The Most Feminine Women Make the Least Sense

The Most Feminine Women Make the Least Sense

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Article updated 2018 Women aren’t supposed to make sense. To men. We can make a lot of sense to each other (women to women); and that’s important for connecting with girlfriends. But the problem is that we deny ourselves the deliciousness that is living in our own true nature – the sensuality, the sexuality, the attractiveness that is truly US, when we decide that we should actually make sense to men, and mean everything we say and know what we’re talking about. (Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I on Facebook?”) (A small aside: if you told…

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How to Attract a Man who Gives

How to Attract a Man who Gives you EVERYTHING

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Article updated 2018 A diamond ring. A big set of arms to hold you tight and close with. A nice house. Marriage. Beautiful children. Why would a man ever give any woman any of these things? There are 3 reasons. 1) To keep her around and convenient until he finds ‘the one’. 2) Because she is everything. His whole world. And because he loves her so much. 3) Out of obligation. Which reason would you prefer? Reason 2? Well the only way you can ever have a man who provides you with these things is if you are truly being who…

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How to Radiate Deeper Femininity

How to Radiate Deeper Femininity and Attract Men You Can Trust

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Article updated 2018 Listen to yourself when you are talking. Listen to others in a social situation, trying to fit in and ‘have a good ol’ time with the mates’. Listen to friends, to your lover, to your boyfriend. The words we speak are mostly blind to what is really going on inside. Words often try to minimize our own vulnerability and ability to feel. We say ‘Oh it’s okay…” When our real feeling is that we hate that person. We say ‘Oh maybe he was just….a little…forgetful. Or busy.” Well, what if we actually are angry at him? And…

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Are Men Intimidated by You

Are Men Intimidated by You or Just NOT Attracted to You?

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Article updated 2018 Find out…Are Men Intimidated By You? Or Are They Simply Not Attracted to You? I remember several years ago, being about 20 years old, and I was out with a group of girlfriends. None of the men seemed interested in me. At least not compared to the number of men who were interested in my friends.  I felt devastated. The men seemed interested in my girlfriends, but not me. I couldn’t figure it out. Not that I was trying to actually figure it out; I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. One can’t get clarity when…

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alpha male test

5 Simple Signs He is NOT An Alpha Male

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Article updated 2019 The following are examples of what I feel an alpha male would not look like. Having said that… Beware of these if you are in a Long-term Relationship! If you are in a long term relationship right now, take these 5 indicators lightly. They do not apply to you all the time, because when you spend THAT much time with someone, you realise that we all have moments where we slip in to different roles and he might have done something once or twice that indicated he was a beta male but really he isn’t. (Click here to…

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A Warning about Girlfriends who Doesn't Compliment you

A Warning about Girlfriends who Don’t Compliment You

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Do You Have Girlfriends Who Don’t Compliment You? Here’s why that can be a problem… Article updated 2018 Choosing great girlfriends is just as important as choosing a great man. One affects the other. You become who you spend your time with. How do you feel when you get dressed up all nicely for a night out with your girlfriends and one of your close girlfriends totally ignores it and doesn’t compliment you? And not only that night, but every single night for years prior to this – she just never compliments you. How do you feel? Let’s be honest here….

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If You Keep Doing THIS You will Always Be Single

If You Keep Doing THIS You will Always Be Single

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Find out What Habit will Make you Feel Lonely Forever Article updated 2018 Sometimes it’s hard and disappointing when you feel like you are dating men, but you are not finding any that you are actually attracted to. Have you ever wondered how to find a good man when you feel like you are losing hope? If you have, then maybe you will relate to this. I have a question. Is it that you are not attracted to the men you meet and date? Or is it that you are too busy judging these men, and too busy looking for…

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Why Men are Falling For Drama Queens

Why Do Men Really Fall For Drama Queens

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Article updated 2018 Do Men REALLY Hate Drama? What does it cost you to just accept the conventional wisdom that: “Men don’t like drama.” Well, I can suggest this: it costs you one or all of these two things: 1) The ability to express your authentic feelings to a man because you’re afraid he will run, thinking you are a “drama queen”. Pretending everything is ok rarely makes everything ok, does it? 2) It costs you a very important part of yourself: the drama queen part of you that actually makes things/problems/events BIGGER than they really are. With number 2? It’s in the nature of the…

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What Makes A Woman Boring & How Not to be Boring to Men

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As a woman, you’d rather be labelled a “selfish bitch” than “Boring”. Here’s Why… Article updated 2018 I’ve been thinking, and when it comes to bad labels, you much rather the people you care about label you a selfish bitch than label you “boring”. Why? Because boring people are last in line when it comes to reproductive success. At least that’s the impression boring people give. Uninteresting, unstimulating, “safe” people are rarely sexually attractive. They’re just boring. In my experience, they also command the least respect and the least popularity. At least a selfish bitch might be selfishly exciting or at…

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valentine's day giveaway

Make Men Fall in Love This Valentine’s Day

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Note: This offer is already expired   Article updated 2018 Hey there, it’s Renee here, founder of Happy Valentines day! In this video, i have two important insights I want to share with you to help you find love, attraction and experience that passion that comes from a fulfilling relationship. (Click here to complete the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”) Now, I know that, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that you can really start to feel like you’ve failed somehow,  or that there are no good men around. I also…

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how to find the right guy

3 Reasons Why you Haven’t Found the Right Man Yet

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Article Updated 2019 Learn how you may be ruining your chances of finding the right man for you You’re single and attracting a man who wants a committed, loving relationship with you seems impossible. If you have not had a boyfriend in a few years or more, or if you keep ending up in relationships where the man goes hot and cold, and the women around you are getting their happy endings, it can seriously make you think, can’t it? It’s easy to start worrying – What if you’re not enough? What if you don’t have the qualities to keep a man interested?…

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How to Get out of Pain

How to Get out of Pain in Your Relationship Right Now

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Article updated 2018 How to Get out of Pain in Your Relationship Right Now You would already know, intuitively, and through experience, that being in a relationship means you will inevitably experience pain. This doesn’t mean you should expect pain around every corner, and close up and stop opening yourself or stop trusting because of it. It just means the pain will be there. Pain is a part of life. Anytime you open yourself up to another human being intimately, you are opening yourself to the possibility of feeling pain as well. That is why so many of us avoid…

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How to Make a Man Want You and Only You

How to Make a Man Want Me and ONLY Me?

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Article updated 2018 Deep down, it’d feel nice to have a man desire you and ONLY you forever, wouldn’t it? Does it sometimes feel to you like men are just not satisfied with one woman? Do you fear that perhaps he feels attraction for other women even whilst he’s in a committed, long-term relationship with you? There’s little else that’s a painful as the feeling of loss in life. And especially when it comes to a man. Like, why would you even want to EVER have a relationship if you thought you were going to lose his attention to someone else? You wouldn’t. And here’s the thing…

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3 Reasons Why Women Fail to Attract High Quality Men

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Article updated 2018 Don’t be like other women who fail to attract men… No, it has NOTHING to do with your physical beauty or lack of “physical beauty”. Haven’t you seen and known women who are “average” looking but are able to attract high quality men, and other women who are more physically gifted, only to be rejected again and again by men? What’s going on there? As you probably know, too many women in our society are failing to attract men. Or at least the “right” type of men. This may have happened to you too. Think back for…

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How to Attract Men

How to Attract High Quality Men Without Being Low Value

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Article updated 2018 How to Attract Men I’m about to show you what really attracts men to you – and not just what attracts them – but makes them really WANT to talk to you, approach you and ask for your number, take you out, and be around you. I don’t intend to show you how to attract just any low quality male (although any attractive woman will have all kinds of males wanting a piece of her), I am going to show you what will draw men to you so that you will be more confident around men and…

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