterns. Patterns are a survival mechanism, and therefore come from Fear. Most of us live a year after year, guided by a series of millions of fearful decisions. I would take a guess and suggest that most of us are guided by Fear hundreds of time…

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He’s not ‘Making EXCUSES’

He’s not ‘Making EXCUSES’, You Just Haven’t Inspired His Commitment

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The word you use to describe another person’s actions means EVERYTHING. The words you use make you do amazing things in your life or terrible things. Because the words you use reflect the meaning you place on things. This is why I don’t like the word ‘excuses’. If you say a man is making ‘excuses’ here is the big fat lie you’re REALLY telling yourself: – This man has an obligation to me. (No man does. No human has an obligation to you unless you want to write a legal document to trap people to your side.) – This man is…

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How to Keep a Relationship After Repeated Breakups

How to Keep a Relationship After Repeated Breakups?

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Good day Renee, I have no idea where to start with this mail. I met Matthew when I was 18, that was 7 Years ago. We have had a very up and down Relationship. We have two wonderful little boys together. For the first two years of our relationship was a fairy tale, and from there on after we have been arguing and fighting ever since. Everything will be fine for like three days and then for three days its arguing and fighting again.. It’s very exhausting. This my problem, We were together for about 4 years when my little…

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The Most Feminine Women Make the Least Sense

The Most Feminine Women Make the Least Sense

By | Attraction, Confidence, Finding Love | 210 Comments

Women aren’t supposed to make sense. To men. We can make a lot of sense to each other (women to women); and that’s important for connecting with girlfriends. But the problem is that we deny ourselves the deliciousness that is living in our own true nature – the sensuality, the sexuality, the attractiveness that is truly US, when we decide that we should actually make sense to men, and mean everything we say and know what we’re talking about. (Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I on Facebook?”) (A small aside: if you told a man who…

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How to Attract a Man who Gives

How to Attract a Man who Gives you EVERYTHING

By | All, Attraction, Finding Love | 49 Comments

A diamond ring. A big set of arms to hold you tight and close with. A nice house. Marriage. Beautiful children. Why would a man ever give any woman any of these things? There are 3 reasons. 1) To keep her around and convenient until he finds ‘the one’. 2) Because she is everything. His whole world. And because he loves her so much. 3) Out of obligation. Which reason would you prefer? Reason 2? Well the only way you can ever have a man who provides you with these things is if you are truly being who you really are….

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Think You’ve “Given too Much’

Think You’ve “Given too Much” to a Man? You Probably Haven’t.

By | All, Confidence, Finding Love | 44 Comments

“I gave too much and didn’t get anything back.” This is a common line. It’s also a lazy line. As well as an arrogant line. When we say this, we’re just angry. It’s something we say in an attempt to feel better about losing a man’s attention, or losing him altogether. (Click here to register and watch the Commitment Masterclass) Here’s the problem with that: You’re not giving anyone ANYTHING unless they perceive value in what you are giving. I’ll give you an example. I have a good school friend of 15 years. We both had a mutual friend in…

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This Does NOT Make You ‘Wife Material’

This Does NOT Make You ‘Wife Material’

By | All, Commitment, Finding Love | 57 Comments

My assistant Jenny forwarded me this question the other day: “I met my guy in Feb 2013 from Okcupid. In March 2013 (3weeks later) he asked me to be his girl. In April 2013 he asked me to move in his house. Aug 3, 2013 he broke up with me.- I cooked, cleaned, washed clothes, etc. I am wife material I know that much. Around May he started to back off, but I did not see the signs because I was still on a love high. Questions- Why would he give up a good women? (he said i am everything he has…

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How to Radiate Deeper Femininity

How to Radiate Deeper Femininity and Attract Men You Can Trust

By | All, Attraction, Finding Love | 35 Comments

Listen to yourself when you are talking. To friends, to your lover, to your boyfriend. The words we speak are mostly blind to what is really going on inside. And worse; the words we speak cause the men you WANT to ignore you or think ‘nope, not for me’ when they spend time with you. For the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that the men you WANT to attract are the men who see your vulnerability and want to take care of you. Forever. And adore you. (Click here to take the quiz “Am I Dating…

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This is why men don't call often

THIS is Why Men Don’t Call More Often…

By | All, Commitment, Finding Love, Relationship Issues | 147 Comments

My man and I openly discuss relationship topics and the differences between men and women very often. We are both very passionate about it and this mutual passion is one reason I can write this blog. One day recently, my man David and I were having a conversation about why men don’t call and how women chronically over analyse when he doesn’t call – a conversation that just made me laugh in amusement. I laughed in amusement because no matter how many times I have a new realisation about how different a masculine man is to a feminine woman, it’s…

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