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my knowledge is increasing day by day and an great ful for that.i believe i ll make a better relationship in the future wen ill be ready for it,all thanks to you ma”am.

– felicityjoyce

“You are enough, You have always been enough!” Reading this made me feel good. I tried saying it out loud by saying “I am enough, I’ve always been enough!” and I felt a resistance but I said it again anyway. I feel like if I can only push past this I can do anything. Be anything. And I want it so bad. I want that freedom. I’m tired of my restrictions holding me back.

I am proud of myself though. Because I’ve come a long way from how I used to be. My equilibrium used to be of nonchalant. Actually it was worse than that, I was just gone and I didn’t even bother pretending to be happy. It was back then that I met this amazing woman. And I still remember her even though it’s been such a long time and I only spoke to her like twice. But she told me to wake up took both of my shoulders and shook me. It was violent but not painful. She was trying to shake some life into me I think because I used to walk around like a dead thing. And I just stood there like a rag-doll. I think she was hoping that I’d react in some way. That maybe I’d break away from her or show some fear or a sense of self-preservation because it really did look like she was going to attack me. But I’m happy that I met her and she’s a source of inspiration for me because I remember thinking that I want that kind of energy. That kind of power that she naturally radiated with. And I think that’s why I became attracted to your blog.

– Kira P

Wow! Just Wow! For everything you write, for the kindness you deliver the message, for the openness with which you share… I am amazed because it just doesn’t happen nowadays 🙁 , everyone seems to either send you the wrong message or hide what they know is helpful from you.
Thank you for being such a selfless person and for trying to save the world with your kindness.

– Natasha

Very cool!!!! Thank you!

– Laura

The world is full of advise, but you really caught my attention by pointing out how important it is that we as women choose wisely between the good and bad advise that is so readily available to us by a simple Google search. Life can take it’s toll on each of us and the tears and fears can distract us from focusing on our blessings. After finding your website and reading your book download I have to tell you, the little girl inside of me is Twirling! She hasn’t done that in years so I want to thank you for the special gift you are giving to the world of women through the things that you share. I know that my life is changed from this moment on!

– Lynda Bell

Hi Renee
Thank you soo much and looking forward to read these information


– Anna G

hi! Renee, this angel, Am starting a new relationship right now and i wanted it to really last and be with him. I’ve been through a lot of broken relationship, but it never stop me to fall in love again. I believe in myself that someday, one day someone will come to my life that will love me truly and desire only me. Am writing because I want some advice from you how to make our relationship happy and that it will really last. He is a black british by the way and am a filipina. He found me in one of a love site. We’ve been talking everyday for the last three weeks and he decided to come here and meet me. How will I know that he’s the one? I appreciate if you reply my message. Thank you and God bless!

– angelie lapinig

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