I’m not sure you would have expected this kind of writing from me.

It’s not from my usual angle, and it’s written differently. But it is the way I was ultimately lead to start writing this book. In it’s finished state, this book will be written as an ‘general and thorough’ book, going through all the biggest  problems for us women in our relationships and dating.

Click here to download and check out the first chapter…

The book will address what to do in dating AND in long term relationships. I will attempt to deliver a guide for women to have a Superior Understanding of Men to all other women.

And I will make an attempt to help women tap in to the infinitely feminine and attractive Goddess within themselves. The kind of woman who is High Value, High Status, and who can have any man she wants and be confident that she matters, and that she is ‘IT’.

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Because you are.

But the question is – WHAT are your thoughts and feelings about this first chapter?

Please leave your constructive feedback in the comments section below this POST!

Here are my questions I’d love you to answer and give me feedback:

1) Where do you see this first chapter leading to?

2) Do you feel you want to keep reading?

3) Any suggestions for improvements?

I know it’s different from what you’re used to reading from me. It’s ok if it’s too whacked-out. Just let me know your thoughts. They matter to me. Thank You very much.




PS. If you haven’t downloaded the “Goddess Report” yet. Click here to do so.


  • Pooja Pophale

    Hi Renee,
    I read this chapter some time back…and going through your articles came upon it once more…loved it!

  • Super Janice

    Ms. Renee,
    1) Just like most of my girlfriends, Ella is a feminine women!
    2) Chapter 1 is very good! It suggests that feminine women focuses on their radiance and beauty so we should not call a woman “ugly”.
    3) Masculine man make feminine women want to dance!

  • Tanya Rachel Wieczorek

    Has the book come out yet?

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  • Ruth Christine King-Zamora

    Love this Renee <3 🙂

    • Ruth Christine King-Zamora

      I was drawn to your first chapter and right where it cut off was perfect. I wanted to read more into what the one is and what the one of many means. Luckily I have your commitment program and have been able to find out. 🙂 You have a talent for writing good. 🙂

  • Philippa

    Hi renee
    I suspect that whatever the plot you will get your message across – the important issues such as how to love, being vulnerable, handling pain, rejection and abuse, family pattering and all that you write about will come up. If I have one tip it’s to write from your heart eg when saying reproductively dodgy years was that what she felt or from the head to connect to women reading in that situation? The issues you talk about affect girls from 5 to 90 recognising them and sorting them out is important and all the rest will come from there. In terms of age you may go back to detail past relationships at some point in the book to show how we get to where we are impact of parents, teens etc but key I felt was your focus on sensation and acceptance of discomfort.

    1) I’m sure they will get married and end up happily ever after – the key will be showing the reader their responsibility in that and not that it’s a fantasy

    2) yes because I know your work. Trying to assess independently I think more connection would be built focussing on one scene 60 year old, child or 36 year old not because flirting isn’t useful but there isn’t quite time to connect with any of the 3, v subjective view and I’m not necessarily right it was just my reaction and I would still have read on.
    3) a hard one I don’t know how far you’ve got but I think the beginning is so much pressure must grab attention etcetc once you’ve written the while thing, developed the characters got familiar with the issues coming back to the beginning may be easier. Xx

  • Chelseym

    Hi Renee,

    You are an amazing soul. Thank you for all that you do for women.
    Im so anxious– when will his book be finished?! Its a perfect start already…..xoxo

  • With love ♡

    Hey hey hey Renee 🙂

    I hope your doing well and that your book is coming along well.

    Its so obvious that you have a unique gift to offer life because without the feminine woman blog I wouldn’t be in this place I’m at today.

    I spent years of my life, if not all my life feeling trapped in what has felt like a human prison sell of a mind. I felt to badly condited by the traumatic experiences I’ve felt and experienced.

    For me, the feminine woman blog is about one of the only places on earth where I have found a trusted source in life and has aided me with the ability to heal myself and my pains.

    I feel like I now truly get the meaning and feel the importance of connecting to life and the people on the earth. Plus the animals too because they really count :).

    I’ve really opened up to the world and I’ve never felt better; it’s a life transforming experience and I have been able to get back in touch with my most compassionate and understanding part of myself after all of these years- it truly feels amazing to alive.

    Good luck with the book! I know it will be brilliant :).

    I wanted to write again and express my optimistic energy your way, with l♡VE ♥

    • THANKS Holly, I am still writing the book! I’ve had moment of re-considering it, thinking about writing a different book, and then going back to it…but I am still writing. Either way, the content will get out there to you guys 🙂 Thanks for writing to me. xo

      • Angel-Eyes

        Hi Renee 😀

        Glad to see you have written back :). Sometimes I like to look back on my past thoughts and see how I may have been feeling in that moment.

        Aww, well I can’t wait to read your book, I know it will be really special and packed full of feminine love and connection ♡.

        I wish you all the best of luck to what you produce in your writing.

        I’m sure you will help so many people and it would be great if it could really be put out to the world at large and main stream society.

        Lol :), my mind just said, the world is waiting for you to blow our minds with your master piece of art, know you can do it 😉

        Good luck with it. Can’t wait to read…

        Your loyal supporter…Hollykins :-p

    • Lucy


      I just LOVE this book you’re going to write! I think it’s absolutely the right style. Why? Because it shows a woman’s journey from the INSIDE, and beautifully compliments the more abstract work that you and your man have done for your clients!

      Your programs (I’ve subscribed to two) are very good, but sometimes it’s helpful to have these concepts presented in another way. It helps you learn better — if concepts are taught in many different ways.

      I especially liked the reaction Ella has to Jack — her initial impression. I’ve always felt the first meeting is very important. It’s almost like the hologram for the whole relationship.

      And here’s another thought: what if you’re a woman like me who has a lot of men interested in her? (Yes, I AM that lucky woman!). How do you know who the ONE is? I think it has a lot to do with that initial impression, and the depth and intensity of the feelings. What your soul-mate evokes in you. But we women don’t trust our feelings so much these days, so we need to be reminded of how DEEP we can feel when our soul mate shows up.



      • Lucy

        Another thought: you are absolutely right to reach out to the Feminine Woman community for feedback. In fact, I’ve noticed that when I share my dreams and plans with like-minded people, I get help for my journey and get to my goal much faster.

        That alone — the fact that you have TRUST in the Universe and the people who believe in your work — shows you are mature in making your dreams come true. Despite what we’ve been told, most people really ARE nice, and want to help. It makes us feel good. And if we help another person, we are really helping ourselves anyway, because we’re all connected.

        The process of “becoming” more yourself is always a little hazy at first, because that new self that wants to be born starts off as a whisper in our soul.

        You asked for specific feedback: I would love to see Ella’s INNER journey — the inner journey of how her emotions evolved. Every story has a 3 Act structure, a beginning middle and an end. You’ve probably read Story Structure by John Truby, or even the Hero’s Journey.

        In the middle, I would guess that Ella is going to attract some men who are not her soul-mate. How does she realize that they are not, and how do her emotions and thoughts change as she gets out of that relationship?


  • Maya

    Hi Renee,

    I would like to encourage you to write whatever you have in your mind for this book – it’s great to have feedback of so many people, but everybody will have a different opinion based on their life experiences.

    A painter will not stop in the middle of his work to ask what people think of it, he/she would express what’s in his/her heart and mind fully and completely. Maybe his/her teacher would give a few technical suggestions here and there.
    So whatever it is you have in your mind for this book – we are all curious! As I mentioned before, I appreciate your work and I can see a lot of people do.

    I am looking forward to reading your book and I believe you have enough fan base to welcome your work even if it is something different and unexpected.

    • Hi Renee,

      I really loved this first chapter. The artistic side of me agrees with Maya. As a writing teacher, though, I do have one technical piece of advice that might help. Ella talks about a pink silk skirt she used to wear. I wasn’t sure if Ella was wearing that skirt when her “friends” mocked her because it isn’t mentioned in the first paragraph. If she was, make sure that skirt is put in that paragraph because it is an important symbol to introduce at the very beginning of the chapter.

      If you need more help with editing and consistency, I’d love to work with you, just shoot me an email. Good luck with your project! Kenya Mitchell

  • Carrie

    I just want to say I love the first chapter, and I can’t wait for chapter 2. I love reading your articles and learning from you…..thank you for all you have taught me 🙂

    • Rose

      I like the way you describe the back and forth between male and female and outline the reaction. It’s a nice way of educating the feminine/masculine…in a story..

  • Madara

    Hey Renee,

    I really loved the first chapter and I think its a wonderful idea that you are writing a book! I like this fiction style writing and could easily relate to the character, but I believe it is not for everyone and I also dont think it is possible to write a book which everyone will connect to- as in life not everyone will like everyone!
    I already cannot wait to read the further development of the story and as somebody already mentioned- hope to find there some new thoughts and ideas apart from the ones from Commitment Control and your articles. Although I have to say that every time I read your article for a second time, I surprisingly “hear” some new things I didnt before- I suppose we hear what we are ready to hear 🙂

    Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing and I am so grateful that I by accident found this website few years ago as well as signed up for Commitment Control 🙂

    With love xxx

  • Susan

    Hi Renee.
    That was an awesome insight of the introduction of the book. It makes one look forward to reading the whole of it. Cant wait to read the rest of it.
    Good work Renee and God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.

  • Katarzyna

    Hello, Renee:

    I value you work tremendously, and subscribe to Attraction Control series, which had been a great help to me in my marriage of 13 years. This is going to be your first book and I decided I will help here as much as I can. I want you to write a great book which will fly off shelves and change lives of many woman, you do have real potential here! It is because you can see what others can, it is your own, unique talent. You are very smart to ask for feedback like this, since it is impossible to see our own blind spots, me included!

    The first chapter sounds like story, similar to one out of romance book. Nothing wrong with this in general, but it may not pay off to write like this in the first chapter. The first chapter should carry clear message, assuming that the readers have no idea what the book is about, to help them see what is expected ahead. I know what you are trying to express here, since I read so much of your articles already, but for or someone looking for help with understanding relationships the way first chapter is written may discourage them from continuing to read, it is simply hard to get the right feeling what the book will be about. The story in chapter one probably belongs in later chapters, the message it contains is right, but it does not flow easily, looks like first draw of writing before it is edited. Women do have tendency I think ( this is my problem , too:)) to use too many words when expressing what they want to say. The best writings are clear, with easy to see flowing message, making reading effortless. But the real issue is this:

    You had decided to write using perspective of another woman and not yourself. This takes away from the undeniable value of your own experience and authenticity of your message, makes it sound like fiction. Your usual writing uses your own unique authentic experience in life, something non one else but you from all the people on earth has. You are a blessing yourself, and this cannot be expressed using made up person. Renee, the real value for this book is YOU. Write what you feel as you, not someone else or the uniqueness of you gift will become diluted and discounted.

    I hope this helps, I had to struggle with myself as I was writing the above, since pointing problems out does not make people feel good, but I wanted to give something back to you. As you said before there is a difference between giving and just being “people pleaser”. Good luck,


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