How to Achieve Lasting Youthfulness and Radiance

Mimi Kirk

Hello lovely!

It’s Renee here from Today I am going to share with you an interview with a woman who isn’t just an inspiration to me personally, but an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of women (and men) all around the world.

Let me tell you why she’s such an inspiration. In 2009, she won the sexiest vegetarian award for people over the age of 50, and guess at what age she won it at?

She won the award at the tender age of 70. Now That is incredible. She beat her competition who were 20 years younger than her, in other words, she was rated sexier than women who were 20 years younger.

To me, that is mind boggling. And in the last couple of years, she’s been on national Television, and she’s been interviewed again and again by a range of different people and organizations, because people are just FASCINATED by how great she looks in her 70s.

And I’m also SO excited about Mimi’s recently published book titled “live raw”, and I’ll give you some details of it later on in the interview.

In fact, Mimi has been kind enough to offer a free copy of her book “Live Raw: Raw Food recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty” at no cost, and at the end of the interview I will reveal how you can get your hands on a copy of this amazing book that I have myself, and I just LOVE to bits.

So for all of you listening wondering who this super woman is, her name is Mimi Kirk and below she shares with us some of her secrets of how she has achieved lasting youthfulness and radiance for well, forever.

And I know a lot of women are stressed or worried about aging and the media seems to portray this idea that you get less and less attractive as you age, so I really think Mimi is a perfect LIVING example here to show you that you can be attractive, and drop dead sexy at any age you wish.

So go ahead, read the interview, and if you would like to win a FREE copy of Mimi Kirk’s book: ‘live Raw: Raw Food recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty” – just leave a comment below this post. I will be picking the winner name randomly out of a hat in the next week, and the winner will be announced here in the comments section!

RW: What do you think your secret was to actually beating other women who were 20 years younger than yourself? I mean that is no easy achievement by any measure. So what was your secret??

MK: I think I won because I was the oldest in the contest and didn’t look it. I’m actually still surprised I won over women so much younger than me.

RW: I know that you’ve been practicing a raw food diet for many years now, and I think you became a vegetarian at the age of 30? What initially gave you the inspiration to follow the vegetarian or raw food path?

MK: When I realized that what I was eating was once a live animal, it just turned me off. People love their domesticated pets, but never think other animals are just as important. Giving up cheese took longer and then I became vegan when I realized the cruelty was just as bad. I think compassion for all living things is a good practice. I was only latter that I realized eating a vegan diet was so important to my health.

RW: Do you think genetics or lifestyle play more of a role in youthfulness as we age?

MK: I believe as we age more genetic diseases can appear, but I don’t think we should think genetics are the only thing. With proper diet we can keep many family diseases away. I think I am proving that to myself on a daily basis, as I am not getting what my parents or siblings have or had. For example, I went raw because I started to feel arthritic pains in my joints, my doctor told me my blood pressure and cholesterol were high, so I looked for an answer besides drugs, and I found raw food. I have no more pains and my bp and cholesterol are regulated. Living proof raw food works.

RW: So just for all the women who aren’t too sure of the distinctions between raw food, vegetarian, or vegan, can you quickly explain to us what the difference is between you know, vegetarian, vegan, and a raw foodist?

MK: Vegetarians do not eat animals, or as we say, “anything with a face”. Vegans do not consume animals or and products that are derived from animals, also, vegans do not wear leather. A raw foodist could eat raw meat and dairy and some eat sushi. A raw vegan will not partake of any animal products an that includes honey. We eat a plant based diet, nuts and seeds and fruits. Our food is not heated over 115 degrees in order to keep the enzymes alive in the food we eat.

RW: I know a lot of people say that raw foods have more enzymes and other nutrients that you don’t really get with cooked foods. Is this the main reason why raw foods will keep you young and help your body from breaking down?

MK: Yes that is true. We stop producing enzymes in our thirties so we have to make sure we have enough to digest our food properly. Disease starts with food not being digested properly and moving thru our bodies quickly. Raw food give our body hydration, enzymes, and the best possible vitamin from the food we eat.

Mimi Kirk

RW:  So could you possibly share with us all the benefits you’ve experienced after starting a raw diet? I mean I think I remember you mentioning in one of your videos that you’ve noticed that your teeth got whiter, I mean that’s something that you don’t think of, so what other benefits have you experienced after starting the raw diet?

MK: Any little arthritic pains were completely gone. My blood pressure normalized, and my energy level was completely amazing. I just felt decades younger and my skin looked younger also. I also lost weight.

RW:  So I’m just curious, what would a typical day of food look like to you?

What would you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Because I know that a lot of women are thinking right now… raw food? And all they can think of is eating salad leaves all the day. But I know there’s a lot more to the raw food diet than that. So what do you have for breakfast lunch and tea?

MK: I usually start with a green juice or smoothie. It starts my day out with amazing energy. It also holds me until lunch. My daily food intake varies. I like to make sure I get all the vitamins I need to keep my body at peak health. I adore salads and feel lots of greens really nourish me, so I like salad for lunch and a sandwich. Not the normal kind as I either make a raw bread or use lettuce leaves, chard leaves or nori (seaweed) sheets to roll in things like hummus, or pate’, avocado, sprouts, tomato, and thinly sliced red onion.

RW: What if you’re at a social event? How would you eat when you’re at an event where things may not be completely raw? and would you ever go out to a restaurant and eat? Or are you concerned with you know, how they prepare their food?

MK: I do not let food get in the way of social events. I’m there to be social. If I think there will not be food I can eat, then I eat ahead or after I get home. I just don’t make a big deal of it. I do eat at restaurants as I travel quite a bit. It might not be organic, but I can always find raw food. A salad that might have chicken on it, I ask to replace that with avocado if they have it. I also see what veggies they are serving, and ask if I can have them raw. I’ve rarely found it a problem. Sometimes my friends wish they had ordered what I did because the chef made something special. If I’m concerned, I put a few nuts in a zip-lock bag to tide me over.

RW: I’m just curious, a lot of women have food cravings and sugar carvings sometime during the day. Do you ever have those food cravings that most women have?

MK: I use to have more, but once I balanced my body with raw food, the craving subsided. I love sweets, but now I eat healthy ones and don’t crave them as often. I’ve learned to satisfy any craving I might have with a raw food substitute.  Actually that is one reason I wrote LIVE RAW, I started to figure out the foods I loved before going raw, and experimented until I found the right combinations.

RW: So what kind of snacks do you recommend for in-between meals? Because for many, it’s easy to just grab some chocolate or whatever is easy and available. What would be a good nutritious snack to have?

MK: I make crackers in my dehydrator and love to take them along when I travel, great with raw hummus. I make kale chips for my salty cheesy desires and raw cookies. I actually love cut up veggies like cucumber, carrots, celery, and red sweet bell pepper. It’s actually one of my favorite snacks. I also find berries of all kind satisfying.

RW: And what about alcohol? What are your thoughts on alcohol?

MK: I use to enjoy wine, but only if it was good. I did not drink just to drink. I will sometimes have a glass of wine, but never seem to finish it. As far as hard alcohol, I would drink a margarita, but not any more. I think like is to be lived and enjoyed. As long as someone does not over do, I’m not opposed. But I don’t think hard alcohol is really that good. If anyone is trying to overcome any disease or illness, I would advise them not to partake of either wine or hard alcohol. I have drinks in my book I call mocktails, there are non-alcoholic and my guest seem to love them.

RW: Do you take any supplements?

MK: Only recently, and on and off I will take a B12 supplement, D, and Omega 3. I’m still experimenting with these three.

RW: Here’s a good question from one of my readers. what keeps you motivated to stay active? Some women find themselves discouraged and they give up too soon.

MK: Passion. One must find something they love to do so when they wake up in the morning they feel excited. Age should not stop anyone as long as they are healthy, and that is why I take care of myself and eat the right foods. Good friends, interest in learning new things, love of self and others can keep anyone motivated way into their later years. I just know that when I see older people having a hard time walking, I want to try and keep myself in good shape. I love to travel, and I want to be around for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so I’m very motivated to stay active. I also think when you feel great and love what you do in life; you want to stay around for a longer time.

RW: Some women want to know how you pick yourself up out of depression spots, and what you do to stay happy and stay positive?

MK: I don’t find myself in a depressed state because I feel so good all the time because of my diet. However, like many people, I’ve had my ups and downs. I have an inner faith to trust life’s process. I try to look at things as a challenge and not a problem. A challenge allows me to feel I can do something about the situation as opposed as a problem that can keeps me stuck in the problem. I believe things happen for a reason so I encourage myself to be grateful for what I have and try not to dwell on the negative. I love to watch funny movies, and I always laugh at myself. I learned to meditate when I was 30, and believe over the years I know how to go to that quite place and learn the truth. I have faith in life and myself.

RW: Apart from your raw food lifestyle, are there any other tools such as skin care products you use that you would attribute to your radiant wrinkle-free skin?

MK: I love 100% organic pure virgin coconut oil. I use it on my face and body. I am not wrinkle-free but it doesn’t bother me. I show signs of aging on my face like everyone else, but I don’t seem to mind. The alternative would be botox or plastic surgery and that is not something I’m interested in doing. I think beauty is radiated from the inside out, so I do my best to be compassionate, loving, kind and non-judgemental. I believe that is what people really see in a persons face.

RW: Some women want to know: how do you keep your breasts from heading southwards without surgery?

MK: I think exercise helps if one starts early. Mine are just a little “southeast” and I say “so what”. I’ve given birth to 4 wonderful children and I’m 73 in September. I have other things to think about. Get a good bra and just love yourself.

RW: One of my readers asks: you’re dating a much younger man….how do you handle insecurity about the possibility that he may find younger ladies more attractive?

MK: We met when he was 45 and I was 64. I would say, If he was looking for a younger woman, that would have been the time to do so. We are in love, he is an amazing man in every way, and completely supportive. Anyway, he can’t leave me, he likes my food too much, and of course, we have lots of fun together. If a man were only looking for physical attraction he would not be the kind of man I would be interested in.

RW: I know that you are widowed…And I am wondering how you dealt with the grief that followed your husband’s passing?

MK: it was a shock and grief for sure. I was 29, and my youngest child under 1 year, and my husband was killed in a private plane crash.  I was devastated. No insurance, and no job as I was a stay at home mom at the time. A friend told me about meditation and I believe it was the major experience that helped me through difficult times and changed my life profoundly. As a mother, I also knew I had to do the best for my children. They were my motivation to create a good happy life for all of us. Today looking at all of them, I am proud of my accomplishments. They are all quite amazing, loving, wonderful people. Life goes on and I’ve learned not to waste time on things you can’t change and focus on the things you can.

RW: Do you still feel as attractive to men as you did in your younger years?

MK: I still feel like a sexy woman, but I only have eyes for one man now, so I don’t really know if I am attractive to men at my age. I know my boyfriend thinks I’m attractive so that’s all that really matters to me. I think I could be attractive to a man at any age if he liked who I was as a person, and not so much how I look. A wonderful thing happens as one ages, we become truly ourselves, free of insecurities, free of worrying about what others think of us, and we can have a love affair with our self and finally not be concerned if we are as attractive to a man as we were when we were younger. What I can tell you for sure is that I’m having a wonderful life in my 70’s.

RW: Mimi I know you’ve had four children – Did you find getting back to your normal weight after having children easy? Were you on a raw diet lifestyle when you were pregnant?

MK: I was not a vegetarian when I had my children. I was eating the standard diet at that time. I did not gain much weight with any of my 4 children no more than 25 lbs. Many pregnant women today gain too much weight so it might be harder to lose afterwards, but I had no problem. I do think if I had even done more exercise at the time and continued it, I would even be in better shape than I am today.

RW: So if you were to give the Action steps to all the women reading right now, what are 3 action steps they can take right now in their own lives to become more healthy, attractive, and more radiant?

MK: My first and foremost advise to anyone is to start the morning off with a green juice or smoothie. A basic one would be ½ cucumber 5 stalks celery, 3 big handfuls spinach or other dark leafy green, and 2 apples. You can juice or blend, but when blending, you need to add water to desired consistency. You can also juice then add that to the blender with berries, banana or other fruit in season. I suggest you love yourself just the way you are even if you are working on things you want to improve. I also think being non-judgmental, compassionate (don’t eat animals), looking at things in a positive manner, and laughing as much as you can keep you attractive and radiant. And don’t forget to give and receive love every day.

RW: Alright, thank you so much for your time, Mimi, I truly think that you’re an inspiration to so many women. I really do appreciate spending time with you.

So, how can people get in contact with you and how can they go and get your book?

Because I love your book and I know there’s probably a million cooking books out there but if  you want to follow a raw diet and look and feel amazing basically forever like Mimi, this is the book for you. I highly recommend it, so Mimi, where can people get a copy of your book from?

MK: You can find LIVE RAW on my website if you would like an autograph copy and a lovely necklace I designed as a gift. Or you can order one not autographed on Amazon and other booksellers. I am also on Facebook and Twitter

RW: And lastly, what plans do you have for the future? And How would you like to be remembered by all the fans that you have around the world?

MK: I am always reinventing myself over the years. And I’m excited to see what’s next. I think because I’m so positive about life, things seem to come my way. I am in complete gratitude on a daily basis.  Because my life is far from being over, I’m not sure how I would like to be remembered. I’ll keep you posted and we’ll talk about it at my 100tth birthday party.

 Thank you mimi. I hope you stay healthy and radiant for the next 10, 20 30 years. 

Renee the feminine woman



  • Albina

    Reply Reply January 3, 2014

    Wonderful interview … and lovely to hear from Mimi, she has been an inspiration for many women. However nowadays is not only about food intake. Believes and perception of self are major factors in aging. Thankfully we are in charge of both :)

  • Selina

    Reply Reply May 10, 2012

    Well, Renee and Mimmi!! Reading this article made me feel so hopeful that older age doesn’t have to be as scary as I thought it’d be :-)

    Thanks to you both.

  • LadyLuck

    Reply Reply January 15, 2012

    This is so cool! I became a raw foodist over 10 years ago, in my mid twenties and never aged since then. People literally think I am still in my early twenties when they don’t know me. For me, this is wonderful, but I can’t wait to really see the benefits after a lifetime of enjoying this amazing lifestyle! Now I am looking at my future!!! She looks amazing and I almost choked on my green smoothie when I read her age!!!! This lifestyle is for real! I wish more people could enjoy it!

  • Masaleen

    Reply Reply September 30, 2011

    Thank you for this Renee!! I’m a vegetarian myself, so I can really connect, and this is inspiring me to possibly take the next step. And just what an incredible woman. I hope I’m like that at 70!!

  • Raederle Phoenix

    Reply Reply September 27, 2011

    I really love Mimi’s emphasis on loving yourself no matter what stage you’re at. It’s impossible to move forward if you don’t accept where you’re at, and feel grateful and loving towards the place you’re in now.

  • Misty

    Reply Reply September 27, 2011

    Mimi is such an amazing beacon of light. She is just about the same age as my grandma, also nick named Mimi. :) I turn 30 in October and Mimi Kirk was one of my inspirations for transitioning to Veganism. My husband and two boys have done the same. Many Healthful Blessings to everyone! Looking forward to incorporating more raw foods ;)-

  • Renee

    Reply Reply September 27, 2011

    Hi ladies! Thank You for your lovely comments :)

    Mimi and I are extremely grateful for your support and kindness.

    The WINNER of Mimi’s recipe book is Laura Cooney. Please email me Laura, with your shipping details – and Mimi’s book will be shipped to you at no cost.

    If you do not claim it within 5 days, I will pull another name out of the hat.

    Many thanks to all of you again.


  • Cindy schreiber

    Reply Reply September 24, 2011

    Finally one lady Embracing her self and supporting Love and sexuality. Im in reno near the bunny ranch and my friend said ladies work there in there 60s 70s so I guess the hot boomers are in Hot places as well. I was the swimsuit models in thier 50s on yahoo and a few weeks ago at 56 started dressing more sexy and confident, NOT trying to look 21, YET embracing me for what i am and have done as a women a mother wife therapist daughter and neice. Gosh as we age we become better in every way. I help others lose weight the healthy way with Nutrition and my body reflects it SO why NOT put our shoulders back, heads high. I was at the Harley rub in Reno and had men in their 30s complementing me over and over, YOURE Hot AND GUESS WHAT i AM. XOXOXOXO iM HOT WITH light and love and energy and experience. Went to a nudist or clothing optional resort a few years back for the experience and Most there were 50 plus so the 50s are for liberation IN EVER WAY. xoxoxo

  • Hakimah

    Reply Reply September 24, 2011

    I’m 20 and she’s my true inspiration!
    I love her attitude

  • Cassy

    Reply Reply September 23, 2011

    Wow, thanx for sharing this with us Renee . . . Among all the young people I know who are off smoking, eating take out and getting drunk all the time – we are sure to stand out when we’re older! :P Very curious to see what’s in Mimi’s recipe book!

  • Amitabh Pandey

    Reply Reply September 22, 2011

    How To Sustain That Youthful Glow: Here are some simple yoga techniques from sanatan kriya to cleanse your system & sustain the youthful radiance:-

    Day-today activities of a present lifestyle leads to excessive heat production in the body. Whenever anything is burnt, along with the main product, by-product or toxins are also produced. This residue is known as ‘ama’ in ayurveda. A direct effect of collection of ama is corrosion, which manifests in physical form as graying of hair, wrinkling of skin, losing glow & weakness in the body. It therefore, becomes imperative to detoxify the body from time to time. Here is a simple practice from the sanatan kriya to cleanse your system & sustain the youthful radiance.

    Laghu Shankh Prakshalan: Earlyg morninng & empty stomach – Take 8 glasses of lukewarm water & stir in 2 teaspoons of rock salt. Drink 2 glasses of water in a gulp. Now do the following set of asanas repeating each seven times.

    Taadasana: Standing straight, inhale & stretch your arms above the head while lifting the heels of the floor.
    Exhaling, return.

    Teeryak Taadasana: Staind straight with arms stretched above the head. Inhaling, bend from the waist sideways, first right then left.
    Exchale, return.

    Kati Chakrasana: Standing straight, place right hand on the left shoulder & left hand at the back. Inhaling twist your waist to left & then to the right while simultaneously changing hands.
    Exchale, return.

    Teeryak Bhujangasana: Lie flat on the stomach. Inhaling, raise the upper torso with palms on the floor. Twist from waist first right & then left.
    Exchale, return.

    Udarakarshan Asana: Sit on your haunches. Inhaling, push the right knee onto the floor, close to the left toe, while twist the body to your left. In the same breath, turn to the other side switching knees.
    Exchale, return

    Drinking 2 glasses of prepared water each time, repeat the entire set two more times. Finally have the last 2 glasses of water, relax for half an hour in ‘shavasana’ corpse position lying on your back completely loose & relaxed.. Wait for the call of nature & relieve yourself in the toilet. Do the kriya in the morning & keep your stomach light through the day. Do these asanas only under the strict supervision of an expert.

  • Laura Cooney

    Reply Reply September 21, 2011

    I cannot stop thinking about Mimi… With everyone looking for answers, the real proof is in what you can see…this is inspiring.

  • Lisa

    Reply Reply September 21, 2011

    This is an awesome article and so inspirational. I eat some raw and vegan. lately going through a rough breakup with a man I love dearly and started not eating so great. Reading this has helped me motivate again and stay positive!

  • Precious Aniogor

    Reply Reply September 21, 2011

    Mimi thank you so much, i did appreciate this kind words, especially for those steps you laid down, and also when you said looking at things in a positive manner, and laughing as you can, keep you attractive and radiant. Once again thank you . Renee thank you and keep it up.

  • Jane

    Reply Reply September 21, 2011

    This is awesomely life transforming. I love to be like Mimi. Both of you are doing great job.

  • Abeer

    Reply Reply September 21, 2011

    Another awesome addition to this site. I have been regularly reading your articles Renee, and learning many useful things. You and Mimi are surely inspiring! I want to go raw too, although I admit it seems a bit scary thinking I’ll have to cut down on chocolates and chicken. But am willing to learn and start the raw journey! Cheers :)

  • gumercinda

    Reply Reply September 20, 2011

    Thanks a lot for this page ..
    Renee i am always reading your page here, so many things i`ve learned.

  • Janine

    Reply Reply September 20, 2011

    Hi, Thanks Rene and Mimi. I have started thinking about changing my diet to raw over the last few weeks, but haven’t known where to start. Thanks for the inspiration- Janine

  • Asma

    Reply Reply September 20, 2011

    Thank you for this Renee,

    What an inspiring woman!

  • sam

    Reply Reply September 20, 2011

    Dear Renee
    Thank you and Mimi for the interview, she’s a real champion and you too because doing things like what you two do is not easy for every one.
    Mimi’s been actually a strong , confident , reasonable and optimistic lady in her life that I think It’s partialy because of her beinng pationate to life of other creatures as well ,
    I think what we eat affects our mood as well as our health and If It’s gained the better way and source It would leave better effects on our soul and body.
    I reall y enjoyed the interview’s contents and I’d love learn from all successful people like you to plan a better life.
    I do Thank you again.

  • dakini

    Reply Reply September 20, 2011

    I was diagnosed with an inflammation of the stomach last year and all the doctors recommended me to have a special diet with no fruits or raw vegetables , but instead to eat vegetables boiled and to avoid anything that was not previously well boiled.
    i knew a few persons who had inflammation of the stomach and who kept this kind of diet for years but had not healed themselves. So I started a raw-vegan diet instead and in 3 weeksd I was healthy and radiant like never before and I lost 5 kg off my extra weight.

    I think Mimi is an example for all us women, she’s truly inspiring and gorgeous!

    im looking forward to reading her book!

  • Jasmine

    Reply Reply September 20, 2011

    I have Mimi’s book, and it is good. I’ve been raw for 6 months and am still experimenting and learning alot. I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for doing it. The questions were good.

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