How To Be A High Value Woman & 3 Traits To Avoid!

Author Renee Wade

Would you like to know the secrets of how to be a high value woman, and what high value woman traits are?

You’ve come to the right place.

The information in this article is based on research we have done over many years into mating psychology and evolutionary psychology. 

The easiest and quickest way to learn how to be a high value woman is to learn the traits you should avoid.

When you avoid these traits, you can make him realize your value.

In fact, there are exactly 3 traits you want to avoid if you want to be a high value woman.

First, we will go through the traits that you need to avoid, then I’ll give you the traits you should not avoid.

Then we will discuss the three fundamental principles that will actually make you show up as a naturally high value woman (these are principles you don’t wait to avoid!)

The reason you want to exhibit the traits of a high value woman is that women who perpetually show up low value will repel high value men. 

Women who tend to show up high value will easily stand out from the crowd and attract good quality men into their lives.

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(If you love watching videos, here is a video I made on the topic of how to be a high value woman…)

What Is A High-Value Woman?

A high-value woman is someone who has intrinsic value, rather than being that person who is trying to trick others into thinking she has value.

Intrinsic value means that she is naturally valuable in all the three areas that are typical for a high value woman.

What Is A High-Value Woman?

Humans Are Sensitive To Where The Value Is...

The reason that women who show up high value will stand out easily from the crowd is that humans are sensitive to where value is – as well as who has the real value. 

So when we wonder “what is a high value woman?” the easiest answer is that she is a woman of value.

In the context of dating, it means she’s a woman of value to men.

Here’s why this is important:

It’s because in dating and relationships, it doesn’t matter how we feel inside (whether we are confident or lacking in self esteem), if we show up with value, men will gravitate towards us.

This is where your answers lie.

If you allow yourself to present with value, you’ll make your dating life easier.

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How To Be A High Value Woman In Dating

To be a high value woman in dating, you need to:

Lead with value, rather than leading with your desire to ‘take’; and

Be willing to show high value vulnerability.

For women, this act of leading with a desire to ‘take’ usually means she wants to ‘take’ a man’s commitment and ‘take’ a relationship.

Conversely, for men, they tend to look to take female attention and sex.

So always remember to lead with value, because ultimately this is what is going to make you fascinating and emotionally attractive to men.

Plenty of women have told me that leading with value has completely changed their dating life.

This is because in any social interaction as well as in any intimate relationship, we want to secure the best deal we can get in return for our own effort, investment and time.

If we didn’t protect our own effort, investment and time when finding a potential mate or lover, then we’d be wasting our own mating resources.

It doesn’t matter who you are, the only people who want to be with someone who shows up low value are the ones who are willing to tolerate it. 

(Do you know the 7 common signs that a woman is low value in the eyes of men? CLICK here to discover the 7 common signs that a woman is perceived as low value in the eyes of men in this special report. (Why is this important? Because men and women perceive value very differently. And you don’t want to be making mistakes that would cause quality men to dismiss, abandon or alienate you.)

So the question is – are you willing to take the high road on this journey to showing up with high value woman traits? 

Do you want to make sure that you have the best chances of feeling good about who you are and feeling proud in your life?

Perhaps you also want to attract a high value man, and high value people into your life? 

If you do, then listen up, because you need to avoid these 3 traits! 
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Renee Wade

Author at The Feminine Woman, Thought Leader on Femininity, Sexual Polarity and Intimate Relationships.

When Renee first founded The Feminine Woman back in 2009, she had only one mission - to help women have a deeper understanding of men, dating & relationships. She realised that by understanding and appreciating certain aspects of men and their masculine energy, it made communicating to men, creating attraction and deep connection with men exponentially easier & smoother.

The biggest inspirations behind her desire to teach the feminine masculine difference was through her own struggles in her personal relationship and the relationship of her closest friends.

After completing law school, Renee made the leap of faith to pursue her passion in teaching relationship and spiritual skills and mindsets and she has not looked back. Her blog The Feminine Woman has attracted over a million visitors and continue to inspire women from around the world.

Renee has authored a large portion of the programs here at Shen Wade Media and will continue to create the latest and most cutting edge content. 

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