A Word of Warning About The Birth Control Pill

truth about birth control pills

A Word of Warning About the Birth Control Pill

60 million women in America and Europe take oral contraceptives. In my opinion, this is a tragedy. Let me explain why.

The birth control pill: one of the biggest threats to your Femininity, your health, your relationship, your ability to attract the man of your dreams, and probably one of the major causes for any health problem you currently have in your life (if you are taking the birth control pill).

I’m also going to tell you that the birth control pill can really mess up your ability to choose the right man, it can cloud your judgment when it comes to knowing whether you are with the right man, and it can cause relationship breakdown. Yes, really.

If you don’t have the time to digest the information in this article, I’m going to simply tell you this: Start using alternative contraception methods (if you are on the pill).

The deadly side effects of the birth control pill

Now let’s get in to specifics. The pill is a dangerous drug. One of the biggest guarantees of you getting in touch with your femininity, your sexuality and your sensuality, is your hormones. And the birth control pill exposes women to synthetic hormones.

It is very unhealthy for a woman to be exposed to synthetic hormones. In fact, long-term use of this drug can cause women to develop serious chronic illness. The birth control pill depletes a woman’s body of important nutrients, can cause the thinning of your bones, increases your risk of developing breast cancer (any type of cancer really) and blood clots.

Aside from these side effects, the birth control pill can also cause these side effects:

  • Increased risk of breast and cervical cancers
  • Increased risk of blood clotting, heart attack and stroke
  • Migraines
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea
  • Irregular bleeding or spotting
  • Benign liver tumors
  • Breast tenderness
  • Yeast overgrowth and infection

See more on the deadly side effects of the birth control pill. A good article on Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health website.

How the pill can effect your choice in partner

For many women on this website, they are looking to get in touch with their femininity, join a new sisterhood, and improve their relationships. Many women also want to find the right man – but if you are on the birth control pill, it could very likely be damaging your ability to choose the RIGHT man. (read my article about why you should never try with men)

If you do not believe me, please take a look at Dr. Mercola’s article on this topic. He owns and operates the most visited natural health site on the planet:

How Contraceptive Pill Influences Partner Choice – a must-read for any woman looking to understand health and her relationships more.

Researchers have discovered a ‘secret sex nerve’ that controls who we are attracted to. This olfactory nerve may be the nerve through which pheromones are processed. We are naturally more attracted to people whose scent is genetically dissimilar to our own. With the exception for pregnant women.

Pregnant women tend to be attracted to people with a similar scent. Hormonal contraceptives fool a woman’s body in to thinking she is pregnant. This is one reason why taking the pill can sometimes cause you to stop being attracted to your partner, if you were once attracted to him!

The effect of the pill on your sex drive

Most of you may already know that taking the birth control pill can (in some cases) permanently damage a woman’s sex drive.

As I have discussed before, the only difference between a relationship and a friendship is intimacy. And if your sex drive is low, non-existent, and causing your hormones to go out-of-whack, your relationship is going to suffer. To learn more about why sex is important in a relationship, please see my article on ’5 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Deprive Their Man of Sex’.

Most women do report some sort of change in their sex drive when they are on the pill.

Reasons why women take the pill

Granted, there are many women who start taking the birth control pill for reasons other than contraception (I am one of those women). Some women take it for treatment of irregular menstrual cycles, irregular bleeding, endometriosis, acne or cysts.

As is true with any drug, taking the pill is not treating the underlying causes of the problem. In some cases, medication is necessary. But most of us use drugs to change our biochemistry. This is unnecessary.

You can change your biochemistry by changing your ‘state’, by moving your body. Something that is out of the scope of this article.

Do you take the birth control pill for contraception?

If you take the birth control pill for contraception, and are wondering what you would do if you didn’t take the pill, there are alternatives. Less convenient, yes, but potentially more beneficial for your health. And I’m not talking about other, injectable birth control. Because this can be dangerous too. See Dr. Mercola’s article on: Major Warnings on Injectable Birth Control

Yes, research has shown that the pill may causes less risk of SOME cancers, but can in-turn cause a higher risk for others. What’s the point?

The pill puts unnecessarily large amounts of estrogen in a woman’s body. Hormones are such a crucial part of your overall health, and most people are conditioned to reach for a drug to ‘fix’ their problem. There are other contraception methods that will work, and can be just as effective. See this article:

Natural Birth Control Just As Effective, Much Safer Than Hormones

How Oral Contraceptives can Harm Your Baby

3% of women who take oral contraceptives become pregnant without knowing it. This means that women are also subjecting/exposing their baby to drugs for several months in to the pregnancy. Needless to say, this poses a risk to not only the mother’s health, but to the baby’s as well.

Please see this article: How Oral Contraceptives Hurt Your Baby to find out more on this topic.

Stories from my own life

I have known many women who DO take the birth control pill. And every single one of them has had negative side effects. Some more serious than others. Personally, I went to a dermatologist when I was 15 with severe acne problems. No drug worked. So the dermatologist reluctantly put me on the birth control pill, which worked pretty rapidly.

I was happy, my family was happy (they wanted me to be rid of my acne).

Stupidly, I became reliant on the birth control pill to keep my skin clear. I wish I hadn’t. Whilst on it, I had all sorts of severe health problems that doctor’s could not detect the cause of (not that medical science can detect everything anyway). I was unfortunately uninformed about the pill, and at such a young age – I just took the dermatologist’s advice. I assumed it was normal to take the pill for acne, as several of my friends did exactly the same thing.

One problem is that over the years, there has been a severe lack of available information to women about the birth control (GOOD information and warnings, especially).

Like many other things in our society, the contraceptive pill is a quick-fix. And it’s not even a fix. It’s meant to help you enjoy sex without getting pregnant, but with the damage it does to a woman’s libido (sometimes permanently), it actually works against its own claims.

When I came off of it (thanks for Dr. Mercola’s very passionate warnings), I don’t think there was a single symptom under the sun that I DIDN’T have. Including heart palpitations, hair falling out in what it seemed like chunks for 6 months straight, migraines, rashes, loss of feeling in my legs and right arm (for the duration of a couple of hours), nausea, vertigo – I could go on forever really.

To put it simply, my experience with the pill has been bad. And even a whole year wasn’t long enough for my body to normalize itself.

I have a friend who has waited 9 months to get her period back. This is considered ‘normal’ in the medical world (it can take up to a year) – but no feminine woman wants to wait nearly a whole year to just GET her period again, does she? And then wait another year or so for it to normalize?! As it turns out, my friend also has a cyst on her ovaries.

This lady had a heart-attack because of the birth control pill: the pill gave me a heart attack and she has another group: my birth control pill gave me a heart attack

I might also add that I have known several women who skip the ‘sugar pill’ section of the pill cycle. A fantastic way to do even MORE damage to your body. By the way, if you DO decide to get off the pill, wait until you are in the sugar pill section to get off of it. :)

Our body is our temple. Take care of it. Nurture it. And if you have any girlfriends still on the pill, please forward this article to them. Every woman needs to hear it.

Yes – for some women, they seem to experience no side effects. Are you one of these women?

Have you ever been on the pill? Did you experience any negative side-effects? Have your friends had any bad side effects? please let us know in the comments section so that we can learn from each other. Thanks! :)


  • Hannah

    Reply Reply February 12, 2014

    Also none of the above is new information. All available on contraceptive leaflets and pretty well known. And if you don’t know it – do your research.

  • Hannah

    Reply Reply February 12, 2014

    All very good but you have no evidence to back this up, no refs throughout the article so just speculation and not credible which is a shame if there is any truth to it.

  • kaye

    Reply Reply October 25, 2013

    After my youngest daughter was born I decided I could not afford any more children considering I was taking care of two children by myself with no financial help from either one of their biological fathers of which I refer to assperm donors. I went to the doctor and ask for some birth control pills. for years I seem to have no problems I did experience for your loss but did not attribute that to the birth control pills. it also took me years to figure out that I was losing hair I was very busy between working full time and going to school full time taking care of two children who were both four years apart had lots of school activities taking care of the household xcetera. when I did finally figure out that I was having up hair loss problem I went to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist who sent me home with a box of rogaine not once but twice. I was so busy that I left alone for a long time. at one point I began to question it again and I saw a commercial on the TV for a hair loss company. with no money to pursue the cause of my hair loss three doctors I made an appointment with the company for a free consultation they proceeded to ask me if I was on any medicine for which I was not. I went home and began to think about it I am formed them that the only thing I was on was the birth control pills. the gentleman in for me to check the side effects of the birth control pills. when I did I found out that that was a side effect. after 15 years of taking the birth control pills I stopped it. my hair loss did not stop but it did slow down. now 23 years after starting birth control pills at eight years after stopping birth control pills I began to have cramping and blood clots during my period although I did not have cramping all the time. I understand that all the years that I have had my period I never once had PMS cramping or any other I only knew I was on my period when I went to the bathroom and have blood. now I was experiencing cramping and noticing large blood clot I noticed on the I noticed at times when I had the cramping was when I had the blood clots and I have a tampon in so when that happened I would wear pad. 3 years that went on. now 8 years after stopping birth control pills I began my. and bled for a month straight. being unemployed and no money I sought out at Dr I paid my position but he sent me to a gynecologist the gynecologist did a biopsy which was very expensive of which I now have a very large bill that I cannot afford to pay. this biopsy showed that I had a condition called hyperplasia. in this condition your uterus has a buildup of tissue in the lining of the uterus and so your body does not know when to bleed and when not to. I also found out through my own research that this condition is associated with high estrogen levels and low progesterone levels. low progesterone can cause hair loss. now I am NOT a medical doctor but I do know my own body I believe that taking the birth control pills for all them years altered my own natural hormone levels permanently and cause this condition that I now have. I am on my second month of taking a drug called Provera which is a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone this Provera I will have to take for the next 6 months. my belief is that the birth control pills altered my own natural hormone levels causing the hair loss and eventually leading to this hyperplasia. my hope is that this drug Provera that I am taking will eventually raise my progesterone level allowing my hair loss to stop and also allowing me to return to normal periods. I never question the NE side effects of the birth control pills that I was taking that never even entered my mind for became a consideration. knowledge is power ladies arm yourself with power before you do anything or put anything for it into your body’s

  • Holly

    Reply Reply September 11, 2013

    Thankyou so much for sharing this information Renee :-)

    I’ve never really been on the pill, only I took it for a little bit, on off. Reason being I’m not the most consistent person on this planet.

    However, I didn’t notice any complaints but I did take it to regulate my period which seemed to help until I stopped due to just not taking it since.

    That’s how I feel! When I don’t come on regular really annyed so not having one for nine months would be deverstating.

    I didn’t know it could be taken for acne though or I would have gone straight onto in my early twenties when the bad spots on my cheeks turned out to be acne.

    I’m really glad you brought that up also as I concerned myself that I had to much testosterone in my body as acne is made by the androgen hormone or something but I got my hormones tested at the doctors and they were fine and I know that your very feminine so it’s just proved to myself that other factors can cause acne.

    I swear that I don’t go a day without getting a spot! Like my face will be nearly clear and then I’ll wake up with a new spot.

    They go and then a new one will come and although the problem is small, it’s just consistent.

    I’m back on spot tablets now and my doctor has prescribed an even better spot cream which is like thank god, if I didn’t have that cream then it would look bad.

    By the way, your skin looks amazing Renee :-),your like a human flower, beautiful!

    I did read that also how it makes people attracted the oposite of who their really attracted to but extra grateful for a different veiw poitn on this

  • Anna

    Reply Reply August 25, 2013

    My boyfriend wants me to get on the pill. He’s stopped buying condoms, I wonder if its for that reason. I don’t want to get on the pill & I don’t know what to do. I love the feeling of bare skin too but I don’t know what to do. Can somebody please help? What other non hormonal bc is there?

    • Anna

      Reply Reply August 25, 2013

      So I ended up solving my problem. I told him why I didn’t want to go on the pill – because I wanted our love & attraction to be real & not synthetic, & I didn’t want to lose attraction for him – & I quoted some information from this article. He ended up hugging me closely and saying he didn’t want me to go on the pill either. I guess I explained it in a way that got through to him.

    • Riv

      Reply Reply January 22, 2014

      Hey Anna :)

      Really late, and I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, but my man and I just use the rhythm method and pull out. It has worked, especially since my man is like a bloodhound for my hormonal phases, and knows better than I do sometimes when I’m going to ovulate (what?!), lol

      I tried a copper IUD for a week, and experienced horrible side effects, even though it isn’t supposed to have any. When I got it out, my nurse practitioner looked at me like I was nuts, but I know my body. Look up copper toxicity related to the copper IUD. Sadly, we ladies don’t have access to much of anything that won’t mess us up.

      • Anna

        Reply Reply January 22, 2014

        Hey Riv, thanks for the response. My man would have no clue about my cycles & neither would I. Our solution is just to use condoms until I hit menopause. Haha, it’s all good. Maybe one day before I hit menopause it might be willing to have a kid, then we’d go all out but that’s not happening anytime soon.

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  • nikir

    Reply Reply April 28, 2013

    The pill ( novynette) TOTALLY flat-lined my sex drive. I realized this after just a few days of taking them. Besides that, I had absolutely no energy and i was cranky all the time. I overreacted to every situation and even found myself crying for no reason at all. I’m normally a very emotionally balanced person and my erratic behavior was such a shock to my friends that they met behind my back to discuss what on earth was going on with me. I also had a severe case of dry mouth and i was so nauseous all the time that I couldn’t eat properly, especially in the evenings and even the scent of my shower gel made me want to throw up. Word to the wise: use a condom or some other method…

  • Kelly

    Reply Reply April 19, 2013

    I had to quit the pill, after just 2 months it basically turned me into a monster, I even broke up with my boyfriend because all of sudden I couldn’t stand him anymore. I had no sex drive at all, my calves lower legs were hurting to the point that I couldn’t walk without pain, I was feeling constant nauseous, tired, with headaches, night sweats, bloating, chest pain, breathing problems, tingling numbness in hands, mood swings (feeling synical, being really mean to everyone or apathetic, relapsing into depression). A little over a week after i quit the leg pain miraculously stopped, no more headaches or nausea, no night sweats, I feel my sex drive is getting back and I’m devastated because I treated so bad my boyfriend when it wasn’t his fault, I could say that I was temporarily insane so this is my experience with the pill. It didn’t work for me but my friend feels great on the same brand, she had none of these symptoms.

  • Erika

    Reply Reply April 14, 2013

    Aftet reading this article I have figured out why I lost my sex drive and sometimes question whether I truly am attracted to my boyfriend of almost two years. I started using the birth control pill about a little over a year ago and in the beginning I didn’t notice any changes other than my period being lighter. It wasn’t until the end of last year that I lost feeling inside my vagina and emotionally (at times) when Iwe would have sex. It made me cry sometimes while we had sex because I felt that something was wrong with me but I didn’t know what. We tried everything we could but nothing hasmade things back to how they used to be. Now that I have read this aarticle I believe that the birth control pill is the cause of all my intimacy problems and I will stop taking the pill because I want things great again!! The only thing is I also began getting irritated with the use of condoms so I need another alternative. Anyone have one?

    • River

      Reply Reply May 6, 2013

      Hi, Erika!

      There is a super-simple (free!) alternative, but some consider it unsafe. My man and I use the withdrawal method, and as long as your boyfriend is fairly in control of his ejaculations (knows beforehand when he’s going to come at least long enough to pull out!), it works like a charm. I’ve researched whether this is safe, and as long as you don’t have any obvious oopsies, it should be fine. It has worked for us for a year. And is pretty darn fun. ;)

      Of course, there is also the copper (non-hormonal) IUD, which is normally expensive but can be free if you are low-income. I live in the states and am on a special type of Medicaid which makes everything family-planning related utterly free, but covers nothing else. I got the Paragard IUD, all super-excited to be using a low-maintenance, hormone-free form of birth control, and was a monster nonetheless. It is still a foreign body in your uterus; your body will still hate this fact and make you cry. There is also a debate raging about whether or not the copper in this form of IUD can cause long-term toxicity.

      They should just make a form of BC for men, for once! ;) In Europe, it is possible to get your honey a temporary vasectomy (this exists now!!). Don’t know about the US, though.

  • Nicole

    Reply Reply March 21, 2013

    I agree 100% and have stopped and will never, ever go back.

    I would like to know more about your statement – “I might also add that I have known several women who skip the ‘sugar pill’ section of the pill cycle. A fantastic way to do even MORE damage to your body.”

    I started skipping sugar pills years ago. How does this do more damage? I thought they were just “reminder” pills that helped you stay in the routine of taking the pill.



    • River

      Reply Reply May 6, 2013


      I think Renee means they skip the sugar pills and take hormone-filled pills on those days too…not that they take nothing. More hormones = more mess.

  • Tammie

    Reply Reply March 14, 2013

    I feel somewhat sorry for your plight, but I’ve never experienced any negative side effects from taking birth control. My best friend, however, has not been so lucky. Whether it was from her choice in contraceptives or from the poor decisions she’s made since she was a teenager (i believe the latter), who’s to say? I’ve yet to experience any weight gain, acne, heart palpitations, blood pressure issues, migraines, or the like while on my birth control. I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months before I jumped onto the oral contraceptive bandwagon, so I know it didn’t impact my choice in a companion. If anything, oral contraceptives helped me. The change in my hormones help me to better express my emotions effectively, they improved my sex drive, they increased my desire to do things (i was suffering from depression around the time I began taking Lutera), and they helped save my ovaries. Before I began taking birth control, I didn’t know that I had cysts forming across my fallopian tubes and endometriosis ravaging my reproductive organs. I actually remember the visit I took to the doctor after being on bc for 3 months and assuming that the bc was the cause of the immense pain I was in. I have been very lucky and in my personal case, birth control has been massaging grace. I’ve never been one for a “quick fix”, for pharmaceuticals and easy outs. I’m a naturalist and a realist; I believe that all of our problems are caused by personal decisions and that there are natural remedies for our maladies. BC was the first major step I had taken to assimilating with modern society and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I understand that people suffer negative effects from nearly everything and that quite a few women have some horror stories from being on the pill, however I’m not one if those women and aside from my best friend, I dont know of any women in my life with horror stories to tell from their choices in oral contraceptives. Even my childhood best friend believes that her choice in bc has nothing to do with the infertility issues she’s been having or the irregularity of her cycle (both of those we believe being the result of an abortion she had in her 20s).

  • Nadine

    Reply Reply March 13, 2013

    I stopped taking birth control pills last June after having been on it for a total of 18 years (I did stop twice to have 2 children) – I have experienced so many strange symptoms since stopping including rashes, severe headaches, dizziness, extreme anxiety, tingling and numbness in extremities, muscle spasms and more. I have had MRIs, urinalysis, and various blood tests looking for MS, Lupus, Lyme, B vitamin deficiencies, ect. Everything has come up negative. I asked my midwife if these symptoms could be caused by going off the pill and she without hesitation said “No”. After having read this page and several forums where women are experiencing some of the same symptoms I have, I feel more and more that what I have been dealing with is because of so many years on birth control and I find it disheartening that medical professionals do not have more knowledge about this or even acknowledge that being on a synthetic hormone for several years could have a severe effect on some women’s bodies.

  • Susi

    Reply Reply March 9, 2013

    My sister-in-law had a heart attack. She had a blood clot and it traveled all the way to her heart.
    If they had waited a day or two later she will have died. Some women may not have had negative side affects but way too many of them do and some end up in a tragic situation.
    Please do all your research because that is your body. We are women not experiments. Ask your doctor all the neccesary questions and if she/ he have a problem time to switch doctors.
    Thank you for time article Renee and also I enjoy your site.

  • amy

    Reply Reply March 8, 2013

    Dear readers
    i would just like to inform you about my experience whilst taking microgynon.
    I have only used it thrice and maximum period of use being 2months.
    This pill has ruined my life. In short as a child i experienced
    severe migraines which stopped at the time i started my periods.
    Then they came back approx once a month on average.I went on the pill the frequency of
    migraines increased. Naive as i was i took it again 2nd time again after going off
    pill headache increased to numbness everyday and severe headache every other day.
    Third time i took it for 2months and ended up in hospital for severe abdominal
    pain a major side affect from the tablet. I swear never to take it again
    my migraines are worse than ever everything else has been ruled out and i can
    confidantly say that the pill has increased frequency of migraines and have also now been diagnosed with pcos and on medication just to add to my problems.

  • Jaslyn

    Reply Reply February 22, 2013

    I was on the pill Loestrin 24 Fe for over a year, to help regulate my menstrual cycle. In the beginning for the first 6 months the pill was great it made my period regular I had no acne problems but around the 7 month of taking the pill I started to feel depress, had very bad mood swings , my chest wil close, I would also feel tired every single day it was driving me crazy, no matter how many hrs I slept I would always feel exhausted and the list goes on. I seriously didn’t kow what was wrong with me I had some test done and nothing came out. Until one day after putting alot of thought to why iam always feeling tired I started to do some research on birth control pills and decided to stop taking them. Today is the 3rd day after stopping, and omg it feels great I feel like me again. Iam so happy, but now iam looking for another alternative. Iam thinking of putting the IUD but iam afraid if it wil affect me in any way.

    • River

      Reply Reply March 8, 2013


      Good for you for getting off the pills!! My OB-GYN handed me a pack of pills after a miscarriage, and thankfully, having been raised in a very organic and naturopathic environment, I felt queasy at the very thought of taking them. And I have a man who wouldn’t wish the effects on me in a million years.

      I had the copper IUD in for a grand total of ten days. It is theoretically supposed to be side-effect-free, but I had crazy mood swings, felt depressed, and cramped like you wouldn’t believe. There is a large contingent of opinion out there that believes that copper toxicity can happen with prolonged use of the Paragard.

      Honestly, everything out there is slightly unnatural and dangerous. I’m in a loving, monogamous LTR, and we use condoms or he pulls out (and once a month for five days, we don’t have to do either! ;)). Going it old school, because my health and happiness isn’t worth the convenience of another method.

  • Ashley

    Reply Reply February 19, 2013

    While all women are different and have different reactions/experiences to things including medications and birth control both negative and positive; this article is incredibly loaded, fallacy ridden, and mostly opinion based, attempting to back up the words with some linked articles. Lacking information concerning positives of oral contraceptives, and informing women they are not feminine, risk their lives and relationships if they take the pill is what this article directly implies to me as a reader. There are several resources, including your medical professionals (who should be more than willing to answer your questions and concerns…if not, find one who will, they were educated/you are paying them for a reason.) If you are prescribed a medicine…you do have the option of whether you choose to intake it or not. Ask questions, research, and as always…READ the inserts of your birth control (or any medicine for that matter). These warnings, side effects, risks, and ingredients are all listed in them. The risks of birth control specifically are listed in the insert included with your prescription…to say one is unaware of at least SOME of the issues in this article, is a matter of negligence on their part in reading. While all of these side effects you have listed occurred in your life…to blame them on the pill seems to be just something to blame. It could have caused it, it could have not. Relationships are finicky sometimes…with or without a pill. Life happens, negative and positive. Sex drive can be affected by self confidence, arguments that have happened, lack of communication, fidelity issues if those have happened, or simple lack of understanding between partners. To say a pill caused any of these is putting blame on something that may not even be a factor. Women on the pill have had experiences also because they read it could happen…and they have mentally prepared themselves that it would happen, so they eventually convince themselves it will. Another thing I have noticed with comments and the reading, is a connection that would not necessarily been involved except a pill is put in the equation. Saying “this happened, then this happened, then this happened…etc, all because of BC.” As if some illnesses or medical issues would have never occurred if you hadn’t used BC, the comparisons are not accurate.
    I do not mean to justify that BC is completely safe, will work miracles for everyone who uses it, or won’t cause problems. But taking BC is a personal choice, just as any medicine consumption or lack of consumption is, and this is not a strike at their femininity or life. I have had positive experience with my pill, chose to take said pill, and by doing so, I believe that is a display of femininity…because I am knowledgeable and making a choice. I take birth control for rupturing cysts that happened randomly (never took a pill before diagnosis) and contraception, so I have no links of them to BC use, and since I started the pill they have greatly improved.

    • kamala

      Reply Reply August 8, 2013

      Birth control CAN cause permanent damage in SOME women. You along with some other split tails I know are very passive and will accept any thing your doctors tell you!!! Stop being so naïve. Of course doctors are going to down play the side affects—THEY GET MONEY! They say weed will make you crazy but their chemicals are very safe and effective, but logically that can not be true. There was a 2006 study done on the relationship between BCPs and permanent elevated SHBG levels. GOOGLE IT!!!

  • Deeg

    Reply Reply February 18, 2013

    I hate it! I’ve been bleeding for a month, my migraines are more frequent, I’m so moody my partner is starting to want to be away from me as much as possible, I’m lethargic, I need to pee all the time, to the point where I took three Pregnancy tests and I am short of breath all the time. My eating patterns have changed completely too. Just get spermicide and condoms…when I’m well enough I am getting off the pill ASAP!!

  • Deeg

    Reply Reply February 18, 2013

    I hate it! I’ve been bleeding for a month, my migraines are more frequent, I’m so moody my partner is starting to want to be away from me as much as possible, I’m lethargic, I need to pee all the time, to the point where I took three

  • Lex

    Reply Reply February 9, 2013

    Im currently 17 years old. When I was 15, my periods became very irregular and my doctor felt it best to try birth control to even out my periods. So I decided to try it. I started getting nausous and stopped eating and would throw up everytime I ate; I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks and weighed 100 pounds. I began having issues with sleeping and started to have the most terrifying nightmares and my whole body would just ache all day. I started to get dizzy to the point that I would literally pass out while walking the hallways in school. It got to the point that I could’nt get out of bed and go to school. My grades began to drop and my teachers became very concerned seeming as I always had a 4.0 GPA.

    I kept going to the hospital and no one knew what was wrong. I started to loose feelings in my hands, arms, legs, and feet, had chest pain and heart palpitations, terrible shaking of my arms and legs that prevented me from being able to do my work in school, constant ringing in my ears that would never go away, and one day I woke up and noticed that my toes were purple. I waited a few days to see if it would just go away but instead, they began to turn black and I couldn’t walk and my fingers started to become purple. I went to doctors and they thought I had a bacteria infection but after several treatments we realize that this was not the case. Finally, I switched doctors and he sent me for some testing.

    I then was diagnose with Raynaud’s. A vascular/auto immune disease that I now will have for the rest of my life. My body reacts to cold temperatures/stress and my arteries spasm and close up and I lose circulation to my feet and hands. I no longer go outside if it’s below 70 degrees and I walk around school with gloves and a heavy jacket on.

    Later, after several more hospital visits, they discovered that I have MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse), thyroid disease, severe anemia to the point that they were considering giving me blood tranfusions, insomnia, sleep apnea, severe migraines, tinittus of the ears, deficiency in many vitamins and most of my hormones were messed up. I also have something wrong with my kidneys but I am currently waiting to see a specialist to properly diagnose me.

    Every doctor that I have seen has linked my illness back to the BC pills. I stopped taking the BC pills and ended up having a fever of 104, and was in bed for 3 days and expierenced some of the worst hot flashes I have ever had and my doctors said it was due to me stopping the BC and said that they thought that I was allergic to something that was in it. Boy was those 3 days of hot flashes and fevers worth it!! I slowly gained my appetite back and began to eat and gained the weight back.

    -I got put on thyroid medication and I have more energy and my throat is no longer swollen like it was.
    -I sleep with a CPAP machine to help with my sleep apnea. Which, in turn helped me sleep better, not have headaches when I woke up, and have more energy during the day. (Currently they are still confused as to why I have sleep apnea when I don’t fit the description at all.)
    -I take iron pills for my Anemia. I don’t pass out quite as much but I can’t seem to get my ferentine levels up to where they should be.
    -I take vitamin supplements to fix my vitamin deficencies.
    -I also go to a therapist on a weekly basis to help with my anxiety.

    I currently have an appointment at the end of this month to see a Diagnosis Doctor because here I am, 17 years old (2 years later), and I am still sick. I am much better than I was before I began taking the medications but I still get dizzy, am excessively tired, unable to continue cheerleading, having sleep issues, and dealing with the ringing in my ears and shaking in my hands, arms, and legs.
    (I tried vitamin supplements for the shaking and it didn’t work. I even tried taking B12 injections to help my nerves and it didn’t do anything. My doctors have also determined that the shaking is not caused from stress or anxiety.)

    I just wanted to clarify that I am not saying that BC caused every single one of my sypmtoms. -However, I know that it caused my nausea and vomiting, as well as my hormone inbalances and possibly my anemia.

    The BC did contribute to my illnesses though.
    -B/c the BC made me nausous and unable to eat, I ended up having vitamin deficencies.
    - B/c of all of my issues, I have anxiety.
    -And I believe that my anxiety is the reason that I have night terrors.

    I have carried the gene for Raynaud’s my whole life, but never had the actual disease until the BC pill. Raynaud’s usually has to be caused by another illness in order to get it and so it’s a possibility that the BC caused it.

    As for the shaking, it is unknown why I have it and that is why I am seeing a Diagnosis Doctor.

    Birth control can do wonderful things for people and help them; however, BC was not wonderful for me. BC is used for so many different reasons and I am glad that women have it as an option. I just wish that ALL women knew that there are more possible side effects of using BC. Whether it only happened to me or a few handful of people, i’m suree that women would like to know our stories.

    I apologize for the length of my comment and I also apogize if it is confusing at all.

    • Margeor

      Reply Reply February 23, 2013

      Lex I am very sorry about all your you have gone through. I have an ovarian cyst and my doctor suggested I should start birth control for 3-4 months. I have all the symptoms of Reynaud’s for some years now so I have doubts about taking the pill. I have to check if it is Reynaud’s for sure but I don t know to which kind of doctor to go. Do you have any idea? Thank very much and I hope you re feeling better.

  • Tara

    Reply Reply February 5, 2013

    I really liked the aritcle my main concern is about the increase of cancer and death in women since the birth control pill came full blast in the 60thies ,, yet no media or warnings to women that it is to profitable to be released has major cause and increase in cancer in women since we watching our mothers , sisters , dauthers grandmothers die o fthis horrible desease I truly believe is birth control pill related we have warnings against tobacco , against pollution yet we allow birth control pills to be spread taken like candy killing those we love this is just one the articles example The deadly side effects of the birth control pill why is that not been told to women kept a secret not labled on every birth control packages ???
    When I started taking birth control in 1974 no one ever told me or warned be of such side effects that would 6 years later lead me to have cancer to be diognosed with terminal cancer of the cervic, so my mother my sisters in law my cousins my sisters my aunts list goes on who also started around the same time birth control ended up diognosed also with cancer to me this is serious alarming horrific factors no longer coinsidence i think has women we need to demand answers to have women be made aware more study in that regards we have to get to the root of the cause of so much cancer since the 60thies birth control pill boom !!

    Now let’s get in to specifics. The pill is a dangerous drug. One of the biggest guarantees of you getting in touch with your femininity, your sexuality and your sensuality, is your hormones. And the birth control pill exposes women to synthetic hormones.

    It is very unhealthy for a woman to be exposed to synthetic hormones. In fact, long-term use of this drug can cause women to develop serious chronic illness. The birth control pill depletes a woman’s body of important nutrients, can cause the thinning of your bones, increases your risk of developing breast cancer (any type of cancer really) and blood clots.

    Aside from these side effects, the birth control pill can also cause these side effects:
    •Increased risk of breast and cervical cancers
    •Increased risk of blood clotting, heart attack and stroke
    •Gall bladder disease
    •Increased blood pressure
    •Weight gain
    •Mood changes
    •Irregular bleeding or spotting
    •Benign liver tumors
    •Breast tenderness
    •Yeast overgrowth and infection

    See more on the deadly side effects of the birth control pill. A good article on Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health website.

    • Susi

      Reply Reply March 9, 2013

      Dear Tara,
      EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS SPOT ON. sorry for your family members, but I am glad you are speaking out to help other women.
      Thank you.

  • meenakshi

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    Hi all..

    I got married 3 years back, but we are not planning for kids now, so we use alternatives, but in some uncontrollable situation i have taken at least 10 pills from the past 3 years…

    And today morning my father-in-law told that by taking i-pill i may lose my fertility, and worried about it and thats how i ended up reading this article.He just told it casually but i am really worried.

    I have lost interest in sex even being so young, and also have a lot of hairfall…these are managable for me,but i want to become a mom and i afraid whether it will take away my fertility…

    Please advice or reply to my comment…i am in need of guidance..

    Thanks in advance.

  • Carly

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Oh and I forgot to mention that when I got off the pill I did so because I had taken 10 days off antibiotics for a UTI and thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t want to hurt the baby if that was the case (it wasn’t) but that’s the only reason! Anyways when I got off I had every side effect you could possibly imagine! I thought for sure I was pregnant (since I already thought maybe I was) I had head aches every day for a month (not little ones but migranes) I had bloating bad cramping nausea crazy scary nightmares that I woke up thinking were real and night sweats. It was HORIBLE I felt so awful I didn’t want to do ANYTHING. They just subsided maybe a week ago now out of no where my nipples are SO SORE and I am hoping that I’ll start my period soon but honestly Im not holding my breath because it’s unlikely. Never again.

  • Carly

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    I got on the pill at 16 years old because of bad cramps and a long term bf. i was not on it when we met. we were together two years and I ended that because I just lost interest while on the pill. We were complete opposites. Then I stayed on it and met a guy that I was somehow attracted to and was just like me.. Let’s just say that ended badly. When I got off the pill I had no clue why I even was ever with him. Then, staying off the pill, I met my current bf and we are also TOTAL opposites. I got back on the pill after about a year of being together (a great year) after about 3yrs of being on the pill my relationship seemed to be slipping through my fingures. I didn’t understand why I had a non-exaistant sex drive and why after so long of being so attractsd to him I wasn’t anymore.. I would cry and cry because I still loved him very much but there was no passion cing From my end whatsoever.. Thank God I struggled through it and so did he (being a 26yr old male and never getting sex sure couldnt be easy) cuz I KNEW it wasn’t right. We would go up to 3weeks with me saying “I’m not in the mood” before I’d give in and even then it felt like a task. So rediculous! I have been off birthcontrol for two months now and I feel like I did at the beggining of our relationship! It’s amazing! I look at him the same way and the intimacy is back 110% thank heavens since I have read it can go away for good! It seriously almost ruined my relationship with the man I love and want to marry.
    Not only this but I felt awful for three years! Sluggish with horrible anxiety. I feel like a completely new woman! I was always just meloncalli and now I’m happy and get excited about things. I also for about four years have had HORIBLE bladder pain. Almost exactLy like a UTI but if I go to the doctor I don’t actually have an infection. Well ita been going on so long I have been to the doctor a million and a half times and they always said “there is nothing wrong with you” like it’s all in my head.. This also contributed to sex being unpleasant and PAINFUL not only during but the next several days after. Every doctor I saw had no idea what was wrong so they gave me an antibiotic to take just after sex (like it’s good for you to take antibiotics when you have NO infection). Well this went on four years literally from a couple times a week to DAILY. Since I have quit taking birthcontrol I have had 0 problems with it. No pain no frequent urination NOTHING!
    I am just so furious that every doctor acts like birthcontrol is a “wonder drug” and they put 14year olds on it for reasons that can be fixed in healthy ways. And not to mention that it can also PERMANENTLY deprive you of being fertile! After four years of going to the doctor and never once them mentioning all these issues could be birthcontrol then coming online and reading about it I will NEVER go on it again.. It makes me very angry and I am so glad I figured it out for myself instead of being miserable for another, God knows how long! And losing my relationship! Ugh! Thank you for everyone that has commented and THANK YOU TO THE PERSON THAT WROTE THIS! Good luck to everyone and I would NEVER recommend anyone to birthcontrol.

  • Dana

    Reply Reply January 22, 2013

    Wow! I’m reading this article and these replies and I feel so bad for everyone who suffered these terrible side effects. I’m 49 years old, and found this article because I was researching “going off the pill” as I approach my 50′s and eventually start menopause. I’m almost afraid to admit that I’ve been taking the pill for over 20 years. Not for acne, or to control my period, but for birth control. It has not affected my sex drive, quiet the opposite is true with me. I do not suffer from high blood pressure or abnormal heart palpitations. I was already married so I can’t speak to how it affects selecting a husband. My hair isn’t as thick as when I was a teenager, but it’s not falling out. I’m not sure if I just got lucky or what. In no way do I want to contradict any of the other responses or make light of their suffering. Just wanted to let you know that there is at least on person out there that hasn’t suffered terrible side effects from long term use of the pill. My heart goes out to those who do!!

  • SG

    Reply Reply January 21, 2013

    I found your article very helpful and encouraging. I am 28 years old and I started taking the birth control pill, Alesse at the end of February 2012 at the age of 27. It was the first time in my life that I had taken birth control and I was prescribed it because I had gotten married a few months before and had just lost my job. On top of all that I had severe menstrual cramping my whole life so the doctor felt this would be a good way to control it. In May 2012, exactly in my 3rd month of being on the pill I noticed hair thinning, I right away linked it to the pill amd stopped taking it. Now it has been 8 months since I have been off the pill but I am still losing a lot of hair when I shampoo it. I have been to doctord and dermatologists, some tell me it is stress related hair loss and some say it is androgenetic alopecia. I don’t know what to believe anymore and I just want my hair back to normal. My whole life has flipped upside down because of this. I quit my job and went on medical leave, I started taking anti depressants and I have many panic and anxiety attacks all because I am scared to go bald or to have thin hair. I feel like if my hair keeps falling we will be able to see my scalp.
    Please help or provide educated feedback.
    Thank you.

  • Gabby

    Reply Reply January 19, 2013

    I was on the pill for 2 years. the last pack I bought, I got 3 at a time which brought my total cost to 30 dollars. I never opened them, instead, one day at work I was tired of feeling crappy all the time, so I made the decision to stop the birth control. The whole time I was on it I had a feeling like I had little pebbles running through my veins. usually in my temples and thighs. I asked my doctor about it even though I thought it sounded crazy, but she said “yes, that’s the birth control” every now and then I had a sudden heart palpitation but never knew what caused it. the first pill I ever took, made me sicker than a dog, and I should have listened to my husband and stopped taking it right then and there. after I got off of it 2 months later I had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t digest ANY food, I tried drinking water and everything I ate made me feel bloated until one day I felt like the size of a house! I new it was caused by coming off the pill. but I knew in the long run I would be doing the right thing for my health. My periods have been fairly normal until this month (I’ve been off the pill now for a year and 4 months) I skipped the sugar pill section of mine too. After going to the ER last night for a constant urge to pee, and no period (19 days late now) the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, and a negative hospital pregnancy test, so he suggested I have a pelvic exam within the week, it could be a developing bladder infection, but it could also be an ovarian cyst. there are far better ways to prevent pregnancy, and a good healthy diet will keep your skin looking clear, and youthful. look to natural treatments and prevention, not a quick fix. I regret the day I ever decided to get on the pill. I would warn ANY and EVERYONE NEVER EVER TAKE THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL.

  • julie cunningham

    Reply Reply January 3, 2013

    I was on pill 10yrs & then got changed to a lower dose & it gave me bad heart palpitations that I thought I was dying even dr sent me to heart hospital because its was so bad & then I got depression & real bad anxiety & it got really bad but no dr said it was pill! Till 1 dr decided that this all happened since my pill got changed so I come off it (yasmin) & I’ve been through hell & back & still trying to recover but very slowly getting there!symptoms were very bad panic attacks that I would shake & sweating & feeling hot then feeling cold & shivery.very bad headaches & feely sick & body aching all over & bad back & bad thoughts that got so bad I thought I would end my life & feeling tired but couldn’t sleep at night I started getting body odur & acne greasy hair & a feeling that I didn’t love my family no more & lots more symptoms but to much to write & never had or felt like this before till my pill got changed then come off it. I just hope I will get my 100% back & my loving back because it breaks my heart feeling like this!if I knew this would happen I would of never gone on the pill it disgusting what happens to you & its ruined my & my familys life…

    • Amber

      Reply Reply January 18, 2013

      This is exactly how I feel right now my mom took me off of it I just hope I feel better and I really hope it is the pill.

    • Mary

      Reply Reply March 6, 2013

      you story and alot others i have read sound just like my daughters story. she started a birth control in October of 2011, she took it for a month and got a refill, different brand. her mood went crazy i mean to the point i said she was going crazy and had to stop this pill, she stopped and shortly after, i dont remember the time frame but soon after she developed a chronic headache that is always there in the back of her head, she has severe neck and back pain, acid reflux the list goes on. we had a mri, not too sure the blood work if any, they are not connecting it to the pill. we went to brain/back doctor. he said then a year ago she has headaches, no reason for them to excercise and learn to live with it. we just saw him again because we got sent back to him he labeled her with fibromyalgia, what the heck she has this for no reason….a perfectly healthy child develops chronic headache out of no where. she is in major discomfort and just wants normal life back, she remembers life before this. it saddens me as a mom. but thanks to some of these stories i will fight harder to get more test. thanks you all for sharing.

  • Ashley

    Reply Reply October 16, 2012

    This article is great and all, but for someone who suffers from severe acne and has literally gone through EVERY possible solution with no luck (from clean eating, topical treatments, lifestyle changes, blood and other medical testing, etc.), and then takes a birth control pill and has clear skin..it is very, very difficult to tell me to stop taking birth control. Do you think I would rather have 30+ bumps and permanent scarring all over my face? People who have not had severe acne think they can imagine what it’s like, but you can’t. I will gladly take birth control to have clear skin and a normal life. Acne, especially severe, absolutely slaughters your self confidence.

  • Maia

    Reply Reply October 3, 2012

    “and as kleine O says – “I can have sex whenever I want to”
    meaning her husband/boyfriend sees her as nothing more than a sex object…completely separating sex and children”

    What? The two statements are completely unrelated. And yes, sex whenever you want to is a pretty fantastic thing…and doesn’t carry any objectifying connotations with it. I’m in just about the most loving, deep partnership I could imagine, and sex and spontaneity are a VERY important part of it. Sex should be fun, loving, sensual, slow, dirty by turns. I believe that in a great relationship, you experience the spectrum, and it’s all a part of a beautiful whole.

    I completely agree with everything Renee wrote in the article. I’m a low-income woman in a long-term partnership who recently had an unwanted pregnancy…I was given free BC pills from Planned Parenthood, but remembered my lifelong desire not to screw with my body that way. My partner pre-empted me, too. As soon as I told him I could go on oral BC for free, he said, “NO way!” Not an order, but an opinion. My opinion is in agreement. I would rather become a mother before I’m financially ready than become a woman I don’t recognize and have no control over–almost as importantly, a woman HE doesn’t recognize. I also genuinely believe that there are other natural ways of diminishing menstrual symptoms and female complaints. Over the years, I’ve found that when I’m detoxed, hydrated, and eating foods that are good for my body, my period is much less severe.

  • Laura

    Reply Reply September 29, 2012

    I am 23 years old and recently started taking the birth control pill again after being off if it for over 4 years. And i have a 3 year old son. The first time i took it i was fine and stopped taking it myself and got pregnant less than 2 months later. I have never had any side affects. Not then and not now.

  • Chloe

    Reply Reply September 14, 2012

    Thank so much. I thought birth control was long to help me with my period (I’m only 15) and thank god I haven’t started taking it because I don’t need those health problems while I’m so young. The doctors didnt bother tellingly any of this.

  • Nadia

    Reply Reply September 14, 2012

    What can women do if they have ovarian cysts? They may disappear one cycle and appear the next and they can grow. I think I may be a victim of ovarian cysts for a long time, not to mention the pain I have to endure after every period for weeks and not be able to go to work. So what can I do? What can other women do with pains as severe as mine if not more?

    • Renee Wade

      Reply Reply September 14, 2012

      Hey Nadia,

      How frustrating! I am so sorry to hear this. There are a few different types of cysts a woman can have. Some are actually good for preparing your body for pregnancy (which your body does every cycle), some will dissipate on their own, yet some are more problematic.

      It depends what you want to do. I suggest you start by cleansing (eating more fresh greens), and cutting out any processed foods. Next, you can see a ob/gyn or doc, if you haven’t already.

      Ultimately, think about how stressed you are on a day-to-day basis? Are you very stressed? Do you exercise much? For you, serious lifestyle changes may be in order. Though I don’t know you, you know you better than I do, so often, become healthier will help.

      Also look to the possibility of balancing your hormones, if you feel that is needed?

      You can also consider acupuncture. best of luck. xoxox

  • SS

    Reply Reply September 10, 2012

    While the pill is not for everybody and can have negative effects on certain people, effects can be quickly reversed with a change of pill or change of dosage. Effects of birth control pills are easily reversable. Every women experiences different symptoms with her period and it isn’t something you should just google. Whatever your concerns are, they should be discussed with your ob-gyn. The pill can be an extremely easy and convenient birth control and period regulatory method. Many women knock it before they’ve tried the method which is right for them, which is a shame. The poor woman in this article is greatly dissillusioned and has not experienced the proper help and care that she deserves. I only hope that she can find a doctor that values her health.

  • Kirsty

    Reply Reply August 13, 2012

    I’ve been on the pill for over a year and the only negative symptoms I’ve experienced were in the initial 3 months, I gained 9lbs and felt a little sick after starting a new packet, but after that it has been totally fine. And most importantly, it hasn’t failed so far. Different people react to the pill in different ways and not everyone will have the mostly positive experience I’ve had with it. All medications carry risks of side effects but you can’t just write them off because of that. I feel that the pill is the best way to keep me protected as I can’t trust condoms on their own. That’s my two cents.

  • jubilee

    Reply Reply December 12, 2011

    W.O.W. This may be a reason many women are on antidepressents, and also, if it makes your body produce certain pheremones, it causes aggrressive females and passive males. I was on the pill before age 30 and, yes, even though it didnt give me major side effects, my emotions felt ‘dead’ Could this be why there is sooo much ‘pink’ around today?

  • Yas

    Reply Reply December 4, 2011

    I just want to add here that coming off the pill was the best decision of my life (all thanks to you Renee). When I was on the pill I felt DEAD inside. No juice, no emotion. Well, that’s a lie..there were emotions: depression and sadness! Since coming off the pill, I feel ALIVE again. I feel sexier, more desirable, more in-tune with my true feelings and sense of self. I feel CONFIDENT in myself.

    The trouble is, when I was on the pill..I didn’t realise how different I was from my genuine self. I didn’t realise how bad it got. I knew I felt dead inside, but it wasn’t until I came off the pill and saw the huge positive change in myself that I realised how BAD it really is.

    It’s taken me a year to recover from the pill. Yes, a whole year but it was worth it. Finally… fin-a-lly, I’ve got my period (and libido) back after 7 months. Yes, a whole 7 MONTHS.

    I strongly URGE all woman out there on the pill to come off it NOW! I feel, in my heart of hearts that it held me back from the enjoyment in life. Sure, there’s a lowered risk of pregnancy and you “can” have sex without condoms (providing your partner has been tested to not have any STI’s) blah blah…………but the sex is just not as good!! So whats the point!

    So from one sister to another..please PLEASE if you are on the pill, do yourself a favour. Come off the pill and start really experiencing life again.


    • SG

      Reply Reply January 21, 2013

      Hi, I completely agree with you! I was only on the pill for 3 months and now it has been 8 months I am off it but I am still feeling the negative side effects. How long were you on it for?

  • Vita

    Reply Reply April 9, 2011

    Pill was the first contraception i needed and had, and during 9 days i took it, i almost died. My heart drummed 3times faster, i had hot and cold shivers, nausea, severe back pain, i just quit the pill on my own decision. i feel, gone bit longer, day or two, i would be in terrible trouble. when i told this to gynecologist at the hospital, when i was in my second (and now happily) realtionship, asking for Nuvaring, gynecologist smirked and looked at me if i would tell nonsense, that Pill causes problems? she never heard of that. i adviced her to research, and wondered, why i pay for appointment i have to wait weeks, to get such unprofessional doctor. luckily, she gave me year prescribtion for Nuvaring, and for nexts i looked another doctor. ..
    with Nuvaring i dont have problems. of course i would love to go all natural, counting by Moon calendar and all, but am uncertain if that would be really safe option for now 1-3 more years before we settle for baby. i shall do more research on natural ways to do contraception (no condoms hey, i really mean natural :) .. but Pill?? my niece says she doesnt have problems, but i have worst opinion about Pill. it almost killed me in less than two weeks, and doctors just laughed at me that i tell nonsense… companies are shutting-up researches that reveal dangers :( you really have to be interested and know your body, sense changes and ‘google’ up data yourself ..

  • Kira

    Reply Reply October 8, 2010

    I took orthotricyclen too.

  • Kira

    Reply Reply October 8, 2010

    I had a problem while taking birth control pills. It wasn’t serious because the doctor was able to figure out what it was but he also said that it was potentially deadly if it didn’t go away and that the main cause was birth control. Anyways, I had bumps on my lower legs and one on the top of my foot and they kept going up my leg, apparently the birth control did something to my blood because he figured it out through a blood test. They went down but the one on my foot was worrisome because where the bump was previously there was a circular indention that didn’t look very good.

  • Adriana

    Reply Reply September 13, 2010

    For me, the birth control pill is helpful, and I also have not noticed any side effects. I guess I must be lucky. I take plain old orthotricyclen, and now I finally have a regular period. From age 12 until age 20 (when I started pills) I never used to have regular periods, always irregular, and very heavy when they did happen. But for the last eight years, I’ve been regular to where I can predict when I get my period down to a few hours… Hopefully I will not have any major side effects down the road in the future from the pills…

  • meghan

    Reply Reply July 26, 2010

    Ok, you said to wait til the sugar pill cycle to stop, but I’ve been on the pill for only a week so can I stop now? I really hate taking medication & refuse to take anything else, even an aspirin. I take prenatal & coconut oil pills only. The only reason I asked for the pill is because my boyfriend hates wearing a condom because he “can’t feel anything” during intercourse with it on. I don’t know if that’s true or not because I don’t have a penis, but that’s his excuse. I’ve never been on the pill before, but I have a 2 month old now, been with my boyfriend for over a year & don’t want to have another baby for a few years. I’ve noticed that I act as though I’m still pregnant (like a b*tchy cry-baby)…excuse my french. Plus, I’ve been spotting for the last 3 days. I thought I was going to start my period, which are always heavy for the 1st 3 days, but nope, no period. I want to eat all the time now, but keep myself from doing so. I just don’t feel right & I get sharp chest pains every now & then. My libido is still the same, but I don’t get as “wet” as before. It’s weird. I’m only 20 years old & really don’t need my body to mess up already.

  • kleine O

    Reply Reply July 11, 2010

    @blar: no, he doesn’t see only a sex object in me, but it is true that we have decided to stay childless. I do not think you are in a position to judge whether this choice makes me less feminine or not… some women are born to be mothers, others are not. It feels very right to me and my love and this is what counts.
    I am a “true woman” and I do not care what you think about it. Everyone should be free to make their own decisions.

  • Ms Summer

    Reply Reply July 11, 2010

    Thanks so much for this Renee, I can’t believe you made the effort to look it up!

    And I just subscribed to Dr Mercola as you keep mentioning him, and I am excited to explore his site :)

    Stefanie, thank you for your advice! That is really kind of you and I appreciate it very much:) I think you are right, and I have stressed myself about too many things lately anyway so that might be just the solution. Thank You so much!

    • Renee

      Reply Reply July 12, 2010

      YAY!!!! You subscribed to Dr. Mercola!!!! Mercola is everybody’s new local doc. I’m such a huge fan of him. :) enjoy his articles!

  • stefanie

    Reply Reply July 9, 2010

    hello Ms Summer,

    Pain killers aren’t good! Lots of women use too much of them, they’re just not the solution. The pain is there for a reason: It’s signaling to you to take it easier. If you listen, acknowledge it, and heed the warning, then the pain subsides. Pain is unpleasant, but we should all be grateful for it – without it, our species wouldn’t stand a chance of survival!
    I’ve found that simply doing less, engaging in the world/the work/the conversations/the company a little less and rushing a little less, taking some time to relax and especially relaxing my stomach makes an enormous difference in the amount and the severity of the cramps.
    It’s also a good idea to keep your belly nice and warm if you’re cold, that helps for me at least.
    When you find it hard to relax your stomach, you could try to do some sit-ups. Because really clenching it also makes it easier to relax after, because you feel how it relaxes and your muscles are more tired.
    I also find that a relaxing distraction (funny movie, romantic book) really helps, whereas the distraction of something stressful (work/chores/drama) doesn’t help at all.
    Basically the healthy thing to do is pull back from the world, meditate and take really good care of yourself.

    Hope that helped, good luck!

  • Renee

    Reply Reply July 6, 2010

    Hey Ms Summer!

    Firstly, natural pain relief is different to curing the pain. If you cleanse for 14 days, you may just find that it helps you get rid of the pain.

    I’ve also done a bit of research for you, and these articles may be of interest to you:



  • Ms Summer

    Reply Reply July 6, 2010

    This is remotely on the subject, but does anyone know natural pain relief methods for period pains? I frequently take lots of pain killer pills but I’m thinking this can’t possibly be the best solution… so if anyone has some advice I would be so grateful! Thanks:)

  • VolleyGirl

    Reply Reply July 2, 2010

    I didn’t know that taking the pill could be so dangerous!
    I have been taking the pill for a while because of the severe acne that I had and I have to admit that so far I have no side effects.

  • blar

    Reply Reply June 20, 2010

    if you like poisoning yourself…go ahead
    the pill attacks a woman’s natural fertility
    and as kleine O says – “I can have sex whenever I want to”
    meaning her husband/boyfriend sees her as nothing more than a sex object…completely separating sex and children



    real women don’t poison their bodies
    real women treasure their fertility

    • kamala

      Reply Reply August 8, 2013

      Well, might I add that REAL women know that they are not just incubators and that they should be able to express themselves in a sexual (or otherwise) manner. There are many natural ways in which a woman can make love with ought reproducing. And may I also add that many men see women as sexual objects before sexual contact (and the other way around is true also) The last time I checked we had too many people on this planet—-think about that!!!!!!!!!!

  • kleine O

    Reply Reply June 12, 2010

    When I first dated my boyfriend, I didn’t take the pill. Now I do, been taking it for about three years straight. I don’t think I’ve changed in any way and I’ve never experienced any side effects. It doesn’t feel “unnatural” either… I really, really love your website, but I can’t accept your advice.

    Maybe for some it’s the wrong choice, for others like me the pill is a blessing. I can have sex whenever I want to – spontaneously. Why would I want to give that up?

  • Elizabeth

    Reply Reply May 28, 2010

    Thanks for the interesting article and all the links with added information. I’ve tried the pill 4 different times and 4 different brands over the past decade. My side effects have never been as extreme as some mentioned in the article, but I’ve never stayed on the pill more then 6 months. It’s just not for me…I feel like it changes me…my mood, my decisions, my body. It doesn’t feel natural.
    I think birth control is a wonderful thing and the pill definitely has many benefits if you can handle the side effects. Each woman needs to make this decision on her own of course, but I wish physicians would be more proactive with information about other methods of preventing pregnancy.

  • oceanprincess

    Reply Reply May 23, 2010

    I was put on the pill after my 2nd period when I was 15 years old to help with very heavy painful periods. Some 15 odd years later I stopped taking it because I felt it wasnt natural that I could run for 2kms and not sweat. What I discovered after stopping the pill was an amzaing sense of control over my body – I felt amazing. Yes the painful periods returned however I soon discovered it was due to a massive tumour wrapped around my appendice, intestine & bowel. With each period the endometrial tissue would cause the tumour to constrict my internal organs – causing unbearable pain & severe vomiting I couldnt even hold water down. SO yes the pill helped my endometriosis but it also covered up my tumour all those years. Im pleased to report the tumour has been removed (portion of the intestine & bowel too) and I no longer have painful periods. We hear so much about artificial additives and preservatives in our food and the negative health effects – its only a matter of time until the effects of artifical hormones are truly known.

  • Ms Summer

    Reply Reply May 22, 2010

    That was informative and helpful. Thank you for addressing the subject – the only thing I had heard about the pill in the news lately was that ‘women who are on the pill live longer’ (by reduing heart disease i think it was)
    So your article was so important for us to read! Thanks:)

  • Renee

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    Thank You for all your contributions lovelies.

    For the women who aren’t so sure about this article, think it’s one-sided, over-the-top, etc:

    I admit, this subject angers me and I’m passionate about it. But not about the pill itself necessarily; about big drug and food companies: They mainly treat the SYMPTOMS not the CAUSES of our problems.

    Not to mention, there are a number of men and women out there exposing the ruthlessness of big drug companies, and how they only care about the profits they make.

    Our society is all about the quick-fix: drugs for depression, fast-food to fill the void swiftly in our tummies, casual and unfulfilling sex just for the sake of sex…..you name it.

    If you have pain, and think that the pill is helping you, well yes, it may be: but what would you do without the pill?

    And when will you stop? Are you going to rely on it forever? What about if you want to stop and have children?

    There are MUCH better ways to treat pain: the pain women experience with endometriosis can be a result of a whole host of other things such as build-up of free-radicals, BAD DIET (processed foods, over-consumption of sugar, and high STRESS levels.

    If you don’t trust me, I’m fine with that. But at least listen to Dr. Mercola. He has earned the respect of millions of people around the globe. Go to his site: mercola.com, use the search bar at the top-right hand corner, and educate yourself on everything to do with your health.

    The big drug and food companies aren’t so keen on him, and for good reason too.

    As for endomertiosis, see this article: ‘The Connection Between Diet and Endometriosis‘.

    P.S – CLEANSE CLEANSE CLEANSE. Detox your body!!



  • Tracy

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    Ive always thought the birth control pill was a little scary, well anything that tampers with your body in any which way is scary. But I remember about 2 years ago I suddenly had acne that I didnt have before. My skin had always been a little oily but never had acne problems, then suddenly when I was 22 I started breaking out.

    I talked to my friend who is a nurse about it and she said to just go to the doctor and they will give you the pill, no questions asked, and I’d have clear skin again. I figured it sounded easy and safe enough (she was a nurse afterall) so I went to the doctor. I give props to this doctor because she told me that I shouldnt go on the pill. She explained that it can throw off a woman’s hormones and if you are healthy without taking it, you shouldn’t be on it. It was pretty good advice and I was somewhat surprised to hear her discouraging the pill. She believed that it was unnecessary for me and I was glad that she told me. She gave me some topical medication and within a few months my skin was back to normal. Who knows what kind of health problems I would have now if I had taken the pill 2 years ago…

  • Stephanie

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    Great article!

    Yes, the pill does change who you perceive is a good mate. n This can be tragic if you marry someone who is not a good fit for you, not only relationally, but also with bearing children–we instinctively look for people with different immune systems than we have in order to have stronger children. If we are “scenting” that someone is a good fit, but it is related to the pill, then that can, possibly, have implications for children.

    It makes sense for us to want to be near to people similar to us while pg– presumably they would be family and more likely to protect the mother and child. (Mind you, this is all instinctive, not something we consciously choose). However, similar immune systems have the potential of not giving the child as broad of immune system genes.

    Two points that are not mentioned in this article: unintentional abortion and polluting of water.

    Abortion: One of the medications in the pill and the main chemical in depo shots or implants causes a fertilized egg NOT to be implanted–a passive abortion. Now, many people want to prevent pg but do not want to abort if they did get pg, so that is something to consider. Uterine implants also prevent pg this way.

    Pollution: the body only takes in some of the hormones in the pill. The rest is put in the water system through urination. Filters in city water systems do NOT remove the extra hormones, and the population ends up drinking them. There is an increase in gynocomastia (“man boobs”) as well as infertility. There are reports of animals downstream from waste water discharge that are becoming only female BECAUSE of all the hormones.

    I ofte wonder if the “baby vacations” work because the couple drinks less water or drinks different water.

    Is there any time where hormones are useful? Yes!! However we must be careful to a)use backup contraception b)take only what we need and only for specific medical problems. Hormones are not tylenol–they are powerful–you can even turn a man into a woman, and a woman into a man with them! THAT is a serious medicine. Please be careful!

  • stefanie

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    Not to mention the fact that this ridiculous amount of hormones is going straight back into the water, messing with nature.

    I’ve been on the pill, but I quit, because I didn’t want to mess with my fertility. I found that I was more attracted to my boyfriend after quitting.

    I’d like to add that there are alternatives. I find that sit-ups, keeping warm and plenty of rest help against the pain, there are many alternatives for acne and I became more regular with age. Condoms do the trick in avoiding pregnancy, as would abstinence. Mood swings can be lightened by avoiding stress, meditation and eating right.

    By the by, if the birth control has lowered my libido, thank God! I was an animal at 14, lol, I’m glad I had a ‘protected upbringing’ (ie. very strict parents) or I’d have done some pretty stupid things. I thought it was just an age thing :p

  • twinkle

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    I was on the pill in my twenties for a while, but i wondered why I kept bloating. I believe theres other birth control thats worse: It’s the one that allows you to have only 4 periods a year. I would think your endometrium would get too thick and maybe can get an infection or you can become infertile. I hear it advertised like its very cool. That’s crazy!

  • Elizabeth

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    I am somewhat taken aback by this article. I have endometriosis & for most women other than a Hysterectomy, the only option for relief from the pain is birth control pills or shots to treat the symptoms. I feel the article was one-sided in terms of how some women’s only options are birth control or suffering from intense pain.

  • Bella

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    Hm. I know women can have bad side-effects from the Pill, but I don’t think it’s all as bad as it seems.

    I am on the Pill now (just started it about 3 months ago as I have an ovarian cyst and the Pill stops it getting bigger) plus due to contraception. I am not suffering any ill-effects. The risk of clotting is minimal and certainly far less than if you got pregnant due to unreliable natural methods of contraception.

    I wouldn’t be one of those women who is constantly on the Pill for years and years but I think it is a convenient way to delay pregnancy if you are not ready. I am in a good relationship but in no financial shape to have a child and using the ‘withdrawal method’ isn’t something I want to risk.

    I know you mean well but I think the Pill is useful and often scare-mongered, plus I wouldn’t want women to be put off from this and fall pregnant without being ready.

    I have had bad experiences with the Pill, including suffering a lot a couple of years ago (getting every non-serious symptom under the sun) and the doctor refusing to believe the Pill could have caused it, but there are many different brands, and it could be that one just doesn’t sit right with you.

    I think if you can afford to risk natural methods of contraception, if you are single, etc., then yes, come off the Pill. But for some of us it’s really useful, and it does have its health benefits as well as negatives.

  • Xuan

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    I used to be on the pill for both acne-reducing and contraceptive purpose. Side effects that I suffered from was terrible mood swings, drastically reduced sex drive and lost the attraction to my then boyfriend. I was constantly in a bad mood, depressed and at rage for no reason. When I was off it, my acne problem came back and became even worst. It took about a year for the effect to wear off.

  • oli

    Reply Reply May 21, 2010

    I refused to take the pill at the beginning of my twenties and never have. I always used what you call the alternative methods, a variety of them and they have always worked for me. I figured at that time that anything that so drastically alters your hormonal system was suspect. I am glad I made that decision.

    That being said, I think there are some women who probably do need the pill, I’ve heard of some pretty bad cases. Assessment should be done on an individual basis, really and risks and benefits weighed carefully for each individual case.

    The problem here is the doctors. How can you be sure that he or she is trully weighing risks or simply shoving a quick fix down your throat and moving hurriedly to the next patient?

  • Luci

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    I always knew that it cannot be healthy to mess with my body’s natural processes with artificial hormones. I don’t need bc currently but we’ll probably use condoms [I believe they're more reliable than statistics suggests, if used correctly] together with the calendar method [if you're not on pills and have regular cycles you can recognize yourself your time of ovulation].

  • Amara

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    That article came just in time Renee darling! I have start birth control at the top of my to do list! No seriously I have it written on an actual to do list!! My gosh babe truly a God sent! I was supposed to start it from since last month but keep pushing it further and further. Your words surly won’t fall on death ears. Thank you again doll.

    I have tried B.C. twice. The first time got nausea, the second time got serious depression, mood swings and suicidal thoughts! I was gonna try again cause I have been told not all react the same way…

  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    I am against anything that involves taking hormones! I developed breast lumps when I was on the Pill, in my 20s. Then I noticed a lowered libido, more breast tenderness and just a feeling that all this just wasn’t right. My migraines were more frequent and more intense. I never had period problems or acne -for me it was purely a contraceptive that seemed convenient. I haven’t taken anything ‘artificial’ since – used a diaphram, spermicied etc -during our ‘have children’ years. We decided it was a health issue – not a sex issue. For so many reasons it needs to be closely monitored for each individual case – and I think it involves looking at how long you take it also. This was 25 yrs ago!! BUT – now we have proof – back then we weren’t sure and evidence was concealed. (we couldn’t google lol.) The opposite happened when I breast fed 2 babies – it’s as if my breasts became different, more healthy. That experience encouraged me to find alternatives for anything that could use a hormone!

  • Sara

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    I have had this discussion with my doctor many times. I am on the Depo shot and don’t intend to stop. I always have an overflow of testosterone in my body when not on it and I am covered in acne and suffer horrific mood swings. After receiving the shot, I have control over my life again. As for the bone density problem, regular calcium intake along with a calcium tablet with vitamin D greatly helps. But I don’t deny that birth control pills are a bad idea because your hormones still fluctuate, which can cause cancer. However, your hormones do this even worse without pills or shots, creating cancer still. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t in other words.

  • Gabby

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    Over the past 10+ years every time I start on hormonal birth control my body goes nuts. My mind even goes nutty. Hormones make me crazy emotionally. They also negatively affect physically. Headaches, blood clots, weight gain, loss of sex drive, infections, severe fatigue, etc. Yuck. Hate hormonal BC. I decided to stop taking it a few weeks ago so I can be a better wife and mother.

  • Supergoddess

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    I have a girlfriend who takes the pill every single day so she can avoid having her period – she never takes a week off. She hasn’t had a period in over a year and she thinks it’s “cool”. I’ve spoken to her on several occasions about the stupidity of this, but she just won’t listen. I don’t think she’ll get it until she wants to have a child and can’t because of the damage she’s causing herself now.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that, despite the major inconveniences menstruation causes, it’s NORMAL. It’s how the human female body is supposed to exist. So to me, doing something against nature (such as the effects of the pill) will only result in abnormal consequences.

    I hate my period like most women – especially since I sometimes get heavy bleeding for up to seven days and painful cramps – but I’d rather suck it up and take it then cause myself worse problems later on.

  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply May 20, 2010

    Oh, wow, this is scary. I was on the birth control pill for awhile because of my terrible periods, and after only a few days on it, I started feeling a heaviness in my chest and felt that I couldn’t take a deep breath. It got worse and worse, but the doctor said that it wasn’t serious and would go away after my first cycle. Well, it didn’t go away, just got worse and worse, and then I started feeling that I couldn’t breathe at ALL! Very very scary feeling…I got off of them on my own, without consulting my doctor, and haven’t been back on them since. I’m glad to know that it wasn’t just in my head. These things really are dangerous.

    • Louise

      Reply Reply January 6, 2013

      Hey I tell u my story.. Iv always had amazing periods through my life didn’t even feel them they would just come & go.. After I turned 26 last year I noticed I started to get acne on the left side of my face, which really freaked me out as I am such a athlete, healthy person I eat on the right foods.. So after 5 months of stressing over them I thought I have 2 go see about it.. I went to the doctor and I could not believe it when she told me it was acne, I was so shocked as iv never had spots in my life.. So she give me antiseptic cream & it went away I was so happy.. BUT then after another three months everything went down hill.. One month two days before my period I started shaking & nearly passed out I had heart pulpertations, giddiness severe anxiety were I couldn’t be on my own.. I was literally scared of everything around me it was Luke living in a nightmare.. Put it this way I felt like I was going insane.. I felt crazy.. Anyway I came on my period and then I waited to see what my next month was like.. Then it hit me again a million times worst depression anxiety shakes u name it I had it.. So I went to the doctors she sent me for blood test on diabetes & thyroid. I asked her can I have my hormones checked because I knew it was my hormones.. My doctor reply by saying there no point they just come back wishy washy that was her exact words.. Anyway my test came back fine for diabetes & thyroid.. So she said the only thing is u have to go on the pill.. First she asked me to go on antidepressants but I said no as I don’t believe in all that I wasn’t depressed it was my hormones.. So I went on the pill I needed anything I wanted to be me again.. Happy confident me again.. Wow this is where it all began after 3 months of being on the pill believe me it got a million times worst than it got better.. So I went 2 see a nurse and she said stick with it because it takes about 5 months for it to balance and work.. So I researched my pill and to my surprise I noticed my doctor had give me a pill that was for acne.. Which I was so annoyed at because my acne had gone before I went on the pill & now she gone & put me on the pill for acne, when it had already gone.. After 6 months being on the pill I’m finally back to my normal happy confident self again.. I was actually disappointed I had to come on the pill because my periods were really regular.. It’s just the way I was feeling before them sick dizzy anxiety shakes horrible nasty thoughts.. Weird strange thoughts.. So I’m scared now to come off the pill because I don’t want to feel like that again.. I feel like the pill is keeping me sane :( but I hate pills.. Any kind of pills.. I live so healthy Iv only ever taken a paracetamol a handful of times in my life.. I don’t know what to do I don’t want to be on it forever.. But I’m scared to come off it because I don’t want to go through all that again.. Please HELP me.. Any ideas?? Thanks

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