As mentioned in the earlier post; The dark Side of Femininity, Feminine Energy has both a dark and a light dimension.

From the e-mails, comments and responses I have received since I first posted about the dark side of femininity, I have seen that a lot of people are curious to know exactly what the Dark feminine is. The majority of us are aware of what the light feminine is – it has been well talked about, nurtured and praised by society as well as in books.

Many people are expressing that they are confused as to what dark femininity is, how to embody it and why it is so crucial for women to embrace their dark side. I talk extensively about this in my program “Attraction Control Monthly”.

The dark side is not really encouraged by society (and there are sound justifications for this). With this in mind, I thought it would be good to divulge a bit about what dark femininity is. Instead of discussing pure theories, I wanted to just give you a quick example of each, so that you can get a bit of a feel for what both the light and the dark feminine really are.

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For the light feminine, the example I’m going to use is Kate Bosworth. Here is a quick video of her:


Just as a teaser, I’m going to give you three traits that are common to the light feminine:

1. Angelic

2. Conservative

3. Feels love

For the Dark Feminine, the example I’m going to use is British actress Liz Hurley. Here is a quick video of her…..

Here are three traits that are common to the dark feminine:

1. Devilish

2. Liberal

3. Plays with Desire

Over the past 9 months, and in my research on both the light and dark side of femininity, I’ve come to a conclusion about a common denominator for everything that is true to the dark feminine, and everything that is true to the light feminine. One of the major differences lies in the value systems of both the light feminine spirit and dark feminine spirit.

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A quick Question: can you notice the differences between the light and the dark feminine? It’s really not just about sex or at all about your physical looks, as many people might think. Light and dark also exists in the masculine energy. Out of curiosity, some men love to fight. Is this light or dark masculine, do you think?


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I’ve pretty much been operant conditioned into being more dark than light feminine. I’m so used to receiving a certain kind of attention (without doing much to consciously make it happen) that I pretty much only see my worth tied on being physically desirable. I don’t know how I can move towards seeing myself as worth having a relationship with.


I mostly have the dark feminine energy because I’ve taken a lot of crap from people when I was using my light energy. I refuse to be taken advantage of, being told what to do and not to do, and I like doing things my way. I still keep some light feminine energy and put it out when it’s due. My dark feminine energy is what keeps me from getting hurt and cutting people down to size when they’re wrong.

Yay, finally… I’ve made it to the dark side!! After so many trials and tribulasion. What didn’t kill me certaily made me stronger and can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life story. F*You :D, coming to cinema shortly by picture presentations – this is my life, this is my mind 🙂 Iol, I slightly laughted then as it sure does feel good to come out of it all the other end… Well, last night I was watching Pretty Woman the movie – one of my favourites and noticed that of all the things Julia Roberts was in… Read more »
[…] If you don’t think marketing yourself is important, then I must tell you that you could be the best woman around – loyal, sweet, dynamic – and people wouldn’t have a clue. Marketing yourself doesn’t mean to yell and shout about yourself (far from it). Marketing yourself – is all about holding yourself highly, and acting so (impeccable self-respect, NOT carelessness). There’s a difference. For example, the difference between making a mistake and “not giving a ****” and making a mistake, acknowledging it, and proceeding to move on and do better. The former is about the woman having little… Read more »

It bothers me that you used a black womans face to represent the dark feminine in the picture of this post. Please dont associate black women with the dark feminine. Each individual is different, and doing so is wrong.


is very good blog for beauty feminine


[…] to be Mamies, videos hoes and neck-swivelling loud mouths.  These traits are regarded as “dark” femininity, meaning hard, strong, and sexually aggressive. Whether are not this is true is […]


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this article!
I’ve always been considered very attractive to guys by my fierce attitude (all of my guy friends tell me this), but as I read your blog about how gentle, sweet and caring women were considered “feminine”, I didn’t understand how a girl like me could be attractive. Of course, I have those qualities, but I’m mostly a “bad girl” that prefers ‘sexy’ to ‘angelic’.
Now I understand that even a ‘bad girl’ can be attractive, thank you ! 😀
Lost of love <3


Aww I wished I discovered this blog last year. My curiosity is more than piqued regarding the whole light and dark feminine and I really want to understand dark femininity more. A highly interesting subject of study.


Thanks for putting in so much work Renee, your blog as truly inspired me, because you put your heart in it :). It’s really quality stuff and i really liked your light and dark entry among many others 🙂 keep writing! love the quality here 🙂

Try reading ”Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge, awesome stuff 🙂

-another feminity crazy questioner and seeker

Some people could also consider too, that there is a difference between showing your ‘dark’ femininity in public and perhaps being a bit over the top… then there’s naughty behind the scenes 😉 If someone knows and loves you, wearing a kinky little outfit is not the same as wearing a mini skirt and see through top to a club 😀 I myself had actually started using what I percieve as ‘dark feminine’ whilst Renee was posting all about it – tis very useful. As one woman suggest above though, it’s not about changing who you are, it’s about harnessing… Read more »
Ms Summer

Renee, thank you for taking the time to explain – and I suppose it makes sense. This is getting a bit frustratring, there are so many things I start to question about my life when reading through your blog, and i’m starting to wonder how i ever thought a relationship would work out in my life!!
Anyway i at least i am now aware of things and can work on it.


I’m far too light feminine. I wish I could be a little more dark feminine. I don’t think I’m confident enough.

I’m a traditional country girl who likes making things, cooking, wants a family… everyone describes me as very ‘sweet’… but that’s not enough to keep a man’s attention.

Help me!


I love this dark/light feminine idea!

hey Ms Summer! You’ve brought up a great point. What you perceive is the truth will tend to be what you see in the world, so I am not surprised that you think that there is more ‘dark feminine’ around. However, don’t assume dark femininity has to be promiscuous. A lot of what you perceive to be dark feminine around on the streets is actually not dark or light feminine at all….it’s nothing….really. A lot of women may DRESS dark feminine, but not truly be it or act it. Acting cheap is not dark feminine. Acting slutty is not dark… Read more »

Thanks Masaleen, I also love your blog! 🙂
I also agree with you, I think that the light feminine is to be seen in public and the dark side for your partner. But I also think it depends on what you are trying to project.

Hi Renee, I agree with you. That’s what my mum teels me all the time. That as soon as I step outside the house I have to be with my eys wide open! There will always be someone trying to step over you, trying to take your place, have what you have…

Ms Summer

I am a bit confused about this post Renee… seeing the videos I thought you would go on to say that today is more the era of the dark feminine! Isn’t being conservative and showing (and feeling!) emotion rather criticised? The second video on the other hand I find very typical for current media representation of women, and the promiscuity we see in the streets. It is the light feminine that I find harder to encounter.

Oh Zigma Pluto!!! Thanks for your comment sweetheart. 🙂 Indeed, you are asking the exact question that I will give an answer to in the book. Changing old habits can be ridiculously hard – a lot of it is subconscious, but I am a woman of possibilities 😉 @ Volleygirl: hello!! Thanks for your comment, and for your lovely kind words. As for your question about how I have discovered that a woman being feminine would have more positive effects – well, simply because I went through that process myself. I was very masculine – in my mind, I had… Read more »

i really appreciate all the thoughts here! Thank u =)

Great post! And before I go on I have to say, I really like VolleyGirl’s comment:) I think one big difference between light and dark is this: Light lures in without trying by breaking down people’s fears and letting them become vulnerable, and through innocent charm, while… Dark lures in consciously using a strong, mysterious force that makes people feel brave. Does that make sense?;p Also, I definitely agree that society puts approval too solely on the light side, but really, the most intense dark side of a woman SHOULD only be seen by her man alone. Especially since, although… Read more »

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