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Woman’s Task is to Overcome the Need to Blame

Your Job is to Overcome the Need to Blame Him

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Article updated 2018 In our most basic un-evolved state, we as women tend to blame the man in our life for our problems. If we try not to, we do it indirectly anyway. And that’s because, as you already know, what we resist, persists. Guilt is such a big emotion for most women, and it is wired in to us like you wouldn’t believe. So, subconsciously, we can work very hard to try to get someone to come closer to us or do something for us by blaming them to induce guilt in them, because in our world, guilt motivates…

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How to Understand Women

A Letter to Men: How to Understand Women & Why Your Relationships Fail

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Article updated 2018 We love men here. Our intent is not to put the blame on you, as you are not to blame. We want you to know that we respect the man you are today, and honor you for being a man. If you find feminine women hard to understand, know that it’s not hard at all. Here is your manual to ensure that your future relationships don’t fail: 1) We LOVE that you can solve our problems. Your solutions matter to us, and we know that you are a great problem solver. Yet, most of the time, when…

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Should I Put More of the Blame on Men

Should I Put More of the Blame on Men for Failed Relationships?

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Article updated 2018 “If the woman is being stupid and he’s being a jerk admit to both. It’s as if you’re were siding with the guy.” “Blame the men from time to time.” “Men are wrong, too!” I hear these statements from hurt and frustrated women from time to time. This letter is to you if you have ever felt like you are being asked to do ALL the work in a relationship with a man. (Click here to take the quiz on “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”) This letter is also to you if you have ever…

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what to do when he doesn't call

4 Steps to Maintain High Value When He Doesn’t Call or Text

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Article updated 2018 If you have been dating a man for less than 6 months, then it is likely that you are still in the process of proving your value as a potential mate to each other, so you’ll need to be aware of how to maintain that high value if you truly love the man you are with. High value. It’s the reason people try to play games, get plastic surgery, it’s the reason people try to be mysterious. Being mysterious and playing hard to get is really just an attempt to preserve our value as a mate. Because…

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Why Men Pull Away when you Need them

Why Men Pull Away When You Need Them the Most

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Article updated 2018 What’s more scary than being with a man who suddenly disappears when you are hurting badly over something in your life? This lady named Sarah left this question on the blog in the comments section: “Renee, I love your articles they always make so much sense! I have a problem with my boyfriend. Ive known him for three years, and he is a very rough around the edges, ‘tough love’ kind of guy. He seems to be caring and loving and calling a lot mostly when things are good. But as soon as I am going through a…

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How to Keep a Relationship After Repeated Breakups

How to Keep a Relationship After Repeated Breakups?

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Article updated 2018 Good day Renee, I have no idea where to start with this mail. I met Matthew when I was 18, that was 7 Years ago. We have had a very up and down relationship. We have two wonderful little boys together. For the first two years of our relationship was a fairy tale, and from there o, we have been arguing and fighting ever since. Everything will be fine for like three days and then for three days its arguing and fighting again.. It’s very exhausting. This is my problem, We were together for about 4 years…

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This is why men don't call often

THIS is Why Men Don’t Call More Often…

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Article updated 2018 My man and I openly discuss relationship topics and the differences between men and women very often. We are both very passionate about it and this mutual passion is one reason I can write this blog. One day recently, my man David and I were having a conversation about why men don’t call and how women chronically over analyse when he doesn’t call – a conversation that just made me laugh in amusement. I laughed in amusement because no matter how many times I have a new realisation about how different a masculine man is to a…

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He Pays for His Ex Girlfriend’s Bills but Won’t Pay for Mine?

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Article updated 2018 What to DO when your Boyfriend is still emotionally Attached to his Ex A question from Kira: “Dear Renee, After reading your writing for awhile now, I’d like your input on something. My boyfriend still shares his cell phone family plan with his ex girl friend, who he split up with two years ago. They work together she can easily pay him. Additionally, I manage his bills and pay it online for him. After about a year I brought it up, but he said he felt bad that it would be more expensive for her, so he…

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OK to need a man

It’s OK to Need A Man, It Really Is!

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Article updated 2018 It’s ok to need a man. It’s ok because you choose to need a man. It’s ok to be a mature woman and make that conscious choice to need the right man. A good man. It’s ok to admit that you do (or have) needed your father. Or at least imply that your father is protective. Which is to openly imply that you allow your father to be in a role where you need him. (Click here to take the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”) Why isn’t it ok to admit that you need…

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How to Get Him To Propose and Marry You Without Looking Low Value

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Article updated 2018 How do you “Tell a Man” that you want marriage? I got Mia’s problem in my mail box recently: “We have been dating for 3 years, the majority of which were spent long distance. I recently relocated to be with him, and I want him to propose. He seems to be more focused on buying a home for us than a ring. I’m confused because I have told him that one of my goals is to be settled into a home with a family of my own. Part of me thinks this is his way of setting…

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6 KEY Differences between a little girl and a woman

6 KEY Differences Between a Little Girl and a Real Woman

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Article updated 2018 You may already be a woman in some areas of your life.  One thing is for sure…the area of intimate relationships is the place where most of us show up as little girls and little boys. Ironically…at the same time, we demand a man out of our partner. Or we claim that the dating market is full of little boys. The truth is…we wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to say there are tonnes of little boys in the dating market if we were showing up as a woman. Because a woman notices the little boys, but her attention…

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How Men Think

Don’t Expect a Man to Put more “Effort” in to Your Relationship than You

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Article updated 2018 Whenever I suggest something like this, I risk a whole hoard of women hating me. Enough women hate my message as it is….and yet, it’s when I suggest this that I really feel women digging their nails in to me as if I have betrayed them and I am working against woman. Quite the contrary. When I say this, I say it from a place of understanding of masculine men. (Click here to take the quiz “How feminine am I actually”) I say it because I intend for more women in the world to have more happiness in their relationships…

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How to Deal with Fear of Being Alone

How to Deal with Fear of Being Alone and Him Leaving You?

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Article updated 2018 If there was one thing I could have every woman understand about herself; it would be that our biggest fear is that we will be abandoned. With friends, this fear exists, with parents, it also exists, but nowhere is this fear more intense than dealing with men. (Click here to take the quiz “How Feminine Am I Actually”) Now, there are women in our population all over the world who are just more masculine; and it’s in their biology, not necessarily choice. A lot of women put out masculine energy by choice, but inside, they are really a…

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How Other Women can ruin your happiness

How Other Women Can Ruin Your Happiness With a Man

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Article updated 2018 Learn how other women in your life can ruin your happiness with a man I’m sitting here on my couch in my new house on a Wednesday evening, with the fan blowing in my face and a little baby kicking away in my belly. As I sit here after an interesting experience I had today, I felt the need to write to you about something that is very important for you to understand as a woman. And that thing to understand is the danger of other women influencing you. Does that sound dramatic? Well, that’s because it…

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Understanding Men

5 Insights into Men that Will Ease Your Worries

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Article updated 2018 When it comes to understanding men, there are two important things I want you to know. Because I find that it’s very easy to forget all the little details and everything else when you are stressed out or upset about your relationship issues. And it’s helpful to remember these basics before you make decisions you will regret. Before giving you the five insights into men — (click here to take the quiz on “Am I dating a Commitment Friendly Man?“) — I want to lay a quick but important foundation with you. Here are the two most fundamental…

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