27 Feminine Hobbies for Women

hobbies for women

I don’t normally like to call them ‘hobbies’, but rather, passions. Hobbies sort of seem like the things you do just to pass the time. Passions sound a lot more interesting. But, hobbies, passions, interests – whatever you like to call them; they’re extremely important in a woman’s life! Modern life is all about the…

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What Is Fake Feminine?

what is fake feminine?

What Is Fake Feminine? This is one of the most important posts for women to read. If you haven’t read any of my my other articles yet (even if you have read them all), I suggest you put this towards the top of the priority list Fake Femininity. A lot is said about what femininity…

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How to Be Feminine

how to be feminine

How To Be Feminine In the modern Western world, we have mistaken feminine as referring to the external appearance of a woman. Yes, this is important for achieving femininity and being more feminine, but this is all worth nothing if a woman is empty on the inside. (Click here to take the quiz on “How…

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