How to Be Feminine

how to be feminine

How To Be Feminine In the modern Western world, we have mistaken feminine as referring to the external appearance of a woman. Yes, this is important for achieving femininity and being more feminine, but this is all worth nothing if a woman is empty on the inside. (Click here to take the quiz on “How…

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What Is Femininity?

what is femininity

What Is Femininity – How to Be Feminine If a woman is really feminine, she will most likely attract a really masculine male. If you are struggling to get in touch with your femininity, or are fearing being more feminine, I encourage you to live truly in your core (again, some women are masculine at…

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Why Men Do Not Want to Marry

why men don't want to marry

How to Become the Kind of Woman Men Want to Marry Before I begin, let me just share a few extracts taken from an anti-marriage website: “My wife was a frigid, shrivelled b***h. Before we were married, we had plenty of sex, but as soon as we passed the six month mark after our wedding, she stopped…

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